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Aaron and Marta had gotten mixed up in the flow of all the workers trying to rush out of the crowded factory, so it made it harder for security to spot them. Aaron pulled Marta along by hand as they could hear the large man in charge, Mackie, yelling at his officers to shut the doors.

Coming up behind Mackie, who was going berserk, Aaron used the butt of the gun and clonked him unconscious. The crowd of workers stepped back from the large crumpled form of Mackie, "Hey get back, everyone back off. Give him some room!" Aaron yelled at the workers standing by and passing. As he spoke he slipped off Mackie's gold watch and stood back up, "Security! Over here!" he called over to some officers moving through the large crowds of people to the large man's unconscious body.

Aaron and Marta passed by without security getting too close and made their way casually down the street sidewalks. They walked at a surprising brisk pace for about 10 minutes before Aaron pulled off his backpack to put the watch in the front pocket. But as he zipped the pocket back up he stumbled to the side several steps.

"Aaron?" Marta quickly grabbed hold of his arm to steady him, "We need to find some where to stay." Aaron just weakly nodded, blinking as he tried to desperately clear his head and steady himself. He clutched his backpack to his chest and Marta protectively wrapped her arms around him.

Marta franticly darted her eyes around to look for some type of motel to stay, her heart ached with worry as she held on to Aaron tightly, guiding him down the sidewalk. She could feel his body start to shake, the heat seeping through his jacket and she knew he must have a horrible temperature.

Less than a block from them she spotted a neon sign that read 'MOTEL' in large English letters, it wasn't a five star hotel or anything but she could care less as she supported a very sick Aaron. When they finally made it over to the entrance, Marta leaned him up against a wall as best she could.

"Aaron I'm gonna go inside and try and get us a room. I'll be right back, okay? Just stay here." he just gave her a nod, too weak to give her the sarcastic remark of, 'Where else would I go?' And settled for leaning his head back, and watched Marta enter the small door way in the darkened alley.

Aaron turned his head dizzily looking at the crowd of smoking men next to him, he breathed in a puff and his body rejected the revolting smell, as he let out a little fit of coughs and slid his body away from them.

Marta had ran inside and up the stairs of the motel, and talked to the lady. "I need a room please for one night."

"Nuame pleaze." the lady answered in a thick accent.

"Um, June. June Monroe." Marta thought of her fake name quickly.

"Juz you?"

"No, uh, my husband as well. He's down stairs and not feeling very well." She figured it better if they portrayed husband and wife, simpler really.

"Fine. It's 200 peso." Marta handed her the money and the lady handed her a key. "It's down hall, seconz door on left."

"Thank you."

Back outside Aaron started shaking hard, his vision gone blurry as he continued to watch the people next to him in a swirling daze. His mind constantly wondering back to Marta and hoping she'd be back soon. He was relieved when he saw her face come back into his vision as she grabbed his arm.

"I got us a room. Can you walk?" he just nodded, "Come on sweetie." she didn't realize the word 'sweetie' had slipped from her mouth as she wrapped her arms back around him, but Aaron hadn't missed it and he was surprised how much he liked the nickname coming from her.

They slowly made their way upstairs and to their room, the lady from the desk watched them the whole time. Once in the room Marta moved Aaron to a bed and sat him down and turned on a small fan next to him. She pulled his bag out of his tight grasp and set it on the floor, as well as her own from her shoulder along with her jacket. She then removed Aaron suit jacket and set it on top of his bag, but his gray shirt was now soaked in sweat. So Marta just grabbed the hem of his shirt and pulled it straight over his head.

Though Aaron was now sitting on the bed shaking and dripping with sweat, Marta couldn't help but admire his great muscled physique. Beads of sweat slid down his hard chest and rippled torso, his eyes shut as he sat slouched over. She'd seen plenty of shirtless and ripped handsome men that came in for testing and checkups, but it was somehow different as Aaron sat in front of her half naked. It scared her that he had such an effect on her, no one had been able to make her so nervous, yet make her feel safe and secure.

Snapping herself out of the trance, Marta realized that from as much as he was sweating he would need water. She pushed him down onto the mattress gently by his shoulders, his skin felt as if it were burning her own, "Aaron I'm going to get us some water and food." She didn't wait for his response but grabbed some pesos from Aaron's bag and left. Running down the stairs, out the entrance and to a small store across the street; she got four bottles of water and a couple packages of crackers. She paid the man and left in a hurry back to the room.

