Author's note

This is just a random idea I had so we'll see how it goes :)

I don't own Friends and Rocky Horror belongs to that genius Richard O'Brien.

"It was great when it all began…"

'Honey, are you all packed?" Monica shouted from the living room.

"Nearly," Chandler replied from the bedroom "What's the rush anyway?"

"Check in's at 2 and it's 10 now."

"Calm down, that's the earliest you can check in. We have all day" Chandler sighed.

"Still, it's better to be early" Monica replied quietly, realising she was losing, then she finished checking her packing for the hundredth time.

10 minutes later, Ross walked in looking depressed.

"Hi" he said

"What's up?" Monica asked.

"There's a palaeontologist convention on in New England today but no one told me" he moaned "and I can't get a train out in time"

"Why? What time does it start?" Monica asked, double checking her purse for the hotel reservation information.

"At 7. It's like a night time thing. I've booked a hotel but I guess I should just cancel" he started walking towards the phone.

"Well, if you want. Chandler and I are driving up to Vermont in a minute; we could drop you off if you want, it's on the way"

"Really?" He smiled "Thanks, I'll go get my bag" with that, he ran out of the door.

"Ready honey" Chandler said coming out of the bedroom with a bag.

"Finally" Monica said picking up her jacket and purse "By the way, we're dropping Ross off at some geek convention thing in New England first"

"Sure, but will we have time?" Chandler asked, mocking her. She smiled and playfully punched his arm.

"Ow, my arm!" he whined dramatically. Monica shook her head and walked out the apartment, Chandler quickly followed. Ross was already at the car with a suitcase the size of the royal Albert hall, well, it was very big. "Hey guys" he said "let's go!"

"Someone's excited" Chandler raised his eyebrows. They quickly put all of their cases into the boot of Monica's Porsche and they got in.

They had been driving for about 5 hours when they finally reached New England. Chandler had found he wasn't much good at reading maps and Ross wasn't much good and pointing out correct road signs as he was practically high on maple candy.

"You know" Ross said bouncing up and down "I think we may be lost"

"You think?" Monica said

"Yes there's a very good possibility that we are. Scientifically of course, there's no forest near the convention."

The road they were driving down was very narrow, barely enough room for one car and the large trees cast even bigger shadows on the road making it dark and eerie.

"Well, I'm going back." Monica said "We'll carry on along that other road for a bit and see how we go"

She tried to reverse into a gap in the trees but one of the rear wheels hit something sharp.

"Damn" Monica said

"That didn't sound too healthy" Chandler said getting out to observe the damage.

"No it wasn't healthy" Ross joined in

"Yeah, it's flat" Chandler said coming back

"Damn. I don't have a spare, I meant to get one the other day" Monica said wishing she had gone to the garage like she'd planned to the day before.

"Well, I'll go for help" Chandler said

"And leave me with Mr high on maple candy? I don't think so, I'll come to" Monica got out 'Where will we go anyway?"

"Back to the main road we turned off. Or maybe we missed an exit or something. Or maybe we'll pass another car"

"I doubt it" Monica looked in the boot for her jacket but when she put it on she found it too thin.

"I'll come to" Ross said, struggling to get the door open.

They were literally in the middle of nowhere and it seemed the main road they had turned off was quite a few miles down the road.

"It's kind of creepy in here" Monica said walking next to Chandler

"Don't worry" he said "I'm here. Here, you're cold. Have my jacket"

He took it off and slipped it on her. Ross was singing 'Should I stay or Should I go?' by The Clash as they walked.

"I wish we could go" Monica said "We can't be the only people in this forest can we? Or on this road?"

"It sure looks that way" Chandler said.

They had been walking for an hour and there was still no sign of life anywhere.

But then, "Look there" Ross said, pointing .

They looked and saw he was pointing to the top of a castle. It had probably been hidden from sight when they were in the car and the drive way was dark so it blended in with the rest of the forest. They all looked at each other, sure, it looked all creepy and dark but they all knew it was their best chance at getting help.

"Well, it's better than nothing." Chandler said walking towards the drive way "They could have a phone"

"Yeah, let's go knock" Monica agreed. They opened the rather large gate, apparently ignoring the 'enter at own risk' sign and walked up to the even bigger front door. None of them felt particularly comfortable knocking on the castle and asking whoever was inside for help but they were desperate to get going.

"American Gothic style" Ross said as they reached the door, he looked impressed. He reached for the rather ornate door knocker and knocked 3 times.