AN: Hey there! So, here's a new fanfic :D This time it's not about Doug and Carol, but about their twins, Tess and Kate. Mostly it's about Kate and her boyfriend Andrew. As you know, I'm living in Austria and I tried to write it in English again, so please be patient with mistakes I made :D Hope to get reviews, they always cheer me up! Sandy

Don't leave me

Chapter 1

"Tess? Can you come over please?" 23 year old Tess heard her sister cry in her phone. "Why, what's up?" Tess asked concerned, closing her book. "He broke up with me", Kate cried and Tess' heartbeat rose up. "I'll be right there, Sis", she answered and hung up.

"What a jerk! What is he thinking? Oh my God!" Tess got angry, while she put her jacket and scarf on. "I'm not a jerk!" Alex said, hugging his girlfriend from behind. Tess smiled and turned around. "No, you're not…until you break up with me or whatever!" she said and kissed him. "Okay, what are you talking about?" Alex asked. "Kate called. Andrew broke up with her and she wants me to come over", Tess told him and he nodded. "Wow…that came of a sudden! You want me to come?" Alex asked. "No, I think we need some sister talk", Tess answered with a smile. "Did he say something to you?" she then asked but Alex shook his head. "No, I mean, on Monday he told me that they wanted to buy a new TV together…I don't get it!" Alex answered and Tess nodded. "Okay then. Well, we'll see what happened. I might be late…" Tess answered and kissed him again. "Call me, when you need help!" Alex said, as Tess went out of the door.

Alex searched for his cell phone and when he finally found it, he tried to call Andrew, but only reached his voice mail.

Some minutes later Tess arrived at Kate's and Andrew's apartment and rang the doorbell. Kate opened it and she looked like hell. "Oh baby!" Tess said and hugged her sister tight before they went back in. "What happened?" she asked, still not believing that her sister wasn't together with Andrew anymore. "I…I don't know Tess!" Kate cried even more now, leaning her head against her sister's shoulder. "I don't get it. I mean, yesterday…was I dreaming or were you really over our place, playing cards, having fun?" Tess asked silently. "Yesterday everything was fine and half an hour ago, he packed his things and went out of the door!" Kate said, not looking up. "Did he say something?" Tess asked and stroke over Kate's hair. "That he can't be with me anymore and that we'll talk about it another time. I mean, I hadn't even had the chance to say something!" Kate got up from the couch and threw her hands in the air. "I bet he's cheating on me or having a baby with somebody else, or whatever!" she continued, going around in front of her sister. "Don't say that…Andrew loves you!" Tess answered, putting her jacket off. "Then why did he break up?" Kate got loud and angry now, going to the kitchen to get two beers. "What shall I do now? I mean, I can't pay this apartment on my own…half of the stuff is his!" she shouted out while she opened the bottles. "He should be castrated", Kate murmured as she went back to her sister. "Four years of wasting of time!" She sat down again, handed Tess a bottle and sneezed in a tissue. "Bless you…well, I don't really get it. He just came home from wherever and packed his things and left the building?" Tess asked again. "Yeah well, we had a little fight, but he can't just go away because I said he's late!" Kate cried again. "He was late?" "Yeah. He was supposed to come home after Uni…I made lunch and waited for him but he only showed up three hours later!" Kate told her. Tess shook her head. Either Andrew was really cheating on Kate or he had some other things going on. "Okay baby. We'll find out what's the matter okay? And stop crying, this doesn't help at all!" Tess tried to calm Kate down. "But I don't want to live without him, I love him so much, Tess!" Kate sobbed. "I know, honey. I know", she answered and hugged Kate again.

Half an hour later Kate lay silently asleep on the couch. Tess covered her with a blanket and went to the kitchen to call Alex. "Hey babe, what's up over there?" he said as he picked up his phone. "It's horrible…they had a little fight earlier because Andrew came home from Uni too late. He packed his things and left the apartment", Tess told her boyfriend. "Is he insane? That's not the Andrew I know!" Alex answered shocked. "Right? I don't really get it. Kate is sleeping right now, but not feeling really good, I don't know what to do", Tess said silently. "I'll come over, okay?" Alex suggested and Tess smiled. "Thanks baby!" she answered and they hung up.

Tess waited outside the door, not to wake up Kate when Alex rang. When he showed up, she smiled and kissed him without saying a word. "Thanks for coming, she's really down", Tess said and took his hand. "I tried to call Andrew, but only got his voice mail", he whispered as they went inside and he hung up his jacket. "There has to be something major…I mean, he's your best friend and didn't tell you anything!" Tess said and Alex shrugged his shoulders. "Maybe he's afraid I'd tell you something", he answered, following her to the kitchen. "It was never a problem for him, remember?" Tess said, handing him another bottle of beer. "Yeah, right. Well, I don't know. He's a jerk if he's really cheating on your sister!"

"Who's cheating?" Kate cried up and sitting on the couch again. "Oh, nobody honey. Alex came over; we need to whip you into shape!" Tess tried to smile at her sister. "Hey Alex…and I don't want to be whipped into shape…I want to die…please shoot me, somebody!" Kate said as she whipped away another tear. "But what would we do without you? Who will bake us those wonderful muffins? Who will drink Tequila with me, when we're at the bar? I don't want to drink Tequila alone", Alex said and made a face which brought a little smile on Kate's lips. "Aww you're smiling!" Tess said and clapped her hands in excitement. "God, why didn't you marry this guy, yet?" Kate asked her sister with a smiling, shaking head. Tess looked at Alex and just shrugged her shoulders.

They sat together all night, talked about the last years together, about the things they experienced. Kate cried a lot, but also laughed a lot, it was a mixture of feelings. Tess and Alex stayed with her this night and Kate was more than happy to have Tess as her sister and as her best friend and also Alex, who was probably the nicest guy in the world. When she went to her bed, she felt incredibly alone, while she heard Tess and Alex chatting outside. She didn't understand what happened this day, she didn't understand Andrew. This morning he told her he loved her. And she loved him, more than anything. She wanted to be with him all the time, until they got old. Andrew was the love of her life and she couldn't believe that he lied to her all those years. She couldn't believe it. Silent tears ran down her cheek, as she closed her eyes and tried to sleep.

The next morning, she saw that the door to her room went open. "You awake?" Tess asked silently. "All night I think" Kate answered and got out of the bed. Tess sighed. She could imagine what pain Kate had to go through. "We made pancakes…you need to eat something!" Tess said. "I'm not hungry", Kate said yawning and rubbing her eyes. "I don't care if you're hungry or not, but you have to eat", Tess got loud. "Maybe I was too fat for him…" Kate murmured as she went past Tess and out of her room. "Oh c'mon Kate, don't say that!" Tess complained. "What? Can you tell me why he's not here anymore? Is it because I'm too fat, or too small or too boring? Is it because he's banging another girl? Is it because he's just an asshole?" Kate shouted hysterical and slammed the door to the bathroom. She couldn't handle this. She needed to know the reason.

Tess sighed. "She'll be better", Alex said and hugged her from behind, kissing her cheek. "I hope so", Tess answered, wiping away a tear that ran down her cheek. "Maybe she'll eat something at your mom's and dad's", Alex said. "Well, I wouldn't be so sure about that..." Tess answered and turned around to hug him. "Don't ever do that to me, please!" she whispered in his ear and Alex smiled a little bit. "Never!" he answered and hugged her just tighter.