The mother of all that is good. That's what she was referred to as. Personally, she found the name too formal. She much preferred Amaterasu or one of the names Issun had given her.

It had been five years since her little adventure in the human world. Her next task was cleaning up the mess that was the Celestial Plain. When she arrived with Waka, she found a vast grassland that looked similar to a cursed zone. After many months of revising with the help of the other brush gods, things finally were back to normal.

As the supreme goddess, Amaterasu had her own exclusive area. She spent most of the day there, watching the world beneath. She always kept a close eye on the friends she made in her journeys. Susano and Kushi were married and expecting, Otohime was taking good care of her subjects, Kokari did most of the fishing for the people in his village with his dog, Issun was still spreading the word about her, and things in Wep'keer were settled. Kemu had passed away, leaving Samickle in charge of everything. Oki was second in command. Everything was going well. The demons were gone, and everyone went on with their normal lives. They didn't need Amaterasu.

Amaterasu sighed. Living in the Celestial Plain wasn't as glamorous as she thought it might be. She was bored a majority of the time. The Celestials would come and request her audience every so often, but it was never for anything exciting. The brush gods were usually the ones who dealt with the Celestials' problems. If they couldn't come to a consensus, Amaterasu was called in.

Now that her fully power was restored, she was able to speak. She even had a human skin which the gods favored. All the gods walked about in their human forms, wearing long elaborate kimonos and jewels.

Amaterasu wore a long, form fitted white kimono with an intricate gold and red sun design on the skirt. Crimson red was stitched at the ends of her sleeves and at the top of her chest. The skirt flared out once it reached her knee caps. She wore her hair down. It fell to her middle back like a waterfall. It was wavy and long. Amaterasu wore her dress off the shoulder, showing off her crimson design.

Amaterasu took her pale hand and drew in a sun. She decided that today, it would be a very sunny day. Mushi's mother needed her cabbages to grow after all. Amaterasu smiled at the tender memory of being chased around by a large woman.

Amaterasu sighed. She really missed the world below. She loved running through the field. Even though she spend her times fighting demons, she found it peaceful.

Amaterasu heard some footsteps coming closer. She turned around to see Yomigami,Yumigami, and Tachigami. They looked frantic. Their eyes were wide and they were breathing heavily.

"Lady Amaterasu," bowed Yomigami. "There is a major problem."

"What? What's wrong? Everything seemed okay when I checked this morning?" Amaterasu asked, concerned.

"It's Ninetails," Tachigami said sadly. "She's back."

Amaterasu's eyes grew wide. This couldn't be. She had killed her five years ago! There's no way! "What!? Are you positive?"

"Yes, it's her." Yumigami said sadly. "What do you intend to do?"

"Well, I intend on going back down, obviously," Amaterasu snapped. "How long has she been down there?"

"About a week," muttered Tachigami.

"A week? Why wasn't I informed sooner? I need to go right now," Amaterasu pleaded. She was upset about not being told earlier. What the hell were they all doing? Enjoying the show?

"But, Lady Amaterasu-" Yumigami began.

"What!?" she demanded.

"What about your duties here? You're the supreme ruler. We can't just let you leave like this," Yomigami stated.

Amaterasu turned around and stared him in the eyes. "Yes, I am the supreme ruler. Therefore, I make the decisions around here. You have no right to tell me what to do. You clearly could have done something, but insisted on leaving in the dark about Ninetail's return. As the supreme ruler, it is my duty to make sure that everyone on Earth be protected," Amaterasu snapped back at the three gods. They starred at the goddess in shock. She was very upset about this. They had put her personal friends' lives in jeopardy. They all stood there, unmoving for a few seconds, not knowing how to respond.

"I am going. Weather any of you want me to or not," Amaterasu said defiantly. They all bowed their heads to show that she was right, and higher up. She was the queen here, and they were the loyal subjects.

"If you intend on going, let me give you this to keep in mind," Yomigami said quietly. "You will go back as a human, and to avoid distractions, I recommend you wear a cloak to hide your ears, tail, and markings. If you are greatly weakened, you will have to wait until fully recovered to return."

Amaterasu nodded. "Yes, I understand. Now, please tell me, where is she lurking?"

They all hesitated and shifted uncomfortably. "She' Wep'keer." muttered Tachigami.

Amaterasu's eyes grew wide. She needed to leave now. Her dearest friends were in trouble. The while Oina tribe. She didn't have a second to spare.

Amaterasu turned away and faced the River of the Heavens. "Tell the rest where I'm going. I may not be back for awhile. I'm sure you'll all keep things under control."

The three gods nodded and watched the white beauty slip into the river. Within seconds, the maiden was completely submerged and vanished.

"Good luck, Lady Amaterasu," Yomigami prayed.