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Chapter 2: Princeton and Rhodes.

Jaden, Jesse, Aster, Syrus and Zane were cueing up for their first lesson when they saw him, Chazz Princeton, the snobbiest Duellist in the whole of Obelisk Blue. He was watching Jaden with some suspicion. Jaden had heard the name Princeton mentioned by his father many times, Jaden knew Chazz's brothers, Jagger and Slade, both ran practically the whole country. They only needed to have a duellist before they did run the whole country.

Jaden knew he could beat Chazz in about 5 turns. But he didn't want it to come to that. He really didn't want to show off his deck too soon, plus he wanted to try and go unnoticed for as long as possible. Chazz walked past muttering, "Slacker" To Jaden and Jesse who ignored him, they walked into the classroom and found Professor Banner sitting there, along with his cat Pharaoh.

They sat through a rather boring lesson on Duel Alchemy with him then they left, waiting outside was none other than Chazz.

"Hey slacker, those cards of yours" Chazz was facing Jaden, Aster and Zane stood slightly to the side and Jesse stood beside Jaden,

"What about my Envoy cards?" Jaden asked,

"I'll play you for them, right now." Chazz replied

"Those types of duels aren't allowed" Zane started,

"What isn't allowed?" Came Crowler's voice.

"Duels where the loser hands over his deck" Aster replied looking at the doctor,

"No, but off the record Obelisk blues can" Crowler told Chazz,

"So what's it gunna be slacker, you game or are you a chicken?" Chazz mocked,

"Game on" Jaden began looking at one card in particular. He decided not to add Slifer to his deck, just in case.

"Then we better head to the arena" Chazz laughed, the group and Crowler all walked to a stadium where a number of Obelisk Blues were waiting, Zane, Aster, Syrus and Jesse all sat down ready for Jaden to duel. Then they looked around and gasped, Seto Kaiba was standing there, watching Jaden.

Jaden himself had noticed him as well and he walked up to Seto who smiled slightly, "One day?" Jaden asked, while Crowler was nearly having a heart attack at Jaden Yuki talking with Seto Kaiba

"Listen, use Slifer in this duel, then take your true name" Seto replied hurriedly, "I decided having you at the academy shouldn't be hidden"

"But, let me guess you want me to prove myself?" Jaden asked,

"First you'll beat this joker, then prove you can be a Kaiba" Seto replied,

"How?" Jaden asked,

"I'll set up a duel and you'll use the Kaiba deck to finish them off" Seto replied smiling

"Kaiba deck?" Jaden muttered, then he realised, "The deck of Dragons"

"Now show him why he shouldn't mess with you" Seto called, making sure Jaden's friends could hear.

Jaden smiled and drew out the Slifer card, he felt the power of Slifer surging through him and he placed it inside his deck

"I agree to your terms Princeton" Jaden spoke almost codly, "But if I lose you will get all but one card I own"

"Fine" Chazz sneered,

"Duel!" They called,

Chazz: 4000

Jaden: 4000

"Mind if I sit here?" Seto asked Jesse who jumped,

"Feel free Mr Kaiba" Jesse replied. Seto smiled and sat down watching Jaden. Not noticing Crowler collapse at this,

"I'll go first Slacker" Chazz called, "I summon my Chthonian Soldier In attack mode!"

Attack: 1200

"Nice monster" Jaden smiled,

"Shut it Slacker!" Chazz scowled "I end there!"

"I'll go then!" Jaden called looking at his hand, Envoy Knight, Envoy World, Envoy Armoury, Envoy Spirit, Duel Fusion and Envoy Archer sat in his hand,

"I summon my Envoy Knight in attack mode!" Jaden called

Attack: 1500

"Now My Knight! Charge!" Jaden called, the knights lance slammed into the Soldier and destroyed it,

Chazz: 3700

"You activated…" Chazz started,

"I know, now I lose the same life points as you" Jaden cut over him,

Jaden: 3700

"Now I play Envoy World!" Jaden called,

Knight: 1800

"I end with a face down" Jaden smiled,

"Why didn't he play Envoy World before he attacked?" Syrus asked,

"The effect of Chthonian Soldier Meant that he would've lost 300 more life points, so he was saving himself" Zane replied,

