A/N: I am still updating my other stories, just working on the next chapter of each atm but this idea came to me and I wanted to get it down before I forgot it. So, this is pretty rough still but I'd like to hear people's opinion on it. This is an au as I've played with the timeline and people's ages. Never written batfam or avengers before so thougths and pointers are appreciated greatly :)

Obviously I don't own anything to do with DC or Marvel.

To avoid confusion these are the ages I imagined the bat boys to be as I wrote this.

Dick, 17

Jason, 15

Tim, 13

Damian, 10 (as in canon)

Avengers/Batman: Misunderstandings, cliches and feuding billionaires.

Tony sighed as he surveyed the room, it was filled with mostly the same faces he had seen at these charity things since he was a kid and Howard had dragged him along. At least then he hadn't had to speak to the adults that were present all that much, apart from when his parents would trot him out to do his child genius bit. It wasn't all bad though, now at least he had the other Avengers with him and not just Pepper who would desert him to go schmoozing with the big wigs and talk about business.

The billionaire watched as Steve once again tugged at his collar, obviously uncomfortable in the unfamiliar setting, looking at his other companions he guessed that they were probably all pretty much in the same boat excepting Thor and Natasha. The former had exclaimed on arrival that it was like a poorer verse of an Asgardian gathering in the all fathers throne room and the latter being so impeccably trained that even if she was nervous it would never show, she was used to this kind of thing the woman seemed to simply slip into the role like she would on an op. Clint was also very good at masking his discomfort but to Tony's upper crust perspective you could still see the outsider in him, the boy from the circus chafing at the stiff suit and pomaded hair. Bruce was -bless him- faring only a little better than Steve in hiding his nerves but he still twitched when people brushed passed him and he couldn't seem to stop playing with his glasses, pushing them up his nose, taking them off and cleaning them on his tie, his horribly out of fashion tie to go with his horribly out of fashion suit which Bruce had not allowed Tony to replace.

"I can't believe you dragged us to thing Tony, why the hell did you think it was a good idea for us to come with you?" muttered Clint, tony nodded and gulped the rest of his scotch, depositing the glass on a passing tray.

"Well Clinton as I have been informed at length by our one eyed over lord, apparently we need to be seen to be caring about the world we live in- because evidently flying into space with a nuke doesn't count- and...Oh crap." his teammates exchanged glances at the sudden stop in Tony's rant.

Steve turned around to see what he was looking at over his shoulder. He could see nothing that he could perceive as something to worry Tony. Just more guests arriving. "What is it?" the man out of time asked. Tony grimaced and snatched a glass of champagne off a tray from a passing waiter. After downing it he said a little frantically.

"He's here. I'd hoped he wouldn't come since its being held here in new York." almost as one the team craned their necks in an undignified manner - barring Tasha who had no need of such plebeian moves- to see who the billionaire was talking about.

"Who has irked you so friend tony?" boomed Thor Tony hurriedly signalled for the god to keep his volume down.

"Shhhh! He'll hear you, and then he'll come over here. Brucie fucking Wayne and his boys. Seriously you would think in this day and age it would be illegal for a man to keep a harem of underage boys but I guess my billionaires club membership card has gotten me a few things that could be considered illegal in the past so...oh crap a dog I think he's seen me." he cringed and ducked behind Thor to hide.

Tasha raised a perfectly plucked eye brow at Pepper for an explanation knowing it was pointless to ask Tony himself. The other red head sighed, "Bruce Wayne, the tall dark haired man by the door with the four boys. He and Tony went to prep school together before Tony got boosted up to college. They still met up occasionally when either was in the same city as the other but in the past couple of years Tony feels he has out grown Bruce and finds him idiotic and immature." She recited as if she heard the same speech several times which with Tony she probably had. The man himself piped up from behind Thor.

"You left out stupid Pep. The man is a complete moron; I mean really, he is depressingly stupid. And he collects orphans. Boys who look creepily like himself, which I guess makes sense when I think about how ego centric he is. I suppose he would want his love slaves to look like him." Pepper slapped his arm hard and hissed.

"Tony! I swear to god! You can't just go around saying things like that, they're just rumours anyway. Also your reputation cannot afford a feud with Wayne if he hears you saying anything like that. People love him." Tony shook his head at a bewildered looking Steve mouthing the word lies. The captain looked around again at the dark haired family a slightly worried expression marring his chiselled face. Tony had come out from his hiding place now pulling Steve around whispering that if they didn't look at them they might not see him.

