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Summary: Vampires may not fall in love often, but when they do they fall hard. If only he could get a certain barmaid to agree.

Chapter One


It was yet another busy evening at Merlotte's, the steady stream of locals coming and going leaving me rushed off my feet. Thankfully I wasn't the only waitress on staff tonight, Tara on bar while Jessica was looking after her own section. The fact she was new however meant she was still getting used to how things worked with the system and such, meaning unfortunately most of the responsibility fell onto my shoulders.

I didn't mind, it would have been cruel of me to blame her for something that wasn't her fault. I liked Jessica, she was shy at times, but when confronted with a rude or offensive customer who refused to be served by her simply due to the fact she was a vampire she would release her fiery personality on the unsuspecting victim who had over stepped their mark.

I shouldn't have found it as amusing as I did.

Shaking my head, my high ponytail swinging with the motion I headed towards the bar with my latest order. "Two beers, burgers and fries" I informed Tara, rolling my eyes as she effectively snatched the ticket from my fingers with a grunt.

As soon as my order was ready I neatly placed them on my serving tray before heading back over to the couple sitting in my section, my lips forcefully turning into a smile which I knew looked anything but real.

Uh, why do we always have to have the mental case serve us…

Mm, what I'd do that sweet body if I had the chance. I'd show the nut, make her gag for it as I…

"Is there anything else I can get you?" I blurted out as I placed down their food, my head swirling with the unsanitary thoughts which I had hurriedly interrupted. Was everyone in this town a sex crazed pig?

After getting a 'no' I hurriedly headed away from the table, my strained smile dropping as I no longer had to keep up the façade I had been practising for years. Still I had yet to perfect it, what with being known in this town as 'crazy Sookie' after all.

"Are you alright, Hun?"

Turning to face Lafayette I shrugged, taking advantage of the few minutes I had to rest before I would have no choice but to start waiting tables again. It wasn't that I hated my job, sure I wish I could perhaps do something more with my life, but I was realistic. My disability and lack of education meant I was limited in opportunities, my next to nothing income didn't help the situation much either.

"Just the usual" I shrugged, reaching back to tighten my ponytail before leaning on the counter. "What about you, got any plans tonight?" I asked curiously, wondering what was on his schedule for this evening.

I watched as his grin widened. "Oh darling, I'm going to be shaking my bootie on the dance floor tonight" he winked flamboyantly, waving his hands in a dramatic display of excitement. "Hopefully I'll be able to catch me some tail" he added as an afterthought, sneaking a wink in my direction.

Laughing I couldn't help but want to know more. "So, where are you going?"

"Well babe," he started with a flick of his wrist. "I'm heading down to that vampire club in Shreveport, you know the one you went to when Jason was in a pickle" he admitted, my eyes widening at his confession.

"You don't mean Fangtasia do you?" I asked worriedly, but I already knew from scanning his thoughts that I was right in my guess. It wasn't like it was hard to work out.

Lafayette simply grinned wider. "Uh huh, I thought if you could give the vamps a go then why the hell not" he spoke cheerfully, his white teeth standing out brightly against his darker skin tone.

Biting my lip I gazed at him panicked. Truthfully I hadn't been to Fangtasia since Eric needed my help with his bartender stealing from him. It hadn't been a pleasant experience.

"Are you sure that's a good idea?" I asked.

Lafayette shrugged. "I've already decided, but you sweetheart can accompany me" he wigged his brows, my mouth dropping open briefly at his request.

"I don't know-" I started, only to be cut off by an even more excited drama queen.

"Please," he begged. "You know your way around the vamps, they like you, right?"

I frowned. "What makes you think they like me?"

"Well, you do spent a lot of your time around them and yet you're still alive" he replied bluntly.

"Still…" I mumbled uneasily.

Realising that he needed to step up his persuasion I scowled when I was hit with his thoughts on how to convince me to give up my own plans of sitting at home on my own with a good book in favour of partying with him. My scowl only deepened when he opened his mouth.

"Come on Sook, you don't want anything to happen to me do you?" he pouted, my frown worsening when I realised he was playing the guilt card.

