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" It was a desperate plan. Flawed and dangerous. But their window for action was closing by the minute. In hours, they'd be thrown out of Rim. The time for risk was now,"

- Through The Ever Night, Veronica Rossi

Chapter 6. Domino Effect Part I

Cornered, that's partly how Selina felt staring between both Poison Ivy and Harley coming closer to her. The other part was angry. How dare they come out to get her when she was still with Helena. Now she had to focused on making sure Helena got out of here without a single scratch on her, because if either Poison Ivy or Harley so much as put a finger on Helena she was going to burst out and pulverized both of them.

" What's wrong? Did a cat really get your tongue," Pamela asked, her green eyes radiating even with the dark sky.

" No I'm just figuring out ways to beat you without breaking a nail. Shouldn't be hard," Selina replied as coolly as she could, even pretending to expect her nails as if she truly didn't care about both of them.

" We'll see then won't we," Pamela replied.

" Cute little girl! Is she your daughter! Why she looks a lot like the boy we got. I wonder…," Harley stepped forward towards Helena.

Selina reacted, pushing Helena behind her. " You touch her and you're going regret it," she snapped " Leave her out of this."

Harley only looked slightly surprised, before she grinned. " Have it your way," Harley replied before she did a double flip, her legs swinging towards Selina. Selina sidestepped just in time, but not before part of Harley palm connected with the side of her face. Selina bit down the cry that wanted to escape her, instead she blocked Harley second move which was directed at her lower side. Selina just caught a the sight of Poison Ivy coming behind her. She jerked her leg back, kicking Poison Ivy on the stomach right while simultaneously blocking Harley moves. She had to hand it to Harley, she knew exactly how to punch and avoid being punch as well. Harley was flexible as well. When Selina tried to pinned her down, she twisted around, and with two legs kicked Selina out of the way.

Selina grunted as she hit the ground. Never before has someone actually got her to the ground. Poison Ivy took that as the perfect opportunity. She had tight green rope around her hands, she came from behind, trying to tie Selina. Harley cornered her in the process.

" Kitty got herself trapped now," Harley smiled.

Selina glared at her, no she refuse to go down to these two. " You wish," as quickly as she said that she raised her leg up and knocked Harley down, while she took the chance of the sway to whirl around and do a flip of her own. Knocking down Poison Ivy in the process. She moved with as much agility as possible, but that hadn't been the problem. It was Harley. No matter how many times she punched Harley or got her down, she would always get back up quickly. Buying Poison Ivy enough time to get up herself.


There was a moment Selina vision almost blurred. A punch from Harley followed by an incredible high kick had stun her. Selina stumbled back, blood coming out of the corner of her mouth.

" I'm an excellent acrobatics if you hadn't noticed. Before I became a doctor I practice acrobatics everyday. Now that I'm just Harley Quinn the acrobatics fits to Mister J," she grinned once again.

Selina didn't respond, she wiped the blood from her mouth.

" It seems like your having a rough day…want to talk about it Ms. Kyle," in sudden motion her voice changed. Harley sounded sophisticated instead of that upper perky voice she had going. " It's not easy these days is it, you want to care to explain? We don't have to fight, violence only leads to hatred."

Harley voice sounded caring, logical even. Selina frowned wondering why Harley was doing this, when behind her came a sharp pain.

This time Selina couldn't contain the yell that escape her, she sank down to her knees while she held her back. There was a pulsating tingle coming from behind her, streaking itself with a sharp feel of a dagger.

" We can talk about it all later," smiled Harley as Selina held her back in pain.

Selina bit her lip to keep from screaming.

Helena was horrified as she looked at the two women gang up against her mother. She blinked twice, hoping that the scene displayed before her would vanish. It didn't. Her heartbeat was accelerating and beating so hard she was afraid it might come tearing out. One thing for sure, she couldn't bear seeing her mother defenseless. She had to help her…somehow. Helena looked around desperately. A empty beer bottle was laying on the sidewalk. Helena ran to grab it, grabbing the bottle and breaking it. Impulse took over, she came behind the woman with the red hair and plunge bottle to her back.

