Part 2

It was a humid Saturday morning; weird weather to say more likely because of the air-conditioning, Peter had just woken up and is still too lazy to go downstairs for breakfast. It's Saturday for Christ's sakes, his father hasn't called him down because every weekend he gets to have extra hours to sleep. Finally, after feeling bored from minutes of doing nothing he went downstairs to have his daily breakfast, he saw Captain America preparing the plates as he sees they're having waffles, 'hmmm, that's strange' Peter thought to himself, his pops rarely make waffles and he only makes them for special occasions, Peter suddenly remember, waffles are his dad's favorites and Steve uses it to calm him when he's having a hard time.

"Morning dads" he said while he sits in his place in the kitchen staring both at his fathers, somehow nervous.

"Morning PP" Tony said glaring at his son sipping a glass of juice

"Dad, what did I tell you on calling me that?!" Peter growled at his dad, Steve just chuckled as he observes the most important guys in his life make an argument again.

"It's either that or Bambi… you choose" he said smirking at the teenager, taking a bite on his precious waffles.

Peter just sighed as he didn't have enough choice, or those aren't choices, Tony calls him whatever he wants. "By the way Pete, how's your week at school?" Steve jumped in the conversation trying to get the right words from his son.

"Uhmm, great I guess? Nothing interesting happened." He told his dads munching on his breakfast

"Shouldn't you be telling us something Peter?" Tony butts in shifting stares from Steve to Peter

'JARVIS!' the teenager muttered to himself. He knew something was wrong. He just didn't see it coming.

"Yeah, JARVIS told us" Tony with his voice getting stiffer


"So when's this Career day Pete?" his pops calmly asks.

"Monday" he said straightly trying to burrow himself in the table.

"Alright, well we'll be there."

"Right Tony?" Steve said as he stares at his husband, that look that makes you obey his every command.

"Yeah, we'll… we'll be there." Tony agrees.

"Look dads, you - you don't have to okay" said Peter with a hint of annoyance in his voice.

"WHY NOT?" Tony snapped, raising his voice to his son, Steve on the other hand remained calm as he always was

"Uhh -"

Before Peter can even speaks Tony cuts him off. " Why? Because you're embarrassed by us? Because you think we will embarrass you in front of your whole class?" he paused for a while as he throws his hands looking pissed.

"My God Peter, or are you really ashamed that we adopted you in the first place?" he continued

"Tony." His husband wrapped his arm around his other half's shoulders shrugging it for comfort.

Peter stood up, his waffles mostly half left, he went running to his room and they heard the door slammed as hard as it could possibly did. Peter failed to explain himself because he feels that he can't win against his dad. His Saturday morning turned into one of those Monday one's. 'Great' he mumbles to himself.

Back in the kitchen.

"I screwed up again didn't I?" Tony looks at his husband with a worried look. Steve just chuckles.

"How do you even manage to stay calm Rogers?" he asks, Steve just rubs his back calming the brunette.

"Because I know I can handle things when I'm calm." Steve smiled at his partner, he taps Tony's back

"And that Tony, you have to learn" he smiles again.

"I'll go talk to him alright? You eat your waffles, it will calm you down.." he walks slowly leaving Tony to finish his breakfast and calm down.

"I didn't make those for nothing." He added, as he heads towards his sons room.

Steve always knew how to handle situations, he always knew how to deal with his family, he's the one who keeps the balance in their household, and everybody pretty much knows that. Steve paused for a while standing in front of Peter's room he knocks three times into the hard wood door but he didn't get a response. He slowly opens the door to see Peter lying face down his bed.


"Hmmm" he murmurs under his pillow.

Steve sits next to his son rubbing his back then he taps it and tells him to get up. Peter did what he was told to. He sat beside his father staring at his room's floor. He'd wish he had a different reaction earlier but that's impossible because he seems to have acquired his dads short temperedness.

"I'm sorry." Peter said as he lets out a sigh.

"I understand you, its okay. Just next time, tell us if you have events in school and stuffs." He looks at Peter smiling as he rubs his sons back again.

"Your dad doesn't want it coming from others." He continues.

"Okay." The teenager said calmly.

"Mind telling me why don't you want us to come?" his pops asked him peacefully.

"Are you really that embarrassed by us?" he lets out a chuckle smiling at Peter.

"No! No!, definitely not. I know you guys wouldn't make fun of me in public" Peter defended

"Won't you?" Peter asks back

"Of course we won't!" Steve laughs

"It's just that…. I know you guys are busy enough to mind things like these so I decided to not let you guys know. I don't ….. want you guys to be forced to come because there would be extra points if you did which obviously I don't need" Peter explained

"And… and whenever I see you come home every evening you guys look so tired and the next day you have brand new things to be extremely busy at. I just- don't want to get in your way." He continued.

"I want you guys to have less work you know what I'm saying?" he looks at his pops.

Steve sighs as he fist pumps Peter on his shoulders.

"No matter how silly things are Peter, if it has something to do with you, of course we'll do anything to be a part of it." That silenced Peter staring again at his room's floor.

"Why do you think we kept those pictures of you as a kid are for?"

"To make fun of me?" he smirked at Steve.

"Silly kid… Well that would Tony think but I'm different."

"Of course not. Because as you said, we're busy people and those are one of the things that keep us going" Steve continues.

"Taking pictures of me?" he asks again.

"Ha, No! how do I put this… hmmmm. We loved to be a part of your daily life Peter especially those that involve other persons. Your dad and I only want to make you proud. Tony is just too happy doing an amazing job being a father that he wants to brag that you his son."

"You know what I'm saying?" Steve said.

"I guess so." Peter just letting out a sigh,

"I'm sorry again." he told his pops.

