AN: Again, a series of short fics (100 words each) based off of fic requests I got from tumblr. If you have a 100 word prompt to give me, leave it in a review! These're mainly Supernatural and Good Omens, but there's some Sherlock, Teen Wolf and Doctor Who in there as well. Enjoy!

whenindoubtdenyeverything asked: whump for SPN.

If Dean had to choose two words to describe Purgatory, he'd pick dark and silent. Ominously silent. It's neither of those things right now, though, because there's an angel above him, twisting and screaming and bleeding blindingly white grace through deep tears in his flesh. It was a trap, a hunting trap, a barbed wire circlet they'd not seen until it was too late, closing around Castiel's leg and dragging him upside down into the air, dangling from a tree. As Dean watches, the wire bites deeper, Castiel screams louder, wings flaring wildly – and the silence begins to close in.