Other Side; Part One.

I really can't explain what I feel inside, if you knew what I was, you'd run and hide.

Glasshouse - 66th Hunger Games.

Head Gamemaker Caspa Clitteral.

The hologram gives off a faint, blue tint to the room, illuminating the walls and chairs. Dozens of Gamemakers, all around me, waiting my command for when the day happens. It will all be perfect. I will make sure that it comes out perfect. Otherwise... Off with my head, I guess.

"Caspa, the President has arrived."

I turn to the man, nodding.

The big moment has arrived.

President Snow walks in, blue tint highlighting his icy hair into a watery blue. But his face doesn't change. Hard, stone, cold and emotionless. I can instantly tell the different in the air. It's changed already.

"What do you have for me this year, Caspa? I expect it to be better than the year before. And as we know, young Finnick Odair winning last year was an accomplishment in itself," President Snow glares. "Somehow, you must top it."

I nod, swallowing the thick lump in my throat. "I shall try my best."

I see the ghost of a smirk on his face. My best. That would never help anyone, I guess. My best has to be the best ever. As he said, the last few years have been rather exciting and astounding. Young Finnick winning. The Arvoy siblings, Cashmere and Gloss winning one after the other, as well as little Enobaria Nasica proving to be a true fighter. How could Ipossibly top that?

"With this," I gesture my hand to the hologram. "This is the arena for the 66th Hunger Games."

He inspects it closely with beady eyes. "Explain it to me then."

"Well, we have decided this year to push boundaries. As you mentioned, the last five years have proven to be amazing. And considering this is my first year, I wanted to try something to set my name in stone. It's not a wilderness arena, but it's also not a Gamemakers' paradise."

"What would you call it then?" President Snow raises his thick eyebrows.

"Urban, concrete jungle," I smile. "It'll be more about the rough survival."

"Carry on."

"The Cornucopia will start here, on a higher level. From there, our tributes will go into the arena if they survive. A glass roof with sunlight pouring in, making by day extremely and uncomfortably hot, night freezing cold and icy," I pause for a moment. "As well as a nice twist. The arena is a mall, something they had many years ago. A mall. A place full of shops, a massive sheet of glass leaving everything inside on display. And in each of our shops will be items. Weapons, blankets, water bottles, food, survival aids... Even medicine. Everythingcontained in a shop."

I hope he understands. A mall. Shops, each with their own items. Putting items in a contained area. That's basically starting bloodbath after bloodbath. His mouth twitches into a tiny smile.

"Is that everything?"

I nod. "That will be most of it. Elevators and escalators will be available, as well as concrete stairs, considering that there is more than one level. The area is large enough for them to escape, but still enclosed so that they will find each other eventually. They'll have to use their heads to survive, rather than brute strength. It will bring forth a Victor that understands both strength in body and mind."

He takes a moment to inspect the hologram once more. I've left out the little tricks, but naturally, he needs to be surprised. It's more about entertaining him, rather than entertaining the audience.

"Very good," President Snow finally smiles. "Make sure it works Caspa. Your head will be the price."

I gulp as he leaves the room. Yes, my head. I'll just have to make sure this will be the best yet. And with my mall, it will be.

Other Side by Bruno Mars.

So here it is. Glasshouse will be like your stereotypical, American mall with added features and more of an abandoned look to it. The name is the fact that glass is a major effect within the actual arena, though I'm holding back details and everything, like I did for Nowhere To Hide.

The blog is glasshousehungergames . blogspot. com