Wherever You Will Go.

If a great wave shall fall, and fall upon us all, then between the sand and stone; could you make it on your own?

"- Cameron Flinch! I give you - the tribute of District Five!"

Cameron Flinch, District Five Female.

One's heavy body lays on mine, the brushing sound of his cannon and the static in the air. I struggle underneath his weight and the glass shard gripped in my hand falls lamely, hitting the floor. I won. I beat twenty-three other tributes. It almost seems like a dream; am I awake? Am I alive? The pain in my arm is throbbing and tears pepper my vision. His face looks so peaceful compared to the angry, rabid look on his face when he was toying with me, ready to spear my heart with the tip of his sword.

With my good, non-broken arm, I force him off me, body spraying on the ground and spreading the glass. I let out deep, heavy breaths, letting emotions consume me. Tears now stream my face, mixing with blood, splashing against the floor that's almost smeared in the same stuff. It's been a nightmare; a walking, talking, living and killing nightmare. I watched children die and I killed myself. I fought for my life and allowed others to lose theirs.

I should feel good, shouldn't I?

But as I struggle to my feet, I realise that whilst I'm elated, I can't help but feel the dread. Two's dead body is nearby and not to mention the little girl from Three. She looks even tinier in death, small and frail, a mixture of a child and an elderly lady. I never even knew her name. That's what sickens me to my stomach. I feel sorry she's dead, but I don't know her life, her age, her name - how can I mourn someone whose unknown to me? I'll learn it. I'll learn them all.

The light on the floor darkens as the hovercraft covers the light. The sound fills the air and the electrical ladder drops near the Cornucopia. I walk over, cradling my broken arm. My eyes linger on the three dead bodies around me; when will they be collected? When will they make it home? I don't know. I grip onto the ladder with my only arm and instantly, I'm stuck to it. I ascend upwards, passing the shops that once contained items, followed by meteors, and then, blown up. Blood is smeared on every floor; I instantly know the puddle that belongs to Gavan, to Mirana, to the spiders and the soot and everything makes my head spin before I'm in the hovercraft, white coats and clean hands pressing out my body. I want to scream - scream for the children that died, for the deaths I watched, the pain I endured and the nightmares that will forever be linked to my brain.

Someone comes over and hands me a glass of water.

I grip it with a shaky hand; the perfect, clear liquid smeared by my blackened and bloodied hands.

"You'll be okay, just dehydrated and injured a little," the woman says, a purple-lipped smile on her face. "Drink up and relax."

She wets a piece of skin with some tissue and brings forth a needle from her coat pocket. She squeezes the liquid - a crystalline green - before she injects it into me. It's a calm relief and makes everything go fuzzy. I see her lips but everything else goes blurry. I hear beeping, some chattering, before Jack's words echo in my mind as everything goes dark.

Fight for me.

I did Jack, I did.

My nerves are beyond sky-high as I stand on the edge of the stage, waiting for my turn to be called. I'm shaking still and I'll forever be despite leaving the arena two days ago. Two days and it still feels like yesterday. I only came out of being "fixed-up" like a toy two days ago. Then, straightaway, I had to re-adjust to reality and the fact that I'll be living like this without a doubt. The thought almost sickens me. I graze my hand over my once broken arm. They fixed that, all the cuts and bruises, washed away the blood of my own and Garnet's and Gavan's and every other child that's livelihood is smeared on the floor. Cable and Cordelia came and saw me, told me about everything, told me the bodies and coffins would be returned. I cried for my allies once more. Jack's coffin is waiting on the train for me; it's customary for the Victor to accompany their fallen district partner home. They told me the names of all the fallen after I asked. I needed to know. I couldn't be a survivor that never knew the names of the people that didn't make it. In my mind, it seemed appropriate. Easier to mourn that way. Mourn the children that lost their lives in order for me to keep mine. It sounds poetic; people wouldn't understand the way it twists and darkens your mind.

Now, a new kind of torture; my Victor's interview.

Caesar was kind the first time, making me appealing when I thought it impossible, and he'll probably congratulate me and take my easily through the horrors I witnessed and the ones I didn't; the beauty of being a Victor is that you get to witness all twenty-three deaths whether you were involved or not.

Feels more like a punishment, a way to produce nightmares in us all.

"Hey, don't panic," Cable whispers from behind. "You'll be fine Cameron. It's a simple trick; Caesar will show the entire Games in clips. Reapings of the stand-out tributes, chariots, scores, interviews and then the deaths. Your final battle against Garnet will be the cherry on top. After this, you'll go back to District Five and wait for the Victor's Tour."