Unlocking their door she stepped back into their room, looking to the corner where Aaron was flat on his back, just as she left him. She set down all the waters and crackers and looked around for a small towel. On a dresser she saw several towels stacked up and grabbed a small hand towel.

Marta pulled up a chair from the corner of the room next to Aaron's bedside and drenched the towel with some water from one of the bottles. She dabbed the towel to his face, brushing back his hair stuck to his forehead. She gingerly placed her hand on his chest as she wiped away the dirt and sweat, her hand tingling as it slipped down his bare skin and she could feel his heart pound.

After a minute or so, Aaron opened his eyes to look at her. Marta smiled at him as she continued to wipe his face gently. Then he tried sitting up, fidgeting as Marta shushed him and tried to force him to stay lying down, but he was still just as stubborn, "Aaron, no." But none the less he sat up after a moment of struggle, his muscles not shaking as hard as before, but still so weak. Marta held his shoulder and her other hand cupped around his face as he rested his hands on her thighs to support himself. Her stomach tightened at the close contact, he felt so warm, "What is it?" she whispered.

"In the lining of my jacket there is 4,000 dollars and in the backpack there are passports. Three ghosts and two blank. You can run." Marta looked into his tired eyes, seeing his struggle, "You can do it. Stay small, stay hidden. No more airports. Just blend in, you know how. You can hide, you can make it. I know you can. You're a warrior." Aaron rasped out.

Marta felt her heart clench at the thought of leaving him and leaned her head down so their foreheads touched. She let a few tears drop, but just shushed him, brushing his hair back. She was not used to this; she had never quite had such emotion responses and attachments like she felt to Aaron. She had never felt so broken up.

"You've done enough for me." Aaron kept saying weakly, but he really didn't want her to go. His heart was ripped in two, half of him desperately wanted her to stay with him, but the other half wanted her to run. Run away from him and find somewhere safe where she wouldn't be in harm's way.

She pulled his head down onto her shoulder; softly kissing the top of his damp hair. He was tired, weak, and high with fever. She could never leave him, he would never leave her. She didn't want to leave him either way.

There was something about Aaron, something different. He was never like the others and not like any other man, and from the first moment she met him, she knew. He had always made her heart beat fast. He had a dark past and is very unpredictable but that's what was so enticing, it was just like her science. The adrenaline, the thrill of it, but she knew that he would keep her safe. Protect her.

Marta smoothed his hair back, running her fingers though his short hair to the back of his head. "Shhhhhh," Aaron shut his eyes as he let his cheek rub against the smooth skin of her shoulder as she calmed him. They both just basked in the moment of intimacy, both close enough to hear the other's heartbeat.

Several minutes passed like this before she got him to lean back up. She kissed his forehead and lightly pushed him back down into the mattress. Aaron reached out and grabbed her hand, "Thank you," she smiled down at him, her heart swelled as she gave his warm hand a light squeeze.

Aaron tugged at her hand and she moved over to sit on the edge of his bed; he smiled and put his head down to rest on the pillow. Marta just sat and rubbed soothing circles on the back of his hand, and soon his breathing calmed but his body still shook. Sweat dripped down his face and off his chest as Marta looked at their entwined hands resting on the bed. Aaron's pants hung low on his waist and exposed his hips, and Marta noticed an inch long scar on his hip. It couldn't have been very old as his wounds usually heal fairly quick. She gently let go of his hand to brush her finger along the scar.

Marta looked up at face to find his eyes barely open and dozily watching her, her finger tips still pressed to the scar on his hip, "What happened?"

Aaron gave a small cough clearing his throat, "I was on a training mission in Alaska, a few days ago. That was when they were starting to shut the program down. They were trying to kill me, so I dug out the tracker out of my hip." He looked to where Marta's fingers were pressed to his hip, "I did as best I could in the middle of the forest with just a small knife." he closed his eyes again, enjoying the feeling of Marta's smooth finger tips gliding across the thin scar.

His skin was still burning hot, so Marta stood up setting the towel back on the dresser to dry and went back over to pull off his shoes and pants. She never would have imagined herself stripping Aaron down, but she had never seen him this sick either. But before she could get distracted by his great looking and mostly naked body she pulled the white cover up to his waist.

