Straw Hats vs Drake and Doflamingo

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They had to go to Fishman Island. That was the collective thought of each of the Straw Hats. They had to protect her from the Knight of D who was on his way to Fishman Island now to abduct her. For all they knew, he was already there and has successfully kidnapped her. They didn't know for sure, but they did know one thing. They needed to be there, to protect their friend. And right now, the two revolutionary commanders stood in their way. The need to defeat them was now greater than ever. For now it was not only this kingdom that was at risk, it was Fishman Island as well and their friends as well.

Franky Shogun then drew his large sword from his back and pointed it towards the dinosaur commander threateningly.

"So now you're using a sword. It's pointless, that wouldn't work on me," said Drake.

"I'm sorry but now you're in the way. There's somewhere that we have to be right now and you unfortunately are in the way," said Franky.

Franky Shogun then pointed his sword towards Drake and then charged towards him.

Franky attempted a front slash by Drake sidestepped it easily. He then went for a side slash however Drake ducked down dodging the attack. He then swung his powerful tail knocking Franky Shogun back causing it to take a few steps back. He then headbutt tackled the robot causing it to fall to the ground.

"Damn it, general down," said Franky.

Drake hovered dangerously over Franky who himself was now sweating realizing that there was not much he could do. Drake opened his mouth ready to bite down on Franky when suddenly he saw a figure jump in front of him.

"Brook," said Franky in surprise.

"I'm your opponent now Drake-san," said Brook who held his cane sword out ready to fight.

"Oye skeleton, he's too strong, don't be reckless," warned Franky.

"Maybe so Franky-san but as pirates there are times we have to be reckless," said Brook.

Brook may be a goofball who tended to act very immature at times but he was also an experienced pirate who lived for several years as a member of the Rumbar Pirates so he knew when to act as one at times.

Drake then lunged at Brook who jumped up in the air avoiding Drake's teeth. Brook while mid air pointed his sword downwards and began descending ready to thrust it at Drake.

"Swallow Bond en Avant," said Brook who was about to thrust his sword at Drake.

Drake countered by spinning around and lifting his enormous tail up and knocking Brook to the side. This meant that he effectively dodged Brook's attack while delivering a powerful one of his own.

"Brook!" shouted Ussop.

Brook began bouncing hard on the ground several times before he finally landed. Looking at him you could see that some of his bones were cracked.

"That really hurt my bones," said the downed Brook.

Suddenly a shadow was above him and he could see Drake high in the air ready to stomp on him.

Robin reacted quickly by forming several arms on the ground in a straight path.

"Viente Fluer," said Robin.

Immediately the arms quickly rolled Brook away just in time to avoid Drake's massive legs. However a powerful shockwave was created that sent Brook flying off again. Of course he was able to avoid being squashed by Drake so he was thankful for that.

"Midori Boshi: Take Jave-rin," called out Ussop who fired a pop green at Drake.

Several bamboo stalks erupted from the ground all attempting to impale him. Unfortunately this didn't work as Drake was too heavy for the bamboos to deliver any real damage. That and his skin was fairly tough due to armament haki. However the bamboo stalks were annoying and made it difficult to move. But it did give enough time for Franky who finally got up to make his move.

"All right dinosaur, let's see you dodge this," said Franky who had his arms pointed towards him inside the Franky Shogun robot.

Drake remembered this attack and knew he couldn't let it hit him not matter what.

"Franky Radical Beam," said Franky.

A huge beam came out of his arms straight towards Drake. Drake out of desperation quickly changed to his smaller hybrid form. His smaller form allowed him to go through the giant bamboo stalks as well as give him far more agility allowing him to dodge Franky's attack though just barely. Nonetheless he was still able to successfully dodge the attack.

"Damn, he dodged by going into his hybrid form," said Franky.

"His hybrid form is smaller and more agile. That's probably why he changed to it," said Robin.

Drake who was now in his hybrid form charged after Brook. Brook who was not expecting the sudden burst of speed could only rely on pure instinct as he dodged a powerful punch that left huge spider cracks on the ground.

"Scary," said a frightened Brook who quickly scurried away to the rest of his comrades.

"Well then let's see how he likes this then," said Franky.