I gulp and nod. "I'm scared."

"You weren't last time."

"Last time I had Jack." I respond quietly, the thought sending a deep whistle in my heart. And Gavan. And Mirana. I had an alliance, now, I'm just me.

The darkness on the stage is lit up by a single light, Caesar Flickerman coming up onto the stage. He smiles that predatory smile of his and introduces himself and some words of excitement over the events. The crowd stays quiet until my name, Cameron Flinch, is mentioned and then they roar. Cable smiles and from behind him, Cordelia looks sick. She couldn't bring Jack home, but Cable succeeded in bringing me home. That counts for something, surely?

"So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, lets bring on our guest, Victor of the Sixty-Sixth Annual Hunger Games, all the way from District Five, Cameron Flinch!"

A man kindly ushers me onto the stage. I step up, holding my signature blood orange dress on one side so I can climb steps. Even now, I still hate the dress. A whole district dedicated to textiles and they can't make nice feeling clothes. When Caesar sees my struggle, he laughs, holding out his hand for me to take, allowing him to guide me to my seat. I clip my heel on something, though, and I flounder into my seat. The crowd erupts in cheers and laughs, the heat creeping up on my face.

"Welcome Cameron, it's been a while," Caesar starts off, smiling to me as the single light draws inwards, darkening the crowd and leaving only me and him illuminated. The shadows make his eyes and bright white teeth even brighter. "How are you feeling, first of all?"

"Coping," I reply back, forcing kindness into the word. I don't blame Caesar, but I can't be okay after two days from my near death. If I was okay, it'd only make me seem heartless or bloodthirsty. "Getting reintroduced to reality can be tiring."

"I completely understand," Caesar sounds sympathetic. "Being encased for so long would suppress reality for anyone. Am I right everybody?"

The ominous crowd hums in agreement.

"Before we begin with the tons of questions I have lined up for you, all we are dying to know about, we have to show the recaps for those who live under rocks!" Caesar grins again.

I hold my breath as darkness descends once more, Caesar's bright features bending into the shadows, too. I feel alone. I can't see anyone and that's when a single, blinding white blurs on the screen behind me. Simple white and I turn to face it. It'll be expected of me to be watching when the lights come back on. Maybe the audience can even see me. I swish in my chair and hold my hands tightly in my lap.

"Twenty-four tributes went in and only one came out."

I hold my breath as the scene changes from white to a cluster of colours that prove to be District Six. I can only tell that by the blinding white hair of the boy on stage. Gavan. I miss him; miss him more than a Victor should for a fallen tribute not from their district. We're expected to pity our fallen district partners, not those from other districts. A blood red 5 comes under his screen. His final placement. The scene shifts to the dreary, smog-covered District Three, and similar features and hair, little Addilyn Helix holds steady on stage. 4. A change again and the rough and tough look on District Two, many of the children, deadly looking, wearing leather jackets to match. Theo Cassius is on stage, stony-faced alongside his cocky, beautiful district partner. 3. Glamour and beauty is expected at District One, and when you look at the children, you can see why. Garnet Stone charges for the stage alongside others, he wins and then, stands there proudly with a bright smile laced with the true evil he hid underneath.

The scene changes and my breath hitches in my throat. District Five, the same crowd every year, the same escort and the same feelings I had every year in those pens. Mine's a bit longer, and they make sure to show Jack getting reaped, so quietly and calm as he descends the stage. My name is hollered and I freeze on the spot. I can see the way my muscles tighten, my jaw clenching and the look in my eyes. I hold strong and stride to the stage, and that's when my facade begins. The quirky Cameron comes back, arms unreleased and my eyes neutral. For that small moment, I was okay, because I knew I could do it. I knew I could.

I did do it.

The scene flips again and the chariot rides begin. Each district gets a few short seconds of clip as they run down the line, perfectly quiet audience. I quickly look out into the darkness where the audience was and find myself smiling wickedly. You enjoy this, don't you? Enjoy us being paraded and murdered? You wait. You wait until it comes back against you. Karma can be a bit of a bitch.

Me and Jack in our matching suits and matching expressions get a little longer, all the way to the end before it flips again, this time, onto our interviews. Each tribute gets a few seconds and a line that defined them. For example, Garnet's is a play on how underestimated he feels, that cocky dark smirk staying strong laced with his plan and act, Addilyn is about her hidden intelligence, Mirana shows her pocketwatch and grins whilst Gavan stares out absently and terrified. I get longer once more, and I feel my heart burn at the thought that I get showered, whilst the deceased are simply worth a few seconds each. Granted, someone like Garnet doesn't deserve it, but poor little Addilyn, Gavan and Mirana, Tauria from Seven or even Ashton and Anastasia from Twelve. They deserve more than this.