"You can be real mean when you want to be, Lafayette" I snapped before spinning on my heels and heading back to my section. I knew the look of sheepishness on his features was nothing more than a well-placed mask, what with his thoughts cluing me in on the triumph he felt on his apparent victory. He knew my conscience wouldn't let me say no like I wanted to, he was using it against me and I didn't like it.

I had just finished clearing my final table for the night when Jessica approached me, her red hair pulled into a low braid as she held her own tray filled with empty plates and rubbish which had been left behind.

"Hey Jessica," I smiled tiredly. "How's working at Merlotte's so far?" I asked as I started to wipe down my section as soon as everything had been cleared for the night.

Jessica shrugged in reply. "It's alright a guess, Sam's nice" she admitted.

"But…" I trailed off, sensing she was holding back.

"I don't know. It's not something that I really want to do with my life" she admitted, clearly feeling uneasy with discussing her lack of a successful job around me. I didn't blame her; I was in my twenties and still waiting on ungrateful rednecks that only saw me as a crazy, big breasted air head. I had heard enough over the years to know how true my suspicions were.

"You're still young Jessica," I soothed her worries. "You don't have to be stuck doing this all your life" I told her before heading to Sam's office to tell him I was finished for the day.

I was slightly taken aback when I nearly ran into Jessica when I left the office after hanging up my apron and grabbing my purse. "I haven't offended you have I?" she asked worriedly. I shook my head. "Thank god," she breathed. "By the way, Lafayette told me to tell you that he'll be around to pick you up at nine" she rushed out before flashing off before I could protest.

Knowing I didn't really have a choice in the matter I got into my crappy yellow car before heading home, wincing at the strangled sound of the engine as it tried to get me from point A to point B.

"Come on baby, you can do it" I pleaded to my little car, breathing a sigh of relief when my house came into view.

Hopping out of the car, thinking absently as I locked it that no one would want to steal the piece of junk anyway, I headed inside for a quick shower. Even if I didn't want to go I knew Lafayette would be making an appearance, it was simply down to the fact whether I wanted to be dragged out or to go willingly. Well, kind of willingly anyway.

In the end I decided on a soft pastel yellow dress which reached just above my knees, the fabric soft and I enjoyed the way it brushed against my bare legs with every step I took. It may not be expensive, or even of the best quality, but it was in perfect condition and as far as I was concerned I saw nothing wrong with wearing it.

Blow drying my damp hair I decided against putting it up, rather leaving it down as the blonde strands naturally curled and twisted into a thick vast of curls. A little hair spray to keep it in place was the only addition I found necessary.

As for my make-up I kept it simple, a dash of mascara and lip gloss the only cosmetics I added to my appearance due to my low budget. Unlike most I couldn't afford to spend extra money on luxuries, what I had on now was already pushing it but I found that when I wore make-up for work it tended to increase my tips at times which was the sole reason I brought it.

Glancing at the clock I took note that I had a few minutes left, choosing to spent it by grabbing something quick to eat before deciding on a pair of shoes. I ended up choosing a simple pair of matching yellow flats which I had yet to have the opportunity to wear.

I wasn't surprised when Lafayette turned up more than an hour late, my hopes that he had changed his mind or chickened out dissolving into a frown as I caught sight of his car heading up my more than disgraceful driveway. Fixing it just wasn't in my budget at the moment.

Grabbing my light clutch I headed outside, my eyes widening when I caught sight of Lafayette's attention seeking outfit. I didn't know why I hadn't thought about what my already dramatic friend would wear, but he had certainly taken the gothic theme seriously.

He was wearing a pair of extremely tight leather pants which left nothing to the imagination, the tight material pulling around his groin making me look anywhere but directly at it. Other than that he had matched it with a sleeveless jacket and nothing else, revealing his dark skin in a revealing manner. He clearly wasn't going for subtle.

"Hey Sook," he grinned before catching sight of me. His neatly groomed brows raised in question.

"What?" I asked nervously, feeling self-conscious under his stare.

"Nothing Sook, it's just, well, what are you wearing?" he gestured to my outfit.