The robot Franky shogun had his sword out and his upper body began spinning around rapidly.

"What's he planning?" questioned Drake in his mind.

"General Ashimoto Dangerous," said Franky while inside the robot.

The Franky Shogun began running towards Drake while still spinning. Drake seeing that he was planning to cut him like that jumped away. Nonetheless he could not believe that Franky would try such an idiotic attack that would pretty much never hit him.

"He can't be serious. He'll never hit me with that," said Drake to himself who jumped away from the spinning robot.

Franky Shogun continued to advance towards him with Drake continuing to jump back whenever he came close.

"Hey what's the matter, scared to come forward," taunted Franky.

Drake gritted his teeth and decided to attack. He knew that even though the robot was spinning fast, he was faster. So if he timed his attack right, he could get a good attack while escaping getting hacked in two by the spinning sword. Deciding to do this, he watched as the robot continued coming close and jumping back a few times.

"Now," said Drake to himself as he saw an opportunity.

Charging forward, his timed attack was perfect as he lunged forward and escaped the spinning sword.

"Crap he escaped my attack," cursed out Franky.

Drake then using his massive hands hit the robot's rather small legs causing the robot to fall on its knees.

"On no, general down," said a panicked Franky.

Drake lept up towards the robot's cockpit where Franky was. He grabbed Franky's shoulders and Franky in turn grabbed his. The two were holding each other but Drake clearly had more raw power than Franky who right now was gritting his teeth at being over powered. Drake despite winning bit down on Franky's shoulder causing him to scream in pain. Despite him being made of metal, he was clearly no match for the teeth of a dinosaur man. In desperation, he punched Drake causing him to let go of his bite on Franky. Franky quickly pressed a line on his massive shoulders revealing three rockets.

"Franky Rocket Launcher," called out Franky.

The three rockets hit Drake who was right on Franky creating a large explosion. Drake was sent flying back from being hit by three rockets. Franky who was extremely close to the explosion was sent flying out of the Franky Shogun robot.

Franky got up albeit with some trouble and looked at the cockpit of the Franky Shogun. It was badly damaged from the explosion so using it for now was no longer possible.

"Damn it, looks like I wouldn't be using Franky Shogun anymore," said Franky.

Then he turned his attention to Drake who was already up.

"Damn it this guy just wouldn't go down. No matter what we throw at him he just keeps coming back for more," said Franky who was both amazed yet annoyed at the same time at Drake's resilience.

Drake glared at Franky at the damage he received.

"You're full of surprises. Just like that reindeer. That attack did surprise me but luckily I used tekkai just in time," said Drake.

"Of course that damn move again," muttered Franky.

Franky had a flashback of his battle against Fukuro of CP9 and how tekkai allowed him to take many of his attacks head on. And it was obvious that Drake was much stronger than Fukuro since even without tekkai he was shrugging off most of their attacks. And with tekkai, even point blank missiles didn't seem to have much effect on him. The dinosaur man was really a walking tank even more than himself.

Drake rushed towards Franky at high speed. Franky stood his ground and the two clashed together with their arms interlocked. However despite both of them having large arms, Drake was clearly the stronger as it was evident on Franky's face that he was struggling against Drake's raw power. Drake then tried to bite his neck when suddenly several arms formed around his neck.

"Nueve Fluer," said Robin with her arms crossed.

Robin with her powers just saved Franky from having his head torn off by Drake's powerful teeth. However she was clearly having trouble holding back Drake.

"What power," Robin commented with sweat coming down her head.

Drake was struggling against Robin's hold, who decided to end it.

"Snap," said Robin.

However Drake with sheer power was able to avoid having his neck broken. Eventually he powered out and looked at Robin menacingly. Breaking his hold on Franky he delivered a powerful punch that sent the cyborg flying back. Then he set his sight on Robin. He rushed towards Robin intent on killing her. Robin didn't have time to counteract and would have been shredded to pieces had not a giant venus flytrap appeared suddenly between her and the charging Drake.

"Midori Boshi : Devil," said Ussop who was able to launch a few pop green plants before Drake got to Robin.

The pop greens in turn became giant venus flytraps that captured Drake. Ussop knew that it wouldn't be enough to stop him but it did allow him to save Robin which was enough for him.

