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Friends or Foes

Murphey strolled into the living room and handed the mug of coffee to Mary, sitting on the opposite side of the couch. She felt Mary's gaze linger on her face, and nervously looked away.

"Do you want to tell me how you got that red mark on your face?"

Murphey shook her head; there wasn't much to say about the incident, not when her anger had provoked Jem. "You said we needed to talk. Do you mind telling me why?"

"I'm sorry about what I said the other day," Mary grasped the mug with both hands, staring down into it. "You and Jem have always belonged together and I was just pissed off because I thought Doug and I might've had something like that…or else I wanted us too." She glanced up offering a feeble smile. "I know you must be upset –"

"I'm more than upset!" Murphey abruptly snapped. "You walked out on me after dropping a huge bombshell! Now you're telling me it's because you were angry at Doug! You could've talked to me, instead of shooting your mouth off about Jem –"

"He was lying to you! Would you rather he called you from prison?"

"Sure he may end up in prison again, and I may be the lonely loser girlfriend that has to go visit him every week but if that's what it takes to see the man I love…I'd do it!" Mary set her mug on the coffee table and placed her grasped hands upon her lap. "You could have just ranted and raved to me about how much you hate Doug. I would have listened just like you listened to me rant and rave about how much of an ass Jem is!"

Murphey exhaled a long breath; waiting for Mary to reply but the words that came out of her mouth shocked her to her deepest core.

"I went to the FBI,"

"You what?"

"When I came to see you the other day, I didn't tell you that Jem stopped by…he gave some money so you wouldn't have to worry about paying me back." She shifted to the edge of the couch, opening her purse to shift through the contents. "I took the money to the FBI, and told them where it came from."

"How could you do that?" Murphey jumped up staring wide eyed at her friend. "If this is your plan to get back at Doug, then you're insane! Did you think about who this could affect huh?"

"What about the people they rob?" Mary argued. "I saw Jem beat a man's head in! And they took a hostage, Jesus Christ Murphey!"

"When did you give a fuck about what they did?"

"What about the people they terrorized? This is bigger than all of us!"

"Then why are you thinking of yourself?"

Mary rose from the couch and seized Murphey by the arms. "I was thinking of you! I don't want you to waste your life with that loser!"

Murphey shoved her away. "If you hadn't noticed, ten years ago I loved that loser! Ten years later I still fuckin' do!"

"You're not the same person I use to know, Murph. You've changed since you've been back with him." Mary stated quietly but it only made Murphey's anger flare up again.

"Not everyone can stay perfect like you Mar!"

"I'm not per –"

"Then stop acting like you are! You weren't born here. You weren't even raised like most people in Charlestown were. You came from a stable family unlike most of us Townies. You only saw what the other side grew up like, unless you grew up like Jem and Doug, you wouldn't understand how much of a big mistake you just made!"

"I just did what needed to be done!" Mary snapped.

"That's bullshit Mary, if you were thinking about my sake; you wouldn't have gone to the fuckin' FBI!"

Mary threw her hands up in the air. "How can you be so blind? Can't you see I'm just trying to protect you?"

"Get out!"

"Excuse me?"

"Get out of my house now," Murphey said gritting her teeth together as Mary stared at her for a long moment and then snatched up her bag, storming from the apartment.

Murphey picked up her glass and threw it towards the front door after Mary left. She burst into tears as she fell to the floor. She thought it couldn't get any worse until Mary announced she'd gone to the FBI. She never thought Mary would stoop that low and completely turn her back on their friendship. She hated everyone right now including herself. But managed to pick herself up off the floor, and made her way into the bedroom to throw some things into a suitcase. She was going to keep her promise to Kayleigh, she needed to get away from Charlestown and sort herself out.