She crashed to the ground, her head slowly – agonizingly – coming up to look at the surrounding Equalists. Their masked faces and goggled eyes glared mockingly down at her and she let her eyes dart about in the darkness. Where was Noatak? Had they taken him down as well? Korra rolled to her side and looked behind her, fearful of what she would find.

Would it be Noatak's crumpled form, lifeless and staring? Would it be the sight of him losing his bending, kneeling with his hand bent back and his mouth open in a silent cry as Amon stood over him, the mask smirking at her as his eyes drilled into he? Korra's whole form was quaking in fear as she frantically searched for him, for his familiar presence and the safety she had begun to feel around him. It was no where to be found.

Where was he?

A booted foot entered the light caused by a single flickering light bulb that had survived the fight and she trailed her eyes up the leg and torso until she finally reached his face. "Noatak!" She cried in warning, though the equalists made no move towards him. She looked him over and checked for wounds, for anything, but there weren't any. A niggling sprout of suspicion crept over her but she discarded it.

The equalists moved to stand behind him and Korra's brow furrowed. "W-what?" What was going on? Noatak stepped further out into the spotlight, easily putting the mask on the smiling once it was in place. He had missed its familiar weight against his face, missed the fear that would appear in the girl's eyes at the sight of it. He had missed the sense of power her frightened eyes gave him and looking at her now – was wonderful. There was no semblance of trust, nothing to distract him from his cause. Just raw wonderful fear. The feeling of her blood draining from her face was intoxicating and he knelt beside her, gripping her chin an unbreakable grasp. Her blood spike d and he gave a chuckle. Korra's eyes flared, her breath hitching as the voice of her lover snaked through her ears and down to clench her heart. "Hello, young Avatar," Amon whispered against her cheek.