"Get out of there Robin!" shouted Ussop.

Not thinking twice Robin quickly ran from Drake getting some much needed distance between herself and the commander. She was after all a long range fighter and him a short range one. Furthermore if he got too close to her then she was dead.

Drake meanwhile was in the process of breaking out of the plants. The plants while fairly strong were little trouble for someone of his level. Using his sharp teeth he easily bit away at the large plants. He also used his raw strength in some cases to break out. When he was out he looked at Ussop.

"You all are really annoying," said an annoyed Drake.

He then turned his gaze to Ussop. Ussop seeing that Drake was looking at him got scared immediately.

"I'll take you out," said Drake.

Drake didn't let his threat sink in as she rushed towards Ussop at high speed. Ussop seeing that Drake was rushing towards him screamed out in fright that he was about to die.

"I'll die I'll die I'll die I'll die," repeated Ussop over and over again in his head.

And indeed he was about to die. He was closing in at Ussop quickly.

"Ussop," said Franky who pointed out his arm towards the running Drake.

"Long nose," called out Robin who crossed her arms.

"Ussop-san," said Brook who made a beeline to his long nosed comrade to save him from the charging dinosaur man.

Just as Drake was about to use his jaws to devour Ussop and figure quickly appeared at his side.

"Kokutei Roseo," said the figure.

The figure in question turned out to be Chopper in his arm point who hit Drake's jaw with his hoof while in arm point. The attack left a hoof like imprint on Drake's jaw. The attack stunned Drake momentarily thus saving Ussop's life.

"I'm back Drake and I wouldn't let you hurt my nakama," said Chopper in a determined voice.

"Chopper," cried out Ussop grateful for the reindeer having saved his life.

"All right reindeer bro," said Franky.

"Chopper," said Robin with a smile seeing the little reindeer doctor back.

"Chopper-san," said Brook who even without a face could tell was happy.

Chopper turned his head to Ussop's direction for a bit and gave him a nod acknowledging his presence.

"I thought you were too exhausted to continue after transforming into that huge monster," said Ussop.


The battle of Fishman Island ended with an overwhelming victory for the Straw Hats who just defeated the officers of the New Fishman Pirates.

Chopper was currently lying in Robin's lap exhausted from using monster point.

"When I use Monster Point, I can't even walk for a couple of hours from fatigue," said Chopper in a tired voice.

End Flashback.

"I'll admit that I'm really exhausted now, but I wouldn't let that stop me from helping my nakama," said a determined Chopper.

The crew could see that Chopper was sweating and panting but he was determined to fight and help his nakama.

"Chopper," said a teary eyed and grateful Ussop.

Robin and Franky smiled at seeing how much the reindeer has grown. The same applied with Brook despite his lack of facial features was also greatly impressed by the determination of the little reindeer doctor.

There were two people who were not happy however and those two were none other than Drake and Doflamingo. Drake gritted his teeth in frustration that now he had to fight yet another member of the Straw Hats. And speaking of Doflamingo he was currently engaging the two powers houses Zoro and Sanji.

Doflamingo was currently dodging Zoro's three swords and Sanji's powerful legs. The two were working very well together and not obstructing each other. However Doflamingo was no slouch in close combat either as he was doing very well avoiding the two Straw Hats.

"These two are even more aggressive than before. They're now fighting differently," said Doflamingo mentally as a dodged another combination attack from Zoro and Sanji.

"I'll have to be more careful. The way those two are now, one small misstep at it's over for me," said Doflamingo in his mind.

Doflamingo continued to engage Zoro and Sanji, however the fighting between the three stopped when they saw that Chopper was back in the game.

Jumping back he turned his attention to the rest of the Straw Hats facing Drake, specifically Chopper.

"What the, I thought the reindeer was incapacitated after turning into that monster?" said Doflamingo.

Zoro and Sanji smirked in response to Doflamingo's surprise.

"Well it just goes to show you how tough our nakama is," replied Zoro.

"Of course, even exhausted he wouldn't give up," said Sanji.

"Well I have to admit that was impressive, being able to continue fighting after using a move like that. Really admirable," commented Doflamingo truthfully.