I frowned, looking down at my dress before meeting his less than impressed gaze. "What do you mean?" I asked, taking in his bright red lips and eye-make-up which put mine to shame. Then again, I was and never would be the dramatic type. I preferred simple, neat.

"We're going to a vampire club Sook's, didn't you wear that to church the other week?" he questioned amused, though made no move to try and drag me back into my home which I was thankful for.

Scowling I made my way towards his car, not in the mood. I was tired, I wanted to sleep and yet here I was going out of my way to help out a so-called friend who had not only insulted me but dragged me into this situation to begin with.

"Look Lafayette," I started as I slipped into his car. "I feel comfortable in this, you know I don't do…tight" I winced, having tried to find the right word to describe it. But even so, tight still didn't seem like the correct word to use.

"Tight?" he snorted. "Look honey, believe it or not but you are hot, show it off once and a while" he grinned. Yea, that was never going to happen.

"Can we just get this over with?" I pleaded.

"We're nearly there, chill babes" he rolled his eyes as he turned right. "So, what's this club like then?" he added after a few minutes.

I frowned, thinking of a way to describe it in a manner which made sense. "It's loud," was all I could come up with in the end.

"Loud?" he snorted. "What about these vamps then?" he grinned with a flamboyant wink.

"What about them?" I asked, craning my neck slightly when the flashing sign on the side of the club made itself known. I sighed; I really did not want to be here.

"They hot?" he smirked and my thoughts instantly seemed to be drawn to a certain blonde haired Viking before I rapidly shook my head to try and clear them.


"Oh they are aren't they?" he teased before pulling into a space further down the road, the car park having been full. "Fuck, look at that line" he groaned as he eyed the others who were eagerly waiting to be allowed inside.

"It's a club Lafayette, of course it's going to have a line" I rolled my eyes, grabbing my small clutch before hopping out the car while holding the bottom of my dress down. It may be a nice night, but there was still a slight breeze in the air.

Hearing him groan in complaint I glanced in is direction as we headed to the end of the queue which was well around the corner of the club. "Can't you get us in early?" he pouted.

I shook my head. "Now, now just because I know Eric and Pam doesn't mean I should be taking advantage of that fact. I am simply here to make sure you don't get into trouble since you guilt tricked me into it" I scowled, Lafayette looking slightly shameful but his excitement pretty much overshadowed everything else.

"You'll be thanking me as soon as you loosen up a bit, get some shots into your system" he winked causing me to scoff. That was highly unlikely, what with the fact I didn't like to drink vastly.

Turning to him I shot him a pleading expression, trying to ignore the fact I was solely the only person in line who wasn't dressed in either black or red, or practically naked depending on how you looked at it.

"Please tell me you will look after yourself, Lafayette" I pleaded, knowing what my unpredictable friend could be like at times. "There still vampires" I added with a frown.

"Oh hush-" he started before jumping up excitedly when the queue moved so they were no longer around the corner. "Oh look, we're finally getting somewhere" he sighed in relief before looking towards me curiously.

"What?" I asked, taking note of his expression.

"Who's the sour puss looking in our direction?" he asked, gesturing to the entrance of the club with a jerk of his head.

Letting my gaze follow his line of sight, moving my head slightly so I could see past the rest of the queue, I saw Pam as she seemed to catch sight of me with a slightly stunned expression before she managed to mask it. Turning back to Lafayette I shrugged.

"That's Pam," I admitted before wincing as I felt my mental shield slip slightly.

"Ooh," he purred. "If I was straight I would be all over that sex on legs, but alas…" he sighed in mock disappointment.

I was only half listening to him however, trying in vain to get a grip on my mental shields before all my inner walls crumbled down. I had experienced it before, the pain it caused when everybody's thoughts muddled in with my own. It was far from a pleasant sensation.

"Hey Sook, she's coming over!"

I was vaguely aware of Lafayette's excited whisper as well as the murmurs of the others waiting in line who were desperate to gain her attention, but what really caught my concentration was a thought which had managed to slip through before I could get a grip on myself.

