Author Note: Hello from the cobwebs of page six (or am I on page nine now?)

I missed writing for this fandom but one day, a kernel of an idea popped into my head and since my muse for Anchor Baby died, well…I just went with it.

This isn't a romance so if you are looking for a Jackie and Eric story, you won't find it here – just letting you know up front so you don't waste your time.

This is a story about the guys. I've never written one without the girls so this is different even for me! It will be a short multi-chaptered story, mainly because I'm trying to kick start my muse for my other fiction.

Since I'm done chatting about it…let's begin…shall we? Oh, before I forget - its AU / Non-Canon and totally from my imagination. I own nothing!

The End?

7:00 p.m.

Blood was pounding in his ears as his breath burst out in raggedy huffs. He clamped his palm over his mouth so he wouldn't be heard. The slot between the rusty garbage bin and the brick wall was nearly claustrophobic in proportions. Something was wedging him in the back (a brick?) and in this crouched position; his thighs were starting to burn with pain.

He couldn't let them see him.

He couldn't help Leo.

He couldn't even help himself.

Sweat beaded on his forehead, dripped down over his brown brows and dropped over onto his lashes – saline pain that hurt his eyes. Perspiration stained the pits of his shirt and the scent was sharp smelling like fear. The hammering of his heart in his chest was so loud he was sure the gang of thugs with blooded knives and steel toed boots could hear him.

Eric dared to look out around the side of the trash bin.

Leo lay broken on the glass littered alleyway behind Fatso Burger. The tallest of the three placed a well aimed kick at the hairy burnout's ribs and the thud could be heard ten feet away.

Leo didn't move.

Leo didn't groan.

Leo was probably dead.

Eric cringed as he listened to the low growl of voices discussing what to do with the "body." Were there any witnesses? What about that skinny twerp that ran away, dropping his chocolate shake in his attempt to flee?

They laughed at that.

Loud rumbling laughter seemed to make the ground tremble while their boots crunched the broken glass that glittered on the pavement. Eric watched as a small dog, like Schotzie, was sniffing at garbage that lined the base of the diner. The dog looked up at the laughing trio and snarled, taking a defensive posture.

Fake Schotzie barked loudly.

Eric winced when a large rock was thrown at the little dog. Fake Schotzie yelped in pain and hurriedly scuttled away, dragging his broken hindquarter behind him.

Eric closed his eyes.

Maybe he could just hide out here until dark. Maybe that would be safest. Maybe that skittering noise was just a mouse and please don't let it bite me! His mind was running through endless scenarios of what to do and how could the evening end like this?

If only he could have changed one thing in the course of this day….Leo wouldn't be lying on the ground resembling a broken Raggedy Andy doll like Laurie used to torture as a child.

If only.

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