Hello. I'm currently in love with these two far more than how I used to be in love with them. Always been a BATCAT shipper, but after the TDKR I left that theater pretty happy and with a urge to clap. I've seen the movie 3 times already :D and maybe I'll watch it a forth I'm not sure. Either way this story is dedicated to all those Batcat fans out there. :) It's about life as Bruce and Selina/ Batman and Catwoman years after the TDKR. Where they have to endure the most challenging task together one last time.

The first chapter is set right at the end of TDKR.

Disclaimer: All rights go to Warner Bros. Christopher Nolan, and Bob Kane. I don't own TDKR.

CHAPTER 1. One Happy Moment

" I know which life is my real one now, no matter what happens. It's the one with you,"-Matched, Ally Condie

"Are you sure he'll be here," Selina fidgeted with her neckclace.

"Yes," Bruce answered, a brief apologetic smile emerging in his lips directing it to Selina. " I don't remember you being so nervous,"

Selina snorted. "I'm not nervous, I just don't know what he'll think of me. Of us," she clarified.

Bruce and Selina had been dating for the course of 6 months now. Ever since the BAT crashed they had run away together like a pair of adolescent teenegers ready to start fresh again. Trust was still a bit of an issue from time to time, but both Selina and Bruce are gaining more of each day. They were both happier now than how they have felt in a long time. Occasional flirts, teases, and sometimes a bit of arguments go through them. Yet, all argument seems to be resolved by a long evening of sex.

"Alfred doesn't care who I'm with, as long as I'm happy, he'll be okay," Bruce mentioned still scanning the cafe for a sign of his previous well loved butler.

Selina couldn't help smiling. "Isn't that just sweet, though if you asked me I would just call him and say you're alive. Saves the poor man all the anxiety," Selina responded, poor Alfred all this time not knowing that Bruce was alive. The man must be in complete despair, just like how Selina had felt thinking Bruce was dead and then that son of a bitch wound up in her apartment a couples days later with that damn grin of his while she was practically on high ends worrying about him. The memory still made her angry.

"Whoa, what's with the face," Bruce noticed.

She shrugs at him. He always knew more about her than what she would let on. She both liked and sometimes hated that about him.

"I was remembering something," she muttered zipping on her drink.

Suddenly the atmosphere hit her. They were waiting in a fancy cafe in Florence Italy. Laughing and smiling people everywhere. It was a beautiful place. It almost made what happen Gotham hardly real. She had never been so relaxed before, so settled. Many days she would wake up and feel as if it might disappear. Being happy, content, free seem like it will limit to one day. Selina always claimed to be adaptable, but she was having a hard time wondering when she'll have to adapt to something else.

Selina catches a glimpse of Bruce glancing over to see if his butler had arrived yet. He looked peaceful, the dark shadows in his eyes were all gone. Her leg under the table brushes on his suggestively. Bruce posture changes, he glances back at her with a curious glance. She grins back at him.

"Selina, this is public cafe," Bruce mentioned, unable to resist the urge that overcame him when her body was this close.

"You know you like it," she grins wider. "Remember that time in Paris, public 5-star restaurant and you were planning to take me whole right there. They had to kick us out and it wasn't even night yet."

They both burst into a laugh remembering that time about 4 months ago. Considering that time spent with each other they weren't the ordinary couple.

"How about the time you freaked out over-,"

"Don't even go there Bruce," Selina warned, but she had been holding a laughter in too.

Suddenly Bruce laughter seized and instantly Selina knew why. Alfred had arrived.

Selina didn't turn back, Bruce had said to let him turn and look at them first. She waited watching Bruce reaction, and then there it was, Bruce smiled past her and nodded. Surely by now Alfred had looked. Selina tried to be subtle about her turn, her hand still on the pearls. She just meekly got a glimpse of Alfred.

Alfred got up and left with a noticeable vivid smile on his face.

Selina felt a little disappointed. She was hoping Alfred would come over and at least say hi or something. She glanced at Bruce to see if he was equally disappointed. He wasn't at all. He smiled widely. Maybe the relationship between Alfred and Bruce didn't need any words, just emotions. "Shall we go,'' Bruce asked a while later. Selina nodded getting up.

The day went out as usual until Bruce became rather silent. Bruce was keeping his best pokerface They sat down by a pleasant field to watch the fireworks that were going to come out today. Selina frowned. She was always good at outsmarting people, but when she couldn't figure it out it just infuriated her. After a while she couldn't take it.

"Okay, what is it?" she turned to Bruce with narrowed brown eyes "Am I getting fat? Because I have been eating a whole lot now that we're on our little vacation,"

Bruce smirks. "I would've thought you find out what's in your pocket by now,"

Selina's eyebrows crossed in confusion. She reaches into her pocket. She felt a box inside. She pulls it out and realizes it was a black small case. Selina opened it to discover a ring inside. Her heart began beating. She glances at Bruce terrified.

