(Filler for 'We just want to escape the world')

Part 1

Note: During this time, gay marriage was widely acceptable although not all acknowledges it.

Peter feels bad about going to school today, from the fact that most of his subjects tend to bore him to death unimpressed of his teachers who always lectures them with things he had already mastered, there's also Flash who never seem to complete a day without messing around with him. The only thing that keeps him going is that he gets to hang out with Gwen, or when she is too busy with her theater club there's also Wade, who tails on him when he has a chance. There's also nothing much interesting to do at his house, both of his dads are always on a mission or if not, Tony locking himself at his lab or cave as Steve puts it and Captain America on the S.H.I.E.L.D tower arguing with Nick Fury or doing some paper works which is clearly not his but of his husbands.

"Hay…" all Peter can do is let out a big sigh.

His class is as always not as attentive like they should be but no one could blame them, they're all teenagers and the only thing they think about is impressing others, hanging out with friends, partying or finding someone to bang, the word 'study' never was on their dictionary. It was homeroom time when their teacher broke the news, its 'Career Day' the students suddenly reverted their attention to their teacher and started chatting with their seatmates some were excited about it, others bragging on what their parents do for a living, and the rest? Not so ecstatic, like Peter.

"Alright…Everyone grab a copy of the invitation; give them to your parents when you get home." Mrs. Briggs told her students.

"I am hoping for your parent's presence next week; if your parents can't come bring any of your guardians…" she explains scanning her pupils of their reactions.

All Peter can do is slouch deep into his chair, thinking on what he heard was right, that next week is Career Day. Maybe God is testing him, he thought to himself. He lets out a sigh when someone passed by him and slaps the invitation into his table. It was Flash.

"Here you go Parker." Said Flash with an insulting tone grinning at Peter

"Make sure your 'Dads' would come" laughing naughtily high fiving Billy who's sitting at his back.

No one really has an idea what Peter's parents do for a living; all they know was that he was adopted by a gay couple their names not even revealed. With that, their class was dismissed. Peter just grinned at Flash awkwardly as he grabbed the invitation and shove it to his backpack. He then went on hoping to figure things out.

"Hey Pete!" a familiar voice echoed in the hallway full of chattering teenagers.

He looked back to see Wade smiling at him waving his hands like crazy. As always, he'd gotten used to this when he knew that Wade was his childhood friend, and with all honesty he seems to like it. He waited until Wade was beside him as he leaned back his locker staring at the floor.

"Peter!" he heard another familiar voice as he lifts his head up he saw Gwen smiling at him. Why does everyone seem so happy?

"Hi Wade!" she greeted Wade smiling. Wade nods at Gwen. They've been good friends since Peter introduced him to her; she seems to like his personality because he's so random and unpredictable.

The three of them walked their way home chatting about how their day went by.

"Hey Pete?" Wade stared at him

"Next week's Career Day and uhmmm, uhhh I'm just wondering if you know I could meet your 'dads'" he asked the brown haired guy

"You we're talking about them to me and I find your parents cool and awesome so I'm hoping to meet them" Wade continued excitedly.

"And, and maybe-"

"I don't know Wade…" Peter cuts him off

"I don't know if I could bring them to school"

Wade raises a brow thinking why doesn't he want his dads come to school. The whole time they're walking, Gwen was just listening to their conversation not really paying attention because she was busy reading the manuscript released by their writer.

"Hey guys, I'll go ahead. See you on Monday!" Gwen told the two guys as she ran to a black vehicle, her father seemed to run by her and picked her up. The two boys also went on separate paths as Peter took the subway and Wade said he has something to check out so he left.

Back at the Stark Towers. He already fixed himself up and headed straight to the couch, his dads were not yet home so he had the whole mansion to himself which gave him the perfect time to think. Peter remembers Mrs. Briggs mentioning if your parents couldn't make it any guardian will do, but he quickly turned down that thought because he doesn't really have that many of a guardian, clearly he can't bring his Uncle Clint, he'll freak out his classmates and the other parents with his bow and arrow. He also can't think his Aunt Natasha would be appropriate, telling people around she kills people for a living and if they have sex with her she kills her mate. Peter sighed burying his face on the pillows of their couch. His Uncle Thor and Uncle Loki couldn't come because they're on Asgard and there's no way in hell he'll bring his Uncle Bruce at school, what if he gets Hulked?

