Gaz's POV

"Dib, SHUT UP!" I screamed as I looked up from my game, my eyes flashing angrily as I glared at my now frightened brother. But, to my surprise, he glared back instead of retreating from my glare. That was new; normally people were too intimidated to glare back, especially my stupid, easily intimidated brother.

"I will NOT shut up, Gaz!" Dib retorted. "I'm one of the only smart people who actually know what Zim is!" Well, what did that make me? Not that I really cared.

I took a moment to poke my cafeteria food. It jiggled some, and I think it blinked, before becoming still once more. I determined that it probably wasn't edible and resumed blowing up vampire pigs.

I think Dib started ranting once more about Zim being an alien, and thus, I did my best to ignore him. Then his voice seemed to be getting louder. I frowned slightly, but didn't look up. It was then that I realized that he wasn't the only one shouting.

Fairly annoyed now, I looked up to see who the other shouter was. Turned out to be Zim, arguing with my stupid brother-again. You know, I'm really starting to loath their arguments. How the hell am I supposed to blow up vampire pigs when they won't shut up?

Then, I suddenly thought of a way to shut them both up.

I got up and walked toward them, grabbing the collar of Zim's armor. "Gaz human, what are you-?!" But before he could finish, I pulled him close and pressed my lips to his. Zim's eyes widened as wide as they could go. We stood there for a few moments. Then I pulled away, smirking.

"What was that, Gaz human?" Zim breathed, turning a dark red.

"My way of shutting you up." I replied, smirking.

With that, I walked away from the two stunned boys, and resumed to blow up vampire pigs.

Zim's POV

I entered the lab, still in shock. What the hell did the Gaz human do?

"Computer!" I barked. "When lips are attached, what does that mean in the human culture?"

"Oh, you mean kissing. It's a sign of affection."

Affection. So that's what it is. Suddenly, it all makes sense! The Gaz human is my love pig!

She's smart, for choosing me. I am superior to any other male after all, being the great Zim. I smiled slightly, touching my lips with my gloved hand.

Huh. Who knew having a love pig could feel so warm inside?