Ste and Brendan were sitting on the sofa watching tv. It had been 2 months since the kidnapping.

Ste was quite pleased with everything in his life right now. Brendan had come out to everyone in the village, and they were now a proper couple, nobody cared to be honest they were still shocked about Silas especially Riley.

"What you thinking about eh"

It always amazed Ste how much Brendan really knew him, but the same could be said the other way around Ste knew pretty much everything about Bren.

"Nothing, I'm just happy that's all. We are acting like any other couple, sitting watching crap tv"

"Mmm I bet I can make it even more intresting" Bren started kissing Stephen's neck and worked his way to his jaw line all the way to his lips and gave Stephen the best kiss of his life. If he did say so himself.

Ste was starting to kiss Bren back with everything he had. All of a sudden Bren was reaching under Ste's shirt to feel his skin underneath. Then Ste remembered and pulled away reluctanly "No Bren we can't do this know the Amy and the kids will be back soon"

"Yeah, but they are'nt here now are they" Brendan was back to kissing Stephen along his neck.

Ste quickly got up of the couch before the situation got even more difficult "Bren we can't do this now ok, we just can't"

Brendan could see Stephen was upset, but did'nt know why. They had'nt been together yet properly, and it had been Stephen who had stopped it "Look Stephen we can't get past this unless you talk to me. I know what happened with Silas was traumatic, but it is'nt going to go away unless you talk to me about it"

"It has nothing to do with Silas ok. IM JUST NOT READY TO FUCK YOU YET, EVEN IF YOU ARE OK"

It was like a slap in the face to Brendan "I'm going to pretend you did'nt say that. Who said anything about sex. I just want to get close to you, hold you sleep next you for heaven sake. Do you think that little of me huh"

"No of course I don't. Listen Bren I'm so"

The door opened and Amy and the kids came in.

"Hey guys how you doing. not interupting am I" Amy said laughing. She looked between Ste and Bren and could see something was wrong "Everything ok, I can take the kids out and come back later"

"No Amy's its fine, I need to get back to the club anyway. Stephen come and see me when you are ready to tell me what is wrong" Bren had never been so angry, but he could'nt show it in front of the kids "See you later"

"Bren wait please" it was too late he had gone. Ste felt like shit, he was pushing Bren away, he did'nt mean too, but he was scared that Bren might not want him anymore especially now.

"Leah sweetheart. Why don't you and lucas sit down and watch Peppa Pig while daddy and me talk in the kitchen for a minute" Amy was already setting up the dvd, when she was set up and got the kids settled she went over to Ste "Kitchen now"

Ste and Amy went to the kitchen and Amy put the kettle on "Ok what's happened now"

"Nothing, we had a small tiff that's all" Ste kept looking everywhere but at Amy, he really did'nt want to talk to her about this.

Amy knew Ste was hiding something she just did'nt know what "Ste what is going on, you are shutting people out especially Bren and me, when all we want to do is help"

Ste laughed then "You want to help eh. Trust me you can't help me with this" Ste did'nt want anyone to help him with this.

"Look at me Ste. I said look at me. Whatever this is we can help you trust me"

"Brendan wants to be close to me again, but I can't let him near me. I just can't he'll hate me" Ste had tears coming down his face.

Amy hated to see Ste like this "What do you mean he will hate you. The man loves you more than anything"

"He loves the old Ste, not this one never this one"

"Ste you are'nt even making sense"

Ste knew he had to show her to try and make Amy understand, he gently lifted up his shirt and showed Amy the top half of his body.

"Oh my god Ste" Amy stated to get upset like Ste.

"If he sees this he's going to hate me, he won't love me anymore. I'm not the person he used to know" Ste pulled his shirt back down. "I'm so scared Amy"

"I know, but you can't shut him out. You are hurting him and yourself with not being honest with him"

Ste had'nt the strength to tell anyone how bad his injuries actually were not even Bren. He made sure he was up washed and dressed before Bren saw him.

"Ste what has the doctors said"

"They said they might heal or I might be scarred for life, its not just the top half Ames it's all the way down. I don't want Bren to see me like this. I want him to remember the old me. I know he'll end up hating me"

"Ste listen he won't care. He does'nt love you for you're body, but what's in you're head and heart. If you could have seen what he went through to get you back, I have never seen someone so upset and determined at the same time"

Ste knew what Brendan had gone through for him. But that was the old Ste, not this broken Ste. A man with a broken body

Amy could see Ste was hurting "Ste you need to tell him what you told me and show him. He won't hate you he will never hate you ok"

Ste gave Amy a small smile "I already made him mad, he probably won't want to speak to me"

"Of course he will. Listen go and put on you're tight jeans and that shirt he loves and go and tell him what you told me go on. I bet I won't see you until tommorrow. Go on I will look after the kids go"

"I don't know if I'm ready to show him my body yet"

"You will know when the time is right, but you need to tell him what is going, he deserves that much yeah"


"Now go hurry up"

Ste smiled and went and got dressed.