Oki flipped into his wolf form and let out an enraged roar. The two encircled each other, starring in each other's fiery eyes waiting for the other to make the first move and attack. Ninetails lunged at Oki, ending their dance and slashing her sword like a madman around his head. Oki was quick and was able to hit the saber back with his sword, Kutone. The two struggled with the sword, not making any progress other than growling and glaring. Oki took this as an advantage and fell back causing Ninetails to fall forward. While she was down, Oki moved to the side and swung as hard as he could and severed her head right off, causing blood to spill into a red river in the snow. As soon as her head was detached a dark cloud of black and purple circle around his and Ammy's head before vanishing with a blood curdling screech.

Oki panted and shifted back into his human form. He was covered in scratches and was exhausted but Ammy was in far worse shape than he. He scooped her into his arms and began to hurry back to the village; there was no saying how much time she had left. He made his way through the thick snow that seemed to be coming down heavier than usual. Once he made it back into the village, he high tailed it to Kai's house, in hopes she'd be able to do something, she was normally good with healing. He burst through the door and Kai let out a surprised yelp, to see a beaten up Oki and a woman in his arms in an even worse state.

"Oki! What happened, are you alright?" Kai said startled.

"I'll be fine. It's Ammy that's hurt. Ninetails came out of nowhere. She's gone now, but Ammy's hurt really bad," Oki said as he lied Ammy down on a cloth in Kai's living area.

"Her entire abdomen is cut up really bad. I'm going to need to stitch her up," Kai said examining the body that was placed before her. She put two fingers on the woman's neck and looked at her chest. "She's breathing and she still has a pulse. She's just been knocked unconscious. She's tough, but I'm going to need to remove her cloak so I can close her chest up. If she wakes, I'm going to need you to help me hold her down."

Oki nodded and sat down next to Ammy's head. He sighed and looked up. 'Amaterasu, if you're listening, please let her make it. None of this would have happened if I had just shown her around.' He prayed silently.

Kai tore off Ammy's clothes. Beneath them was a beautiful woman who was as pale as snow and had long wavy hair that was as white the moon. Her lips were bright red and slightly open, revealing a set of fangs. On top her of her head, were two white wolf-like ears and a fluffy white wolf tail with a black tip to match. She was stunning. There was not one flaw on her perfect body, other than the jagged gaping hole in her chest. The wound was not a clean cut. Skin was beginning peel off in ribbons in the part around the initial cut. The heart of the cut was deep and gushing blood. The skin around the whole also burnt black. There must've been electricity moving in the sword that caused this, Oki decided. Oki took a deep breath. Whatever was about to happen, it wasn't going to be fun for anyone.

Amaterasu opened her eyes. She knew she wasn't back in the Celestial Plain, but it looked like she was somewhere very similar. She looked down; she was in her wolf form. This meant that her powers were starting to fade.

"Lady Amaterasu," a deep voiced said respectfully.

"Who is there?" she barked.

The voice revealed himself to Gekigami, the tiger god of thunder. He, however, was in his human form. Despite his much larger frame, he remained respectful and bowed to her.

"What is going on, Gekigami? Where are we?" she asked, frightened by her current situation.

"We are somewhere between the Celestial Plain and the world of the living. This is where human spirits go when they die," Gekigami explained.

"When they die? Does this mean I've died? Why aren't I in the Celestial Plain? I am still a god," Amaterasu said, panicked.

"No, you're not dead. But your human form is in an incredibly weakened condition. Amaterasu, you can't come back into the plains until you heal. You will have to stay in the realm of the living for longer than you had hoped."

"What? There has got to be something we can do- Oh shit," Amaterasu whelped in pain. There was suddenly a sharp pain that hit her stomach. It felt like someone was twisting a knife in her abdomen. She heard a faint "I'm sorry" and say Gekigami fade away into a blur. Then her yellow eyes shot open.

Oki's hands grabbed Amaterasu's arms tightly and held her down and she screamed and writhed in pain. Kai had just finished up stopping the blood. She was on the tricky part of closing her up. Stitching had only worked in some parts; the rest needed to be burned shut.

"Stop! Stop it, please!" Amaterasu sobbed. Her stomach was on fire. The sharp pain was almost unbearable; she felt faint but never lost consciousness.

"Oki! Hold her down I am almost done," Kai commanded.

"Ammy, I know it hurts but please try to stay still. It is only going to get worse if you squirm," Oki said gently. Amaterasu looked into the dark holes of his mask and met her bright golden eyes with his deep red ones. She was bawling. There were no words to describe the pain she was feeling. She shut her eyes and grasped Oki's hand and breathed.

Soon, Kai was finished. Amaterasu was covered in sweat and tears. Kai and Oki carried her over to a bed covered in pelt and laid her down. Kai had wrapped her up as well as she could and Oki blanketed her in a sheep skin, which Amaterasu took in her shaking hands and covered herself. Oki offered her some stew or something to drink but Amaterasu shook her head and went into a deep sleep. She needed to rest if she was ever to return to the Celestial Plain.