Brendan was just starting to wake up. He was feeling sore all over, and some of it was not from the 2 bottles of whisky he drank the night before.

It had been a week since he had last seen and spoken to Stephen. He knew he should have told him he was leaving, but he could'nt there was still too much hurt. After what they had been through the past few months, he still did'nt trust him properly.

They had promised each other it would be different from every other time they had been together, but the one thing that hurt the most was that Stephen looked him in the eye and told him he would'nt go, he looked him in the eye.

Brendan eventually got up off the bed had a shower and went to pick up Declan. He had come to Ireland for a while to catch up with his son.

Brendan waited outside and honked the horn to let Declan know he was here, his realationship with Eileen was still not great at the minute, and he really could'nt be bothered going another round with her.

"Dad you could come in and pick me up you know" Declan had just got in the car and put his seatbelt on.

"Yeah well you know how much me and you're mother get on hmm"

"C'mon da its not that bad at least you still talk, that's better than some parents do" Declan gave a small smile. He knew something was wrong with his da but he did'nt know what, but he was determined to find out.

"So where are we off to"

"Whatever you want. What do you want to do?" Brendan tried to remain upbeat, so that Declan would know there was nothing wrong.

All of a sudden Brendan's phone went. Declan reached out to grab it and see who it was "Hey da its Ste" Declan was about to answer it when Brendan reached out grabbed his phone and switched it off.

Declan was even more confussed now "Da is everythink ok. With you and Ste I mean"

"Yeah course it is. Why would'nt it be. So do you want to go to the arcades and then grab something to eat, we can even go to that vegetarian place if you want?"

"Yeah that's fine" Declan was even more determined that he was going to get his dad to speak to him about what was going on.

Declan and Brendan had just sat down to start eating. They had been at the arcades all morning, now they were sitting down to eat lunch. Declan had picked a burger joint that sold meat as well as vegetarian food. His dad was not worth living with if he did'nt have a good meal in him. It had been a few minutes since there food had arrived and Brendan had'nt touched anything on his plate.

Declan put his food down on his plate and thought enough is enough "Right da what is wrong?"

Brendan had been staring into space "What Dec. Nothings wrong son absolutely nothing"

"Nothing huh. Da you have'nt touched you're food, when you would eat anything that moves if you could, you're also not talking to Ste, when you can hardly go 1 second without talking to him and you also look like hell. Now what is the problem.

Brendan did'nt realise he had been that obvious. Trust Dec to realise something was wrong "Nothing son, really its nothing"

"Uh huh da I swear you either start talking now or we don't leave here until you do"

"Declan its not you're problem"

"Yeah Yeah start talking"

"Ste and me are'nt getting on that well at the moment ok" Brendan hoped Dec would leave it alone now.

"What do you mean da. I thought it was going really well after you saved him from Silas. I thought it was different"

"Yeah so did I that was until" Brendan started telling Declan what had happened, he knew the kid would'nt leave him alone otherwise.

When Brendan had stopped talking Declan had just sat there looking a bit shell shocked for a couple of seconds"Da promise not to get mad with me if I say this ok"

"Say what"

"I know what Ste did was wrong, but I kind of see where he is coming from" Declan knew his da would be a little upset.

Brendan could'nt believe it the kid was on Ste's side "You telling me you agree with him"

"I did'nt say that. What I'm saying is I kind of see where he is coming from. Da the guy kidnapped him and beat him to a bloody pulp, he's still scared of him. So I can understand he would want it over with as soon as possible"

"He still should have trusted me Deccy" Brendan really did'nt want to talk about this right now.

"I know da he should have done, but you are just seeing it from you're point, not from Ste's and with you being a couple you should see it from each others point of view. So what did Ste say when you spoke to him" Brendan sat there and did'nt say anything. Declan could'nt believe it "Da you did talk to him before you left right. Da?"

"Deccy I was mad with him can't you understand that" Brendan was getting frustrated now.

"Da you still ran away without speaking to him. Does he even know you're here" Declan knew the answer without even waiting for an answer.

"Listen Dec you are too young to know about these things, so lets change the subject yeah" Brendan kind of knew he was going to lose this arguement"

"Which means no. Da you are as much at fault here you could have spoken to him before you left. You're a couple for god sake" Declan was getting mad with his dad now.

"Listen Dec"

"No dad you listen. You have been miserable since you have been here, you have'nt been eating properly and you have'nt even spoke to Ste are you mad or just stupid"

Brendan could'nt believe Deccy was speaking to him like this "I have'nt been miserable I've been with you. I love seeing you you know that"

"Yeah I know, but dad you are missing Ste. Even if you don't want to see him, just phone him and let him know you are ok. It's the least you can do after you left like that"

Brendan could'nt believe he was been being beaten in an arguement with his teenage son "When the hell did you get so smart eh?"

Deccy knew he had beaten his dad "I'm always smart I'm a Brady" Brendan and Declan smiled at that "You will phone Ste then Yeah"

"I will think about it ok. So now lets eat" Brendan started eating a little, the kid was right he had hardly eaten anything in a week.

After they had eaten Brendan drove Declan home. When they pulled up Declan made sure his dad knew in no uncertain terms he had to phone Ste.

Brendan eventually pulled up at the hotel, he went straight to his room and poured himself another whisky. Even though Bren hated to admit it Declan was right he should'nt have left without speaking to Ste first.

He was missing Ste like crazy, he did'nt realise he would miss him this much. Since they had got back together they had spoke to each other every day, that what was driving him mad not speaking to him.

Brendan eventually pulled out his phone and started to dial Ste's number. Declan was right he at least owed Ste a phone call to let him know he was ok.