Chapter: 1

The soft patter of raindrops filled the empty, run-down church. The abandoned benches were lined in front of a dusty alter, behind which a teenaged boy huddled in fear. His snow white hair, drenched in the storms rain, laid in short streaks down his nearly-flawless porcelain skin. A bright red scar lined over his left side of his face, starting at the pentagram on his forehead, trailing down over his eye lid and ending near his jaw. Even with the trembling hands that covered his ears he could still hear the eerie creak of the church's old wooden door opening. With each step that echoed throughout the chapel the boy drew closer and closer into himself in a useless effort to disappear.

"Come out my child, there is no one here who wishes to harm you." the warm face of a priest met the teens view, causing him to let out a small whimper.

"F-forgive me father, for I will soon sin." the silverette slowly stood up, the tremors running throughout the teen's body was no longer caused from fear but rather out of humor. Maniacal laughter filled the air like broken glass. The now frightened priest took several steps back; this was obviously no normal boy.

"Say father~, do you want to play a game?" said boy sang out. "It's simple! Like tag~! Only if I catch you it'd be the last game you'd play." a glistening silver blade materialized in the teen's hand. The priest's eyes were fixated in the deadly weapon as the boy approached him. A blood thirsty aura filled the air, replacing the out of place laughter, paralyzing the priest. The priest couldn't even defend himself as the blade sliced through the air and buried itself in his chest.

As blood flowed over the albino's hands the priest fell to the ground. The last sight he saw was the inhuman smile that stretched across his killers face.

XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx Xx

A seemingly abandoned house lay on the outskirts of town. Though the poor excuse for a house looked as if it could fall over at any given moment. The inside was, if possible, even worse than the outside, empty bottles of various wines and alcohols littered the floors and cigarette smoke clouded the air. Sitting at an un-finished poker game was a drunken red-head, chugging down another bottle of whiskey. At the creak of the door the drunkard threw the now empty bottle at its direction, barely missing the sliver haired boy who attempted to enter.

"I told you that I don't like whisky! You useless apprentice!" another barrage of empty bottles was thrown at the boy, who dodged them all with ease.

"Cross! First of all, I'll never be your apprentice. Not now, not ever. Second of all, how did you even get a hold of some in the first place? I didn't bring any with me!" The teen knew better than to give Cross any hard alcohol. When a groan emitted from under a pile of discarded bottles his question was answered.

"Sorry, he stole it from my stash. Either that or he won it off of me during poker. Cant remember." A dingy black haired man groaned as he un-earthed himself from the pile.

"Uncle Tyki!" the teen flung himself at the man, his head barely reaching the mans shoulders.

"Hey there Allen! You've grown a bit since last week! Ready to go home?" Tyki ruffled the boys white hair.

"Yeap~! I want to see what happens to you once Uncle Neah hears where you left me~!" Allen giggled as he twirled around.

"Such a nice nephew. Go wash up then we can go." Tyki felt betrayed, but laughed when Allen gave him a pout.

"Fine. Just don't think I'll cover for you when Neah comes home." He stuck out his tongue and ran towards the bathroom, not leaving any room for Tyki to protest.

"That boy is pretty sadistic, you know that right?" Cross asked once he could hear the sink running.

"Aren't we all? Allen a bit more due to his Noah genes but still, it's even deeply imbedded into human nature. So deep that it is far too late to even attempt to fix it, hence we should annihilate it." He replied, a faint smile tugging at his lips. A competitive silence filled the room as Cross's eyes narrowed.

"Hah! You're right! All of you Noah's are demented!" Cross barked out a laugh. "I guess I should put you all out of your misery. Starting with you." Out of nowhere a gun appeared in the psychotic mans hand. But this wasn't just any normal gun. This was a gun equipped with innocence, the one thing that could actually kill a Noah.

"I dare you." Tyki took a long drag of his cigarette. Mmm. Nicotine. It's been far too long since he last had it.

"Heh. Don't tempt me." He aimed the deadly weapon at the Noah of pleasure's head. Tyki blinked. Was this guy serious? He barely registered that Allen had returned.

"Hey, dead man walking, you ready to go?" The now clean silverette stared dumbfounded at Cross. "I think you should lay off the booze, anyways hope to never see you again~." Allen turned to leave but froze when he felt the cold barrel of the gun press against his back, aimed directly at his heart.

"Who said you could leave?" Cross's cold voice caused a sadistic grin to spread across Allen's face. Oh this was going to be fun. Apparently his Uncle and Cross had noticed this and while one moved to restrain him, the other pulled the trigger without any hesitation.

A stinging pain filled Allen's being as he slowly realized the bullet lodged itself against his heart. He fell to his knees as his own blood pooled underneath him.

Pain. Blood trickled out of his mouth.

Numb. He fell onto his side.

Darkness. As his eyelids slid close, he lost his weak grip on consciousness.

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