Right think, he'll be here in a few hours. Oh god, I need this fix…Why did it have to be a vampire bar, clique much? Shit, what if they sense something's up…

I was brought out of my confusion when I felt Lafayette elbow me in the gut, a surprised grunt leaving my lips causing me to flush at how unladylike I sounded. Gosh, how humiliating.

Bringing myself back to the present I took note of how both Pam and Lafayette were staring at me, Pam strangely in slight concern while Lafayette was, as per usual, looking at me in a way which told me he thought I was as nutty as everyone else did.

"Hey Pam" I smiled, it only being slightly forceful.

"Sookie," she nodded. "How long have you been waiting in line with the rest of these" she gestured to the others in line, "bloodbags?"

I frowned at her use of wording but didn't comment. "Only about a half hour" I shrugged, not seeing why she seemed almost unsettled by my admission.

"Why?" she scowled, sneering at Lafayette when he got closer than to her liking. It was fair to say he hurriedly stepped away.


"Never mind" she rolled her eyes. "But please, next time you wish to visit us not to feel the next to wait in line, you are better than these pathetic fangbangers" she looked at said fangbangers in distaste. Uh, I hated that term.

"Trust me when I say Pam that this is a one off" I told her, jumping slightly when she appeared right next to me before her hand touched my lower back causing me to flinch in surprise.

"Now," she smiled with fang as she applied enough pressure against my lower back to get me walking. "You don't mean that," she winked.

Looking over my shoulder I watched as Lafayette hurriedly made his way towards the entrance with us, Chow on the door who nodded respectfully towards Pam before letting us pass much to the shock and distaste of everyone else who had been waiting so much longer.

"Urm Pam, can I have a word?" I asked nervously, glancing towards Lafayette. He wasn't aware of my so-called 'gift' and I didn't want him to be, he already thought I was slightly off my rocker and I didn't want to seal the deal for him.

"Concerning what?" she purred, leaning in a little closer than I felt comfortable with. Flickering my gaze to Lafayette she seemed to grasp onto my mental train of thought. "Of course, why doesn't your friend head over to the bar, the first round is on us" she offered which was more than Lafayette needed before he was off like a shot as he weaved through the crowds of half-naked dancers.

"Thanks Pam" I smiled in relief, trying to ignore how another set of eyes seemed to be burning a hole into the back of my head. I didn't think I was ready to face him just yet.

"No problem, now what do you have for me?" she asked with a raised brow.

Sighing I knew I didn't have much of a choice other than to dish to her what I heard, even if the thought made me cringe since there was a chance they would continue to ask me to come back. The thought wasn't appealing.

"There's a man outside," I started before lowering my voice, knowing that not all the vampires present were aware of my 'gift'. "He was thinking about meeting someone here for a fix, about how clique it was that he was getting it in a vampire bar" I confessed.

Pam's brows rose as I finished, her head tilting to the side as if listening to something before I felt her fingers wrap almost gently around my bare wrist. Her lack of firmness surprised me, not to mention the fact she seemed to be finding any opportunity to touch me. It was strange; I wondered why hadn't noticed it before.

"Eric is aware of the situation, I would like for you to point out this bloodbag if you will?" she stated as she gently tugged me back outside. I saw Lafayette shoot me a concerned look but I waved him off.

"And then what?" I asked. I didn't like the sound of signing this guy's death warrant, it made me sick.

Pam simply looked at me, amusement flickering through her normally bored gaze. "And then we deal with it."

I scoffed, not letting it drop. "How?" I questioned, crossing my arms across my chest showing her that I meant business. I had learnt you had to be firm with Pam; it was that or you got eaten alive.

"If you are correct you will question him further than then we will decide" she stated as we headed back outside, Chow looking at us briefly before turning back to checking ID's.

"And then you'll turn him over to the police, right?" I continued to prod, still not letting it go. I saw annoyance briefly flicker across her gaze but I didn't drop it.

"If that is what Eric wishes" she spoke flatly, my eyes narrowing but I didn't say anything further. "Which one is it?" she asked when the line came back into view, Pam having signalled Chow to pause for a moment as not to accidently let the culprit get past them and into the club before I could successfully point him out.

