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Main Characters: James 'Jem' Coughlin and Murphey-Lee Copeland (OC)

Other Characters Mentioned: Claire Keesey, Doug McCray, Krista Coughlin, Gloansy, Dez, Adam Frawley, Caroline (OC), and others.

Rating: M for language and sexual content.

Summary: James Coughlin's high school sweetheart left him while he was serving time in prison for manslaughter. Ever since then his life has had no purpose. When his ex comes back to Charlestown, will he find his purpose in life again?


"I can't do this anymore, James," Murphey-Lee Copeland spoke softly, yet every word carried across the table to her boyfriend; James Coughlin.

"Can't do what?" James frowned. He noticed she appeared more withdrawn than she was during her usual visits.

"Us," she said looking down at her hands resting upon the table. She knew it was hard breaking up with James but she needed to do it.

James and Murphey got together not long after her fifteenth birthday, he was seventeen but they fell in love. Murphey knew of James' lifestyle but never judged him once for it. For it was hard for people to believe that he genuinely loved Murphey. He never put people before himself, let alone opened himself up to love.

"What about us?" he asked her, already not liking where this conversation was going.

"Jem," she used his nickname everyone called him. "I start at BU in two weeks and you're in here for another six years! How can we make this work?"

He was three years into his nine-year stint at Walpole on manslaughter charges, after shooting a kid at the back of a cemetery when he was eighteen years old. Murphey stuck by him through the trial and the sentencing, and then came to visit him when she could spare the time. She didn't know if she could do it anymore.

"I don't know. But I love you and that's all that matters," he said taking one of her hands in his but she recoiled from his touch.

"I love you too Jem, but I'm going to be busy with classes and studying. I won't have time to come and visit you or anything…" she tried to fight the tears forming in her eyes.

For once, James didn't know what to say. His closest friends told him that this day would happen but he didn't believe them, not when it came to Murphey. She belonged at his side, and he saw her smiling face when he closed his eyes at night, dreaming of the day he'd be released from prison and be back in her arms. Now he didn't know what to think or say.

"So this is it?" he finally spoke.

Murphey nodded, "I'm sorry Jem. I love you, but it's just hard –"

"Murph, its fine," he forced a smile. "You've got a life to live and me being who I am, I'm just going to hold you back."

She studied his expression and knew he was lying. "Jem it's not that you'd hold me back. I've never judged you for what you've done and who you are. It's got nothing to do with this, I just thought this would be easier instead of us completely drifting apart," her tearful blue eyes piercing his own blue eyes.

"I understand," he muttered.

Murphey nodded rising from her seat but before she could turn to leave he spoke her name. "I always knew a good girl would make something of herself, unlike me,"

"It's never too late to turn your life around –"

"Yes it is," he sighed.

Murphey knew that wasn't true but she recognized the environment James had grown up in meant it would be hard to break the cycle.

"You're better than that," She told him.

he slowly rose from his seat, shrugging his shoulders hopelessly.

"When you get out you can start over, be who you want to be."

"You should go. You probably have to pack your shit or something," he said.

Before she could stop herself, she threw herself at him embracing him tightly. "Keep safe okay?"

"You know I will," he said giving her a gentle reassuring squeeze. "You keep safe too. And don't fuckin' fall for one of those stuck up rich guys who ain't gonna treat you right." he added as they released each other.

"I'd never be with one of those guys. Not when my heart belongs to a real gem."

They smiled and he pulled her into one last kiss. He was going to miss having her in his arms, her lips against his, their bodies pressed together. He was going to miss all of her and how she made him feel. He knew what she was doing was the best for her. He just hated that it had to happen this way.

Murphey pulled away as the tears began to fall, even though he gently wiped them away with his thumb. "I should definitely go now," she sighed.

"Yeah. Maybe I'll see you around when I get out," he said hoping she hadn't noticed the hopeful tone in his voice.

"Maybe," she sighed again. "Goodbye Jem."


He watched her walked away, never once did she look over her shoulder for one last glance, and even though she said it was over, his hope would linger.