"Hey JARVIS?" he resorted to the A.I hoping to get any answers.

"Yes young master Parker?" the A.I answered promptly.

"Would it be a good idea to invite dad and pops to school for Career Day?" he stares up as he talked to the walls of their mansion.

"I don't see any harm on it Master Parker."

"But. Basing on your previous experience with you parents under these circumstances, I would think of them not coming." JARVIS continued. He seems to know what Peter's going through.

"Does it embarrass you Master Parker?" he asked.

Peter jolted from his position. He thought deeply, is he really embarrassed with his fathers? Both of them have very reputable jobs, maybe beyond what others can think of. He was lucky that he was adopted by two of the most powerful and influential superheroes of his time but a lot of people didn't know that. Clearly Tony likes to embarrass his son but not when a lot of people are concerned. He was not embarrassed of his fathers. He just didn't want his fathers to come because…. Just because.

They were having their family dinner that night; Peter was silent all through out and Steve couldn't help but notice his son.

"Are you alright Pete?" Cap stares at his son taking a bite of mac and cheese

"Huh. Uhhh, yeah I am…" peter just nods and gave his pops an awkward smile.

"I'm done, I'll just go to my room. Good night" Peter told his dads as he heads of his room.

"What's wrong with him?" Steve whispers Tony.

"I don't know… He's your son" Iron Man replies smirking at his husband. Steve just gave him 'the look' which shuts Tony right away.

Steve and Tony are preparing for 'bed' when JARVIS interrupted.

"My apologies Master Stark, Master Rogers" the A.I speaks


"This better be good" Tony said to the wall with raised voice, obviously he was annoyed when he was interrupted as he undresses his husband slowly. Another chance slipped by just like that.

"I don't know if I should tell you…." JARVIS paused

"I programmed you, you're supposed to tell me everything" Tony sits with his hands supporting his back.

"What is it JARVIS?" Steve asked as he chuckled at Tony

"The young master asked me earlier if it would be wise to invite you to his school's Career Day" the A.I said, if JARVIS was real he would wish he'd melted right that moment. And with that he went silent.

"Of course it's wise" Tony said almost yelling as he looked at Steve who is confused by what his A.I had told

"Right Steve?"

"Uhh, yeah! Why wouldn't he?" Steve asked himself almost whispering.

Tony laid down looking at Steve as his husband wraps his arm around the other. They were both stunned with what JARVIS had told them, what explains why their son was dead silent throughout dinner. It's a big deal for them Peter not telling him things, it means there's something wrong or there's something bothering him.

"What is he's embarrassed?" Steve asked his husband

"Embarassed?" Tony jolted?

"Of us?.. Wha-"

Before he could continue Steve cuts him off. "You know.. you can't blame him, when there are events like these at school he turns out like this, not telling anything to us."

"He always ends up ashamed or embarrassed whenever it has something to do with US." He gave Tony a glare, a glare which made him feel guilty.

"Whaaat?" Tony said in question and in denial

"Well, you should feel responsible though. You always make fun of him in front of his friends. That's why he can't bring anyone here except for Gwen who got used to you ranting about how Peter when he was younger."

"I couldn't help it!.." Steve punched Tony lightly as he chuckled and tried to cuddle with his other half.

"Besides, I would never embarrass him in front of many people." Tony said seriously

"As much as possible I want to make him proud."

"Maybe we should talk to him about this tomorrow." Steve ended their conversation trying to go to sleep.

Tony's playful hands seem to never feel tired as he wraps his hands around cap who seriously needs sleep. Tony then caresses his chest, his other hand going down his hips.

"Tony no!" Steve protested as he grabs the others hands and clutched it to his.

"Go to sleep! I'm already tired."

"C'mon Steve!" the other begged.

Steve gave him 'the glare' which stops Tony from making his next move and tries to go to sleep. He knows he can't fight 'the glare' that his husband gives. The last thing he wants is to be sexually deprived for two months, so he tried his best to just sleep.

And maybe he'll talk to his son tomorrow….

To be continued…