Okay in my opinion there are not enough truth or dare fics out there. So I am going to write this story and carry on the truth or dare era before it comes to a close. Ok if anyone has any dares or truths either leave it in a review or P.m me. Ok on with the story…

"Rose… Come on play… Please" That's my cousin James potter. He can be arrogant, big headed and he's a womaniser but he's nice to me because I stick up for him.

"Don't be a buzz-kill" That was scorpius Malfoy my best friend in the whole world. We met because both our parents told us to beat each other so In class slughorn came and stuck us next to each other and we hit it off from there.

"Yeah you're worse than aunt hermione" That was my cousin Albus Severus potter. We are the same age but im like 3 days older than him and boy does he know it.

"Shut up lickle albie" That's me. Rose Weasley. Daughter of Hermione Jean Granger and Ronald Bilius Weasley. Bright red hear that puffs out like my mothers used to freckles on my nose and the brightest blue eyes you have ever seen. My favourite book pride and prejudice by Jane Austen. Boyfriend? Not got one. Favourite makeup? Lysander Zabini (son of Luna lovegood and Blaise zabin). Need any more information.

"Just play once then you can carry on revising or reading or whatever it is you're doing" Scorpius told me. I turn to see James and albus nodding in agreement. Oh well what the hell might as well play.

"Okay I start... Truth,dare or would you rather...Scorpius"

"Would you rather please rose" he replied

"Would you rather... Snog me or kiss lily Luna on the cheek?"

"Bit personal isn't it?"

"I won't get offended I asked the question"

"Snog you lily Luna is like 3 years younger it would just be wrong!"

"Okay... Your turn Albus" Everyone turns to look at me "What were going anti-clockwise"

"But that means I'm last"scorpius wailed

"Deal with it" Albus said "Okay truth dare or would you rather... Rose"

"But I have a really good one for rose" I hear scorpius say

"Okay truth dare or would you rather... James"

"Dare" I hear my older cousin say

"I dare you to snog the next girl that comes through the portrait" Albus says with a grin. Upon hearing this all the girls around us (Were in the common room) stand up and run towards the portrait but to no avail as lily Luna walked through the door.

"No I'm not snogging my younger sister. It is wrong"

"Then you must do the back up dare... Go up to mcgonagall take her glasses off and pt them on. In full visability"

Okay but in the mean time let's carry on oh look it's my turn. Truth dare or would you rather... Albus" James says with a scarily cheerful voice.

"Truth" he says immediately

"Is it true that in 1st year that you practised snogging with a water balloon?"

Albus turned Bright red. Like brighter than my hair red "How did you know?"

"I just struck gold! 'Twas just a lucky guess my bro" James said trying so hard not to burst into sudden laughter.

"OKAY enough" scorpius proclaimed causing everyone to shut up. EvEn though none of us judge him for what his father did its not safe to get on the wrong side of a Malfoy. "Right truth, dare or would you rather... Rose"

"Dare... No truth... No would you rather... No..."

"make up your mind... Please" scorpius pleads

"Would you rather"

"Is that final?"

"Yes now hurry the bloody hell up"

"Okay... Okay...Me or Lysander?"

"Under what circumstances?"

"Snogging full on"

"Well lysanders my boyfriend... It's wrong to want to snog your best friend... So I'd say definitely lysander" Scorpius mocked being hurt "Well if you're gonna ask the question don't be upset by the awnser"

Little did she know he wasn't pretending.

Right okay... I have some questions for you

1)should rise stay with Lysander or

A) go after his twin lorcan

B) end up with scorpius

C) die forever alone

2)Have any totally awesome dares?

3)Have any totally awesome truths?