This story takes place after season 8 and when the kids are in their upper teens and low 20s. Piper, Paige and Phoebe's kids will be there but not in the same place. Prue is in this but does not have kids as she and she husband Jack decided not to. The husbands will not be in the story for the most part as the sisters and their kids end up in World War Two on D day right before the allies landed at Normandy. They are trying to figure out why they are there and have no idea that their mom's and cousins are there as well. On their journey to find out why, they will come across a group of women called the Legion of Polish women who saved over 2,500 hundred Jewish children. They will also come across the resistance and German soldiers who want to assassinate Hitler. Will they figure out why they were sent back in time before a mad man gets his hands on something that could change not just the outcome of the war but the entire future as well?

I will put a link in my profile about the legion of Polish women that I just found out about. It is truly an amazing story and one that should not be left in the shadows.

Scattered: Stopping a mad man

Chapter 1

We fell from the sky

Prue was the first to hit the ground and made a grunt when she landed hard on her back. The last thing she remembered was going to her car after a photo shoot and now she was trying to get her breath back while someone landed right next to her.

"Ouch," Phoebe said as she sat up while holding her right shoulder

"Phoebe?" Prue asks as she too sat up.

"Prue where the hell are we and why does this happen a lot?" Phoebe asks as they heard something land behind them.

"Paige?" Phoebe said and helped her baby sister up from the ground.

"Ok well that's three of us so where is..." Prue started to say when they heard a familiar voice.

"Up here," Piper said as she was hanging from a tree.

"Piper," Phoebe said and smiled as she was happy they were all together.

"Yeah don't be so excited Phoebe, if you haven't noticed I am stuck in a tree," Piper said while trying to keep her grip.

"I got her, "Paige said and tried to orb but found she could not. "Or not."

"You don't have your powers?" Prue asks nervously.

"Wait let me try," Phoebe said and levitated up to Piper so she could help her down softly.

"Ok so why don't I have mine?" Paige asks with her hands on her hips.

"And more importantly, where the hell are we?" Piper asks as she pulled out some twigs from her hair.

"I don't know but lets see if mine work," Prue said and used her telekinesis to send a rock over the edge of a cliff that was only a few feet away. All of them walked over to the edge and looked over as the rock finely made it to the bottom where waves crashed into the rock face. Prue looked around and then could see what looked like bunkers that were inset into the side of the hill. It was quite a distance away but she could also see certain land marks that gave away their location. "Oh god," she said and now got the attention of the others.

"What – what is it?" Paige asks nervously...

"Normandy," Prue replied and Paige smiled a bit.

"I always wanted to come here and see …." Paige started to say when Prue pulled her and Piper to the ground as Phoebe got the hint.

"1944 Normandy Paige," Prue stopped her and could see German soldiers in the distance.

"What?" Piper asks.

"Well at least we have our powers," Phoebe said and Paige gave her a sideways look. "Sorry."

Over 40 miles away Chris dusted himself off as Wyatt landed right next to him.

"I really hate it when they do that," Chris said while looking up to the sky.

"You sound like mom," Wyatt said and they heard some rustling behind them in a hay stack. Chris put his hands at the ready but Wyatt put his hand on his. "Wait," he said as someone was trying to get out of the stack.

"Ok what the hell?" Mel asks as she climbed out the side of the yellow pile and started pulling strands of hay out of her hair.

"Hay its the scarecrow," Wyatt said as Mel blew out some hair from her face.

"You know it makes it very difficult to get to my classes when I fall through portals," she said and made her way over to them.

"Where are we?" Chris asks.

"I don't know I just got here" Mel said and walked past them to look around.

"Do you hear that?" Wyatt asks while looking out over the field that had hay stacks scattered about.

"What, is your hearing super now because you have been copulating a lot of powers lately," Mel said and Wyatt ignored her as he saw a jeep in the distance.

"Get down," he said and pushed them behind the stack.

"Oh my god that is a 1944 German jeep," Chris said as he smiled.

"1944 do you mean restored or not restored?" Mel asks.

"No guys I think we are in..."

"World War Two," Wyatt finished as the jeep went by with two Nazi soldiers.

About 40 miles away from Piper's kids, Phoebe's were just getting up from the ground as they too came through a portal.

"Oh come on," Prudence said as she stood up.

"What did you do?" Parker asks while getting to her feet.

"Nothing and why do you always blame me?" Prudence asks.

"Because it usually is your fault," Pandora replied.

"Where are we?" Parker asks as she looked around and saw a quaint little village in the distance.

"I don't know," Prudence replied while looking at the village.

"Wait I will call mom and tell her its your fault," Pandora said as she pulled out her cell phone but had no bars," Or not the reception sucks here."

"Lets just go to that town and asks for a phone," Parker said and started walking off with her sisters behind her.

40 miles from them 3 other people in her early 20s to late teens were getting off the ground.

"Did a spell go awry?" HJ asks as he stood up.

"No I don't think so," Kat said as she looked around and was on a dirt road.

"I hate portals," Tamora said as she kicked a rock down the road.

"Well lets get these shoes a walking," Kat said as she pulled out her cell phone and there was no bars.

"Guy's I can't orb," Tamora said with panic.

"Neither can I," Kat said as they looked at Henry.

"Hold on," he said and closed his eyes. The small rocks on the road began to float and hover next to them," Looks like I do," he said.

To be continued...