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A Slushee Incident Re-Write

After the Warblers Vs New Directions battle, the McKinley students all decided to go and get dinner at Breadsticks.

Everyone was in a great mood, Puck and Sam were banging on the tables ordering for their food to hurry up, Rachel was trying to get Finn's attention, while he was laughing at Sam and Puck. Santana and Brittany were kissing; everyone else was making idle chat, while Kurt and Blaine were staring at each other lovingly.

"Have I ever told you how sexy you look in black?" Blaine asked, eyeing Kurt from under the table, earning in a slap on the arm from Kurt.

"Blaine! Not in front of everyone," Kurt blushed.

Blaine put his hands up in surrender.

"Oh yeah! Can you send me that picture you took on your phone the other day? I'd really like it as my background picture," Blaine winked.

"Oh! The one where we were…" Kurt smirked, and Blaine wiggled his eyebrows at Kurt. "Hold on a sec, let me find my phone," Kurt said, he then started digging into his bag, trying to find his phone to no avail.

"Hey Finn!" Kurt called, Finn was on the other table, "Have you seen my phone?"

"Err, no you didn't give it to me?" Finn replied.

"Shit I must have left it at the car park," Kurt said worriedly. Whenever he loses his phone, he has a mini panic attack, because next to his wardrobe, his phone is his life.

Kurt got his keys from his bag and swivelled out of the chair.

"Sorry everyone, I need to find my phone, I think I left it back at the car park," Kurt told the group. Mostly everyone nodded, but Blaine stood up getting his own stuff.

"Shall I come with you?" Blaine asked.

"Nah, I'll be alright, it's only 10 minutes away from here right? I'll be fine! I'll send you a text when I have my phone," Kurt promised. Blaine nodded, and Kurt kissed him on the cheek, earning in the group cheering for them.

"Love you," Kurt whispered.

"Love you too," Blaine replied.

They all watched as Kurt walked out of Breadsticks, into the bitter cold night, starting up his navigator, and driving off.

Kurt didn't realise how could it was outside until he reached the car park. Damn I wish I brought a coat. Kurt started walking, hugging his chest to keep warm.

The car park was deserted, but really dark, so he had to remember where he placed his phone. After 15 minutes of looking, he heard a ding! noise, which was music to his ears. It was a text message!

He saw the light of his phone flash in the distance, so he quickly walked towards the light. Suddenly, his path was blocked, by one Sebastian Smythe.

"What's up gayface?" Sebastian sneered.

"Oh! Sebastian is this where you live now? I didn't know you turned hobo…" Kurt shot back.

"You wound me Kurt! Now I can't give you your present…" Sebastian said.

"Sebastian, get out of my way," Kurt tried to sidestep Sebastian, but he followed Kurt's every move. "What do you want?"

"I'm here to see you actually, I saw you leave your phone here, I was just making sure you got it alright."

"Okay, I am so confused, look, I need to be at Breadsticks, or everyone is going to come looking for me, they know I'm here," Kurt said.

"Okay fine! I'll just give your present, wait a sec," Sebastian said, picking up a brown paper bag. Kurt couldn't see what was in the bag because it was so dark. He was not expecting a cold substance smack into his face. A slushee, fan-fucking-tastic.

Kurt heard Sebastian laugh as Kurt swallowed a bit of slushee that went into his mouth. He put his hands on his face to wipe the slushee away from his hands.

Kurt felt as if someone was strangling him softly, but was slowly starting to apply pressure every second until he was gasping for air.

Sebastian was laughing as Kurt choked on a small bit of slushee. I wish I had my video camera!

Sebastian was talking to Nick and Jeff about other peoples allergies, as they were holding a small gathering for Trent's birthday.

"Remember, NO Peanut Butter," Nick reminded Jeff.

"Nicky, Kurtie isn't here anymore! So no need to worry!" Jeff called back.

"Oh yeah! God I always forget!" Nick said.

"Wait, why isn't Kurt allowed Peanut Butter?" Sebastian asked out of interest.

"He's allergic, but I don't think it's a big problem, he'll probably just come out with rashes everywhere," Nick said.

That's when Sebastian got his idea; Kurt was obsessed with his skin, so he would be beyond pissed if his beautiful skin was destroyed.

Sebastian felt he had to step in when Kurt dropped his knees onto the floor, with his hands over his neck, fighting for breathe.

"You better not be fucking with me Hummel," Sebastian gave a small laugh. Kurt continued to choke.

Sebastian knelt down in front of Kurt, grabbing his face so Kurt was looking directly at him. Kurt's eyes were filled with unshed tears, he was turning pale, his lips turning blue, his mouth was open, gasping for air.

"Tell me what you need Kurt!" Sebastian said, "Epipen! Where's your epipen Kurt?" Sebastian asked desperately.

Kurt started shaking his head. He didn't have it with him.

Sebastian watched as Kurt's eyes rolled into the back of his head, and collapsed to the floor.

Sebastian stood there over Kurt's fallen body; he had no idea what to do!

Sebastian didn't notice the constant beeping of Kurt's phone, so Sebastian did the only thing he thought was right at the time.

He ran.

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