I love all of you guys! All of your reviews are amazing and give me inspiration. So here are the 10 new rules, enjoy guys!

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Rule 81: The movie 'Alvin and the Chipmunks' is to never be shown again.

(One mech in particular *ehem* Wheeljack *ehem* will try and see 'if it is possible for Chipmunks to sing'.)

(We had Chipmunks running rampant in the base.)

(Damn inventor trying to create a translator for rodents.)

(Perceptor didn't help things either.)

(I was gonna hurt people… eh… mechs.)

(Sunstreaker was on my side though…)

(One of the wild chipmunks scratched his paint and… defecated in his polish.)

(He wanted us to 'eradicate the entire species' for that.)

(Though… Hound managed to convince him to just help us trap and release the Chipmunks.)

(Hound was very… convincing when he told us that he didn't want them hurt…)

(Heh… angry nature lover anyone?)

(And then we let Hound get ahold of Perceptor and Wheeljack… who had caught the Chipmunks using traps…)

(Ah… funny day.)


Rule 82: Be careful who you tell that you feel slightly lonely…

(Okay… the Twins were on a mission…)

(And I was slightly, well, depressed…)

(They had been gone for almost a month.)

(It was one of those 'zero contact' missions…)

(So I was not only missing them, I was worried out of my mind.)

(I mean, come on, the two beings you love the most in the universe are on a mission and you can't even talk to them…)

(You tend to start feeling a bit lonely and put out…)

(But, whatever you do, do NOT tell that to Bluestreak.)

(He will then make it his personal mission to keep you company.)

(Even when you might want to be alone…)

(The talking never ends!)

(And when you do finally find a place to hide, nobody can find you.)

(And you just so happen to shut off your communicator in order to have silence…)

(The twins returned from the mission, and I didn't know.)

(They hunted me down…)

(Not sure how they found me but Jazz couldn't.)

(Anyway, they found me and I didn't know it was them at first…)

(So I kinda threw a miniaturized laser scalpel at them…)

(One trip to the med bay later… I was apologizing to a half blind Sideswipe…)

(And glaring at a laughing Sunstreaker…)

(I love them but they can be pains in my ass.)


Rule 83: Be careful who you rant to about certain other mechs.

(I love my adopted and overprotective family…)

(Especially the mech who will actually listen to you about every single other mech in the base…)

(And has control of the shift schedules.)

(Anyway, I was ranting to Prowl about how Cliffjumper and some of the other minibots were being general pains in the aft and so on and so forth.)

(And then wondered why they suddenly had double shifts for an entire week.)
(I didn't think anything of it and found myself ranting about a few other mechs, namely Tracks, Sunstreaker, Sideswipe, Jazz—he can be irritating at times too—, and Ratchet…)

(They all received double shifts for a week…)

(After a few more times of my ranting to Prowl and then the mechs I ranted to Prowl about receiving double shifts for a week I figured it out.)

(Prowl was giving the mechs that I was irritated enough at to rant to him about week-long double shifts.)

(Prowl and I soon had a small talk about that… and we came to a decision together that he wasn't going to give any mech a double shift unless they deserved it.)

(Or unless they irritated both Prowl and I on the same day.)

(Sorry Jazz, but you tend to fall under that category quite a bit.)



(This deserves all caps due to the fact that I got to watch as Ratchet put Optimus in line for doing just that.)

(After a recent battle, Ratchet had to drag Optimus into the med-bay to get repairs.)

(Only to discover that Optimus had a frayed alpha wire that connected to his energon diluter and pump…)

(In other words the device that processes and pumps the energon that keeps him alive was not working correctly and was not something that would be noticed until it broke and was too late to fix.)

(Ratchet was in the middle of a rant about this and Optimus…)

(I love my dad, but he has very little knowledge of anything medical…)

(Anyway, he interrupted Ratchet to state that he didn't think it was that big of a deal…)

(I don't think I'll ever be able forget how pissed off Ratchet got… his optics turned a brilliant shade of white from it.)

(I'm serious… and then Optimus got the rant of his life.)

(It. Was. Epic.)

