Ok, so this is another idea I've had in my head for a while, part of it is based off a dream, but most of it is just me trying to make my dream make sense. This includes the Starkids Brian (Holden), Lauren, Dylan, Meredith, Joe (Walker), Jamie, Julia, Joey, Matt, Nick, Jim, and Darren. So all of them minus Darren are in Chicago, Darren is in LA working on Glee. This also involves another character who is

Amanda, she is 18 years old, she has brown hair to a little past her shoulders, fairly tan skin, brown eyes, smart, pretty strong, but nowhere nearly as strong as her friends, she lives in Carlisle Massachusetts, loves Starkid, her four favorite Starkids are Dylan, Joe Walker, Lauren, and Brian Holden. She would do anything to meet them or any other Starkid. She likes to walk down her street and into a small forest area by a pond.

Couples: Joe and Lauren, Brian and Meredith, Dylan and Jamie, Darren and Julia.

That's it! Hope you enjoy!

POV means Point Of View

Dylan's POV

Dylan was walking down the street, thinking. He had just come from Jamie's house, and they were going out with Joe, Lauren, Brian, and Meredith later. Dylan was excited because he loved seeing Jamie, and even though he just saw her, he couldn't wait to see her again. Wandering he ended up next to a small forest that he didn't know was there. Shrugging he went in, following a path. Soon enough the path seemed to disappear and it was getting late, so Dylan turned around and went back to his apartment to get ready. A few hours later he left his apartment to go meet Jamie, it wasn't going to be super-fancy, just going to the 99 Restaurant to have fun, so he was wearing jeans, a tee shirt, and his red bandanna. He arrived at Jamie's house and together they went out.

"Ohmygod this is so much fun!" Lauren squealed as they were all served their food. Seeing as there were 6 of them they got a party table. Lauren of course gobbled down everything in sight, and Dylan held back a laugh, that girl could eat anything. Under the table he was holding Jamie's hand, Brian and Meredith were doing the same, and so were Joe and Lauren.

Hours later they left the 99 and started walking back, all the girls went to their shared apartment, leaving the guys alone

"That was fun" Joe commented

"Yeah, Joe, I'm always surprised at how much Lauren can eat and still be that skinny!" Dylan laughed

"Yeah, she's insane" Brian added. They talked for a while then ended up at Brian's and Joe's shared apartment

"Dylan why don't you move in with us? We have enough space" Brian asked

"Nah, I like having a quiet apartment, besides, I only live two houses down" Dylan waved goodbye to Joe and Brian and kept walking. He came across the path he saw earlier, and headed down it. This time he managed to follow the path all the way, and he ended up in a clearing. The clearing was large, with tall oak trees surrounding the edges, and a small pond in the center. Dylan smiled, he liked being outdoors, it's quiet and peaceful, with no disturbances. He sat down and stared at the moons reflection in the pond, thinking of Jamie. All of a sudden he got hit in the head and rolled into the pond, unconscious

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