Swallowing, I gently let down my shield, knowing I would have to match the mental tone of voice since I didn't know what he looked like. I knew he was nervous, probably dressed in the same manner as everyone else and male. Other than that, I was coming up short.

"Well?" Pam asked impatiently.

"I don't know, he's not here anymore" I frowned, only to be tugged back inside while Pam told Chow not to allow anyone else in. Groans could be heard in the crowd but no one spoke out about it, they would be talking to vampires after all.

"Then he must already have been allowed inside" Pam stated in monotone. "It shouldn't take you too long to find him" she smirked before leading me to a surprisingly empty booth. "Call either myself or Eric when you have located him, I will get you a drink" she added before appearing next to the bar before I could protest.

Quickly locating Lafayette I shook my head with a smile when I saw him grinding on the dance floor, a seductive smirk on his features as he tried to flaunt what he had.

"Here" Pam surprised me when she returned, a vodka and tonic in her hand much to my shock and relief.

"You remembered what I drink?" I asked as I accepted it. "Thank you."

"It is not difficult; being what I am allows me to be able to process a large amount of extra information. Remembering your drink order was nothing" she stated bluntly, managing to turn what I believed to be a compliment into a way to make me look dumber that before. I knew it wasn't intentional on her part, well I hoped it wasn't anyway.

"That's nice, Pam" I decided to settle with.

Watching her nod she seemed to stay put for a few seconds before she was gone. It was probably for the best.

Taking a sip of my drink I continued to try and ignore the heavy stare which was directed towards me, instead choosing to concentrate on locating this drug addict. Part of me wished I hadn't heard anything in his thoughts; that maybe if I had managed to keep my inner walls built up then I wouldn't have to worry about finding this guy. But then again it was giving me the distraction I needed to avoid a certain Viking who seemed to be intent on catching my attention.

I was half an hour in and already getting a headache when a sudden breeze brushed by me, startling me somewhat as I jumped out of my haze.

Looking up I saw Eric sitting opposite me, an amused expression on his face. "What?" I frowned, wondering what was so funny.

"Did you miss me?" he smirked. I rolled my eyes at the realisation that he thought I was here for him.

"Don't flatter yourself, Eric. I got dragged here because a friend of mine didn't know his way around" I admitted as I took another sip of my drink. I would need alcohol to get through this conversation.

"You wound me," he mocked a hurt look before a smirk replaced his previously playful mood. "How's Compton?" he sniggered. I scowled.

"None of your business!" I snapped through narrowed eyes, he knew full well that me and Bill weren't seeing eye to eye at the moment. "Why don't you go sit on your throne or something?" I tried to wave him off, already starting to feel the jealous thoughts of the others slipping through. I scoffed, as far as I was concerned they could have him.

"And deny you of my company?" he smirked that infuriating smirk of his. "I am nowhere near as cruel" he wigged his brows.

Choosing to ignore him, figuring he would get bored sooner or later and leave I went back to trying to find the source of the thoughts which I had heard earlier, it being another half hour until my both physically and mentally exhausting search seemed to finally pay off.

Snapping my head in Eric's direction I licked my dry lips when he seemed to be staring at his phone, his longish golden hair pulled back into a loose ponytail as he clicked away on the small device. It was strange, I had never been attracted to men with long hair yet with Eric it seemed to suit him. Not that I was attracted to him or anything, but I mean he was a Viking in his previous life so of course it would look good on him.

I shook my head, trying to clear my muddled thoughts before gathering myself as best I could. He didn't seem to be all that bothered by what was going on around him, his attention directed towards his mobile but I knew he was old enough and experienced enough to never be completely unaware of his surroundings. He just made it look easy, unlike Bill.

Not wanting to compare the two of them I reached out and gently touched Eric's wrist, wanting his attention without having to speak to the cocky bastard if it was at all possible. I was vaguely surprised he hadn't taken his seat back at his throne, his ego big enough that I knew it was where his preferred seating arrangement was.

