WAHAHAHA *maniacal laugh*I am back to you with another thrilling adventure of… *pause for effect* THE WRITER FOR THE GARDENER'S BLOOOOOG! And in which this person doesn't seem to have a name… Oh well, it's supposed to be that way. Hey, I appreciate all the comments on the movie references in the first story… :D Well guess what… I have even MORE in store… Oh, two more things. ONE: none of this is real for those who are very… imaginative. TWO: If you have not read my FIRST STORY, Fantastic Flora Weekly Gardener's Blog, then this doesn't really make so much sense… THREE: (I know I said two), You are about to be blown away into a mystical land of Zombie Aplantocolypse... The land which is not quite so filled with milk and honey…

Fantastic Flora Weekly VOLUME TWO; Gardener's Blog Edition 1 Entitled: "I, Plantniss Evergreen" Pg 36

HEY HEY ALL! You're favorite Tribute to the zombie games is BACK MAN! I'm still alive and kicking. The odds are forever in my fava! Whadda ya say, Mockingjay? *heheh* Anyway, so I've been moved from Top Edition page 01 to page 36. I swear my boss has something against me. Speaking of Hunger Games jokes… his last name happens to be Snow… *shudders*. Yeah, page 36, right in between, like, two dozen advertisement pages. Other than my epic stories, this magazine is pretty much just ads. Yup, I'm stuck right between, "I didn't pay a penny out of pocket for my Hoveround, right after I've fallen and I couldn't get up (tm yes, that is copyrited, go figure), I ordered mine right away." The ad on the other side of my story is, "FUNERAL ADVANTAGE, don't leave your loved ones to pay for youre… "expenses." Yeah, and this is a GARDEN MAGAZINE, not a death sentence…

So, other than my progress, let's look at more progress. Yup, I'm still at this Zombie-Mutt house, stupid mutts are after me… I've been spicing up the old routine of castle defense and having a little fun. I may not have a bow and arrow, but I DO have a lot of walnuts, so what I ended up doing is taking them all and rolling them down the bowling alley… my front yard and into the Capitol. I've been scoring on these guys EPICLY. I send my walnut down the lane and right into the deathly Tributes… Whoa, they ganged up… THEY FORMED A CAREER GROUP! (yes, still jumping back to the Hunger Games *the books*) But I have a method for defeating these Tracker Jackers… I will AVENGE CINNA!


Save up as many explosive walnuts as possible, and mow over the easy ones that are not in groups or anything. Keep on Truckin' with this.

Aim for the marathon zombies first, since they run fast, but only bowl at them so that when they jump, they are angled to hit nearby zombies when the walnut bounces off of them.

After that, take care of Grandpa Zombies.

Then when the waves come, only use some explosive walnuts. Save the rest for the final wave.

The only other tip I have for you is to clutch that walnut and hurl it as if you need to save Peeta! But beware of District Nine… They are difficult because they have acquired the ability to build…. *drum roll* A MECH SUIT… (completely different movie, I know :D ). But you know, while Peeta's painting nothing but camouflage on his face, I'm doing all the HARD work. *Sighs* Well, I guess it's the end of this edition, but don't worry, I'll let you know what mini games are coming up next… But now for the season opening of Grimm (love that show)! These Zombies are no match for me, Plantniss Evergreen, because in the Hunger Games, I get hungry for chlorophyll justice!

-Pseudonym The Spontaneous Sapling