Just a short little fic, plotless, pointless. I felt like writing, and so I did. Enjoy. :)

The orgasm is always the best part. It is that euphoric moment of complete excitement – where nothing seems real anymore. It was a dizzying volcanic explosion igniting every nervous pathway setting fire to the mountain trees.

Heavy breaths.

Loud moans.

Ending with a powerful kiss on shaky lips.

Dick always rolls over off Jason, just for a moment to catch his breath. To calm himself down. Jason likes to stare at him. It is a beautiful sight to watch the other man as he tries to regain control of himself.

That is one of the more pleasurable aspects of reaching orgasm. Losing complete control. Giving into the passion, and doing what the body wants.

Jason gazed deeply into the other man, watching as his breath began to even out. Sweat rolled down his flesh, drying from the cool apartment air. Dick turned his eyes over to look at Jason, and he smiled.

Dick had all sorts of reasons to smile, and even more not to. However at that second, he did not have a reason to not grin. Jason was there right beside him. Also trying to regain his composure. Jason adored the way Dick smiled. It was more that beautiful – more than stunning, more than all the synonyms of that word put together. There was not a word to describe the gorgeousness of the man that was laying with him.

He had saved Jason's life more than once. He was an angel, one of those dangerous angels that fell into temptation and had sex with the women of the earth. Except Jason was not a woman. Dick was an angel that told Jason not to be stupid, not to jump – not be afraid because he was not alone. A man that reached out, even if Jason refused to take his hand. He never gave up.

A blush stretched across Jason's face, as well as tiny smile, "You have no idea how beautiful you look right now."

Dick fanned his fingers through Jason's sweat damp hair, "Not as beautiful as you."