As soon as my fingers had lightly touched his pale skin I hurriedly pulled my hand away when his head snapped up, an emotion I refused to admit to myself present in his intense blue eyes as he stared at me, his phone long forgotten.

I watched as his head tilted to the right slightly, my cheeks filling with blood as I flushed and squirmed uncomfortably under his gaze. It was intense to say the least.

"Urm…" I cleared my throat, draining my glass only to have Chow flash me another one before I had even put the glass down. I frowned, figuring that Pam had overtaken door duty again. She had once told me she preferred it to working the bar, something vaguely similar to her stating that she was worth more than serving fangbangers all night. "Thank you."

"You're welcome Miss" Chow replied politely, taking my empty glass before he was gone.

Turning my attention back to Eric I saw that his intense gaze hadn't lessened in the slightest, if anything it only made me more uncomfortable.

"Uh," I started with a slight croak to my voice. "I found who I was looking for" I confessed, expecting his expression to change only to come up short. He just kept staring, and unfortunately it was directed at me.

"You are truly something, min älskare" he muttered, using a phrase I had heard from him multiple times on a few occasions. I still hadn't a clue what it meant.

"He's over there" I gestured with a slight jolt of my head, watching as his eyes flickered in that direction for less than a second, but clearly it was enough time for him to keep track on the surprisingly young addict who was currently trying desperately to blend in and remain unnoticed.

I nearly spilled my drink when Pam suddenly appeared at the booth, her lips curved up in distain. "Yes Master?"

"It seems Sookie here has proved herself yet again to be a valuable asset," Eric smirked causing me to glare. He knew how much I loathed being called an asset, it made me feel like an object to be passed around. "As soon as his associate arrives intercept them" he ordered his child in an almost lazy tone, Pam nodding once before leaving.

"Can I leave now, I'm sure Lafayette will be ready to leave by now?" I asked hopefully, already finding myself risking nodding off. It would not be a safe thing to do around Eric that was for sure, it wasn't worth the risk.

His steel blue eyes blinked once before they flickered onto the dance floor, a smirk pulling at the corner of his lips. "I doubt that, lover" he winked.

Flushing but rolling my eyes, used to his behaviour by now, I followed his gaze to where everyone was dancing. The envious and jealous thoughts and stares were still present unfortunately, all still directed at me, but as soon as I caught sight of Lafayette's dark skin tone I sighed.

"See," Eric spoke huskily causing me to jump. "He seems to be enjoying himself very much" he winked.

Sighing I slumped back in the booth, knowing he was right. Lafayette was grinding against some poor boy that looked to be just as into it as he was. Basically, I was in for a long night since unless I knew he was getting home safely my conscience wouldn't be letting me go anywhere.

"Don't you have people to drink from?" I sighed in Eric's direction with a sense of annoyance. I would never admit that at times, rare times, I actually found myself enjoying his company.

"I would rather drink from you, min älskare" he purred.

Resting his elbows on the table I shivered under his gaze, the pure intensity of it enough for a flush of excitement to run through me.

"Yea well, I'm not on the menu" I hurriedly replied.

Eric grinned with full fang. "Are you quite positive? I could have anyone in here kneeling at my feet in moments, and yet, you say no?" he quirked a brow.

"I don't want their sloppy seconds" I bit out before I could stop myself, my hand slapping over my mouth as my eyes widened at my own words. I flushed. Gran would be rolling over in her grave if she knew.

Surprisingly Eric barked out a laugh, startling the neighbouring humans who had been trying to get his attention since he had taken a seat opposite me. I fought back a giggle at the sound of his laughter, however brief it was.

"Ah, is that what you are worried about min älskare?" he smirked amused. I didn't reply. "Perhaps it would interest you to know that you are the only one whom interests me" he winked.

I swallowed back another bitter retaught. "Don't you have anything else to do?" I asked hopefully.

"Nope, not unless you wish to give me something to do?" his lips twitched, and I could have sworn I saw hope hit his icy blue orbs before it was gone like a flick of a switch. It was both unsettling and impressive to watch.

"I think I need another drink" I responded flatly.

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