"Silly kid." Steve patted his son's hair and hugs him.

"You can let go now, aren't I too old for parental hugs?" he joked

"No one's old for hugs!" Steve said letting go of his son.

"Well, if you have time why don't you talk to your dad"

"Which is kind of impossible because by now he's in his lab working on his new project." He told Peter as he went out of his room and leave.

The door closes and Peter quickly laid down in his bed and sighed some more. Boy he was not prepared for his pops giving him "the talk." Steve went slowly down the stair and he sees Tony coring his arms up his chest.

"You were listening aren't you?" He grinned at the brunette.

"Hmmmm." Tony grinned as he went back to his lab to finish as quickly as possible his new project. Tony was a bit happy to know that his son was just worried about them and he doesn't want him to get on his way. Tony was determined to give Peter the best Career day as possible.

Monday Morning.

Its thirty minutes before homeroom and parents are starting to gather in the parking lot and in the hallways. The students are chatting about how excited they are to introduce their parents to the class and say some stuff that would somehow make them look good in the eyes of others. On the other hand, Peter was nervous, he doesn't know if his dads were going to come, and if they did… HOW? Peter prepares himself for the worst scenario.

In the hallways, students are starting to pile up as each of them came and looking for their parents. Gwen's father passed in front of him greeting him with a smile and a tap on his shoulders. He then spots Wade talking to a guy nearly in his 40's, Wade's senses kicked in and he sees Peter staring at him.

"Pete!" he shouts walking towards his direction. He introduces the man beside him who turns out to be his DAD

"Dad, this is Pete, you don't remember him? The kid I've played with in kindergarten." He shifts his glare from his dad's to Pete's

"Nice to meet you kid. The name's Logan." The older man nods shaking Peter's hands

"Nice to meet you too sir" he said staring back at Wade's dad.

They had to go back to their classroom because homeroom would be starting any minute now and there's still no sign of his dads. He sighed and went back to his room and sits. His classmates sat down their proper seats and their parents at the back of the room waiting for their turn to come. It's almost Peter's turn and still he can't find his dads, well, he just had to tell everyone that his parents are too busy to come and there are no available guardian to accompany him.

Peter Parker. His name was called and he froze in his seat. He slowly stood up.

"Where's your homo dads Parker?" flash teasing him, he sighed and went in front of the class,

"I'm sorr-" again, before he even continue his speech was interrupted by the noise outside, camera's flashing and there's also screaming.

The door to his classroom opened and two well suited men came in.

"Sorry we're late!" Tony holding his hands up high. Steve just lets out a smile, a smile that can melt hearts. Everyone just seems to have their attention to the two handsome men in front of them. Both of them went to where Peter was standing.

"Sorry we're late Pete" Steve whispers in his son.

"Excuse me Peter. Do you know them?" Mrs. Briggs asked Peter in confusion.

Peter sighed and held up his head. "Everyone, I want you to meet my Dads. Anthony Edward Starks, Owner of Stark Industries and Steven Rogers also known as Captain America" he said proudly as he introduced his dads to everyone in the room.

Everyone was dead silent, staring at the three men standing in front of class. Tony and Steve scanned the area then decided to finally break the awkward silence.

"Hey, Peter's classmates. You heard the kid right; I'm Tony Stark of Stark industries. You can call me Tony or when I'm on my suit, Iron Man" he said as he looked everyone in the eye.

Peter's classmates just seemed to be shocked to let out any reactions. Also their parents are in great deal of disbelief.

"I mainly stay down in my laboratory mostly for days unless someone reminds me that it's time to eat and bathe." He jokes as everyone laughs.

"Sometimes, I let Peter work with me on my projects. Clearly the boy has talents, he may not inherit it from me, but I'm so damn proud he's my son." Tony looked at Peter like a proud father should have and they smiled at each other. Tony talks more about his job, his company, etc.

"I'm a billionaire, a philanthropist, I can buy anything I want in this world but it can't compete on how proud and happy I am on having Peter on our family." Tony said head held up high as other parent's smiles and nods in agreement.

Steve steps in. "And I'm Steven Rogers, you can call me Steve and I work for the government. And as you already know I am Captain America." He stares at everyone; they all seem to stare at Steve because he has good looks and those pecks, uhmmm hmmm! Steve just smiles at them ignoring every naughty glare he could possibly receive.

"I'm beyond the term happy to have Peter join our family. There are things may it be small that Peter had done that makes us so proud of him and we wouldn't exchange it for anything."

"Thank you" with that everyone claps their hands in adoration and respect they had for the three guys.

Before they leave, Tony feels he has one last thing to do. He heads out to see Flash who'd been bullying his son for the past few days. Tony taps the boy's shoulders.

"If you dare lay your hands on Peter again, I swear to God you will live forever unemployed for the rest of your life." Tony whispers to Flash.

"Do you understand me?" Flash just nodded his head and just froze to where he's standing.

After that they decided to eat outside for dinner. As the three of them walked the pavements.

"Well that wasn't bad" Peter mumbles.

"What did I tell you" Steve smiles at Peter

"PP" Tony joked

Peter just stared at his dad for a second as he lets out a soft laugh. Tony laughed back at him feeling good.

"I love you dad. Thanks for coming." He told his dad his cheeks turning bright red.

"I love you too son." With that they went to have dinner and Peter's worries are gone.

"We love you Steve/Pops" Tony and Peter turned their back to face Steve who though they'd forgotten about him. He was pouting when both turned to their backs. The three of them laughed as Steve kissed Tony on the cheeks.

"Good thing you guys did not come on costumes" Peter said

"Oh, that was actually your dads plan, but I worry you wouldn't want that so we turned it down." Steve explained.

"Well that was close." Peter smiling at his fathers.