"Oh crap" muttered Bruce that was all he needed Tony fucking Stark. Billionaire playboy philanthropist superhero attention whore. He had thought that coming to the gala he would be safe from the over grown frat boys company assuming that 'Iron man' would have been busy fighting aliens or something. Psht thought batman let that idiot try fighting the Joker or Bane, and then he'd see what a real hero had to contend with.

"What is it father?" asked his youngest son, eyes narrowed as if expecting one of the elderly dowagers in attendance to rip off a wig and reveal themselves to be Ras Al Ghul the boys maternal grandfather.

"It's Stark, no! Dick don't look, he might- oh crap he's seen us." Dick pulled away from his mentor's firm grasp on his shoulder,

"I thought you liked Stark Bruce? You used to love going out with him, carousing and...Whatever it is older gentlemen do when they go out on the town. Shouldn't we go say hi?" Bruce glowered at the young man.

"You know perfectly well that I hate that imbecile and I only ever fraternised with him to help maintain my persona, if I had turned him down when he used to pester me to party with him people would have wondered what was wrong with 'Brucie'." Jason snickered shoving his hand in his pockets.

"I think he's seen you Brucie" he nodded to where stark was manhandling one of his companions, a blonde man who looked quite familiar. From behind him Tim exclaimed.

"Oh my god! He's with all the other Avengers, that's Captain America and Thor and the Black Widow and I think that's Hawkeye and some brown haired guy." He glanced at his oldest brother out of the corner of his eye. "Maybe you shouldn't come over with us Dick with both Miss. Potts and the Black Widow you might not be able to control yourself." Dick spluttered at Tim's teasing, the kid was definitely spending way too much time with Jason.

Bruce steeled himself and mentally prepared to slip into the old role, hopefully Stark would soon be too wasted to cause him any bother. Gesturing for the boys to follow he made his way to Stark and his companions the, 'Avengers' and wasn't that a pretentious name for a super hero group he still couldn't believe that Clark had proposed doing some kind of team up with them. He pulled a smile onto his face as he reached the group, "Tony! Chum, long time no see. You remember Dick, I don't think you've met Jason but you might know Tim? Tim Drake, of Drake industries. And this is Damian my biological son, he's just moved to live me from abroad." As stark returned his handshake Bruce tried not to wrinkle his nose at the stench of alcohol coming off the other man the lush had probably been drinking since breakfast, Bruce knew that if Jarvis were still alive the man would never get away with it.

Tony introduced his team to the Waynes trying his hardest to be polite and not show his hate for the other man. After exchanging strained pleasantries, Wayne finally moved along having been called over by some inebriated shrieking woman. Brucie waggled his eyebrows before departing calling over his shoulder for the boys to behave. None of said boys looked particularly happy to be abandoned by their guardian; Tony thought that they probably didn't want to be here at all just as he hadn't at their age. The youngest stalked off without a word to the others and Jason as Bruce had introduced him nodded at the group before slinking off in the direction of the food table. Tony noticed that most of his team had also departed by now leaving only himself, Pepper, Natasha and the two remaining Wayne boys one of which was staring at him with a creepy kind of smile tugging at his lips.

Tim couldn't believe it, Tony Stark! Tony freaking Stark was here right in front of him and now Bruce was gone and Stark was looking at him strangely. Crap, he must've been doing what Jason called his creeper face. He tried to arrange it into a less stalkerish expression as he stepped up to the man and began to question him. He didn't even notice Dick being shooed away after trying and failing to flirt with the two red headed women.

Jason shoved another of the canopies in his mouth ignoring the disgusted look of the old lady delicately spooning caviar onto toast next to him. "Sweet" he muttered to himself as he managed to snag a champagne from a passing waiter who was too bored to check who was taking one. He noticed there was only one more of the salmon pastries he liked left so he quickly went to take it but was beaten to it by another hand. "Hey!" He started before looking up to the owner of the hand, Steve Rogers as Stark had introduced also known as Captain America as Tim had practically squealed in his ear. "Oh, it's you sorry." The all American hero smiled at him as he popped Jason's Pastry in his mouth, the boy reached for the caviar instead heaping it onto the toast square just to be contrary. The other man spoke.

"You're Jason right?" the second robin nodded as he slugged back the last of his champagne. Steve frowned,

"Should you be drinking?" Jason just laughed and put a finger to his lips before saying in a stage whisper. "Don't tell Bruce." a pause, "or Dick, I'd never hear the end of it." surprisingly the older man laughed good naturedly when Jason had been expecting a stern reprimand.

