Chapter 7! Okay well in these next few chapters I'm going to be writing through Hawke's point of view, okay?

It's been two years since Carver had joined the Templar's. Hawke had tried to visit him many times, but he had always declined her. Hawke sighed on her bed, tears forming her eyes.

During the two years, Julia and her Mother moved back into the Amell estate, using the money Hawke found in the Deep Roads. Also during these two years, Hawke was getting closer to a few guys.

The first one was Anders, he was so sweet and kind, hating the Templar's for what they do to Mages. Always wanting justice. Justice. . . That was also one of his flaws. Julia had no idea what to think of Justice, and she had a feeling he didn't like her very much.

The next guy was Fenris. Completely different from Anders. He hated Mages, despised them, yet he had a soft heart for Julia. Julia always seemed to swoon in his presence, with that sexy elf body he had going on. She didn't mind to ride him all night long. . .

The last guy she was slightly getting involved with was Cullen. Every time she would go pay Carver a visit and he would dismiss her, Julia would just go march up to the Knight Captain quarters and have a nice chat with him. Cullen was stern, steady, and a good friend. Always there for her with open ears. But she couldn't help but notice when he would watch her from afar, it would creep her out slightly.

Sighing again, Julia rose from her bed and drugged her self down the stairs. Her Mother was in the dinning room, eating soup for lunch.

"Good afternoon Darling, would you like some soup?" Her Mother asked, and Hawke shook her head.

"Soup!" Sandal exclaimed, clapping his hands. Hawke just noticed he was in the room.

"No thanks Mother, I think I'm going to the Hanged Man for a bit then to the Gallows to visit Carver." She sighed, rubbing her forehead.

"He's still not talking to you?" Mother asked, and Hawke shook her head once again.

"I don't see why! Mother, what am I suppose to do?" Her Mother sighed with her, thinking.

"Do what you think is best, love. Now be safe out there!" She told Hawke, while Julia smiled.

"Alright Mother, you too."

Entering the Hanged Man was almost an everyday sight for Julia, she would spend most of her time here when she's not out killing people or at home.

"Ah Hawke, up for another round? My treat." Varric, her trusty dwarf, offered.

"Aw, Varric, you just know the magic words to make me swoon in your arms." Hawke teased, smiling. Varric chuckled, stroking his stubble beard.

"I wouldn't go that far yet Hawke. So how things with your brother?"

"Still not talking to me. . . Hey Varric, I have a question." Hawke looked over at Varric while he was pouring the two shot glasses filled with beer.

"Ask away Hawke." he told her, handing the shot to her. Hawke gulped it down in one go.

"Have you notice Cullen looking at me whenever we go to the Gallows?" She asked, raising an eye brow. Varric laughed, and turned around to look at the tavern.

"Maybe the Templar has a crush on you." Varric suggested and Julia choked.

"No, your wrong. That's just outrageous!" Hawke exclaimed, her eyes wide. Varric shrugged his shoulders.

"It's clear as day." Hawke shook her head, mumbling things Varric couldn't hear while taking another swig of beer.

Isabella suddenly appeared, exiting out of a room she had just shared with a male.

"Ah look! Hawke's here!" Isabella stumbled to them, and Julia shook her head.

"Your drunk again Isabella." She stated coolly, her eyes glaring over. Isabella smiled and pinched Hawke's cheek.

"I remembered when you use to be Miss Innocence. Never had a drink in her life, always wanting peace. Kirkwall sure fucked up that side of you. Which I like. How bout we go in the back and share a room hmmm? Get that devil outta you." She winked and Hawke slightly blushed. Isabella laughed and let go of Hawke.

"Still has that innocence, doesn't she Varric?" Isabella asked the dwarf who just shook his head.

"Rivanni, we were just talking about that Templar who stalks Hawke."

"He doesn't stalk me!" Hawke suddenly defended Cullen, glaring at the two rouges.

"I say bed the guy, he's hot enough." Isabella said, and Hawke roll her eyes.

"Everything is about sex with you."

"Hey, sex is fun. Bar tender! Another round please!" Isabella declared, smiling. Hawke glared and left the Hanged Man.

Cullen most defiantly does NOT have a crush on me. . . Does he? Julia thought as she roamed the streets of High-Town. Well does she have a crush on him? Maybe just a tad. . .

But what about Fenris and Anders? This seem to be all so confusing to her...

Sorry for this being super short, I had an idea for her to go up to all the party member and talk about Cullen then declined it. Oh and if Varric and Isabella are OOC, im sorry...