Looking down at Aaron, he curled on his side shaking harder than before. She had seen him at times when he was a little unsteady after his body had taken a beating, a couple times he came into checkups with unknown bruises and such, but he had never once complained. So she never really thought much of it, but now as he laid deathly sick she worried more than ever.

Back in those other times it was different though, she was a doctor and he just a patient, nothing more. But now she knew him, the real him. She wasn't tending to him in his time of sickness just because she was a doctor or it was her job. She was tending to him because she genuinely cared for him and wanted to take care of him.

She didn't know what exactly she felt for him; everything had changed between them in the last 48 hours. The rest of the time she knew him she had always been intrigued by him as he was the mysterious, handsome and charming project participant that would come in for her lab tests. But now she felt connected to him and knew she wouldn't let go very easily. He had saved her life and had pushed up against her walls to break her barriers that she put up to try and hide the truth from herself. He was the only person she could trust, and the thought of not knowing if he was safe drove her insane. The thought of not being with him… drove her insane. She wanted to be with him, she wouldn't leave. Especially when he looked this pathetically sick, she thought trying to give herself a logical reason as well.

Marta looked out the window and watched the traffic outside for several minutes, then sat down on her bed. She looked over at Aaron one last time before she picked up her bag and pulled out his black leather jacket the he let her use on the plane. Marta lay down and clutched it to her chest, holding it close as she shut her eyes.


Marta woke from some racket being made down stairs. It was morning but still fairly early. She looked over at Aaron who had kicked the sheet mostly off while he slept and lay with only his shorts on. She set his jacket down, laying it with his pants on the floor. Then she leaned over, pressing her hand to his forehead and found him still burning up. He'll be tired and sore, and some regular fever medicine would help but she debated whether or not she should leave him.

Marta figured she'd only be gone for 20 minutes or so, he'd be fine. But just in case, she wrote him a little note and left a bottle of water next to his bed that she had taken a sip from while eating her crackers. She leaned over Aaron and ran her hand though his hair, looking over him one last time. She pulled out her gray sweatshirt from her bag, putting it on then she walked out the door, locking it shut with the key.

Marta stopped at the 'front desk', "Where can I find some medicine for a fever?" she asked the woman there.

"Down the alley, to the right, then left. Merchant shop will be there."

"Thank you." She went down the stairs and outside as the woman had said, right then left.

Marta found the pharmacist and talked to the lady for a bit trying to explain what she needed. Once they had figured it out after 10 minutes she heard a jingling noise and turned to look out the door as several police officers ran by. She thought about Aaron back at their room, what if someone had found him?

"Just a minute, I'll be right back." she told the lady as she ran out of the shop.

Xxxxx(Aaron POV)xxxxX

Back at the motel room Aaron had jumped awake, quickly taking in his surroundings. Then he remembered the night before and Marta bringing him to the motel. She had cleaned him up and took care of him, and for once in his life he realized what he had been missing. He had liked being care for, for once when it wasn't for lab testing or checkups. She didn't have to take care of him last night but she did. It was soothing, the way she had wiped his face and ran her fingers through his hair. He had a huge soft spot for her, somehow he always had.

Aaron now realized how much he empathized his contact back in Alaska; he was a program agent really but had fallen in love and was compromised. Aaron understood him now, how it affects everything about you. Before he never thought about consequences because he didn't have anything to loose, but now he did.

He was never allowed to care for anyone before; he was never allowed to love. He had always found Marta so interesting though, and this was all so new to him and very intimate. She wasn't just a way to get chems anymore; he deeply cared for her, that's why he had offered her the money and passports to get away. But really he had selfishly wanted her to stay with him and was immensely relived when she just shushed him and stayed.

But now as the daylight seeped through the windows, she was nowhere to be seen and his heart sunk.

Aaron had sat up, still feeling weak, but strong enough to go about as normal. He realized he was only in his shorts and the bed sheet had been soaked in his sweat from the night. He leaned down, trying to rub the tiredness out of his eyes. Out of the corner of his eye he saw the backpack still there on the floor with his clothes. He looked around again for any sign that she may still be there and his eyes fell on the note on the chair she had been sitting.

