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The bell rang as the New Directions wondered into the choir room. They all took their seats. Along the back Mercedes and Blaine sat either side of Kurt and Brittany sat with Santana linking their pinkies together. Puck, Finn, Rachel, Rory and Sam sat in front of Mercedes and the others and Artie, Mike and Tina sat under the Cheerios. They were all talking about their own things when Mr. Shuester burst into the room, two guys who worked in the tech offices following him with a trolley each filled with four boxed per trolley, two on the top shelf and two in the bottom.

"Thanks guys," Mr. Shue muttered to the tech guys who smiled and walked out leaving the trolleys. "Okay guys listen up!"

Everyone had started muttering to each other about what were in the boxes. There was a mention of 'mini puppies!' coming from Brittany.

"Now, I bet you're all wondering why these are here. Well, since the recent incident involving Blaine and Sebastian Smyth-" There was a collective look of distain from all members… except Brittany who was too busy thinking of names for her new mini puppy. "And there has been a new system introduced because of it. It's a show coir chat room. Only people in show choirs can get access because they have to appeal to the board who created it so there wont be any problems with… inappropriate people getting access to it. Also, you have to change your username with nothing in it that will allow other choirs to see that you're in New Directions. You can chat in the chat room or do a private chat with certain people. You can only release that you're a New Direction in the private chat if you want and no one is allowed to announce it in chat or they'll be disqualified from regionals, sectionals, nationals or any other competition that may be close. The show choirs who've joined are…" He fished a piece of paper out of his pocket, "Us, Vocal Adrenaline-" Everyone groaned. "- The Warblers-" Another groan, "-Oral Intensity and The Hipsters but lets face it The Hipsters wont be logging on too regularly," He got a stack of what looked like business cards out of his pocket and handed them out. "So here are your log ins, when you log in for the first time you will be asked to change your username and password for security reasons," When everyone had their cards – the usernames were NewDirection01 Showchoir, NewDirection02 Showchoir etc and the passwords were all password01 – he went over to the trolleys and opened the boxes, Brittany sat up in anticipation but slumped down again when Mr. Shue brought out two small laptops and passed them to Puck and Finn to pass back to Mercedes and Kurt then went back to get out more. Mike got up and helped Mr. Shue hand out all the laptops before taking two for him and Tina. Mr. Shue thanked him and instructed everyone to log on, change what's necessary then just do whatever they wanted for the rest of the lesson.

Brittany, with some help, was the last to log in and insisted on picking her own despite Santana's offer – or pleading – to do it for her.

This is a list of the New Directions (no one on the website could see what group they belonged to):

Mercedes – Weave

Finn – Mailman

Rachel – Barbara

Kurt – Impala

Santana – Limaheights

Brittany – Rainebowe

Tina – Punkrocker

Mike – Robot

Artie – MJWheels

Blaine – Potterhead

Quinn – Queen

Rory – Hamgirls

Puck – Puckzilla

Sam – Whitechocolate

By the time everyone was done they had to leave so they closed down the laptops and packed them all away again.

In the parking lot Mercedes hugged Kurt goodbye and walked off to her car, Tina walked off with Mike after saying goodbye to the others as he was giving her a ride home. Puck wandered off with Quinn – which everyone was a little confused about but shrugged it off – and the others all went their own was, Blaine wheeling Artie towards his Dad's car for him before getting in his new car, except Kurt, Finn, Sam and Rachel as she was coming round to spend time with Finn and Sam was currently still living with them. They all got into Kurt's navigator with Sam in the passenger seat and Finn and Rachel sat in the back together holding hands. Sam turned to Kurt, nudging his shoulder to get his attention and shoved his fingers in his open mouth pretending to gag when Rachel and Finn kissed. Kurt laughed and Rachel gave him an odd look but he covered it up by coughing, he pushed Sam's shoulder when Rachel had stopped staring at him, giving him his bitch look before smirking and turning back to the road. When they got back Sam went to his room and Finn and Rachel sat down to watch a movie.


"Why exactly have you called this meeting?" Sebastian asked Wes as he called silence on the room of anxious Warblers.

"Because of the incident involving the rock-salt-slushie," Wes said, stressing the words while throwing Sebastian a glare before continuing. "The board has created a new website where show choir members log on and talk to each other anonymously, all you have to do is create a user name with ' showchoir' at the end and your set," he explain and a waves of chatter broke out.

"You've got to be kidding me," Sebastian sighed.

"I think it sounds great!" Jeff exclaimed with a grin.

"I agree," Darren smiled while Wayde, who was seated next to him, nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, it'll make the competitions more friendly," George pointed out while the rest nodded- with the exception of Sebastian. Trent then began to pass out papers, which had a login and temporary user name on it 'Wabler1' and so on, for the whole group. Then Dave proceeded to tell them they had to log in or they would know.

While people chatted about user names Sebastian groaned and turned to Nick.

"Can you believe this?"

"I think it's great," He smiled, genuinely confusing the Captain.

