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Summary- The Shinsengumi men along with the Oni's (kazama and his group) have just returned from a two year long war . But what happens when they come back and they don't find their Chizuru at the usual Shinsengumi headquarters but find out that she is now about to get married to the Demon of the North!
But when they come and visit Chizuru at her new home , they didn't expect her to be in love with the man or for her to be living in what it looks like a palace . Well it looks like the boys will just have to make her fall in love with them again . (devious smile)

This is a Neo Romance; meaning that there is no deffanite pairing yet, I may do alternative endings at the end.

Written and Edited by VixenofViolin2

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-Chap 1-

-Shinsengumi and Oni POV-

It was a very bloody long two year for the Shinsengumi men and the powerfull Oni's who were known as: Hijikata, Kazama, Sanoske, Shinpachi, Heisuke, Saito, Okita, Amagari and last but not least Shiranui. (Fav character )

Yes the Shinsengumi still did not get along with the Oni perfectly but they were 'tolerable,' as Okita Souji puts it. They only joined forces to win the war against the Europeans and Italians, but now they are back at home where they belong.

Kyoto, Japan.

The big battle ships docked at the snow filled land, when the men were done unloading the Shinsengumi and Oni men started walking back to the Headquarters expecting to see their happy and joyful, Chizuru Yukimara.

"I cant wait to see Chizuru-chan it has been so long," announced the youngest of the group, Heisuke Toudo. " I cant wait to eat her yummy cooking again, those woman on the ship's can't cook even half as good as Chizuru," Complimented the buff one, Nagakura Shinpachi.

As the men were passing compliments of Chizuru, they started approaching the Shinsengumi gates. "Well here we are back at Home sweet home." Said Saito, who has grew about a foot taller and now stood tall.

"Welcome back home it has been very long." the Shinsengumi and Oni turned their head towards the person who said this. "Kondou-san, long time no see," Replied the naughty one, Okita Soji.

"Come on inside and we can talk over a cup of tea, and get out of this cold snowy weather." Kondou suggested while walking towards their usual meeting room.

As the Shinsengumi as well as the Oni were now sitting all together drinking hot tea and discussing many things. " So Kazama-san how were my men in the two years of battle?" Asked Kondou wanting to start a conversation with the Fire Demon.

"They weren't too much of a hassle, but they were ok in battle." replied Kazama answering Kondou's question; before taking another wig of his hot tea.

"Hey Kondou, speaking of which do you know where Chizuru-chan is?" Asked the hyper teen; wondering where the cheerful and loving Oni was.

Once this question was asked Kondou and Sanann-san lowered their heads afraid to upset their friends even when they just got back from a two year long war.

"Well you see Chizuru is well … how do I say this." Kondou said while rubbing his chin thoughtfully, thinking of how to word this without upsetting his friends.

"Well let's just say she is no longer at the Shinsengumi head quarters anymore." Kondou said, expecting that all the shinsengumi men will yel- "NANI!" (WHAT) Shouted all the men. "Yep knew it," Kondou thought.

"Well you see it all happened about a year ago when all of you stopped writing to her." Kondou said while glancing up to see if he had their attention. Which he now had some eager eyes on him.

"When she didn't start getting your letters, she started worring that you all have well, died so she got a little depressed, she then one day left the headquarters for a brief while to get out a for a little.
And she didn't come back for about three hours, so I started worring for her, but once I was about to go and find her someone told me that their was a man waiting for me. I went to go and see the man and dismiss him since I was about to go look for Chizuru."

Kondou stopped to take a breath and sip his tea before talking more once again. "But when I went to go dismiss the man I saw that he was holding Chizuru as she was unconscious. I then found out that she was being chased by some men, but the young man came to her aid.
And I guess after that he started visiting Chizuru for her well being and things like that, then he visited her every week then it turned into every day. After a while you could tell they both were desperately in love, so then one day the young man came and asked me for Chizuru's hand in marriage, and of course I said yes and-"

Koundo was cut when Kazama interrupted him, "Why the hell did you say yes to him." Said the mad demon with anger laced in his rough husky voice.

Hijikata just narrowed his eye's towards his rival.

"Well he was a honorable man with good morals he took good care of Chizuru. He is as well Demon Lord of the Northern lands, but aside that they were both in love. So I couldn't say no and I trust the man." Replied Kondou answering Kazama's Question.

And of course he heard again. "WHY THE HELL DID YOU LET HER MARRY HIM!" yelled some angry and jealous Shinsengumi as well as the Onis, excluding the calm Amagari.

"We will be leaving tomorrow to go and see of Chizuru-chan's well being understood, but for tonight we will rest," and with that Hijikata walked out.

When all of them were exiting Amagari then stopped and asked. "May I ask of what is Chiziru's Fiance's name is?"

"His names is Sotoro Onokura." (ooc) replied the calm almost smirking Kondou.


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-In the next chap of Who to Love, will be-


"Well were here in Tokyo lets go and meet this Lord" said Hijikata…
"I have missed you so very much!" yelled a happy Chizuru running towards to hug them.
"That cant be Chizuru." All the men muttered….
"It is a honor to have these legendary men here at my kingdom." Anounced the... LORD OF THE NORTH!

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