"My turn then!" Chazz called, "I play my call of the haunted, now my monster returns, for a cost of 800 points"

Chazz: 2900

"Now Chthonian Soldier reappear!" Chazz called

Attack: 1200

"I Now sacrifice my Chthonian Soldier To summon my Helpoemer!" Chazz called,

Attack: 2000

"Now Helpoemer Attack his Knight!" Chazz called,

"I activate a spell, say hello to my Envoy Armoury!" Jaden called, revealing his card,

"A Spell?" Crowler screeched,

"So my monster gains 500 points!" Jaden smiled,

Knight: 2300

"But my Helpoemer!" Chazz stuttered,

"Its destroyed!" Jaden added,

Chazz: 2600

"I end with a face down!" Chazz replied,

"I Draw!" Jaden called, he looked at the card, Pot of Greed.

"I play the spell Pot of Greed!" Jaden called,

"So you can draw two more cards, so what?" Chazz asked,

Jaden smiled and looked at the two cards, Monster Reborn and Envoy Sheildmaster.

"First I play my Envoy Sheildmaster in defence!" Jaden called,

Defence: 2600

"Now I play monster reborn to revive your Chthonian Soldier!" Jaden added,

Defence: 1400

"I end with a face down" Jaden called, Everything is set for you Slifer he added in his mind,

"I go then!" Chazz called looking at his hand "First I play Swords Of Revealing Light!" Chazz sneered at this. Jaden just laughed.

"Now I call a monster in defence and end!" Chazz called looking at the roof, where an indoor mini storm had started, there was no rain but they heard a crash of lightning every now and again.

Jaden and the audience were looking at the sky as well, but unlike the rest Seto Kaiba knew what it meant, and what card Jaden was about to Draw.

"My move" Jaden placed a single finger on the card and felt in again, he smiled, "Its time for the dawn of true power!" he shouted this to Chazz.

"True power?" Aster wondered, "It can't be"

"I draw" Jaden called flicking the card around, he looked at it and smiled, "First I think I'll play pot of Greed!" Jaden smiled as he looked at the two cards, the perfect combo, Slifer the Sky Dragon and Card of Sanctity.

"I now sacrifies all my monsters on the field!" Jaden called, "To bring forth the greatest monster on the Island!"

"Bighead" One Obelisk muttered.

The three monsters turned into bolts of light and vanished into the clouds, which glowed slightly,

"its been accepted" Jaden smiled, "I Summon Slifer The Sky Dragon!"

"No Way!" Everyone but the two Kaiba's exclaimed.

Slifer began to descend before it hovered behind Jaden,

Attack: 2000

"Ha, look how weak a mighty monster like him is!" Chazz's laughed,

"I Play my spell, Card of Sanctity!" Jaden called, "Now I can draw four cards!"

Slifer: 6000

"Oh crap" Chazz muttered,

"Slifer attack and destroy his Swords!" Jaden called, Slifer roared and the swords were destroyed, before he attacked and destroyed Chazz's face down Reborn Zombie.

"Oh and did I mention Slifer's effect?" Jaden asked, "Now you lose life points equal to the difference between his attack and your monsters defence"

Chazz's eyes went wide as he was blasted backwards.

Chazz: 0

"That's game!" Jaden called looking at the god above him, "Thanks' Slifer" Jaden whispered removing the card and placing in his protective case.

"Jaden Yuki!" Came Crowler's voice,

"This can't be good" Aster looked at Crowler's smile.

"For using a counterfeit card, you are expel…." Crowler started,

"Oh, be queit Crowler" Seto interrupted walking forwards, "It's a Real card, I saw Pegasus himself give it to Jaden here"

"What!" Crowler exclaimed

"In fact I gave him a card as well, as did a good friend of ours" Seto smiled, it seemed he had taken a disliking to Crowler, and enjoyed tormenting him.