" OW! What the hell-," Poison Ivy grabbed her back as she spun around.

" Get away from my mom!" Helena yelled, using the broken bottle as a weapon.

" Isn't that cute!" Harley grinned attempting to get near Helena when Selina held her back.

" Helena! RUN!" Selina yelled at her. " Go find you know who !"

" But-," Helena was about to protest.

" GO!" Selina ordered.

Helena took a step back but in the last moment she knew exactly who to look for. She was still unfamiliar with the streets, but she at least knew that that her last name, Wayne was still popular around here. All she had to do was ask someone directions to the Wayne Manor. She had to find her dad, before it was too late…

" We're splitting up. Gordon is going to take charge of what's happening at the river. Robin you're going to take care of the 20 people down by Old Town and I'll take care of the 20 people down the bank," Bruce explained, already in his Batman suit.

" What about your son?" Gordon asked, nodding at the arrangement.

" I will personally go for him after I'm done with the bank, if any of you manages to save the hostages head over to the place the Joker is keeping my son," Bruce explained, trying to let fear not be in control tonight.

" All right- I'm up to it," Blake nodded.

" We don't have much time in our hands, but I've seen worse situations," Gordon asserted.

" Here We'll communicate through these earpieces," Bruce handed them to Gordon and Blake.

" Good luck sirs," Alfred did his best to hide his worry whenever Bruce needed to go out as Batman.

Gordon left first, then Blake. Bruce hesitated a moment.

" Has Selina returned?"

" No sir, she hasn't," Alfred replied, then quickly added. " I'm sure Mrs. Wayne is fine, she is a remarkable young woman."

Bruce sighed. " If she comes home, tell her what happened," and with that he left.

6.00 P.M

Bruce had managed to get to the bank in affordable time. There were around 10 men holding rifles at the entryway. The Gotham Police had 3 patrol cars and one swat team ready for action. He could tell there were another 5 men holding the hostages. He decided he'll have to handle the inside first and then the outside. Just as Bruce made a jump into the roof of the bank a loud boom resonated from down by the river. He prayed the Gordon was all right as all the lights in Gotham went out.

Blake on the other hand was having a bit of a situation. There were four men outside, holding 7 woman with 3 children hostages. He didn't like when children we're involved. He'll just have to make sure to guarantee their safety. He was just debating whether to take the first 3 on the left or the other 2 on the right when a gun shot was heard. One of the men fell down, clutching to his leg. Another 4 gunshots echoed, getting the other 3 men on the same exact position.

" What the-," Blake began when he saw a girl with redish brown hair come out, gun in hand.

" Gotham Police, I'm ordering you to let your hostages go," It was Barbara Gordon.

Barbara was a risk taker and brave, Blake realized as he saw her. He admired her courage to stand up to this guys.

" What Gotham Police? All We see is you," one of the remaining men yelled.

Taking the opportunity, Blake swooped down. " -You forgot me," he said, taking note that Barbara looked rather surprised by his sudden appearance. " You save as many of the childrens and womens as you can."

Barbara nodded " Deal, you take care of the crooks,"

A moment later the light suddenly went out, leaving the whole city in complete darkness.

" What's going on?"

" Don't know?" Blake replied quickly before taking care of the other 2 men coming from inside Old Town. He had to admit that with Barbara help he was making the whole situation pretty dang easy. That's up until smoke started coming out from almost everywhere.

" Sir! Excuse me do you know any directions to the Wayne Manor?" Helena ran into someone who had been out. Thanks to the darkness she didn't see who she approached until later. He was the only person Helena saw out, everyone else were locked inside their homes.

" What's a young girl doing out here all alone," the man sneered.