Zoro and Sanji continued to grin, both very proud of their reindeer nakama's heart and resolve. He truly was a member of the Straw Hats.

"However seeing that you guys are really getting on my nerves it's time I show you what I can really do," said Doflamingo ominously.

Both Zoro and Sanji held their guard up ready for Doflamingo's move.

Doflamingo then sprung after them. Both Zoro and Sanji were taken off guard, not only by the sudden speed but by the mere fact that he was trying to get close to them. His devil fruit powers were clearly for mid to long range so there was no reason for him to even attempt to get so close to them.

Doflamingo lept in the air and began spinning around rapidly. Then he drove his foot hard on Zoro with a powerful axe kick. Zoro blocked the attack with his swords though Doflamingo's kick was so hard that he created spider cracks on the ground. Sanji sprung to action and jumped towards Doflamingo attempting to kick him.

"Collier," said Sanji as he tried to kick the blonde haired Shichbukai revolutionary commander.

Doflamingo however quickly lean backwards dodging the kick, then using his leaning momentum, delivered a spinning kick, effectively turning his defensive maneuver into an offensive one. He kicked Sanji into Zoro who himself fell down on the ground hard both from Sanji's body weight and the force behind Doflamingo's kick. Doflamingo then did a series of backflips distancing himself from the Straw Hats swordsman and cook. Zoro and Sanji quickly got up and stared at Doflamingo.

"What the hell, I thought this guy only used his devil fruit powers. But his physical strength is nothing to laugh about," said Sanji.

"He's a revolutionary commander. So it should be expected that his physical skills are top notch as well. In fact I'd be surprised if they weren't," said Zoro who pretty much expected this from Doflamingo.

Doflamingo who heard Sanji's and Zoro's little conversation couldn't help but grin.

"Oh you shouldn't be so surprised at my physical skills Black Leg Sanji. Somone who relies solely on their devil fruit wouldn't make it very far in the New World," said Doflamingo to Sanji.

Sanji had to agree. While devil fruits were very useful, they by no means really made someone strong. There were plenty of guys even in the first half of the Grand Line who were strong without devil fruit powers and one of them was his own crewmate Zoro.

"And there's no way someone who was too dependent on their devil fruit powers would make it as a commander in the revolutionary army. You should know that since you spent two years with that worthless sad excuse of a revolutionary commander Ivankov," taunted Doflamingo.

Sanji hearing Doflamingo's words about the late Ivankov felt rage build up in him. Despite the fact that he abhorred okamas, he by no means hated them. In fact he became friends with many of them, especially Ivankov. Ivankov for as much as an okama that he was, is a very strong fighter who helped train him and made him stronger. He didn't only become stronger from training with him but he learnt all sorts of new recipes for making the body stronger. And for that he was grateful. Last but not least was the fact that he aided Luffy during the war of the best and was grateful to him for that. He was saddened by Ivankov's death so hearing Doflamingo mock him like that filled him with anger and rage.

Zoro could tell that Sanji was angry. He knew that Sanji was affected by Ivankov's death and that Sanji would not take kindly for him being mocked at like that. His gaze was hard as he looked at Doflamingo while at the same time occasionally turning his gaze to the silently enraged cook.

Normally when Sanji was angry he'd burst into flames. When he found out that the invisible man on Thriller Bark not only kidnapped Nami, but saw her naked and was going to marry her, Sanji practically set off a nuclear bomb. He felt sorry for the poor sap that was going to be on the receiving end of the enraged cook's wrath. A similar event happened just before Sabody Archipelago when the crew encountered Duval. Sanji exploded into flames again upon seeing that Duval was the spitting image of his own drawn wanted poster. Though he did have his face completely remade by Sanji's attack and he did become friends in the end.

However Sanji held a different kind of anger now, one over hearing a friend insulted, a more quiet anger. Rather than burst into flames, Sanji reacted by spinning around on his leg rapidly.

"Diable Jambe," said Sanji who lifted up his heated orange leg.

Sanji then charged after Doflamingo leaving a trail of dust behind. Zoro had to close his eyes to avoid dust going into them.

"Oye cook, don't get too reckless!" called out Zoro knowing that getting too worked up against an opponent like Doflamingo would do more harm than good.

