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Naruto: Fangs of War
Chapter 1: Contract of a Lifetime

"You cannot defeat me, I am eternal!" said Malefor, a large dragon that had dark, almost black, purple scales. His underbelly was a sickly yellow and his wings looked paler than that. He shot a dark purple beam of pure energy right in front of him.

Two significantly smaller dragons shot two, albeit lighter, smaller beams of purple energy to collide with the one the Dark Master was firing from his maw. One dragon had a regal look, royal, bright purple scales, with golden horns and a orange-red wing membrane. This dragon was Spyro, a legendary Purple Dragon like Malefor. Unlike the Dark Master, he stood for justice and was fighting to save the world Malefor was trying (and succeeding) to destroy. His purple eyes were filled with determination and will. Beside him, was a slimmer, dragon with sleek, shining, and black as night scales with a magenta, nearly crimson underbelly and wing membrane, silver horns, and a scythe-like blade on her tail. This was Cynder, the former Terror of the Skies. She was enslaved by the evil Purple Dragon to cause terror and set him free from his prison. She was fighting to prove that she was no longer his puppet.

Unbeknownst to each other, they were both fighting to protect the other, their love. Cynder was in love with Spyro, and Spyro with Cynder.

"Just hang on!" Spyro shouted to Cynder though the Convexity shooting form his maw. The point where the three beams were colliding pulsed with energy above the dark purple, crystal-like core of the planet. Spyro and Cynder both gave one, last push of energy to their beams and overpowered the older dragons; the result was sending Malefor crashing into the crystal below.

He got up quickly and prepared to fight them once more. Behind Malefor, rising from the crystal's surface were the silhouettes of a dragon thought to be dead.

"What is this?" Malefor looking at the shapes of the dragon circled around him. One by one they grabbed Malefor by his limbs, and slowly dragged him down into the core, to be imprisoned once more. "NO!" were the Dark Master's final words to the plane of existence.

With its creator nonexistent, the snake-like chain binding the two adolescent dragons together dissolved into nothing. Spyro and Cynder glided down to land on the now glowing crystal as the world broke apart around them.

"Spyro, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry," said Cynder, looking down in shame, it also being evident in her voice.

Spyro looked her in the eyes hard. "Don't be, it's over now."

Cynder looked around her at the breaking planet. "So this is it?" She was scared that no one was going to survive this; not Terrador, not Volteer, not Cyril, definitely not that motor mouth Sparx, not even Spyro or her.

Spyro had his eyes closed in concentration, trying to find a way to stop this cataclysm. Suddenly, a voice echoed through the cavernous chamber, behind him, seen only by the black dragon, was the image of Spyro's mentor and father figure, Ignitus, the Guardian of the Fire Element.

"Spyro, when a dragon dies, he does not truly leave this world. His spirit lives on, binding itself with nature, offering hope for the future," Ignitus said, ascending up the chamber. That is when Spyro's eyes opened with the glimmer of hope.

He put on a mask of determination and looked to his companion. "I know what I need to do," he said looking at her. He walked forward a couple steps and looked at her again. "Just get out of here, Cynder."

"Spyro, no," she protested. "You don't have to do anything, let's just go," she said, afraid of what he might do and thinking about the words the deceased Fire Guardian said.

"Go where, Cynder?" he said looking at her hard. "There'll be nothing left," he said. He looked down a moment, "But I think I can stop it," he could look at her when he said; "I think I'm meant to."

He looked at her and in to her eyes and saw determination, and something else he couldn't place. "Then I'm with you," Cynder said, making her point that she wasn't going anywhere without him.

He looked at her surprised, and began his task of repairing the world. He rose up into the air, gathering energy and made the world seem silent. His entire body was glowing with the power he was compressing into it, and before he unleashed it around him, he thought he heard Cynder whisper something.

"I love you..." echoed throughout the chamber.

On the surface...

And the power soared through the fire, stone, and air. It surrounded the planet, the breaking planet in a purplish-white glow, and well around the planet. The aura put the planet back together like a puzzle, except swiftly and with great force.

Meanwhile on the surface of the world, a beautiful sight was to behold. As the smaller pieces of earth slowly sank down into their place on the planet, a golden dawn was rising. Emerging from the mouth of a nearby cave was a group of unlikely friends and allies. Out first was a small, golden, insect like creature. He was in awe and weakly pointing to the sunrise before him. Next came was a tall, humanoid creature, with large, sharp green eyes, a bow on his left shoulder, and wearing the colors of his tribe. Behind him were three massive dragons, a forest green one, with an underbelly that looked like stone, an icy blue one with a chilling purple underbelly, and a yellow one, with an electric blue underbelly and wings. They all looked at the dawn with relief in the voices and pride in their hearts. The looked up at the sky in the fading twilight and saw a constellation form before their very eyes. It was in the image of a dragon in flight, preparing to unleash a massive Fury Attack.

"They did it..." Sparx said, barely believing himself. "THEY DID IT! WHOO!" Sparx was buzzing his wings loudly and doing all sort of flips and tricks in the air, the dragonfly obviously overjoyed.

"Looks like Spyro did a good job, "Terrador, the Guardian of Earth, said in his gruff voice.

"Do not count out young Cynder, old friend," said Volteer, Guardian of Electricity.

"Yes, I believe this calls for a celebration!" said Cyril, the Guardian of the Ice Element.

"I agree, Cyril, but not just a celebration, a holiday and memorial to those who fought and died so that Malefor can be defeated once and for all," said the proud voice of the Cheetah, Hunter of Avalar.