"Ok buddy, sure. So, do you like motorbikes?" Jason couldn't really believe it as he stood there chatting with Captain freaking America for at least half an hour about bikes and school and cool things to do in the city. Sure when Jason was a kid, being a Gothamite born and bred he had always held the Bat as his favourite hero with Superman as a close second but still, this was CAPTAIN AMERICA, the guy had comic books about him and he'd been frozen in ice and survived. Bruce was pretty kickass but he doubted that even the Batman could survive seventy years encased in ice. They were just starting to debate the merits of hockey over baseball when Jason heard the dulcet tones of his baby brother calling some poor schmuck a peasant somewhere near the bar.

"Sorry Mr. Rogers I better go wrangle Damian before he makes someone cry again. It was nice talking to you though." Before he could go, the older man stopped him with a light hand on his shoulder and a smile. "Wait a second buddy, here's my cell number, you can call me anytime if you want to talk or you know, get out." Jason typed the number into his cell happily, glad that Bruce hadn't forbidden them to bring them to the function. He gave his thanks and made his way across the crowded room following the sounds of the indignant ten year old. Seriously what was Damian playing at? He thought to himself, the kid was usually good at this kind of thing and always keen to lap up the attention from the women who thought he was 'just adorable'.

Damian brushed his now soda covered jacket down while glaring at the poor man who had dared to knock into the young assassin and spill his drink on him. "You bloody peasant! Watch where you're going you oaf... How did you even get in here?" He sneered the last question while looking the scruffy - for Damian's standards- man up and down his distaste evident in both his tone and expression. Dr Bruce banner merely gaped at the child speechless for a second he hadn't meant to spill his drink on the boy and he had said he was sorry. What did he mean, how did you get in here? He pushed his glasses up his nose.

"I was invited and I am sorry about spilling on you but don't you think your over reacting a little?" luckily the absurdness of the situation made it more amusing than stressful so Bruce was able to keep the other guy inside where he belonged. Big green and scary was definitely not on the guest list for tonight. The young boy's tirade was cut off thankfully by the arrival of one of Wayne's sons, ah now Bruce remembered the angry little kid in front of him was Wayne's youngest. The older boy took the younger's shoulder and smiled apologetically.

"I'm sorry, Dami obviously hasn't had his anger management pills today and I think he skipped his nap he can get kinda grouchy. C'mon brat let's go dry you off." The two boys left without another word to Bruce who stood there bemusedly until he was asked to move by the waiter trying to clean up the spillage. Bruce decided to remove himself to go find Tony, as some people were still shooting glances at him after his slight altercation with the child obviously assuming that he must be at fault. A child of Bruce Wayne would never be at fault for something when someone like Bruce was around to take the blame. The thought grated at him, reminding him of the trust fund brats he had had to deal with in his college days. Sure, Tony was rich too, and an asshole but at least he didn't look down on anyone because of their lack of name or family estate.

"Yeah kid, I totally remember you now. Sorry just it was so long ago but now I remember your show, you and your folks were pretty good. I'm sure old Carson was hoping Haley would have to stay closed longer than those couple'a months just so he could keep you guys. Hope you don't mind me asking but how'd you end up with Wayne? Where're your folks?" Clint watched as the eager, slightly fan boyish smile slid off of the Grayson kids face. Great Clint, really top class. His parents were probably dead, how else would he end up living with Wayne? He should know, he thought to himself. He thought the kid wasn't going to say anything but then he spoke up.

"Well there was an accident during a show." the kid laughed and rubbed a hand through his hair. "Not an accident really, someone cut the rope. A gangster, he was trying to get money out of Mr. Haley and killed my parent to show him he meant business. Bruce was there and I guess I reminded him of himself when his parents died and when he found out I hadn't been allowed to stay at the circus and was gonna get put in the system he came forward and offered to make me his ward." Clint nodded and wondered why Tony hated this Wayne guy so much he sounded like a pretty decent guy to the archer, he wouldn't have minded if some billionaire had taken in him and Barney when their parents had died. There was a moment of silence until the boy brightened.

"So you use what you learnt in the circus as a super hero huh? Think I'd be able to do the same?" Dick asked with a sly smile. Clint joined the kid in laughing at the very idea of the boy using acrobatics to fight crime.

Tony was sure he was gaping. This kid, this kid was smart like genius smart; some of the questions he asked had even Tony pausing to think. It wasn't fair; Bruce Wayne did not deserve a genius adoptive son. He wanted one, he wanted this one. Tony wondered what would happen if he just took the kid home with him. That was what Wayne seemed to do. He could give the man a check and Bruce could get another one. Tony wanted Tim, he could just imagine showing him the lab and building stuff and letting the kid join him and Bruce in Science time. Thinking of Bruce the doctor was now making his way through the crowded room towards them a wry smile twisting his lips and some kind of drink spilt down his shirt. Tony waved him over and introduced the doctor to the teenager.