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This story is going to be a very AU take on HOo books - The Lost Hero and Son of Neptune (mostly the Son of Neptune). Add in some time travel, and other twist and turns along with a slightly OOC Percy since he is much more mature and Roman in this story we get this story. One of the more there changes is that Annabeth and Percy never got together at the end of The Last Olympian. Luke's death was too fresh for Annabeth to commit to anything and Percy wasn't sure he wanted to take being best friends to that level with Annabeth.

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History Rewritten: The Doors of Time.

Chapter 1: The Son of Greece and Rome.


Percy Jackson had expected Annabeth, and Thalia to be on the warship that arrived from Camp Half-Blood. He half hoped and expected to see Nico there as well but the only ones to exit the ship had been, Rachel, Phoebe, Malcolm, and who he assumed were Jason, Piper and Leo.

Annabeth, Thalia and Nico were absent. His instincts told him something was wrong, especially with Malcolm and Phoebe present. Phoebe hadn't changed at all but she was a Hunter of Artemis, he didn't expect her to change. He didn't expect to see her here though either.

Malcolm looked a little older, his blond hair a few inches longer and passive yet curious gray eyes which strayed around at the buildings. Percy assumed he was checking out the architecture, and he fought back a smile at that. He was sure Annabeth would be doing the same if she were with them, but that thought made him frown.

Malcolm's eyes were passive as he looked at Percy, their lost hero. Percy ignored the stare as he stood tall and proud like a mix of Greek and Roman. Though he was going mostly for Roman seeing as he was their Praetor now.

In the eight months Percy had been missing he had changed. He was just as much Roman now as he was Greek. His returned memories had only mellowed him out a bit, seeming to make him a little less intimidating to the other legionaries and residence of Camp Jupiter. Sometimes he looked back and could hardly recognize himself but then compared to his memories he still saw a stranger at times.

He had grown up he supposed, or maybe he had just embraced his Roman blood, that inner bitterness and cynical part of him which he'd smothered in sarcasm and jokes. He had Lupa to thank for that in the end, he probably would not have made it at Camp Jupiter, with amnesia on top of everything, without her guidance and training.

Percy noticed as Reyna stepped forward from beside him.

"Welcome Greeks, to Camp Jupiter," she began, looking at each of them.

He wasn't blind to the lingering gaze she cast upon the other blond boy, a little shorter then Percy with blue eyes almost identical to Thalia's. Jason, he thought with neutral emotion.

"I am Reyna, daughter of Bellona and Praetor of the Twelfth Legion." Reyna looked beside her and he got the hint, stepped forward to stand beside her.

He saw the way his friends – and even those he couldn't really call friends (Malcolm, Phoebe and the newest trio) – looked at him. He knew he'd changed even in appearance but he didn't think he had changed that much. Not enough to warrant the weary looks from Rachel, Malcolm and Phoebe.

"As Reyna said, welcome," he began, nodding at the Greeks and single Roman. "I am Perseus Jackson, son of Poseidon, Legacy of Neptune and Mercury, Praetor of the Twelfth Legion."

The Greeks and Jason gaped at him and Percy forced himself to keep a straight face.

"Percy..." Rachel began, hope in her emerald eyes. "You remember us, who you are?"

"Yeah Rachel, I do," Percy assured, his lips quirking slightly in a smile.

"Whoa, what do you mean Legacy of Neptune and Mercury?" Malcolm demanded.

Percy noticed Reyna and the other Romans around them stiffen. He held his hand out as a signal for them to stand down.

"Just that." Percy lowered his hand. "Legacies are children of demigods, descendant of the gods. My mother's great-grandmother was a daughter of Mercury and her husband was a son of Neptune. Being my mothers son makes me a Roman legacy as well as a Greek demigod."

"No wonder you're so powerful," Phoebe breathed and then glared. "For a man that is."

Percy looked back to the warship for a moment. If his three best friends were here they'd have gotten off the boat by now. Something was wrong.

"I have an idea of what happened to Nico," Percy suddenly began, changing the subject.

He remembered Alaska and Gaea's hinting at her having Nico somewhere prisoner.

"Where are Annabeth and Thalia?" he finished.

The crew of the Argo II looked at each other and Percy felt his inside erode.

"They were taken," Rachel said gravely. "We think it was Gaea."

Percy sighed. "Come on, you'll be shown around and settled in. Then we'll discuss this with the senate."

Reyna nodded. "Hazel, Frank, and Gwen – show them around while Percy and I call a meeting," she said.

With that the two Praetors turned and walked off to the Principia, leaving the Greeks and Jason standing in shock.

"He's changed," Malcolm finally said and the remaining Romans exchanged looks.

"You mean he wasn't always so... Roman?" Jason asked, a little surprised.

He knew from stories Percy was supposedly a goofy sort of person and very laid back but the dark haired boy who'd just walked away with Reyna was anything but. Or at least that was how it seemed to him. He'd never guess the new Praetor – something he'd pretty much expected seeing as he'd been gone for eight months – wasn't Roman – or completely Roman anyways.

"No," Rachel said. "He's always been pretty carefree, sarcastic, goofy. I've never seen him so serious control of things. He's changed so much, not just personality wise either."

It was truth, those who knew Percy before realized. His hair was shorter, not a lot but it wasn't as long as if once had been and not nearly as messy as a result. His skin was a little tanner as if he'd spent a lot more time in the sun and he was definitely taller and more muscular – Rachel wouldn't doubt he didn't have a six or eight pack under that armor he wore now.

His eyes held a more mature vibe to them, they were still kind but they had the look of a warrior in them. Of someone who'd been through and seen a lot. The biggest change though was the scar that went from three inches above his right eye and ended below his eyes at the cheekbone. It didn't look very old either, but his eye seemed fine.

"That doesn't sound much like Percy," Hazel said, frowning.

"We should show them around, we probably won't have time to if we don't go now," Frank said, noticing how late it was already getting. Knowing Reyna and Percy they wouldn't wait long to call the meeting.

"By the way," Frank began as they led the group from the forum. "I'm Frank Zhang, son of Mars. That's Hazel Levesque, daughter of Pluto, and Gwendolyn Maxwell, daughter of Mercury."

Gwen narrowed her eyes. "It's Gwen!"

The new arrivals all exchanged looks, and Rachel had to wonder what they were getting into. For someone with possession of the Oracle spirit she didn't know everything but she felt as if things were going to get complicated soon.