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Chapter 3

Kate arrived in her old room and sighed, as she took a seat on her bed. On her nightstand she found a picture frame, with a very happy smiling Kate and a very happy smiling Andrew on it. Again she wondered why this happened yesterday and burst into tears again as she lay down. She didn't even notice that her door was opened and Carol walking in. "Kate", she said, taking a seat on the bed and stroking over Kate's hair, "it will be okay. We're here for you, don't forget that!" Kate opened her eyes again and got up to hug her mother. "It hurts so much, mom!" "I know and it hurts me, seeing you like this. I also don't want to tell you that there are plenty of other fish in the sea, because I told you this when you were 14 and it doesn't help that much. But I think you should talk with Andrew about everything. I'm sure he'll explain his actions. Maybe he has some private things going on, who knows. Don't give up your hopes, honey", Carol tried to calm her down. "But mom…normally we were able to talk about everything…why not now? Why doesn't he love me anymore?" Kate sobbed but as Carol continued stroking over her back, she got silent and the tears stopped. They just stayed there without saying a word and Kate fell asleep in her mother's arms. Carol lay her back down slowly, kissed her cheek and got out of the room again, as she wiped away a tear.

It was a wonderful summer day, the last days of studying for 20 year old Kate. She couldn't wait for summer break, three months without reading a book or writing exams. There was just one exam ahead of her, so she decided to go to the library. When she closed the door to her apartment at the campus, her phone rang. "Hey Tess, alive again?" she asked as she saw who was calling. "God, I'll never drink alcohol again!" Tess answered moaning. Kate laughed. "I told you so! Thank God I got home at midnight! Did I miss a lot?" she asked. "Well, except my dancing on a table and Jeremy and Lisa kissing…nothing major!" Tess said and chuckled. "I hope somebody made pics! And what? Jeremy and Lisa? You're kidding!" Kate answered surprised. "No pics, I hope! And I'm not kidding. I think they're really in love!" "Yeah, it's about time! Hey Tess, I have to get a coffee now, talk later?" Kate asked. "Okay then. Have fun studying. I think I'll die in the meantime!" Tess answered laughing and then they hung up. Kate shook her head with a smile, when she entered Starbucks.

Loaded with a big cup of a caramel coffee, she went through the library to find the books she needed. Once again she noticed that there were too many books for her, but she always needed them all. Thank God she didn't need a lot of time to find them. With four books, the coffee on top of it and loud music in hear ears she left the library again, but in one negligent moment she didn't look and ran into a young man, who was now covered with hot coffee on his chest. "Oooh fuck, I'm so sorry!" she said loudly, laying the books down and putting the earphones out of her ears. "I didn't see you…really, so sorry! Are you okay?" she asked, looking in the most beautiful brown eyes she ever saw. "Well, I'm not hurt…it's just hot!" The guy chuckled and took a tissue to wipe the coffee away. "Wow, thank God…I mean…that you're not hurt…and I got the coffee 15 minutes ago, I think it wasn't that hot anymore", she babbled without taking notice what she said. The guy just smiled. "Nah, it's okay. But I need a new T-shirt, I guess. I'm Andrew by the way", he said. Kate smiled. "Well, then we need to go shopping. I'm buying you a new shirt!" she answered, picking up her books again. "No, you look like you have to study…I don't want to bother you!" Andrew said, giving her back the almost empty cup of coffee. "Are you kidding? I ruined your shirt!" Kate protested and Andrew started to think. "Well…you don't need to buy me a new shirt; I know how to use the washer. But we could go drink some coffee. Real coffee, the best coffee in the world, I mean. Not Starbucks coffee!" he suggested. Now this was getting interesting, Kate thought. "There's better coffee than Starbucks coffee? Really?" she laughed and Andrew nodded. "Original Italian coffee. Believe me, it's delicious", he answered and Kate thought about it for a moment. Technically she still needed to learn, but she just 'met' a hot, good looking guy and he wanted to drink coffee with her, so why not? "You're not a serial killer who's pissed now because he got spilled with coffee?" she asked, looking scared. Andrew laughed again. "I'm not a serial killer and I'm not pissed. But I got appetite for coffee", he said smiling. "Okay then. Show me the best coffee in the world!" Kate answered, smiling from one ear to the other.

They went to a small café, which looked old, but really nice. "Here you get the best coffee in the world?" Kate asked silently and Andrew nodded. "Believe me! And…I still don't know your name", Andrew noticed. "Oh, sorry. I'm Kate", she answered. "Hi, Kate!" Andrew smiled and they entered the café.

