Clark and Diana sat on the couch in Clark's living room, having just watched The Avengers. Wally had given Clark a copy, and said that he had to watch it, and report back to him.

"It was good." Diana said.

"Yeah I guess, had a bit of a PTSD vibe though." Clark said as he turned off the blu-ray player and TV.

"PTSD really? How?"

"Well think about it, it was exactly what happened when Darkseid attacked last year. I think they were making a movie about us, and changed the names. Big fight, in the middle of the city, unbelievable property damage, those Chitauri things, were basically parademons. Need I say more?"

"Now that you mention it you're right." Diana said with a thoughtful look on her face. "Tony Stark was basically Bruce wearing John Henry's armor."

"And Captain America was basically me under a red sun."

"That Clint guy was Ollie."

"Totally." Clark sat thinking, if there were any more obvious parallels to the Justice League. "One thing one thing that bothered me, they made Thor far to heroic. But I did like his hammer, If I had one of those I might actually use it." Clark had met the real Asgardian, and didn't think highly of him.

"He's heroic enough when he wants to be. If he wasn't always drinking I bet that would be an accurate portrayal of him."

"Have you ever seen Thor sober?" Clark asked, almost angrily.

"No. Although I did like the part when Thor dropped his hammer on Captain America's shield. He did that to me once, he bounced off just like in the movie, except I used my bracelets not my shield."

"Why did he drop his hammer on you?"

"I punched him after he got all handsy."

"Handsy? Where was I when this happened?"

"At work maybe? I don't know, this was before you and I started dating. He had never done that before, and I haven't seen him since, you'd probably kick his butt if he did show up."

"Yeah I would, with is own hammer too." Clark said angrily. "Gave him the ole right hook eh?

"You know it." Diana said with a smile, knowing he was complimenting her. He always said her right hook was as beautiful as she was. It was a simple attempt at flattery, but it worked. "What was your favorite part?"

"Shwarma." Clark said without hesitation. "So is there anything else you want to do? It is Friday night you know." Diana leaned her head on his shoulder and thought in silence for a minute.

"Let's go flying."

"Flying it is..." Seconds later, two sonic booms were heard above Metropolis. No one has been able to figure out why lately there have been two instead of one.