"Who else gave him a card?" Crowler asked,

"Yugi Muto" Jaden smiled,

At this Crowler had had enough and collapsed in a dead faint, Causing Jaden's friends to laugh, Jaden walked over to them and smiled,

"Where did you get it?" Aster asked,

"Can I see it?" Zane asked,

"Can I hold it?" Syrus asked,

"Who are you really?" Jesse asked,

Seto walked over and placed a hand on Jaden's shoulder, "he's my son"

The four jaws of Jaden's friends it the floor, and they looked at him,

"I kind of see it" Aster looked at Seto and Jaden,

"Wow, were friends with Seto Kaiba's son!" Jesse smiled,

"Just keep it under your hats" Seto asked, "I thought as his friends, you should know"

"thanks' dad" Jaden replied looking away from him, causing him to laugh, "By the Way, why's their a camera there?"

"Oh, Yugi and the Toony Loony wanted to watch" Seto replied,

"You do realise he can probably hear you" Jaden replied smiling,

A look of shock came onto Seto's face as he rushed off. Followed by the laughter of Jaden and Co. they all walked off towards their dorms and all were still laughing at Chazz's face when Slifer had been summoned.

After a while they all got bored and decided to meet up to look through each others decks, they met in the same room Jaden had duelled Chazz, after about half hour they were quite comfortable, until they heard a female voice sound from across the room, "What are you doing here?"

They looked up and Jaden saw an Obelisk Blue, he recognised her. She was Alexis Rhodes, Sister of the missing Atticus Rhodes.

"Your Alexis right?" Jaden asked,

Alexis looked shocked and nodded to him,

"So are you going to turn us in?" Zane asked still holding his Cyber End Dragon card.

"Only if one of you can beat me in a duel" Alexis smiled,

"I'll take a crack at ya" Jaden smiled

He got up and together they walked to the duel field,

"Duel" They both called

Alexis: 4000

Jaden: 4000

"I'll go first!" Alexis called, "I Summon Cyber Tutu in attack mode!"

Attack: 1000

"I End with a face down" Alexis smiled.

"My move then" Jaden shrugged looking at his cards, Envoy Knight, Envoy Sword, Envoy Barrier, Envoy Gate, Envoy World and Envoy Archer sat in his hand.

"I Summon my Envoy Knight!" Jaden called,

Attack: 1500

"Now I play Envoy World and Envoy Sword!" Jaden called showing the two spells,

Attack: 2300

"I attack your Cyber Tutu!" Jaden called,

"Not so fast. I activate Doble Passé!" Alexis called, The Knight instead launched its attack against Alexis.

Alexis: 1400

Then Cyber Tutu attacked Jaden

Jaden; 3000

"I End with two face downs" Jaden replied

"My move then" Alexis smiled. "I Summon Cyber Gymnast!"

Attack: 800

"Now by discarding one card, I can destroy your monster!" Alexis called, "So Envoy Knight is destroyed!"

The effect activated and destroyed the Knight.

"Now I play a spell!" Jaden called, "Envoy Gateway!"

"What does that do?" Alexis asked,

"It allows me to summon an Envoy Monster from my deck to the field when one is destroyed" Jaden replied looking through his deck, "And the monster I choose is Envoy Archer!"

Attack: 800

"Then Cyber Tutu will destroy it!" Alexis called, the attack launched,

"Then I play my Trap!" Jaden smiled, "Envoy Barrier!"

"You baited me!" Alexis replied,

"Yep, so rise to battle" Jaden smiled, looking at the cards, "Warrior of the Envoy Lord!"

Attack: 4300

Archer: 1300

"I Call of my attack and play a card face down" Alexis replied,

"My move" Jaden smiled looking at his hand, "I Summon another Envoy Archer!"

Archer 1: 1800

Archer 2: 1800

Warrior: 4800

"Now Archers, attack her directly!" Jaden smiled

Alexis: 0

Alexis looked up as the monsters vanished, she had a funny feeling that Jaden wasn't who he said he was, but she disregarded this looking at Jaden with a smile.

"You better get running before I change my mind" Alexis told the group of them, they grabbed all their cards and ran off, Alexis smiled,

"He's intrusting" Alexis turned around and walked in the opposite direction, she'd have to keep an eye on him

I know it's been ages since my last Update so I thought I'd give you both Chazz Vs. Jaden and Alexis Vs. Jaden in one. Plus Slifer made a special appearance….