'Went for medicine.' It read simply and he found himself sighing with relief that she hadn't left him. On the floor next to his bed was the water bottle she left and he picked it up, chugging most it down.

Aaron stood up feeling a little sore, but definitely in control of himself again. He pulled on his pants and put his socks and boots back on, lastly pulling the shirt back over his head. Aaron looked at his watch, then went reached for his backpack and pulled out a sharpie, writing the words, 'NO MORE,' then picked up his program kit chain and hooked it on the corner of the mirror.

He looked at it for a moment before he zipped the bag up and set it back down, grabbing his jacket that Marta had been using.

Xxxxx(Marta POV)xxxxX

Down on the streets Marta had ran back to the alley way to the motel and peeked over to see police surrounding the place and more pouring in. Men with guns were getting ready to make the signal to storm inside. They were going to arrest or possibly kill Aaron.

Marta became scared that he might not even be awake and even when he rose he might be weak. He wouldn't even be able to see any of them from their room or hear them. She could not stand by and watch them bust in to get or kill Aaron. She couldn't lose him. So she timed it out and right as they were counting to the bust in she did the only thing she could think of to warn him, highly risking her own life as well.

"AARON, RUUNNNNN!" she screamed as loud as she could, then turned and ran herself. She could see that almost half of the police turned to chase her down.

Marta just kept running, having no idea where to go as she twisted between the narrow housing alley ways. She stopped suddenly, slipping into one of the wide open houses, hiding behind the wall as officers ran by. A little girl turned to stare at her as she had been watching cartoons. Marta just put her finger over her mouth in a way of saying to keep quiet, and the girl just went back to watching TV.

A minute passed and Marta turned to leave but was stopped when the lady who lived there was right outside the door and began screaming at her and calling for the police.

Marta ran away again, still praying the Aaron had been able to escape; her escape not going very well as the officers started catching up. She turned down a different alleyway that she could see led to the streets, but was then blocked off on the end by a police officer pointing his gun at her, she turned but another was on the opposite end as well. So she put her hands up in surrender as the two officers yelled at her but she could not understand.

Xxxxx(Aaron POV)xxxxX

Right when Aaron had picked up his jacket, he heard Marta scream and his chest tightened, "AARON, RUUNNNNN!"

As he moved to look out the window he put on his jacket and he saw half a dozen police running down the alleyway.

Aaron flipped around and grabbed the bag, running out of the room and making his way out a window higher up. He grabbed hold of some rods protruding from the building and climbed, pulling himself up. Balancing himself, he got to the top and ran over them one to the next and jumped off to land on the next building, landing in a roll. He ran over more houses, following the alley ways as heard whistles being blown.

As he ran over several more tin roofs one collapsed in and he fell on his knees but not too far off he heard a woman yelling for police.

He jumped off another roof to land on the next building and turning to look around saw him.

He was an Asian man wearing dark sun glasses standing several buildings away from him, right where he had been only a minute ago. Just by looking at him Aaron knew he was some type of program agent, but at the moment Aaron's only thought was Marta, he had to find her. So he ignored him and ran over several more buildings before he slid over a roof and put his foot out to stop from dropping off into the alleyway. Then he finally saw her.

Two officers, one on each end trapped her in the alleyway. He pulled his leg back and slid the rest of the way down the alleyway's narrow parallel walls to land on top of one of the officers.

"Get down." Aaron told Marta and he jumped over her, beating down the second officer. He picked up his gun and checked its rounds then slid it into the back of his pants, finally turning to Marta. "You okay?"

She smiled at him so relived he was safe and also glad he'd saved her just in time, "Yeah."

"Good." he gave her a smile back, "Let's go." He put his hand out for her and she grabbed it, holding tight.

They got out of the alleyway and walked onto the side of the busy streets of Manila, blending in. Aaron and Marta's hands clasped tightly together as they made their way to an overly crowded pedestrian bridge.

Standing in the middle of the bridge, Aaron spotted the Asian program agent on top of a building looking over the bridge and stared straight at the two of them.

Aaron pulled Marta closer as he weaved more tightly between the people. Aaron leaned over to a woman holding a bag of oranges and tugged on the bag, the oranges spilling everywhere.

