This is an attempt to get rid of writers block. I hope its good, and I hope nobody has done this so far.

This guideline is written in from my character's point of view. Chi Star Pax to be exact, and is set in G1. Feel free to give me ideas!

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Rule 1: Never… ever, replace Sunstreaker's paint with paint remover.

(He tends to get very, very mad…)

(And then tries to 'accidentally' step on you.)

(Not good for your health.)


Rule 2: Whenever Sideswipe states "I'm bored." Don't ask him what he wants to do.

(Let's just say that Ironhide did not appreciate the redecoration of his room…)

(Though the pink bows were a good touch.)

(He incinerated them with his cannons….)

(R.I.P. Pink bows. T.T)


Rule 3: Sideswipe is never allowed to watch 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail' again.

(He thought it was quote worthy…)

(Apparently Red Alert tends to get very annoyed by the word 'NI'…)

(Sideswipe was one of the knights who said 'NI')

(Red Alert glitched and attacked Sideswipe…)

(Sideswipe was in the med-bay for a week.)

(He also crafted The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch… and threw it at the 'cons)

(It was a very pretty explosion.)


Rule 4: Never, under any circumstances, do you take Sunstreaker's wax and spread it on the floor leading from Wheeljack's lab to the Med-bay.

(I thought it would be a good idea.)

(You know, so that Wheeljack could get to the Med-bay easier when he blows himself up..)

(Too bad Ratchet was the first to try it out…)

(And then Wheeljack came to see what the big BANG was outside of his lab…)

(And then Prowl needed to talk to Wheeljack about something…)

(The best part was when Optimus came to 'help' the others and landed on his skidplate… on top of Prowl XD)

(Sunstreaker found out and tried to 'accidentally' step on me again…)

(He fell on Ratchet…)

(It was a good day to have a video camera ;) )


Rule 5: Don't ever step in between the twins when they are ready to kill each other over something stupid.

(Did that, by accident…)

(It was a good thing Jazz was standing there.)

(He pulled me out of the way quickly… before I could get stepped on.)

(But managed to get his arm stepped on in the process…)

(Turns out they were fighting over who got to hang out with me the most that day…)

(I feel loved.)


Rule 6: When the twins state "We have a surprise for you" run away in the opposite direction.

(I should have done that…)

(They were teaching me 'Jet Judo')

(And then the jets actually showed up…)

(Ratchet actually turned the twins into toasters.)

(It was a great day for the camera again…)


Rule 7: Don't stand anywhere near the twins when Ratchet has his 'Wrench of Doom' out.

(I was just walking through the rec-room…)

(And the twins ran in.)

(I didn't think it through and walked over to them to say 'hi')

(Well… Ratchet came in and started throwing the wrench.)

(The twins, to their credit, stood still so that I wouldn't get hit.)

(Ratchet apologized to me, but called them—and I quote—"You two are the biggest fraggin glitches I have ever dealt with… slagging dolts!")



Rule 8: Prowl does not appreciate being locked out of his office by the twins… and will force you to share the punishment –especially if you gave him false info about where they were.

(He got mad at me when I wouldn't tell him where they were…)

(Let's just say that I ended up in the brig beside them when he found them.)

(But he didn't find them before they changed the schedule for the week.)

(They were in his office…)

(I told him that they were out on patrol while they were changing it…)

(And then—after the he came back—he found out that I had told him false…)

(But by that time they were out of the office with the schedule changed.)

(Prowl still hasn't noticed…)

(Hope he doesn't read this…)


Rule 9: Don't ever bother Sunstreaker while he is painting.

(He will throw a paint can at you…)

(And then get mad when you tell him that he missed…)

(He then proceeded to dump a can of paint on me.)

(I was lime green for three days.)

(Stupid sunflower.)


Rule 10: By that same token… don't ever, under any circumstances, critique Sunstreaker's paintings.

(I did that…)


(He then proceeded to 'critique' my entire life.)

(I cried…)

(A lot…)

( T.T )

(On second thought, don't do anything about Sunstreaker's paintings… unless he asks you what you think about it.)

(And then only say that it looks good…)

(You might live to see another day.)

~.~ ~.~

Once again, I hope it was slightly interesting. And I hope to hear your ideas for guidelines!

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