But Sanji was long gone sprinting towards Doflamingo at high speed with his leg heated up by Diable Jambe.

"Bien Cuit: Grill Shot," said Sanji who went for a Diable Jambe enhanced back kick.

Doflamingo grinned at the incoming Straw Hat cook and jumped into the air just as Sanji as about to kick him. Sanji seeing that Doflamingo dodged jumped into the air as well and then activated Sky Walk.

"Sky Walk," said Sanji who began stepping on the air towards Doflamingo.

When Sanji was directly above Doflamingo, he lifted his leg up and brought it down hard on Doflamingo.

"Diable Jambe," said Sanji as he brought his leg downwards to Doflamingo.

"Flambage Shot," said Sanji.

Doflamingo countered easily by bringing his arm up and blocking the kick. Furthermore he used his forearm to block the part of Sanji's leg that was not heated up from Diable Jambe. Sanji seeing that he failed decided to try again.

"Diable Jambe," started Sanji.

"Frit Assorti," said Sanji delivering three simultaneous kicks at Doflamingo.

The three kicks left, center and right were all aimed at Doflamingo. Unfortunately Doflamingo again showed his athletism and skill with observation haki by blocking the first and second with both hands. When the third was about to hit, he moved his finger thus stopping Sanji in his tracks.

"Damn it, I can't move," said Sanji.

"Good try but not good enough," commented Doflamingo.

"Now time to end this," said Doflamingo who raised his hand up to finish off Sanji.

Sanji seeing Doflamingo's hand up knew that he was about to finish him off. There was some sweat on him as his eyes were on the Shichbukai revolutionary's hand following it and possibly his end. While this was going on Zoro was already in action.

"Santoryu," began Zoro.

"Hyakuhachi Pound Ho," shouted out Zoro.

Doflamingo who was about to finish off Sanji saw a large air projectile heading towards him at high speed. He kicked Sanji hard and used the power behind his kick to propel himself away from the path of Zoro's attack effectively dodging his attack. Also Sanji was sent crashing into the ground hard as a bonus. Zoro was satisfied. Even though Sanji was sent crashing into the ground, at least his attack distracted Doflamingo momentarily thus saving the cook's life.

Doflamingo landed safely on his feet while Sanji was sent hard into the ground. However he was able to get up and walked towards Zoro. Eventually he was standing next to Zoro and the two stared down at Doflamingo.

"You just had to go and get all worked up and emotional did you, stupid cook," said Zoro.

Normally if Sanji ever heard that coming from Zoro, he would immediately be up in arms and ready to have a fight with him. But now wasn't the time for that. What Zoro said, while sounding taunting was anything but that, especially considering the situation that they were in. What Zoro said was not an insult but a criticism, a true criticism. Sanji got himself too emotional when he heard Doflamingo mock his friend Ivankov and became too reckless as a result. Had Zoro not been there, he would have been dead. His own recklessness nearly got him killed. Normally recklessness wouldn't be much of an issue with the crew due to how strong they were, especially after their training. In fact, recklessness was typical between Zoro and Sanji who always got reckless when competing against each other. But now was different. Now wasn't the time to get reckless. Not against someone like Doflamingo. They needed to be calm in order to defeat him, in order to free Pellinopee's kingdom and finally get to Fishman Island to help Shirahoshi.

"At this rate, we're probably not going to win," said Zoro.

"Zoro," said Sanji questionably for once ignoring any of his usual nicknames.

Zoro was a monster like him and would never admit that he would ever loose. So for him to do so now caught him off guard.

"We're going to need the others in order to beat this guy," said Zoro.

"I see, so that's what you meant," replied Sanji.

Sanji understood what Zoro meant. It was not that they couldn't beat Doflamingo. It was that they needed to all work together to defeat him. Himself and Zoro as powerful as they were both were not enough to take down Doflamingo. The two of them together were pretty much strong but when they worked together, they could defeat anyone. Yet even with their teamwork, it did little against the Shichbukai. They only had a brief success when through a combination attack, Sanji was able to land one of his Diable Jambe attacks on Doflamingo but that was it. Right now his guard was up so such a combination probably wouldn't work again. They needed the others or they would lose.