While everyone was distracted Aaron looked over the edge of the bridge and saw a large bus right under them, "Come on." He grabbed Marta's slim waist and lifted her over the railing of the bridge and stepped over himself. Aaron grabbed her hand tight, "Jump," she trusted him as she let go of the railing. He let her steady out then let her hand go as she dropped down onto the bus. A second later he let go as well, dropping down next to her.

Aaron jumped down onto a taxi next to the bus, "Here," Aaron reached his hands up as Marta bent down and he lowered her down on top of the taxi. They both jumped off the taxi and walked down the street; a large bunch of people on the bridge watched them over the railing. The two of them walked on the side of the road for a little less than a block and then Aaron slipped his backpack off his shoulders, "Here, take this. You keep walking and don't look back." Aaron put the bag in her arms and walked off in the opposite direction. She didn't move for a second, but then it clicked in and she started walking in the direction they had been headed, trying to not turn around.

Aaron walked off a little ways and saw a man standing near a lot of rentable motorcycles. He heard the rumble of one of the motors and casually walked over to it, climbing on and riving the engine before riding off down the street. The owner chased after him yelling but Aaron was out of sight soon enough and searching for Marta.

She hadn't gotten very far as Aaron stopped next to her, "Get on." Marta quickly obliged, putting the backpack on and clambered on behind him, gripping his broad shoulders. "Have you ever ridden?"

"No," he handed her the helmet off the handle bars and she put it on, clipping the buckle to secure it.

Aaron pulled out his black sunglasses; slipping them on, "Hold on tight," he rived the engine, taking off fairly quick. Marta had to catch herself and wrapped her arms around his torso, her hands pressed to his abdomen.

They took off toward a busy, but fast moving street, weaving in between traffic. Sirens were going off everywhere and looking back they could see several police cars and motorcycles chasing them.

In the inner lanes of the street a police car neared them and Marta looked over, "Aaron he has a gun!" she yelled over the traffic frightened.

Aaron flicked his head to the side seeing the police car, but driving was the agent that had been chasing him and he was now pointing a gun at the both of them. "Keep your head down! That's not a cop."

Marta tucked herself down as best she could, her head pressed in between Aaron's shoulder blades. Aaron pulled back so a bus blocked them from view of the agent. Staying out of view wasn't the best idea though as the bus slowly started to shift closer to them, trapping them between the bus and concrete side barrier. Aaron banged on the side of the bus to let them know they were there but something else was pushing the bus as it kept swerving and the tail of the bus swung. Marta tried to push against the bus to steady herself but slipped, losing grip on Aaron and barely having a grasp on the fish tailing bus.

"AARON!" he turned and saw Marta falling off and the bus's end turning horizontally. Reaching back with one hand he grabbed the backpack strap to pull her back on and Marta wrapped her hands back around his torso tightly. They cut through more traffic and came to halt as it was all clogged up at the stop light.

"Oh crap." Aaron saw the agent stop several lanes over and start to get out of the police car. Aaron circled around and popped up his front wheel on top the hood of the car behind him and hit the gas hard, launching the bike on top the hood of the car. They drove over the car and on to the barrier separating two streets, dropping down hard onto the next street they took off again between cars.

The traffic spaced out on the street after several block and Aaron turned off onto a side road as several police motorcycles continued to chase them. They passed under a bridge and Aaron skidded into a right turn onto the side walk riding up the stairs looking into another street of heavy traffic. Police cars where popping up everywhere and stopping near them, so Aaron rode straight through traffic and over to the sidewalks again, looking down another set of stairs full of people.

Aaron gave a quick look back to where they had just come from and looked just as the agent following them shot up into the street on a police motorcycle. Not wasting any more time, Aaron took off down the stairs as the people parted around them, Aaron slid down the concrete railing to the bottom.

Aaron drove into and through a market area, knowing the agent was still following them as he could hear the screams of startled people behind him as he was not as careful as Aaron. The agent pulled up close to them and let off several shot at the two of them. Aaron groaned as two shots hit him, but he didn't slow.

Aaron made a quick turn left, whipped out his gun and shot three rounds at the agent, barely seeing him collapse and fall off his bike as they turned the corner.

"Aaron you're hurt!" Marta pressed her hand to his leg, hesitantly pulling it back to see blood staining it, she wiped it on her jeans as she couldn't stand the thought of his blood being anywhere but on the inside of him. Her other hand gripped him tighter to herself, hoping somehow to ease his pain.

