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Chapter 11:

Ranma bounced his knee impatiently, Akane taking her sweet, sweet time deciding what to wear. The yellow dress, or the green dress?

She held the yellow one up against herself again to observe her reflection again in the mirror.

She hummed lightly, raising her other arm up, considering the green one now.

"Can we go now? We're probably late." Ranma sighed, abruptly standing up.

"But I haven't chosen what to wear yet. What do you think?" Akane argued.

"The yellow one. I'm heading down, see you in a minute."

"Okay." She smiled at him, returning the green one to it's original hanging place in her wardrobe.

Ranma sat at the dining table, looking out past his father and Akane's at the koi pond. A fish lept out, causing the water around it to spash out and be disturbed, rippling as it took to the air. The water sparkled in the sunlight, like small diamonds, rising out of the collective pool of water below.

It was a silent, warm afternoon, with a gentle breeze. The Koi fish returned to his pond, just as Akane skipped down the stairs. She poked her head around into the dining room, grinning at Ranma as she came into his veiw fully. He rose to his feet, walking up to her. She stood there for a moment, waiting for him to come closer before turning and heading in the direction of the front door.

Mousse tapped his foot, his arms folded.

What had Ranma called him all the way out here for? Shampoo and Cologne were bound to realise he was missing - and they were never easy going if he was caught slacking, or, at least, that's what they suspected it to be.

Yet he never stopped working, and the odd moment he takes a breather from the hot, steamy kitchen where he was washing up whislt the resturant went on, they dragged him back in, and when the Neko Hanten closed, they tied him up, in his duck form, whilst they ate, continuing to feed him small chunks of bread. Just bread. Of course, after that he had been given the hastle of taking the trash out, cleaning the dishes (as usual), mopping the floors, and any other task they didn't want to do the next day.

The only reason he kept on working there, staying with the tourturingly long hours of unwanted jobs, not returning home, was to be near the one person he had ever loved; Shampoo.

He sighed. If only he could be rid of the humiliating curse. Then all he would have to do is find a cure to his natural clumsiness - and maybe his sight.

Just then, Ranma and Akane trotted down towards him. Wait... Akane was with Ranma?

Mousse creased his eyebrows together - he thought just Ranma was coming, but Akane, too? And to think, he thought they'd prefer to do their own things, seperately.

Ranma stopped walking, a few feet behind Akane, yet she came closer.

Wasn't he meeting with Ranma?

Akane smiled at him.

"What is it, I have to be back soon, so can we hurry this up please, you're late, anyway!" Mousse complained.

"I told her, but she was too busy picking an outfit." Ranma shrugged.

Akane shot him a playful glare.

"Well, I kinda bought these for me and Ranma, but it turns out we can't go anymore, so I thought we could give them to you." Akane explained, handing him the thin, brown envelope.

Mousse eyed it carefully, wary that it could be anything to take him out.

He slid the tickets out, finding they were to China. With these he could go to Jusenkyo! Then Shampoo would be all his. And with two tickets, he could take her, too.

But wait, what if he'd planned this with Shampoo. That she'd know, proceeding to refuse accompanying him, then whilst he was gone, they'd elope back to the Amazon tribe-land.

Mousse looked at Akane, pure innocence residing there. How could Ranma bring her in to such a scheme? Unless she had no clue on what they were planning - or she really did buy them for her and Ranma, yet he made up this whole excuse, plotted with Shampoo and Cologne, and planned to leave poor, poor Akane here, all alone.

Mousse reached out his free hand, setting it on Akane's shoulder. He gave her a sympathetic look before walking up to Ranma.

"I'm not about to fall for any of your tricks, Ranma." Pushing the envelpoe into his chest, Mousse turned to leave, walking back to the Neko Hanten.

"Mousse! Wait!" Akane called after him. "Don't you want to take Shampoo with you?"

He stopped in his tracks.

"You mean, you were planning on sending both of us, not just me?"

"Of course, Mousse; you two are the only people we know that we can send to China together, and want a cure."

"Doesn't your father want to go?" He asked Ranma.

Ranma shook his head. "He can't go."

"Oh," Mousse looked to the ground for a moment. "Well... Thank you. It's one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me."

He smiled, remembering that the only one who was ever kind to him, who respected and understood him... Was his mother. Shampoo didn't have a big enough heart to care, too busy going about her own business, and he was so busy trying to make her his, he forgot to make friends.

The phone rang out, resounding throughout the Tendo Dojo.

Ringing, ringing, ringing.

Kasumi shuffled out to where the phone was placed. Answering it, she was surprised to hear an unfamiliar voice on the other end.

"Hello, is this a Ranma Saotome?"

"Oh, no, let me just get him for you, hold on a moment."

She set down the reciever down on the stand, stepped over to the foot of the stairs and called Ranma's name.

"The phone's for you!" She replied when he asked her what it was she wanted.

Ranma made his way down the stairs. Kasumi smiled, returning to the kitchenn as he picked up the reciever.


"Your case has been booked for the court-room for next monday. So, if you want to make sure you have yourself a lawyer, and what-not." Ranma realised that, if he was going to put this guy back in his place, there was more to it than what he thought.

"Okay, thanks." Ranma muttered. Ending the conversation, he then crouched down to retrieve the Yellow Pages book, to look up the number for a reliable lawyer.

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