My heart pounds against my chest as Anna, the escort for District Five, reaches into a bowl full of slips of paper with names on them. One slip will be chosen and the owner of that name will be sent into an arena to fight to the death with twenty-three others. It has been this way for fifty-six years.

Since the Forty-first games, my family has had at least one slip of paper with the name 'Welkin'. The Fiftieth games were the worse when our family had a total of thirteen slips between us, possibly more if any of the three took out a tesserae for a friend as I did.

Aron is on his final year of the reaping and as far as I know only has seven slips of paper with his name. After this my family can enjoy a brief respite from the threat of the arena if only his name isn't called.

I hold my breath and squeeze my eyes shut begging it will be anyone but Grayson Aron Welkin. Up on stage I can hear the piece of paper being opened as Anna takes a sharp breath. Her gasp startles me and my eyes shoot open. No. No, no, no. Not him.

Anna is pale faced and frightened as she turns to look behind, her face apologetic, before turning back to the microphone.

"And Grayson Welkin."

A scream catches in my throat. They can't have him! The capitol has done enough to my family. Why can't they just leave us be?

The whole crowed is muttering as Aron takes the stage. His eyes are looking anywhere but behind him where certainly he will see tears. Before I know it he is taken into custody to say his farewells to his loved ones. But unlike so many before him, one loved one will go with him to the capitol.

It's all over. Everything feels like a dream a horrible dream that I can't wake up from. A deafening silence passes through the district as a train rolls into town. Two sets of parents climb into the car containing the wooden boxes of our loved ones. One mother weeps openly, but the other is in a daze, the same look she's had since her child was killed, as her son is lowered out of the train and taken to the graveyard.

"Boron. Wake up."

Something pulls me away from this scene and into darkness. Slowly I realize that I'm in my room and I sit up with my hands behind my head. It was just another nightmare.

"Sorry," I say to my wife, Evy and pull her close.

"Same nightmare?" she asks resting her head on my chest.

I kiss her on her brow, "Yea. Go back to sleep."

A/N: Didn't want to spoil the fact that I changed the POV by having a summary. So you get one now.

Boron Welkin, the eldest child of the victor Falon Dawnson, has the same nightmare over and over. His baby brother, Aron, is chosen for the Hunger Games and dies in the arena. In just a few short days his nightmares will either be confirmed or just a thing of nightmares. And all he's hoping for is just one more year to keep his brother.

Story is told from Boron's POV so he can recount some of the events that "Winter Storm" was a bit fuzzy on or Falon just didn't know what happened then. Enjoy! (Oh, 1 more thing... this one will take a bit since, unlike the other two which were done/almost done before posting, this one is very much in the works.)