"And that's the bathhouse. Other than that I've gone and shown you everything I could on the tour. So what do you think?" Amon had to hold back his disbelieving chuckle. What did he think? Compared to his multiple compounds this training/housing facility was a sham.

"I think that it looks really good," Amon lied out his teeth, his eyes steady and his smile only just reaching his eyes. After his response though Korra let out a sigh of relief and snickered.

"Well that's good then. I like to know that I can run a camp that's up to the standards of a former United Nation's Colonel." The Avatar was practically skipping with joy. How unsightly.

"Yes, well if we could carry on, Avatar?" Korra froze for a moment and in the following seconds turned and looked Amon straight in the eyes, her gaze searching. Dammit, he should have known better than to call her Avatar without altering the sound of his voice. That was the only damn thing he had called her when he was openly trying to capture and contain her.

"What's wrong?" Amon asked, cocking his head gently to the side, his portrayal of worry spot on after years of practice. Years she didn't know he had. He watched with glee as she slowly began to shake her head, "No, there isn't anything that's wrong. Something just triggered memories was all." Amon noted that her smile was shaky and her eyes were glazy with the after effects of an intense memory remembrance. He loved it, loved the fear that his very memory struck in her.

"If you say so," he said in an unconvinced tone, "So what should we do now?" Korra grinned before stretching out her arms, her past scare already forgotten. "Now? Now I think we should do some fighting." Amon followed Korra back outside to the training grounds and over to an area that was obviously specifically designed for waterbenders. There were training areas particular to each element, including metal, actually. His eyes resentfully roved over to the deep well in front of him before quirking a brow at Korra. The whole thing was unsightly.

"I'm assuming we'll be doing waterbending?" Amon was annoyed with himself. He had honestly overlooked the fact that he would probably have to train and use his bending on a regular basis in order to fit in and stay amongst the right people. That being said, it also put him more and more at risk with someone recognizing him as either Noatak or Amon. There was only so much he could do with his voice afterall, and both alias' had a fighting style specific to their ability, or lack thereof, to bend.

"You don't have a problem with that, do you? You are joining the Task Force as a waterbender after all. If you don't bend, then I can't justify keeping you around to Tarrlok. You want to stay, don't you?" Amon's brow twitched when he noticed the mischievious light in the Avatar's eyes and the cocky quirk to her smile.

"True. Well then, shall we begin?" Korra paused and studied Amon for a few seconds before suddenly launching forward, using her arms as a wheel to shoot off two waterwhips straight for him. He cartwheeled back, catching himself on one hand as he used the other to lash out at the Avatar's feet with a waterwhip of his own. Korra, having expected a prompt retaliation, was already halfway in to a more complicated form, causing a layer of water as thin as a razor detach itself from the pool of water and slither through the air. It grazed Amon's cheek and he hissed, already feeling blood trickle down the side of his neck. So the Avatar wanted to play rough, did she? Well he would just have to teach her where that will get her from here on out with him. His whip jerked forward and wrapped around Korra's neck and wrists before he pulled her to the ground with it, freezing her into place.

"Satisfied, Korra?" Amon rose a brow but smiled before crouching down to hear her answer easier.

"Yes, I think I am. It's obvious that you're a master waterbender, but I needed to show Tarrlok." She nodded her head to the area behind him and he turned to see the Councilman right there, a calculating expression in his eyes and a sleazy smile on his face.

"And show me you did. I don't think that fight even lasted five minutes before the Avatar was on the ground." Tarrlok narrowed his eyes at Amon and cocked his head to the side. "Did we train together in the North? You're very familiar." Amon smiled and shook his head, "No, I don't think we did. I'm sure I would've remembered." Yes of course we trained together. I can still recall all the times you cried, the times that I succeeded when you didn't, the favoritism that Yakone obviously showed for me. Ah yes, I remember it all. Funny that we should be facing one another over the prize of Republic City and bending for future generations when we both started out the same; bending under the tyrannical rule of our father and his skewed ideals. Amon's musings were cut short when Tarrlok unfroze the water restraining the Avatar, both now facing him. Amon couldn't help but think it would be so easy to just kill them now. They were both right there, their guards down, stupid looking smiles on their faces. How he despised them. And that was when the perfect plan hatched in his mind.

Split the power couple up. Set them against one another and what would they be able to do? Nothing. Whilst they do nothing, the city will fall apart under the strain between the bending and non-bending communities and that's when Amon would come in, annhilate their whole operation and then go about the plan as was expected. How simple. Take them both out with one simple move. Really the hardest part was going to be to plant the seeds of doubt in their minds.

"Well, since the demonstration is over I think I'm done for the day. I still have to go meet up with the boys and if I'm even the slightest bit late this close to a match Mako will have my head." Amon nodded his head and gave them both a smile and a slight wave, "If that's the case then I'd best be on my way as well. I have a few errands to run before I'm done for the day." They finished their goodbyes and then Amon was back on his way to his base, his typical attire and trademark mask in place.

It had been a productive day.