Meh! I'm starting a new story! What's it about? Well, you would know since you found it. Fossil Fighters: Champions! This story takes place 4 years after the game. It's told through four point of views; Dina's, Rupert's, Todd's, and Pauleen's! Note: It's rated T, but might have some graphic parts later on. You'll see. But anywho, let's start! Enjoy the story, Our Crazy Lives.

Dina's POV

It's been four years since Zongazonga was defeated by me.

Four, long, years.

I'm Dina Mikuzuki. My boyfriend is Rupert Royala. He's a sweetheart to me.

We've been together for those four years. We've kissed, hugged, lost…..

My parents died, as well as Rupert's father. His mother is in an unknown location.

When my parents died, they left me the ranch of vivosaurs we had. We have vivosaurs ranging from T-Rex to B-Rex to Z-Rex. We have just about every vivosaur, boneysaur, and zombiesaur.

My friends, Todd and Pauleen, are together now too. They live on the same island we do.

We had to move to Vivosaur island because that's where the ranch was. But deep in Knotwood Forest, which is ironically where the Digadig tribe is, so Pauleen visits them often with us.

It's always fun, but to me, the most fun of all, is being with Rupert.

We live in the house in the center of the ranch, but in separate rooms for now. We don't want to get too serious yet, even though I'm sixteen, and he's seventeen. We were twelve and thirteen when I defeated Zongazonga.

We all know this, and it's pretty shocking, but a month after Zongazonga was defeated, he returned with no memories and he stayed at the ranch without trouble.

My Dimetro, Razorback, wasn't too happy. He's an ass at times though. Always cursing at me and my friends, biting Rupert where it hurts (Don't get me started on that one….), clawing Todd's legs, whacking Pauleen in the face with his tail, it's a nightmare to have him and Tophis. Krypto is smarter, so he's calm and mellow and isn't a pain in the ass.

Tophis went missing, causing us to be confused greatly.

Today, me and Rupert were going to go camping with Todd and Pauleen to be alone. We're sleeping together in the same tent. It's been fun so far, since we've been camping on this trip for two days. I just hope..

"Dina?" Rupert's voice snapped me into reality from writing in my diary. I closed it and put it in my backpack. I then looked at him.

"Yeah?" I said bluntly as if nothing happened. He smiled.

"I made a fire if you want to roast marshmallows with me." He said. I smiled, then exited the tent with him.

We roast five marshmallows, the fifth one I shoved in his face. We laughed afterwards.

Later, we were laying down on the ground, gazing at the clear, starry night sky.

"Hey Dina…." Rupert began. I looked at him.

"There are so many stars in this universe, but there's one star I'll always be watching….and that star, is you." He continued. I blushed as he did.

I yawned, causing him to chuckle. "Tired, dino girl?" Rupert said, calling me by the nickname he started calling me a month after we started going out. I nod tiredly, but the next thing that happened made me blush as hard as I could.

Rupert got up and picked me up, bridal style if I may add. He brought me into the tent and laid me down, then laid down next to me and wrapped his arms around me. I rested me head on his chest as I drifted off to sleep. Last thing I heard was Rupert saying, "You're so cute when you're tired, my sweet angel…" I didn't hear the rest since I was asleep by now.