"Really?" He asked raising his eyebrow.

"I'm going to make mine 'Blondie showchior' because of my hair" Jeff grinned, placing a light kiss on Nick's cheek.

"I'm going to make mine 'LovingJ showchoir' because I love you," Nick smiled back, kissing Jeff on the lips this time.

"Will you two give it a rest," Sebastian groaned.

"Jealous?" Nick asked snaking an arm lovingly round Jeff's waist.

"Really, really not,"

"I think he is" Jeff nodded, trying to bait Seb into a reaction.

"Well, I'm not,"

"Seb, you're a terrible liar,"

"Whatever," He sighed; looking at his paper trying to rack his brain for a name that no one would think of or know who he was.

"Oh, by the way the other show choirs that are participating are; Vocal Adrenaline, Aural Intensity, The Hipsters and New Directions,"

"Great, so we could be talking to the annoying one with the huge nose or gay face?" Sebastian asked with a disgusted look on his face.

"What about the one who looks like he belongs on Most Wanted?" Jeff asked quietly.

"The whole idea of this it to make friends, guys. I get that's a hard concept for you to grasp, Sebastian, but try," Trent said, shocking everyone.

"Fine, but I really really don't like it,"

Hudmel house

"Kurt, you want to watch a movie with us?" Rachel asked as soon as he shut the front door.

"No thanks, you'll be all over each other and I'd like to keep my lunch," He smirked and Rachel pushed her shoulder.

"No we wont, we promise," Finn answered.

"Still, no thanks. Thanks for asking though," He added the last bit when Rachel's face dropped.

"Please Kurt, we've spent hardly any time together despite how often I'm over here," She whined. "I'm starting to think you're avoiding me, have I upset you?"

"No of course not, I'm just…" He couldn't think of an excuse so Finn just grabbed his wrist and dragged him over to the couch. Kurt sighed and sat down. Rachel sat in the middle and Finn on her other side. She rested her head on her boyfriends shoulder after he put 'Dumbo', Rachel's favorite Disney film, in and sat back down with them. Kurt made an excuse about getting popcorn and left the room to go into the kitchen. He stayed in there was as long as he thought it would take before Rachel got suspicious and came in with the popcorn, placing in on Rachel's lap so they could all reach it. Five minutes later it was empty and Finn had butter around his mouth. Rachel and Kurt had both forgotten about the movie, too entranced at watching how quickly Finn could eat. Even when living with him Kurt was still surprised by his sep-brother's ability.

When the movie ended Rachel had to go home and Finn begged – literally on his knees – for Kurt to lend him his car to take her home. Kurt looked outside and noticed it was dark and he didn't really like the idea of Rachel walking home on her own in Lima in the dark and he really didn't want to chaperone them both so after threatening to hang Finn if there was so much as a scratch and to keep all coupling activities outside the vehicle he handed over his keys. Rachel kissed him on the cheek goodbye and Kurt kissed her cheek and returned her hug as they left.

When Finn got back Kurt was sat on the couch with his computer on his lap.

"Hey dude,"

"Don't call me that. Hi Finn,"

Finn laughed and sat next to him, "Whatcha doing?"

"Messaging Mercedes on MSN,"

"Ah, cool… Hey, you want to go on that show choir site thing and see if we can spot all the New Directions by their names," Finn asked.

"Sure," Kurt shrugged, telling Mercedes he'd text her later and logging out of MSN. He typed in the website and his log in.

"What's an Impala?" Finn asked after he typed in the username.

"It's my favorite car,"


"What were you expecting?"

"Something about Gucci and Banana or something,"

"It's Dolce and Cabaña,"

"Oh, sorry,"

It loaded up and they clicked on all members and scrolled down them.

Weave "Mercedes," Kurt pointed out, smiling at Finn's confused expression.

Barbara "Rachel," Finn smiled.

MJWheels "Artie," They both said at the same time, laughing.

Rainebowe "Brittany?" Finn asked, Kurt thought about it and nodded.

Blondie "I have a feeling that's Jeff, from the Warblers," Kurt pointed out.

"Oh yeah, the one with platinum blonde hair haha," Finn nodded, proud he remembered.

Doey "Doey is Trent. Whenever anyone calls him fat he says 'I'm not fat I'm Doey!'" Kurt giggled at the memory.

Puckzilla "Puck," They said at the same time and laughed.

Puckrocker "Tina?" Kurt asked. Finn shrugged.

Robot "Mike. Robot is his favorite dance move," Finn pointed out.

Limaheights "Santana," they said in unison.

Hamgirls "Rory," Finn said. "Don't ask," He commented at Kurt's confused look.

Whitechocolate "Sam," Finn shuddered at the memory. "Again, don't ask," He told Kurt. Kurt opened his mouth to ask anyway but Finn stopped him. "Seriously. Don't ask,"


"Trust me on this one, you don't want to know,"


"You'll have nightmares for weeks!"