"Wow, this coffee is *really* delicious!" Kate said as she took the first sip. "Told you so!" Andrew answered with a smile. "So, what are you studying?" he then asked. "Medicine. I want to be a pediatrician, like my dad. I'm only in my second semester, but it's fun!" Kate told him. "Wow, medicine. That's tough, I guess!" he answered and Kate nodded. "Yeah, but I get a lot of help from my parents. My mum is a nurse in the transplant team and Tess, my twin sister, is studying physical therapy. Whole family into medicine!" she laughed. Andrew nodded. "Well, if I ever get hurt, I know where to go!" he answered and Kate nodded. "What are you doing?" she then asked. "Arts and Science", he answered shortly and Kate nodded. "Wow, I'm a total loser when it comes to arts. I was never good at drawing", she answered. "It's not all about drawing, you know. I'm more into taking pictures. They can tell a story and there are a lot of things who want to tell me a story", Andrew told her and immediately, Kate was head over heels. "Oh wow, I'd love to see your pictures", she answered, feeling her head turning read. Andrew chuckled. "Kate, do you want to take a journey with me?" he then asked and Kate looked up again. "What?" she asked quickly, getting big eyes. "I have a new project ahead. Showing the live of old people. This is so interesting. Every person has another story to tell. To see their facial expressions is amazing. Some are sad, some are very happy, some are hurt, some stayed young. It's fascinating and you get to hear some great stories!" he told her. Kate didn't think long about it, but then she remembered her exam. "I'd love to join you…it's just…I have this exam in two days and I still need to study some things", she got sad. "I know. We'd only be gone for about two hours. I thought I start my tour in the afternoon, 3 maybe", Andrew said and Kate felt that he really wanted her to join. She really wanted to join him, he was such a nice guy and she was really interested in his work. "3 is fine. I really don't want to study that much", Kate answered with a smile. Andrew seemed really happy. "Alright then, where can I pick you up?" he asked and Kate got out a pen. She took his napkin to write her address on it. "Thanks, Kate! Oh, just next building!" he said and put the napkin into his bag. Kate nodded with a smile. She was slowly falling in love…

Their ways separated at the library again. "Well, I need to get the book I wanted to get earlier", Andrew laughed. "See you later then!" Kate answered and waved, as she went away with a smile. Andrew entered the library smiling. Somehow he was happy that he got to know Kate. She was a really nice girl and also funny and beautiful. She was different than most of the student girls here, he noticed. With a smile on his face he searched for the book he wanted and he couldn't wait to meet her again.

Kate, of course, wasn't interested in learning anymore, because every time she thought about Andrew, her heart started to beat quicker. "Oh man…he just wants to show me his work…don't be stupid!" she said to herself and opened the books to take some notes. When her doorbell rang some hours later, she couldn't believe she was studying that long. Panic. She didn't prepare for anything. Where was her bag? Did she look okay? "I'm coming!" she shouted and jumped in front of the mirror. Okay, her hair was somehow a mess, but she put it together to a ponytail, so that was okay; also, she found her bag at the door. When she put on her shoes, she noticed that she didn't remember anything she learned, but who cared? Smiling and more nervous than ever, she opened the door, just to be photographed by Andrew. "Oh c'mon, that's unfair!" she laughed, putting her hand in front of his lens. Andrew laughed, as he looked at the photo he made of her. "Awww, how sweet!" he showed the camera to her and she felt like falling on a cloud. "Yeah well, I look surprised", she just said and locked the door. "It will never happen again", Andrew said very seriously and they left the building together.

Kate was amazed by his work. When they went through the streets of Seattle, he just stopped the people he was interested in and started to ask them some questions. While they were talking about their story, Andrew started to take pictures of them. Kate watched the old man and listened to his story, but she also noticed how passionate Andrew was about this. She couldn't wait to see all those pics later. They really met very different people. An older woman was talking about the most beautiful day in her life and she cried happy tears, as she remembered everything of it. Another woman told them how she lost her husband and never loved anybody else again. An old man told about music and Kate listened very carefully. He told about Woodstock, about his first joint, about how music healed his soul. Kate smiled at the old men, when he was finished with his story. "That was a nice story, Mr. Parker! Take care of yourself!" she said, as he walked away with a smile and Kate suddenly saw a lightening again. "Hey!" she protested but Andrew just smiled. "You…you just looked so…beautiful…I had to take a picture", he said shyly and Kate's knees felt like butter. "Thanks", she answered shortly but smiled and looked down to the ground. Andrew then cupped her chin with his fingers and her smile faded away. "Kate…can I see you again? Please?" he almost whispered and Kate nodded slowly. "I…I'd love to", she answered, looking straight into his beautiful eyes and then he placed a little kiss on her mouth.

Kate jumped up from her sleeping position, catching for breath, when she noticed that she just dreamed of the day, when she met Andrew for the first time. It was only a dream. Without thinking, she grabbed her cell phone and started to write a text message. "Why?" she wrote and waited for him to answer all night long…