My words are simple, like Garnet's; don't underestimate me or count me out yet.

I scratch my palms as the screen goes dark once more. I hold my breath and blow it through my teeth. I keep running my hands through my dress just to remind me that yes, yes, this is all real and not a dream. You survived, Cameron, barely but you survived.

"They fought to the death, for their lives. Only one could win and the fame and fortune of being a Victor was put on the line."

I want to scoff at that remark. Yes, we all care about fame and fortune. Maybe the Careers but not us reaped. We wanted our lives back.

Ominous dark music begins to twinkle in the background as the black screen becomes colourful again, the plaza and golden horn on show. Orange backpacks spill from inside and our plates are empty. In time, all twenty-four of us rise, expressions astonished and confused, scared and calm, calculating and hidden. Everyone felt differently; their faces give it away. The gong sounds and everything goes. All the deaths will be played one after the other, and then, the days will be ticked off until twenty-three hearts have stopped beating. I squeeze my eyes shut for a second and count the names. I learned them all like I promised. This is my time for mourning.

The first one dead is Sami from Ten. Her skull is crushed so horribly by Delaney from Two.

Yes, the rocks in the backpacks are exposed, like I thought.

Waverly from Four, the supposed Career, is dragged into the horn by Gage from Three and his throat is slit. Ashton from Twelve is dragged by his hair towards the concrete steps by Garnet, where he repeatedly slams it down until his skull is exposed. Everything has begun to run after finding the trickery. They show me running away from Astor from One, she catches me and gets me to the floor. Mirana comes running and saves me, barely - I could have been dead there and then but was saved by a girl I killed myself. It sickens me again.

I hold back my tears as Anastasia from Twelve is pinned by Delaney from Two. Anastasia's ally, Karli from Six, comes to her rescue only for her neck to be snapped by Lorelei from Four.

They leave and Anastasia runs, unharmed. Every begins to hide in the shops. Timber from Seven finds them and tries to kill Lorelei. Theo manages to kill him and the bloodbath is over.

A black screen is followed by Day Two, once again in blood red.

This was the worse day and I instantly know why. Fern from Nine finds an ally in Stitch from Eight at the last minute. Later, he stabs her with a sword and crushes her skull underneath his boot. Minutes later, Lorelei from Four turns against her former allies. She quietly slices Gage from Three's throat open and abandons her team. Blood smothers the floor, onto the sleeping body of Garnet nearby, and a choked breath breaks my silence.

They show the four of us; me, Jack, Gavan and Mirana playing in the snow that formed on the plaza. The Careers peer over the side and silently study us. They run downwards, hollering and shouting, and we never know. We're too late to run and have to fight. I save Mirana and take some blows from Delaney. Jack and Gavan join together to fight Garnet. I get Mirana away and Gavan sprints for safety. Jack trips on a mound of snow and falls. His back is quickly speared and I look away - letting tears silently trail my face - as his blood paints the snow from white to crimson.

Black once more as Day Three comes up.

Acid sprays the back of my throat and makes me want to be sick when the screen comes up to show Anastasia from Twelve finally being captured by Delaney. She teases her and stabs her through the eye, taking her life, just before an arrow springs into her shoulder. I sit up a little, shocked at the sight of little Alto from Eleven, arrow locked on her once more. It flies into her throat and blood squirts. Theo holds her until she dies as Garnet and Astor chase Alto.

It shows Tauria and Zaira from Eleven, and sadly, I almost forgot about Zaira. She was always quiet and hidden. Tauria targets Lorelei to try and kill her. They fight, Zaira watches, and then Lorelei kicks Tauria away, letting her spear sink into Zaira's innocent form. She holds Zaira's head in her lap as she dies. Another Career with kindness?

Three deaths one after the other. It focuses onto the roof as the sleak spiders descend to cause terror. The screen jumps to the little alliance, Alto and Addilyn, alongside Koel from Nine, as they wait and watch. They pick a spider and Koel becomes the distraction. Alto and Addilyn combine their talents - archery and electricity - to connect the electrical barrier to an arrow and launch it at the spider. It could have gone wrong. It went right; the spider dies instantly. Little kids turning into killers to survive... the thought makes me want to be sick once more. I scratch my palm again. I'm alive. I'm alive.