(Until Ratchet started getting irritable at me for 'being to slow when bringing him supplies.')

(Yeah… then it sucked.)


Rule 85: Do not say random, illogical things constantly around Prowl just to see if you can make him 'fritz.'

(Worst. Idea. Ever.)

(I'm dead serious…)

(Prowl will not only inform you about how illogical those random things are, but he will also proceed to make you realize how futile it is to try and make him fritz.)

(It was interesting when he stated that he would not fritz if the effort was being made to make him do so…)

(And that only illogical statements made at random and not planned out points would make him fritz…)

(A second after Prowl stated this, I do not joke here… it's too stupid to make up…)

(Blaster and Jazz came running in dressed in some sort of a Hawaiian get-up)

(And demanded that we all learn how to hula.)

(It took thirty seconds for those of us in the rec-room at the time to finally understand what had been said…)

(And exactly 1.5680 seconds later Prowl had sparks flying from his helm and he ended up in a very ungraceful heap on the floor.)

(I got to see Prowl fritz…)

(AND get blackmail material against Jazz and Blaster for later.)

(Lovely day it was.)


Rule 86: Do not try to convince Prowl that video game logic is actual logic.

(Ratchet will not be pleased…)

(And neither will Optimus…)

(The twins decided to try this…)

(With Jazz's help and 'guidance')


(Just don't.)


Rule 87: When playing HALO against the twins, do not EVER rub it in their faces when you—by some miracle—win.

(I… I really have no idea how I won.)

(But I did… against the TWINS!)

(Best day of my friggin life.)

(And I didn't hesitate to remind them of that fact every time I saw them for the next week.)

(Until the next time we played and I got smeared.)

(Literally… somehow—I'm positive that they hacked the game—my character was smeared across a wall by the two of them.)

(But I did beat them!)


Rule 88: Riding your hover board through the ventilation shafts is forbidden.

(Ehem… yeah.)

(Okay, I admit… I might have done that A LOT.)

(It's faster to get from point A to point B when you use the ventilation shafts.)

(But I had never, in the 8 years of doing this, had a spider fall on me.)

(I have something called arachnophobia… I am TERRIFIED of spiders.)

(It fell on me, I shrieked like I had been attacked…)

(And the twins tore down the ventilation shaft to get to me…)

(Heh… Just a spider guys… no 'cons.)

(Well… that area needed the ventilation shafts repaired anyway.)

(And no more riding through them on my hover board… spiders live in them…)


Rule 89: Pranks involving spiders and me are not just forbidden, there is now a death-hazard warning to go with it.

(I almost killed Jazz when he pulled a prank dealing with spiders on me.)

(He took a fake, but extremely realistic spider, and put it on my pillow.)

(The spider was enlarged, by the way… so it took up my entire pillow.)

(I blew up my bed using the blaster that Ironhide gave me.)

(And half the wall behind it.)

(How did I know it was Jazz that did it?)

(I looked at the security footage and noticed him use his hologram to enter my room with a small package, and then leave with no package only minutes later.)

(I then went on a mech-hunt and literally almost killed him.)

(I was promoted to third-special-ops-command for that AND received a good deal of respect from several of the mechs.)

(Jazz didn't hold it against me, he even apologized and commented that I 'packed one mean punch' when I wanted to.)

(Oh… and that I was a really good sneak.)

(Prowl added the death-hazard-warning after Jazz suggested it… after he got out of the med-bay.)


Rule 90: Don't piss off Optimus, and then try to get me to save your aft.

(I am his DAUGHTER.)

(I am NOT going to save your aft if you pissed him off, you deserve whatever comes your way because it takes A LOT to piss Optimus freaking Prime off.)

(Trust me, I know… I've done it before. It takes A LOT to piss him off.)

(Just saying.)

(I'll sit back and eat popcorn instead.)

(I'm looking at you twins!)

(You deserved the aft kicking you got.)

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Another set of guidelines? Is it really?! OMG, this took waaaaay to long to get out. And I'm so sorry for the wait guys. My little plot bunnies just quit biting me.

I will gladly take any ideas or suggestions guys!

Until all are one,