Traveler 30


"Have you seen your mother," Dad asked while I walked across the cold hardwood floor of the living room.

It was finally Thursday, and I was going out of my mind. I quickly shook my head and moved to the kitchen table. I needed some coffee and fast.

I knew I couldn't have much due to the pregnancy, but one cup a day was just fine and I often took advantage of that. I needed the pick me up. I had no current work plans and honestly, other than Emmett, my future as an editor was looking bleak.

And every time my phone did ring, it wasn't Edward. I hadn't gotten anything from him, not even a text. So, of course I was worrying out of my mind about his safety and what he was up to. Last night, I even got so desperate that I called his phone, but it just went straight to voicemail. I figured that was going to happen, but it didn't mean I liked it.

I didn't even know where he was at the moment. It was hard going along with it, knowing nothing about his mission and him not even being able to talk to me about it; I had no details whatsoever.

"Honey, why are you wearing your new robe?" Mom asked as I sat at my normal chair. Apparently, she had been hiding in the kitchen.

She'd been wonderful, shopping with me almost every day. And since I was pregnant, there was no more buying regular clothes. Everything had to be marked maternity, since I was and I quote, "Going to blow up like a house soon."

She was serious, and while I looked forward to the day I had a round, protruding belly full of my and Edward's little baby, I was also very aware that at the moment, I didn't have that at all. I was still small and had a very tiny tummy. So I didn't need the larger clothes yet, but she insisted on me having them.

"Because this one still fits, so I'm going to wait to wear my new one," I told her, painting a sweet smile on my lips. I was still trying to be polite. "By the way, Dad is looking for you."

She grinned like a little kid. "We'll be busy for a little bit," she said before taking off out of the room like her ass was on fire. I tried not to think about what she had just said and stared at my coffee.

I needed to get the hell out of here.


I sat staring out the big viewing window, I was bored again and of course my mind was in overdrive. With every passing hour, I was worrying about Edward more and more, but I couldn't tell a soul or even talk to anyone about it, which honestly, had to be one of the worst parts about this life.

My mom was sweet and a great distraction, most of the time, but I needed more. So because I hadn't seen much of her lately, other than the New Year's party, I called Alice and offered her, Jasper and the kids a free trip to Texas to see the sights. They were due to arrive any minute and I was picking up the whole lot of them.

Therefore, currently I was stuck in the airport lounge, reminiscing. And as much as I tried not to think about Edward while I was sitting there, I couldn't help it. I didn't want to miss him even more, but when you were in the same place where everything started, it was hard not to.

A rush of people walked out and I waited patiently, watching for my petite friend and her family. I knew that I needed to be on the lookout for a messy mop of blond hair, that was Jasper, Alice's husband, and he was fairly tall, so at least I would be able to spot him easily.

Or, that was what I thought would happen.

As the people rushed by me, group after group, I didn't see them.

I wondered if she had tried my phone, but when I looked at it, I realized I had no reception, something that I noticed frequently. It was spotty at best, even in the heart of Houston, and that definitely wasn't working for me.

I headed over to the screens lining the far wall to check their flight's arrival time once more, thinking that maybe it could've been delayed.

As I was standing there, waiting for the times to update. A large hand wrapped around my arm, grabbing my attention.

When I looked up, I saw a hulking man dressed in a black suit, with dark sun glasses hiding his eyes.

"Are you Isabella Swan?" he asked gruffly.

My first instinct was to lie, but then I remembered my license, sitting in my purse and there was no way I could get away with it for long.

I gulped before nodding. "Yes."

"Then you need to come with me," his deep, menacing voice said as he pulled me along with him.

I had no idea where I was headed, but I could tell by the urgency with which we were moving that it wasn't going to be good.

Uh oh! What do you think will happen?

I'm still recovering but I thought I would drop this off to you guys!

Btw, if any of you are reading The Long Road Home, someone recc'd it on TLS and it's still up for a vote, if you wanna, you know? Thanks guys! I'll be back when I'm feeling better, I promise. I have some recovery in front of me. Thanks for all your well wishes!