Starlette's P.O.V.

I yawned and stretched, for once I wouldn't have a mini heart attack when I woke up. However, I was still wondering if that was really a part of Rezi's life or just a cruel trick my mind played on me. I shoved the thought away and grabbed my bag so I would be ready for attendance when Loudred yelled at everyone. Rezi woke up a bit after and yawned, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

"What would he say if I pointed out the scar? He'd probably come up with a fake story like he slipped on something and accidentally cut himself." I wondered.

"Hello, anyone there?" Rezi asked, waving his paw in front of my face. I jumped slightly, I guess I spaced off.

"Sorry, I was thinking." I stated, hoping he wouldn't ask about what.

"About what?" he asked, almost as if to make me annoyed.

"It's nothing." I lied. He seemed to believe it but he had that cheeky smile on his face.

"Yep, nothing." he taunted.

"Perv." I countered and he started laughing.

"I was just kidding. I know you wouldn't think stuff like that. But seriously, what were you thinking?" he asked, still laughing.

"Fine, how did you get that scar?" I asked. He instantly stopped laughing and I realized he didn't want me to ask him.

"I don't want to talk about it..." Rezi muttered, apparently recounting that moment. Suddenly, Loudred yelled at us to wake up, Bolt yelling back with a curse word. Then Rezi and I grabbing the two bags and adjusting them on our shoulders, and then we walked out and did our chant. Such an odd routine, don't you think? Except, this time we weren't asked to do a job, instead...

"ROOKIES, GET THE HELL OVER HERE!" Loudred yelled. Well, that happened. Being the nice pokemon we are, we walked over, despite being yelled at by Mr. Alarm Clock.

"I brought THEM." Loudred said, actually sounding normal for once.

"Okay. You three have to do sentry duty for me today since I'm doing my dad's job today. Good luck!" Diglett explained before disappearing in the ground.

"That was joyful, I feel really appreciated…" I muttered. Loudred then yelled at us, barely explaining our job.

"Stop yelling…" Bolt said, rubbing his ears.

"JUST GO DO YOUR JOB!" Loudred yelled. We started climbing down. Bolt was floating in front of me, little to my knowledge because of the darkness.

"We need some light." Rezi stated. I guessed that he meant for me to use Flamethrower so I did. Apparently, Bolt doesn't really like to be burned…

"Starlette, why did you do that?!" Bolt yelled, his voice cracking slightly from screaming at me.

"I didn't know you were in front of me!" I growled, accidentally walking into a wall. I shook it off and searched for a vine I could climb, finally finding one and some light with it. Bolt was already there and Rezi was just following, a small smirk on his face.

"I hope you know I didn't need any light." he said, placing his bag down and laying down, using it as a pillow.

"Are you guys there yet?" Loudred asked. He actually sounded normal, surprisingly.

"Yep!" Rezi yelled back.

"Okay, when a pokemon stands on the grate, identify it, okay?" Loudred explained.

"Okay!" I answered and we yawned, looking up at the grate. I placed my bag on the ground and used it as a pillow like Rezi was. No one had come for about an hour before we got extremely bored.

"Any stories anyone wishes to tell?" I asked, hoping for someone to tell about their life.

"I do!" Bolt exclaimed. Great, we'd have to listen to him brag about how fast he is.

"Then tell it, we need to listen to something to cure boredom." Rezi said, yawning.

"Okay, it's about some of my family history. Well, there is another island that has rescue teams just like us, but no one has seen it since everyone moved from there. My mom was a human and she turned into a pokemon somehow. She then met her friend Kira which was a Torchic. They became Team Spark and their friend, Magnet joined them every once and awhile. However, she didn't tell me much after that." Bolt explained.

"Wait, did you say she was a human?" I asked. Bolt nodded.

"Not only that, she had lost her memory." Bolt explained.

"Starlette, weren't you a human and didn't you lose your memory?!" Rezi asked me, seemingly quite shocked.

"Y-yeah. Where is she?" I asked.