Helena backed away immediately. The man gripped her arm. " Where are you going little girl?" he grinned.

" Let go," Helena protested. Remembering what her mother had taught her before she raised her leg and kicked right into the man's groin. The man let go of her abruptly. She took the opportunity to run. The man cursing behind her began running after her. Helena began sprinting. She was only 7 why on earth had she been put into such a situation?

~~~~7:20 P.M

Bruce sighed, he finally took down the last of the 20 men, freed the hostages, and he was feeling exhausted. Not to mention that the police outside scattered when the smoke broke out. He pressed the earpiece device.

" Gordon how are things around your area?…"

" There's too much smoke everywhere…..I…..men…strong gases-," static made the connection horrible.


The connection was out. He probably needed to check up on Gordon before heading over to the Wayne tower.

He clicked his earpiece device for Blake now. " Robin how's it going?"

" Fine! We got all the hostages safe- the man are tied ready to be taken to jail. I'm taking them in right now," Blake sounded pleased over the earpiece.

" Good, I'm going to check for Gordon-," before he could finished a girls scream penetrated through him.

Helena had almost gotten away, but thanks to the smoke she couldn't see a thing. She had slammed into a few people in the street, but thanks the density of the smoke, she couldn't see them. All she knew is that that man was coming after her. Her thighs were hurting from the run and she needed to catch her breath. She turned the corner only to surprise herself with a dead end.

" Now I got you cornered, no more running for you," the man laughed as he grabbed her wrist.

Helena did the only thing she could think of doing…she screamed.

" Nobody can hear you tonight. Everyone is too scared to go out, so in which case they are too scared to help you,"

At that same moment a black figured swooped down, knocking the man down with a single blow. Helena leaned back against the wall as she watched. The figured approached her.

" Helena?…What are you doing out here?," he asked in a too familiar voice.

Helena glanced up, that was all the confirmation she needed. " Daddy!" she ran to him, swinging her arms as Bruce lifted her up. " Daddy, Daddy-," Helena cried, unable to hold up the sob.

Bruce stroked her hair as he tried comforting her. " What happened sweetie, why are you here? Where's your mom?"

" She's in danger daddy! These two ladies went and attack her. They were harming her so bad! I-I tried to help but mommy told me to run away to find you! Then that man wanted to hurt me daddy! Please go save my mom," Helena hiccupped. " I don't want her to die!"

Bruce stiffened. " Where is your mom at Helena?"

" I-I don't know..- I think….the street was called Haysville," she wiped her tears away.

" Okay. Hang on okay-we're going to save your mom don't worry-," Even though Bruce said this without a trace of doubt, he couldn't help feeling his blood cold.

Selina collapse down, spitting out blood.

Poison Ivy was in pretty bad shape herself. Thanks to Helena, now Poison Ivy moves were slow and predictable. Yet when it came to Harley it was almost if they were evenly matched. Harley pulled out a gun.

" I didn't want to use this, but this is taking way too much time as it is-," Harley says pointing the gun at Selina.

" Then kill me already-," Selina huffed.

" Maybe I will Catwoman, there's only room for one acrobat right-" Harley was interrupted suddenly. " Ow…" she pulled something from her neck before she collapse down.

Relieved washed over Selina.

" You came late," Selina sighed, just as Batman swooped down.

Bruce arms came around her.. " If I had come a moment later it would've been too late," Bruce replied, his tone giving away that he was mad at her for some reason.

" I know, but lucky me Batman always comes in the right time," Selina smiled, halfheartedly before trying to stand up. " Did Helena find you? Is she okay?"

Bruce nodded, helping Selina stand up. From the look of his face Selina knew there was probably going to be a lecture from Bruce. Right now wasn't the time though to ask or say any unnecessary things. Helena appeared from behind Bruce.

" What's going on?" Selina whispered over to him, cringing from the effort of standing up.