"Okay, okay, moving on,"

Potterhead "Blaine," Kurt pointed out, laughing when he remembered when he had to sit through a three hour long debate between Blaine and Rachel about which was better, Harry Potter or Twilight. Blaine won by throwing the Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows book at her head then threatening to throw The Prisoner Of Aszaban if she didn't give up.

"Well I think that's all the NDs. I'm going to take a shower. Oh, here are your keys," Finn got up and fished Kurt's keys out of his pocket and handed them over slowly. Kurt gave him an odd look as he reached out for they keys. As soon as he had hold of them Finn sprinted for the stairs. Kurt sighed when he realized why. His leys were sticky hand had little yellow bits that looked like golden syrup on them. How the hell did he get syrup on them!? Kurt thought but shook his head dumping them on the coffee table. He sighed and turned back to his computer. He had a Personal Message.


After a few more minutes discussion about names they were dismissed. As Sebastian lived just up the road from Dalton he headed straight back and logged on, he saw there were a few already registered. As he scrolled through the list he came to some names he thought he could pinpoint.

"Counselor? Wes, you are so obvious," he snorted.

These are all he could guess:

Backflip – Dave,

Doey – Trent

Blondie – Jeff

LovingJ – Nick

Smirks – Thad

Destorya – Sean

Waxyboi – Wayde

RammaJamma – George

Dramadog – Chris

MiniW – Darren

The rest he got nothing. There were a few he guessed were the New Directions like Barbara (the whiny one with the nose), LimaHeights (the Latino one with an attitude problem. He enjoyed slushieing her), Pullzilla (the one who should be on Most Wanted with the dreadful Mohawk) and he had a feeling MJWheels could be the cripple but he wasn't too sure. He decided not to screw around with them just yet.

Clicking on the edit name icon he wiped out 'Wabler04' and typed in 'Chevrolet'. He loved cars; aside from performing it was his favorite thing. When he was younger he began collecting a small classic cars, till this day he secretly still does- not that any of his teammates know. Then scrolling down he saw Impala showchoir and he clicked message when he discovered they're online.

He started the conversation by saying "What year?"

Hudmel House

ChevroletShowcoir: What year?

Kurt frowned in confusion but typed back.

ImpalaShowcoir: Excuse me?

ChevroletShowcoir: Impala. Which year's your favorite?

Oh, okay Kurt thought, finally understanding.

ImpalaShowchior: I like '66 it had a strong engine but '67 will always be my all-time favorite idk why I just never found a car I liked better. What's your favorite Chevy?

ChevroletShowcoir: Ah, '67 was a pretty cool year for cars. Chevrolet Chevelle LS-6.

Kurt shook his head before typing a reply, smiling slightly.

ImpalaShowchoir: Chevelle LS-6, really? Ha wow.

ChevroletShowcoir: What's wrong with a Chevelle? It's got 450 hp! It's so underrated. '67 Impalas only have 250hp!

ImpalaShowchoir: It has a 385 brake horsepower, Turbo-Jet 427-cubic-inch (7.0 L) V8, as well as a special trim package!

ChevroletShowcoir: New 454 cid engine. That's all im saying.

ImpalaShowchoir: Haha whatever.

Kurt smiled. It had been a while since he'd had a stimulating conversation about cars with anyone but his Dad.

ChevroletShowcoir: So what show choir are you from?

ImpalaShowchoir: Can't tell ;) which are you from?

ChevroletShowcoir: Can't tell ;) Ha, what's your favorite singer?

ImpalaShowchoir: At the moment it's Ewan Mcgregor

ChevroletShowcoir: … Isn't he an actor?

ImpalaShowchoir: Yes but he sings in Moulon Rouge so that makes him a singer. Who's yours?

ChevroletShowcoir: Hmm, probably Michael Jackson.

Kurt stared at the screen. It can't be him can it? No, Michael is huge loads of people like him and in a show choir you're bound to have someone who likes Michael.

ImpalaShowchoir: Cool, favorite TV show?

ChevyShowchoir: Supernatural. You?

ImpalaShowchoir: Never heardof that, what's it about? Mine's Project Runway.

ChevroletShowcoir: Are you a guy or a girl? Supernatural is about two brothers who hunt ghosts and demons and shit, its awesome.

ImpalaShowchoir: Im a guy. You? Sounds odd.

ChevroletShowcoir: Guy. It is. So you like Moulin Rouge and Project Runway. Are you gay?

ImpalaShowchoir: Yes, you're not a homophobe are you?

ChevroletShowcoir: Quite the opposite, Im gay too.

ImpalaShowchoir: Ah, okay.

ChevroletShowcoir: I have to go for a shower. Cya Imp.

ImpalaShowchoir: Imp?

ChevroletShowcoir: As in Impala. And you sound cute/sweet like an imp ;)

ImpalaShowchoir: Haha okay, bye Chev.

ChevroletShowcoir: Bye Imp xo

Chevrolet Showcoir has signed off

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