"Uh, the thing is, she is kinda older now and lost her touch. And she is in Amp Plains and I don't want to go back there again." he said, looking away from us. I guessed he wanted to stop talking.

"Well, Rezi, do you have a story?" I asked, changing the subject.

"Uh, nope." he said, a slight nervous tone to his voice.

"Are you sure? You seem like you're lying." I asked, a small smirk on my face.

"You were watching my dreams. I knew someone was watching my dreams!" Rezi exclaimed, apparently quite annoyed.

"Well sorry! I just wanted to know how you got the scar on your cheek! And apparently my mind isn't so cruel to play that kind of trick on me, unlike someone lying to me!" I growled. Bolt just stayed out of it.

"Sorry? That doesn't help at all! You were watching my dreams for no reason at all!" he growled.

"Wait, how did you know that I saw your dreams?" I asked.

"My mom is a Psychic-type, which you already know. I have some of her abilities. And your thoughts are very clear." He explained.

"So wait, you know everything about me?" I asked, hoping he didn't.

"No, but you know everything about me." He growled, the appendages on his head slightly floating.

"I don't, the dream shattered." I said, trying to calm him down. He didn't seem any calmer though. A slight neon blue light shined instead of the normal white light.

"You two, you already had your brawl yesterday." Bolt yawned, and I looked at him. I noticed my eyes were making the neon blue color.

"Where did the dream shatter?" Rezi asked, slightly calmer.

"Um, when you were being bullied Micro and his cliche." I answered, tilting my head slightly.

"Oh, you didn't get to my most tragic moment then." he laughed, fully calmed down. I was still glaring at him though, I wasn't just about to calm down so easily.

"Starlette, calm down." Bolt warned.

"I'd shut your freaking face right now, Iridescentchu!" I yelled, not quite sure why I called him that.

"Just because my eyes are purple doesn't mean you can call me that." he sighed.

I ignored him, continuing to talk to Rezi, "Just because I somehow saw your dreams, doesn't mean you can yell at me for seeing your whole life." He seemed kind of offended.

"Sorry about that, but I just want my life to be private." he said. I hissed, my eyes turning normal.

"I'm going to get some fresh air." I growled, feeling my way out of here and outside. I yawned, walking down to the crossroads and I noticed a new shop. There was a trapdoor to go down in there. I tried to open the door but it was locked. I sighed, deciding to go back to the guild before Loudred noticed I was gone. They had already locked the door so I growled, time to take the risky way. I went down the pegs in the cliff, opening the window to my room. I then closed it and sneaked through the hallways. I then saw Chatot, hoping to Arceus he wouldn't look at me. He was about to turn around to look at me and I panicked. Somehow Chatot stopped and shrugged, continuing with inventory count. I sighed slightly, running into the tunnel again and getting back to the others.

"Calmed down, bitchy?" Bolt asked, looking through my stuff.

"Bolt, stop it." I growled. He backed away from my stuff and just floated away from me. I looked through my stuff, making sure it was in the same order. I sighed in relief when it was. I then started looking through different pockets, finding some odd stuff. I found a music box, an odd stone that flickered random colors, an odd blue stone that had lines that neon blue would run up every once and a while, and I again found the odd futuristic device. I had totally forgotten I put it in that pocket. Bolt grabbed the device from my hands looking at it.

"Hey-" I hissed. He pushed me over, not caring less. I guess I deserved that. He then slightly zapped so I took it back. The screen lit up and the battery was fully charged.

"Your welcome." Bolt laughed.

"Thanks..." I muttered, looking at the screen. Rezi sat next to me and looked at it also. I touched my paw onto the screen and it took me to some notes.

"'Reminder! Never put a passcode on this. The reason is something I can't explain. But just don't! Don't the forgetful person you are, Starlette.'" I read, really confused. I just turned it off, kind of creeped out.

"What the..." Rezi murmured.