Bruce hated seeing her like this. It was as if he was having another one of his nightmares all over again. He captured her face in his hands. " Se-What did they do to you?"

" It was nothing, it just I have been laying low for so long, " Selina was quick to cover up how she felt inside. " That's why they got the best of me tonight that's all."

" Blake is on his way here, take Helena with you-I've going to get Thomas,"

" No, I'm going with you. I'm fine," Selina protested.

Bruce shook his head, but found it useless to argue with her. He grasped her by the shoulders and leaned in to kiss her. When he found Helena before, he was sure that he might have arrived too late. Now he was only relieved to see her still alive. Selina kissed him back, her arms swinging around him.

" Aww…isn't that romantic," Poison Ivy smiled from behind. " You know I enjoy kisses myself- because I'm always the one giving them."

Bruce turned to the woman. He instantly recognized her as the missing botanist. How could he forget such a face? He had to admit that with her green light up eyes and her flowing curls of red vibrant hair. She was very beautiful.

Selina arm suddenly tightened on Bruce.

" The Bat and the Cat- Harley was right. It does sound catchy," Poison Ivy shrugged, taking a step closer to them. " Are you two just going to stare at me?"

Bruce took a step away from Selina, he was prepared to think of an easy way to bring her down. After all she must've been the one who had also hurt Selina. She was obviously working with the Joker.

He wasn't prepared from what happened next. Blake had come behind her, She suddenly turned around and her lips smashed into Blake. In a single moment Blake collapse down, unconscious. Then she burst into a run as Bruce and Selina both crouched over towards Blake.

" He's unconscious," Bruce informed.

" There's something coming out of his mouth," Selina replied taking a step back, as a greenish liquid gushed down from Blake mouth towards the cold stone ground.

" Poison," Bruce murmured, sliding his gloved hand over the green goo.

Selina eyes expanded, " That stuff came out of her mouth….-," she disgustingly moved further back.

Another boom echoed down the street.

" We're running out of time," Bruce stated.

" What about him?" Selina asked, ignoring the pain to concentrate on the next task.

" I'll handle him," a voice suddenly came by.

Both Selina and Bruce turned to find Barbara Gordon approaching. She crouched over to Blake. " I'll take him to the medical center-," she said without asking for either of them permission.

Bruce nodded. Blake needed immediate help, he would have to check on him later. Now, his priority was his son.

" Can you do us another favor then," Selina stepped closer to her.

Barbara nodded warily. " Sure,"

" I'm deciding to trust you," Selina face came right in front of her. " Take her to the Wayne Manor as well, don't let anything happen to her. I've seen how you've handled a gun and I can tell a strong powerful young girl when I see one. Don't disappoint me."

Barbara looked surprised, a slight ajar of her lips showed that she hadn't expected Selina to say that to her.

" Go," Selina said urgently.

" Yes Ma'am," she said.

Once Barbara started getting both Blake and Helena , Selina turned to Harley who was still passed out in the ground.

" What's our plan?" Selina asked, crouching over to Harley.

" I'm taking a turn to 53rd street, check on Gordon, then we rush over to Wayne Enterprises," Bruce said, already calculating the time left in his head. Not much time.

Selina discretely slipped Harley gun to her hand. Making sure Bruce hadn't seen.

" Let's go then-," Selina decided, the gun somewhere under her jacket.

" Selina, you're not even in diguise what if someone recognizes you," Bruce replied, one last attempt to keeping her from coming.

" Everyone knows who I am. Besides- I always live up to my name," Selina attempted to smile. " You forget that I will do anything to get what I want. We'll rescue Thomas...together."

Bruce gave her one last glance. " Let's go-," he said gripping her hand. " Thomas life is in our hands…"

Selina glanced back at Harley. Right now Harley wasn't her concern, it wasn't either of them concern. The priority was their son and they were going to get him back no matter what. Yet Selina couldn't shake the feeling growing inside her. Something really bad was approaching.

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