"I'm okay," Aaron gave a weak response knowing she wouldn't buy it, so he carefully maneuvered the bike with one hand as his placed his other hand on top of Marta's that re-wrapped tightly around his abdomen. It was a comfort and reassurance to both of them as Marta closed her eyes and rested her head back between his shoulder blades.

Aaron had slowed down and was becoming more hunched over from tiredness, and weak from both sickness and bullet wounds. But after a few minutes Marta heard the undeniable sound of a speeding motorcycle engine. "Aaron!" he looked around seeing the agent but he was very banged up as he followed close behind.

Aaron sped up again and pulled off into an empty docking area/warehouse, the agent followed and got closer and closer. Blood dripped from Aaron's leg down onto his boots, the agent was only a few feet away from them as they sped down through; Marta becoming desperate unclipped her helmet and tried to throw it back at him. Unfortunately it missed by inches and she almost lost her grip on Aaron, but was able to catch herself.

Marta made her last attempt as the Asian man was less than a foot away and parallel to them. She shifted as she held on tight to Aaron, kicking her leg out at the hostile man's bike several times, and giving one last hard kick his bike swerved and went out of control, permanently crashing him.

But Aaron and Marta were speeding straight toward the back of the docking area and right into a cement wall. Aaron didn't notice though as he was hunched forward, his eyes shut and too weak to stay up right as he lost consciousness.

"AARON, AARON, AARON!" Marta yelled trying to wake him, she pulled back on him. They hit the hard floor as they fell backward off the motorbike and slid on their backs continually toward the cement wall. They had a hard jerking stop before they hit the wall though and both groaned from the impact. Aaron blinked as he came out of his half consciousness, both of them untangle their legs from each other and Marta rolled on her side grabbing Aaron's hand. She breathed heavily and her heart constricted as she looked over Aaron very concerned, his wounds dripping blood onto the concrete floor.

"You okay?" Aaron let out another groan but nodded and gripped her hand tight in reassurance. Marta stomach still churned every time he did so. She leaned over and pressed her lips to Aaron's knuckles, kissing his hand entwined with hers.

"You okay?" Aaron asked Marta and she gave him a half smile, nodding. Behind Marta a young boy stood, gapping in awe at them. The boy's presumable father stepped around the corner of the docks and saw them as well and the dead man in the back round.

"Can you help us?" Marta asked exasperatedly, looking back at Aaron who just lay limp on the floor too tired to move. The man just started though, "Can you help us?" Marta asked again a little more firm.

The Filipino man took his hat off, "Yes," he reluctantly nodded his head and came closer to them. Marta shakily stood up, gaining her balance again and pointed to Aaron on the ground, "Can you help?" Marta asked as she bent down to stand Aaron up. The man went to Aaron's other side and put his arm under him and gripped his shoulder. Together they got Aaron back on his feet, putting their arm's under Aaron's support most of his weight as he limped with them toward the ship docks.

The boy ran in front of them and onto a large fishing and merchant/shipping boat. Marta and the man helped Aaron on and shuffled through down to a small hall below deck to a room with a bunk bed, a sink and mirror. They set Aaron down on the bottom bunk and Marta sat down next to his bed, taking the backpack off and leaning her head back against the wall. She looked at the man and his son, "Thank you." She wasn't sure if they could understand her but she was pretty sure they could. The man nodded, Marta looked over to Aaron and took off his sunglasses.

Aaron looked at her, soaking in the image of her before he looked up at the man starting to leave the room, "Maghintay," (Wait) Aaron reached over to the backpack and unzipped it, taking out a small stack of pesos, "Dito, salamat." (Here, thank you) Aaron handed the money to the Filipino man and he took, his face stunned at the amount. The man smiled and nodded to Aaron, and left the room with his son in tow.

Aaron and Marta didn't say anything for several minutes, but just held hands in a comfortable silence. After a while though, Aaron turned onto his good side to face Marta. She smiled at him and gently place her hand on his cheek, "It's gonna be okay."

"Yes it is," Aaron put his hand over Marta's, "as long as you're here."

Marta gave him a big smile and leaned over to lay her head next to his on the edge of the bed and closed her eyes for moment. Aaron just watched her, but slowly scoot closer and placed a soft kiss on her forehead, praying she wouldn't leave anytime soon.

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