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Joe's POV

He woke up in a white room, his right arm felt like shit, his head is pounding painfully and his stomach growled and twisted.

"Crap I'm hungry," he whispered. All of a sudden people surrounded him

"Joe! You're awake! Now we need you to-" a man started

"Who are you?" Joe asked suddenly, not entirely sure he should trust him

"I am Doctor Kattar, this is Amber, she saved your life." The doctor looked between them and then left the room

"Where is Brian?" He asked quietly

"Brian is in the next room" The girl, Amber replied.

"When? Did you save my life I mean…"

"Two days ago" Joe looked at her, she had beautiful long brown hair, it ran in a braid down her back…

"Can I get food?" He asked,

"Sure!" She jumped up and a few minutes later returned with a small portion of pasta. He stared at it

"That's all? Its tiny…" he ate it anyway

"Yeah, something about how you stomach shrunk and they don't want you throwing up, and I think you're supposed to be eating slower than that" Amber warned as Joe wolfed down the entire thing.

"Who cares, can I see Brian?" he asked once he finished

"No even awake five minutes and demanding you see Brian…" She smiled at him, "I'll ask the nurses, he should be waking up soon" she left and returned with a nurse, who wheeled him into another room. Joe still was nervous around other people, there was this… aura about Amber that made him feel safe though. He arrived in Brian's room, but wanted everyone gone before he started talking.

"Brian?" Joe asked as the nurses and doctors left

"Still here Joe" Brian replied, he looked warily at Amber

"It's ok, she is nice" Brian's skin was pale, and his hair was a mess. His eyes lost their spark and were wide open. His nose had a funny cast on it, probably got broken. His face was unshaven and dirty

"Ok… are you ok?" Brian asked, Joe just shrugged, he didn't quite know

"I'm hungry" Brian announced.

"I'll get you something" Amber announced and disappeared

They sat in silence, waiting for Amber to come back in. Amber came back in a few minutes later, carrying pasta. Brian didn't say a word about the smallness of the portion, and ate it slowly, while eyeing Amber the whole time.

"Hey where is Lauren?" Joe asked

"She's getting checked over" Amber replied

"Dylan?" Brian asked

"He should be waking up soon, like the next five minutes" Joe sighed, relived that no one was too badly hurt

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