"Is this some kind of joke? Because it's not funny," she knew what this box meant, but never has anyone been so close to her as to ask this.

"Ouch you're hurting my feelings here, it's not a joke," Bruce came close to her. "I want you to be my wife Selina. You're the only girl I met that didn't care who I was Batman or Bruce. You made my life of Bruce Wayne start living again. The reason I jumped out of that plane before the bomb exploded was because I saw an opportunity of starting over with you. Would you marry me?"

Selina for the first time in her life was tongue-tied. Marriage seemed like a fantasy that would never happen to her. She despised most men who wanted her before. Now...he's asking her to be his wife. Bruce Wayne's wife. She glances down at the ring. Bruce must've sneaked it in this morning. The ring had a diamond shape like a cat.

"Cat got your tongue?" Bruce asks, teasing.

Selina nodded, but she glances up at the man she felt completed her in everyway. He was the Batman to contain her Catwoman inside. He was her Dark Knight and damn it she loved this man more than she could've ever imagine.

"I don't know why you bother asking you know my answer would be yes," she grins and her hands flew around Bruce's neck. Her hungry red plump lips smashing on his. She was thankful she use lipstick proof or else Bruce would be complaining about all the lipstick smeared on his face. She kissed him passionately with feeling. They were fervently kissing one another until a voice " ahem" behind them, making them split up. Selina began glaring in the general direction of the voice when she found out it was Alfred. Instead she straightens up and tried zipping her jacket a little up.

"Alfred," Bruce smiled wholeheartedly.

"Master Wayne...," Alfred doesn't waste time, he goes to Bruce giving him a hard hug. His eyes tearing up a little at the thought that the boy he had watched since birth still alive.

Bruce embraces his butler back. Selina could tear up from watching them two. They engaged in conversation. Selina stood slightly afar to not intervene in the conversation. She figured they needed as much time as they could get. She meanwhile examined the ring in her finger. Marriage.

Selina Kyle would marry Bruce Wayne. She smiled genuinely.

"Alfred, I would like you to meet Selina Kyle," Bruce motioned to Selina.

Selina extended her arm, with a charming smile. "Pleasure to meet you," she wondered if Alfred remembered her back at the Wayne Manor when she stolen the pearls.

Alfred eyebrow shot up surprised, but he took her hand kissing the top. "Ms. Kyle I do believe we met, briefly," he started to smile, his eyes going to the pearls in her neck. She shifted back.

"Alfred I want you to be the first to know, She's my fiancé," Bruce smile was contagious.

Alfred and Selina found themselves smiling as equally pleased as him.

" Fiancé, Why Master Wayne I believe it's time you caught me up on everything that's been going on, but first...my deepest congratulation on the future you'll need all the luck you can get sticking with this man,"

"What's that supposed to mean," Bruce frowned.

Alfred just winked at Selina assuming she already knew about handling Bruce. She winked back at him.

Is this what it was supposed to be Bruce and Selina happy for the rest of their lives? In sickness and in hell for all eternity? Selina knew happiness doesn't last forever. Another storm would come someday. One can't live with the conformity of happiness forever. The only thing she knew now- staring at the man who understands her like no other, and his butler. She understood that there's no other place she can belong. When the other storms hits. She will stick by Bruce's side even if it requires Batman to be back. She will adapt, to whatever life throws at her.

Selina linked her arm around Bruce. "Well handsome I think it's time to go home, coming Alfred," she said with a new conformity in having Bruce lead her new life, trusting this man.

He nodded, his arms locking on hers tighter. They both turn to Alfred. He looked quite embarrassed. "You sure you want me to come in between sir?"

"I would love to have you as my butler again Alfred," he genuinely meant it.

"I wouldn't have it any other way," Alfred smiled following them back to the rented penthouse.

They would live happily for now. But the challenge is not yet over. It might come in a couple of years, where the next big storm will hit.


On the back, a scientist was taking pictures around the place. She smiled at the couple embracing each other in the night as the firework sprang on. Dr. Harleen Quinzel was taking a job in Florence before she headed down for a major job of attending Arkham Asylum. Her friend Pamela Isley came along with her, she was recently starting her career as a biochemist. Both women we're gladly working on their job.

" When are you heading to Gotham?" Pamela asks.

" 9 months from now, apparently they have issues with a nutshell in Arkham Asylum When are you leaving?" Harleen asks in return.

" Next month, some guy name Tommy is helping me out with my experiments. Who knows I might succeed on creating better natural plant environment,"

" Gotham is changing, for better or worse I still don't know," Harleen responded, " I suppose we'll see in a couple of years."

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