"It seems as someone knew I would lose my memory..." I gasped. Bolt picked up the music box and started turning the knob. The music was calming and it was like a lullaby, it made me want to sleep. We didn't talk that much afterwards, identifying pokemon that wanted to come in. When we were done with sentry duty, we were rewarded with 1,000 poke, a Ginseng, a Reviver Seed, and a Life Seed. We then started talking to the other teams. For some reason, Team Skyline weren't back yet. Then, a Togetic with a dull purple scarf around her neck came in following Luster and Mist.

"Hey everyone!" Mist greeted.

"Hi." I replied, smiling.

"Hello..." the Togetic murmured quietly, she seemed really shy.

"Who are you?" Rezi asked.

"Oh, I'm a new member on Team Skyline and my name is Sky." she answered, still speaking really quietly. Bolt actually seemed timid around her, which was surprising because he was never timid.

"Nice to meet you." Rezi said, smiling. We all started talking, waiting for supper to start. I looked over at Sky and Bolt every once and a while, noticing that they were slightly starting to talk to each other. Bolt was making her laugh a few times.

"Looks like someone has a crush." I whispered to Bolt. He just glared at me, his face a bright shade of red. I laughed, going back to talking to the others. The bell then rung, signaling supper time. Today, they made poffins, which were really good. I looked around and saw Alec smuggling five of them, only eating two of them. I then remembered that he was eating a stale poffin yesterday at the battle area. When we finished supper, Bolt and Sky were walking as slowly as possible, talking about something. I giggled, causing Rezi to look at me.

"What?" he asked.

"Bolt has a crush. Now we have a countering statement if he thinks we're dating." I laughed. Rezi smiled.

"I guess we do. Sorry about earlier today." he said, obviously embarrassed.

"It's fine. I kind of overreacted too. So I totally forgive you, as long as you forgive me." I said. He nodded, signifying he forgave me too. I smiled, walking into our room and laid down in my bed. We all went to bed and right when I was about to go to sleep, a crack of thunder startled me. I instantly started shivering. I don't know why though, I was perfectly fine at the track. Maybe it was from fighting Bolt. That just had to be it. I stood up and walked over to the window, watching as raindrops pattered on the glass. I sighed, if this thunderstorm kept up, I wouldn't be able to sleep at all.

"Rezi, you still awake?" I asked.

"Mhm, why?" he asked lazily.

"I'm kinda scared." I admitted, annoyed at my fear.

"Oh. Come here." he said, sitting up. I walked over.

"What?" I asked. He moved over so I could sit down by him. I decided to sit down by him. He then grabbed the book and opened it to the next page. I smiled, maybe this would get me to not me scared. This one had picture of a pink pokemon, pretty much opposite to that of Dialga as it stood on two feet, not four. It then had a pokemon with a giant headdress with charm looking things on it's head. The background behind it was pink and it had stars that were about the same color as Rezi's eyes.

"'This picture shows the space goddess, Palkia, and her messenger, Jirachi. Palkia is thought to have more control on the many dimensions, none of those that are owned by the other deities of course. Palkia has the least amount of beings with abilities that involve her power, pretty much to limit the amount of people allowed to visit her dimension.'" I read, Rezi seemed tons more interested in this page for some reason.

"If I may say something, have you noticed that this book never says who the protectors are?" Rezi questioned.

"Now that you mention that, you're right. They don't, do they?" I realized. He frowned, obviously thinking about something.

"Do you think that the protectors are real?" he asked.

"Probably, they just weren't found when this book was made." I answered, yawning, "I think I'm going to try to get some sleep. The thundering stopped so I should be fine." As if to prove me wrong, the sky made another thundering sound, send chills up my back.

"Maybe you should sleep with me tonight..." he muttered.

"No, I'll be fine, I just need to get over it." I said, not wanting to be teased when I woke up by Bolt.

"Okay, just tell me if you change your mind." he yawned, laying back down. I walked back over to my bed, which was cold from me moving. It's not like it mattered though, I was a Fire-type after all. I was almost asleep again it thundered again. I just ignored it trying to get some sleep.

"Stupid freaking thunder, shut up." I muttered to myself. I finally fell asleep, probably only two hours before I had to wake up...

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