Another spider attacks Stitch from Eight but he kills. Two target the remaining Careers and they kill them pretty easily. One, however, finds us. It smashes through the window and chaos ensues. Me and Gavan try to reach Mirana, and we do, but our running slows down as it snares us. We fall and it stabs Mirana through the leg. She cries and giggles, mentally unstable, and I throw Jack's hatchet into it's eyes, silencing it. I can't watch this. I can't do this; and yet, my eyes stay glued to the screen in horror. I take no cautions and bring the black hatchet down onto Mirana's chest. Her giggle dies in mid-air, and once more, tears slide down. No-one can see me, it's okay.

Day Four isn't much. the Careers break now that three are left. Theo goes one way and finds himself a new ally in Chord from Ten, so humble and polite. Astor stays around the area, not daring to leave, and Garnet silently stalks Astor when she begins to move away. He waits for the right moment before confronting her. They talk, they fight. Garnet overpowers her and throws her much smaller body into the electrical barrier. Her body sizzles and her eyes roll in her head. I almost gag when I see Garnet decapitate her and kick her head away like she was nothing. He was a monster. A calculating, evil monster who had it planned all along. The day ends with Garnet finding Stitch on his own.

Day Five starts at night, when Garnet attacks Stitch, who for some reason, seems like he's given up. It doesn't take long for Garnet to decapitate him just as easily as Astor, and angrily, Garnet throws Stitch's decapitated body into the glass window, blood smearing it as he slides downwards. Just like that, Garnet took another look. Once again, I'm sickened. I shift my position and see a brief glimpse of Caesar's bright white teeth, facing my direction. It changes to me and Gavan, bloodied and emotionally broken, leaning on each other. The sight is both endearing and haunting. Two kids, two different districts, friends despite the stigma of one only surviving. Garnet finds Theo and Chord eventually. He attacks them and quickly, a large brawl escalates. Garnet disposes quickly of Theo by throwing him head first into the barrier, stunning him to the floor. Chord is injured and it's not hard for Garnet to kill a weakened, unprotected Chord, leaving Theo alone. What really shocks me, though, is the way Theo kisses Chord so passionately and clean. The ominous audience agrees and hums and awws. Theo, a Career, was gay. It's almost angelic and I smile at the thought of them two. Theo was never a bad guy.

Meteors rain down, one at the little kids on top, and Koel from Nine falls unconscious when it's clear a piece of smoldering rock crashes a piece of glass that darts straight into his head. It's complicated; I wouldn't be surprised if Gamemakers planned that because they've been so quiet. Lorelei finds Tauria, hidden in the Cornucopia, and they fight too. Lorelei defends herself and Tauria seeks revenge for Zaira's death. Lorelei wins and Tauria is silenced by a spear lodged into her neck. I clench my hands and wait to see me and Gavan, still together, but I don't.

The screen goes black. Day Six.

Meteors continue to rain and destroy nearly all the shops, burning and destroying all the items and weapons. Everyone is left with whatever they cleverly captured at the beginning. A stray piece of flamed rock, whipped by green smoke, targets Lorelei and burns her leg. She screams and she changes, becoming an animal, stalking the hallways with wild, feral eyes, growling and stamping her foot. It's obvious she's been poisoned. She finds the littles and attacks, trying to target little Koel. Alto is forced down the concrete steps and is head is whipped against the ground, drawing blood. Addilyn tries to protect her unconscious ally, and eventually, her and Alto try their spider trick on a real human; an arrow is speared through Lorelei. Addilyn attacks wires to it and the barrier, electrifying Lorelei until her body blackens and crumples. Her cannon sounds and another straight after. Koel from Nine dies in his unconscious sleep, so peacefully and calm, away from the terror. I'm happy for that. He seemed innocent and young; an easy, painless death. By now, I feel sick, sweating, ready to be sick and escape these horrors.

A black screen. Day Seven.

Nothing happens. Everyone is either injured or tired or mourning. It shows Alto and Addilyn tearing up as Koel's body is collected, sickened when Lorelei's is. It skips to Garnet, and then Theo a level under, walking the same path. Garnet goes up. Theo down. So close and far away. Then, me and Gavan come up, sitting still in a new shop. Gavan looks dazed and I look wild. This must have been after we outran the meteors. My fingers ache when I release them from the grip I had, and slowly, I sink lower into my seat.

Day Eight. I'm ready to scream.