"We need the others but they're currently occupied at the moment," said Zoro.

Indeed they were as Nami, Ussop, Robin, Chopper, Franky and Brook were still doing the best they could to fend off the powerful former Supernova now revealed to be a revolutionary commander.

"Yeah but we can't do anything until they beat that Drake guy," replied Sanji.

"That's why we should help them," said Zoro.

"Do you have sea weed for brains. It's not like this guy is actually going to just let us waltz over there and help," replied Sanji who despite the insult, was not actually intended.

"Of course I know that, but one of us can keep him busy while the other goes over there and beats him," replied Zoro.

"I'll give you an opening. Go over there and beat that guy. Then get the others over here so that we can finally take this guy down. I'll hold him off," said Zoro.

Sanji looked at Zoro before agreeing.

"Alright. Just don't die before that happens, you hear me marimo," replied Sanji.

Zoro nodded in return.

Right now, the plan was to quickly separate from Doflamingo and defeat Drake. Then they would all team up to take down Doflamingo.

Well that's the end of the chapter. There isn't much to explain but there are still a few things.

Several people are mentioning that this fight is dragging and that they want it over so that the story can progress. However in response I need to pace this fic properly. This fic is fairly similar to Oda's One Piece with the typical Straw Hat comedy and nakamaship bonds, though the main difference is the main antagonist are the revolutionary army instead of the world government and Luffy is no longer with the Straw Hats. But besides that this story is fairly reminiscent of the real One Piece. So I want to pace the story just right. I can't just end the fight in one chapter. That would be too abrupt and spoil the story. I need to show the Straw Hats gradually winning or losing and the enemy slowly revealing more of his powers. Doflamingo started with only his devil fruit powers but in this chapter he has revealed his hand to hand combat skills. Pacing is an important factor in any good story and if the fight ends too soon, then the Straw Hats wouldn't look like they had to really work for their victory. Also this is an action fic so there is suppose to be a lot of fighting.

The fight is almost over. The fight ends next chapter so don't worry about this fight lasting too long. It's almost over.

Next someone mentioned that I add Maguerite, Silk and Conis. The thing that all the current harem girls have in common is that they all suffered harsh pasts so they look to Luffy as a shining beacon of hope, to the point of actually having feelings for him. Nami due to her past with Arlong, Robin being on the run from the world government, Hancock's past as a slave, Vivi's burden of saving her kingdom from Crocodile and Shirahoshi's burden with humans fishmen relations along with her being locked up due to Vander Decken. Maguerite hasn't really suffered in my opinion so it's harder to add her to the harem. Conis may have suffered but it was much less than say Nami or Vivi. Nami had her mother killed infront of her and was forced to be a slave under Arlong. Conis never really suffered such a fate. Vivi due to being the princess of Alabasta had the burden of her entire kingdom on her shoulders. Conis is just a citizen of Skypia, not a princess so she doesn't have such a burden. As for Silk, she has suffered but the issue with her is that it would be hard to get her involved in the final battle. Vivi has the Alabasta Royal Army so she can get involved in the final battle. Conis has her Skypian people so she can get involved. Shirahoshi has the Neptune army so she can get involved. Hancock has the Kuja Pirates so she can get involved. Silk however has no way of really getting involved in the final battle so it's hard to put her in the harem. Also she has only appeared in one episode so I don't know enough about her to include her in the harem. In fact I don't know if I'll even include her in the story at all since she hasn't appeared in the manga. So far with the three girls I might add Maguerite and Conis since both have interacted fairly well with Luffy though no guarantee but Silk is almost guaranteed to be out.

