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Four Years Later.

Murphey waltzed out onto the deck, discovering Jem holding their sleeping three year old son, Lachlan. The sun hung low on the horizon and Lachlan had wanted to watch the sunset with his daddy but fell asleep just as the sky turned to an orange haze sparkling upon the ocean.

The last four years in Mexico had been the best years of Murphey and Jem's lives – the most brilliant he'd ever had. They welcomed Lachlan James Coughlin to the world eleven months after meeting back up in Mexico.

It was a strange time, after losing two children already they were nervous and worried, but Murphey managed to have a fairly easy pregnancy and Lachlan came to full term, born safely at the hospital. As the months passed, he appeared to be a mirror image of Jem but had her dark hair.

Jem managed to get himself a job cleaning out shipping containers and doing other odd jobs at one of the shipping docks. The pay wasn't good but it kept him occupied and made him feel like he was supporting his growing family.

Murphey continued on with her photography, taking pictures of the amazing scenery and selling it in a little store she owned. She also did family portraits when she had the time between Lachlan and putting her swollen ankles up, being she was half way through another pregnancy. She and Jem discovered a couple days earlier that they were expecting a little girl. At first it tore her apart. When she thought about the new baby her mind went back to Kayleigh and how tragically she had lost her. Jem soon reassured her everything was going to be fine because now she didn't have the stress of him being in prison and her mother kicking her out. Everything was seemingly perfect for them.

Murphey even kept in contact with Mary, confessing everything to her old friend when she was convinced she and Jem were safe. Mary had hung up, refusing to talk to her for a couple of weeks before calling her back, apologizing and understanding her reasoning. It wasn't long after that, that Mary came to Mexico, helping them out while Murphey was pregnant. And even though she continued to see Adam and somehow keep her vacations a secret, when she announced to Murphey that Adam proposed, it was Murphey who suggested he should know the truth about them – having faith he loved Mary enough not to come hunting for Jem.

To everyone's surprised Adam left the FBI, taking a job at the Pentagon so he and Mary could stay permanently in Washington and raised their family, as Mary gave birth to little girl called Leighton, not long after Lachlan's first birthday. Their families always spent Christmas and New Year's together in Mexico.

Jem hadn't heard from Doug since the robbery. Last Jem heard Doug was serving time in prison, having taken the fall for the robbery.

"Do you want me to take him?" Murphey asked once she had finished admiring the scene in front of her.

"I've got him," Jem smiled at her as he stood carefully making sure not to wake the sleeping boy.

"I don't mind taking him,"

"Put your feet up. I'll put him into bed then come and join you," he reassured her, walking past to take their son to his bedroom.

She sat on the couch with her back against the arm rest, waiting for Jem. When he came back he sat down at the other end and pulled her feet onto his lap and started massaging them.

"Oh God, please don't stop," she groaned happily.

Her feet hadn't felt this good since before she became pregnant again. She found her feet swelling was the worst part of the pregnancy. The aching made her want to sit down every five minutes just to get off her feet.

"So I'm God now?" He smiled at her.

"Keep doing that and you definitely are my God," she told him. "If I could I'd start bowing,"

He continued to massage her feet until she was blissfully happy. Once he was done, Murphey turned and rested her head on his lap. Jem placed a hand on her stomach, feeling his daughter move. Murphey smiled as she watched Jem's eyes light up.

"I love you," she told him.

He looked at her smiling. "I love you too… I love you and our little family."