Addilyn, smart as she is, realises that Alto is burned and puts two and two together after witnessing Lorelei's acidic burns and her crazed, un-human state. Almost after, the poison takes affect, and Alto tries to kill Addilyn, claiming she's a monster. Addilyn has no other choice but to electrocute him. She apologizes and then cries. She took her ally's life in order to save her own. Maybe, just maybe, me and Addilyn were alike despite the age. I done that. I took Mirana's life because she would only drag me and Gavan down. I was heartless just like little Addilyn had to be. Fire and sickness mix together; kids having to kill isn't right. It isn't. I shake my head involuntarily and breath through gritted teeth. I'll make them pay. I will.

A feast is announced to lull us into the final fight.

By now, Day Nine is where everything happens. I hold my breath when me and Gavan, stumbling in the dark, find Garnet. He stabs Gavan in his thigh and he falls. I breath hard. I blink constantly and rub my hands mindlessly on my dress. I fight Garnet and he slams my head down on the tiles, making a sickening crunch. I wince at the memory of the pain. He taunts Gavan and prepares to kill him before I react in a state of confusion. I manage to throw my hatchet at Garnet's shoulder and he flees, eyes wide like a wild animal. I fall unconscious. Gavan bleeds. Addilyn finds us and watches, scared and jittery. Gavan slips into death and I choke out a cry.

I can see Caesar lean forward, bright features staring concerned, but I wave him away, pretending I coughed. Addilyn runs downstairs to the plaza where Garnet is also going and Theo waits in the Cornucopia. She doesn't see Garnet sneak up behind her and his sword slices through her back and out her stomach. Like that, an innocent child is killed, despite Addilyn showing that she had Victor qualities; heartless at the right moments and caring in others. Theo jumps out and the staredown begins. A crack stops them and they look up, watching the arena crumble.

They skip the scene between Theo and Garnet fighting to my unconscious, dirty, black and red body laid in Gavan's blood and the ash.

I wake up after a while. My struggle is clear and the audience hums in adoration. I begin to walk, and then run, when the shops begin to break and blow up. They zoom in on the devices I saw, and it's proof they were little bombs. They were after me since they chase me like a predator to prey, and I'm happy at that. Good. They tried to kill and I won. See? They underestimated me.

I reach the bottom.

Theo is taken out, stabbed through the gut and he falls, his eyes slipping from angry to peaceful.

The final fight happens and the audience in the shadows become alert.

We fight. Garnet gains an upper hand. For a slight moment, I do too, but that's crashed when Garnet breaks my arm by landing on top of me. He pins me and they zoom onto my face. I look like a wounded animal, scarred and bleeding, my eyes begging for life. He taunts me and they show my weak hand grabbing a shard of glass. I mindlessly rub my arm again, the pain familiar and intense. It took a lot of will to grab that glass. His sword slips from my heart to my shoulder blade, my glass shard finds his stomach and rips him open. Blood covers me and we both fall unconscious.

The screen darkens and my victory is cemented in history.

I feel sick. I feel like I should scream and cry, fight for my life once more and fight for the dead. From District One to Twelve, all the children that have died.

Lights come back on and Caesar's cheerful, calm face finds mine, before dropping in concern. I touch my face and realise that I've been crying. Crying tons and tons, my dress damp and patched from the moisture. I should smile it away. I should try to be a good Victor. Instead, I stand up abruptly, the audience whispering in confusion. With anger and fire in my eyes, I spin around and flip my large chair, bathing in the sounds of a shocked audience. I smile as I fly down the stairs, dress coming loose and hair untamed. I storm off stage and Cable grabs my arm, pushing me into the elevator nearby.

"That wasn't the best of ideas, Cam." he says carefully, urgency in his voice.

"Yeah, well, I've never been one for rules," I growl, realising that sadness is gone and anger is here; anger will stay for as long as I live. "But ideas? I know exactly what to do. They think they own us? Well, lets see what they think about a rebellion."

Cable's eyes narrow but he doesn't look angry or fazed. Almost... accepting.

"You don't have to jo-"

"No," Cable cuts in. "I know exactly where to go for that. I know where this rebellion is starting, and we'll join. I mean we, Cameron. As your mentor, I'm required to help you in anyway possible, helping you to try and survive. I did that. You did that. That bond is sealed, though, so if you're in, I am too. I'm always right behind you."

I smile.

I'll fight for my life, Jack.

Fight for you. For Gavan. For Mirana. For little Addilyn and humble Chord. For evil Garnet and innocent Koel.

I'll fight for them all. All twenty-three.

And I'll fight for future generations too.

Wherever You Will Go by The Calling.

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