Someone also asked when Blackbeard ate the Cerebreus Cerebreus fruit. Well I already answered that in the profile of the revolutionary army but I'll answer it again. He ate it some time after the War of the Best. Dragon in exchange for giving Teach the darkness darkness fruit and teaching him how to steal another person's devil fruit gave Teach his mission of handing Ace to the world government and killing him and Whitebeard during the war should either survive. But even Dragon can recognize Teach's rather power hungry nature despite being his subordinate. So some additional incentive was the Cerebreus Cerebreus fruit. Dragon would give Blackbeard that mythical zoan fruit if he completed his mission, as a reward. This pretty much guaranteed that Blackbeard would accomplish his mission since Blackbeard wanted that powerful devil fruit. There was a chance that Blackbeard would just ignore Dragon's orders after he received the darkness darkness fruit. But by offering him a powerful mythical zoan devil fruit, Dragon made sure that Blackbeard would accomplish his mission since if Blackbeard failed, he wouldn't get it. Blackbeard already knew that he was going to get the Cerebreus Cerebreus fruit as a reward since he was confident that he would accomplish his mission. So expecting this, he created his jolly roger to have three heads representing the Cerebreus. His pirate flag wasn't really suitable before he ate that fruit but it suited him perfectly after he ate that devil fruit.

On another note about Conis, the Skypians are going to get involved in the story. I plan on including them to allow the Skypia issue to come full circle. It'll explain things like why there was even a poneglyph on Skypia in the first place.

Chopper returning to the battle despite using Monster Point. Chopper after using Monster Point is usually exhausted. However the battle on Fishman Island gave Chopper some additional practice and experience at using Monster Point. When Chopper was training with Monster Point during the timeskip he was only training, he hadn't used it in a real battle until Fishman Island. Experience gained in battle would always be better than training. The battle on Fishman Island basically allowed Chopper to not only really test the limits of Monster Point, but to increase them. That one battle increased the time Chopper could spend in monster point and reduces the amount of time needed to recover after using it. Hence why he is still able to participate in the battle. However he is still fatigued from using monster point and it is really willpower and determination that is allowing him to continue. Unlike Fishman Island whereby Chopper could relax after using Monster Point, here the battle is still going on and Chopper just cannot sit by and do nothing as the others are fighting especially against two high level enemies. Chopper's need to fight for his nakama is driving him to continue fighting despite his exhaustion.

Doflamingo's physical abilities. Doflamingo's main power is his devil fruit but it is not the only one. He is also a strong melee combatant as well. Granted hand to hand combat isn't his specialty, he is still very strong at it. Someone who relies solely on devil fruit powers would not make it in the New World. The admirals for example not only have strong devil fruits, but have strong haki and have great physical strength. For example Akainu took two of Whitebeard's quake powered punches imbued with haki point blank, one of which nearly split Marineford in half and still had more than enough stamima to face a number of the Whitebeard commanders. So as a revolutionary commander, it is required that he be a strong physical combatant. Doflamingo may not be as strong as Zoro and Sanji in close combat but he is still good at it.

More of Doflamingo's powers are revealed. When a villain is shown battling intensely, more of his abilities are revealed. So here it is shown that Doflamingo is also a very strong physical fighter. It is not his main method of fighting but he is still good at it.

So now Zoro and Sanji decided that they can't beat Doflamingo by themselves. Despite how strong both of them were and how good their teamwork was, they still have had little success against Doflamingo. So now they decided to get the others to help as well. It's true that the Straw Hats have become much stronger but even they are not strong enough to take down two Shichbukai level enemies. They could all take down a single Shichbukai, even a top tier one like Doflamingo but they cannot take down two Shichbukai. So Zoro and Sanji have decided that one of them would quickly head over to Drake's group while the other holds off Doflamingo. They would quickly take down Drake since the other Straw Hats would now have the backing of one of the monster duo. Then they would take down Doflamingo together. Doflamingo may be able to hold off Zoro and Sanji but even he cannot hold off the entire crew. The crew is at their strongest when together so together, their strength can even overcome someone like Doflamingo.

Revolutionary commander's strength. The revolutionary commanders are very strong each at Shichbukai level. But a lone commander cannot take down the entire crew. The crew has become much stronger, especially Zoro and Sanji, so together they can all handle a single Shichbukai or commander. Two commanders or Shichbukai is a different story. They are going to have a very hard time against two Shichbukai level enemies. This is why the crew is struggling against Doflamingo and Drake so much. Because two of them is too much for the crew. But if they can take down one of them, the other should not be much of a problem for the Straw Hats. Likewise in this story it is unlikely that a lone commander would take on the crew. They may have the aid of a Knight, Special Weapon or another commander, but a single commander cannot handle the crew.

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