"Indeed, but what to name it?" Terrador asked to himself looking out at the seemingly self-repairing landscape.

"How about the 'Fall of Malefor?'" suggested Volteer.

"No, sounds more like a play or book," voiced Cyril. "How about 'Spyro's Day?"'

"Cynder did help, so it would not do her justice to give all the credit to Spyro," said Hunter. "Why not, 'The Dawn of the Dragon,' sounds better to me."

"Perfect! The Dawn of the Dragon, the day that the Dragon race dawned once more, from the brink of destruction!" Cyril said with great pride.

"So be it," voice Terrador. "Let this day be forever known as the Dawn of the Dragon!"

"HUZZAH!" shouted the Moles, Cheetahs, and Dragons behind them, basking in the light of a new day.

Watching this scene unfold from the pages of a tome was a large, teal dragon wearing an hourglass pendant and a navy blue cape. The dragon was known only as the Chronicler, a dragon of immeasurable wisdom and knowledge, chosen to watch over the Books of Time, which contain records of every part of history and the lives of every dragon.

"Be welcome, friend; I have long been expecting you, he said looking to his left, then back to the tome floating before him. "A new age is beginning," he said looking at the images passing through the page of the book. The first of the planet being repaired, the next of a stone city being rebuilt, and the last being the Dragon Guardians and Sparx standing side by side. "With each new age, a worthy dragon is chosen to chronicle the many triumphs and failures of that age," he said watching the images flicker and fade to the next. "This has been my duty for many millennia, and now," looking up from the book and looking to his guest, an equally large orange-red scaled dragon that had a look similar to Spyro, and some wrinkles on his maw from smiling, "Ignitus, I pass it on to you."

Ignitus stepped forward to move to peer into the book. "And what of Spyro? Is he...?" he asked with worry.

"Hmm..." the Chronicler looked to the book. "That is the question, isn't it?" he said. He looked to his soon-to-be successor. The book in front of him floated away to be replaced by another think tome. "You see, each time a dragon dies, a new page is written in this book," he said, opening it up to a blank page soon to be filled and written. "I've done my best, but I can't seem to find any trace of Spyro or Cynder," he said to the former Fire Guardian.

The Chronicler began to glow and his essence went through Ignitus into the book, Ignitus had pale, blue, armor-like plate grow onto his shoulders and hind legs. His fiery scales faded into the same hue as his predecessor's scales. Ignitus was then wearing the garbs of the Chronicler and brought the book to himself. "Well, young dragon, where might you be...?" he said looking at the blank page.

The former Chronicler seemed to have one, final task to do...

Meanwhile, on another far distant planet...

"Let's see here the first jutsu is... 'Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu.'" Naruto Uzumaki, read to himself aloud. "Oh, come on! That's my worse jutsu!" he exclaimed to himself.. He had stolen the Forbidden Scroll of Sealing from the Hokage's office for the make-up exam that Mizuki-sensei was giving him to become a Genin. "Might as well try it..." he said looking through the other overly complicated jutsu in the scroll.

A couple hours later...

"Heh, I got it down pat..." he said panting with a look of triumph clear on his face. "Might as well learn another awesome jutsu," he said plopping down to read the scroll again.

"Let's see here, 'Sealing Jutsu: Reaper Death Seal,' 'Sealing Jutsu: Eight Trigrams Seal,' 'Summoning Jutsu: Impure World Resurrection,' BORING! Where are all the good jutsu?" were some of the blond's thoughts.

"Huh? A Storage Seal," Naruto said looking at the basic seal. He knew them from a lesson in sealing from Iruka-sensei, a class he found interesting. "All I need is a bit of blood, and..." he bit his thumb and smeared his blood over the seal, releasing its contents.

A poof of smoke revealed a slightly smaller scroll than the Forbidden Scroll of Sealing next to it. It was a deep blue that reminded himself of someone in his class, maybe their hair color? It was covered in black runes that seemed to change every so often. "This looks cool," he said as he unraveled the scroll. Inside were sections and before those were runes that definitely were swirling. "Whoa..." the runes twisted themselves into the kanji he can read. "Summoning Contract... sign in blood... smear blood on palm... Hand signs: Boar, Dog, Bird, Monkey, Ram... looks pretty easy," he mumbled to himself. He took his still bleeding thumb and began to right his name in the first slot. "Na-ru-to U-zu-ma-ki..." he mumbled again as he wrote his name in it. "Should probably take this with me," he said as he tucked the scroll under his supply backpack.

"There you are, Naruto!" said a voice Naruto, for once, was glad to hear.

"Hey, Iruka-sensei!"

Meanwhile, in a unknown location...

"Ugh... My head..." the mighty Purple Dragon groaned. "Where am I? Where's Cynder?" he asked aloud, looking around. He saw that they were in large meadow, on what seemed to be an altar, a large stone statue of something that looked like a furless-Cheetah on a pedestal. It seemed to have its fur on top of its head and it was spiky. He was wearing a long cloak with symbols on the back of it; in its left hand it was holding a staff with a ring on top that had other rings on it. His face, or rather his eyes, had to be the most drawing part. He had a soft, but stern face, but his eyes were a ripple pattern and didn't seem to have pupils. Around the alter were statues of different and strange creatures: a weird looking raccoon with a crazed expression, to a fox with nine lashing tails.

A voice he was longing to hear brought him out of his observations. "Spyro?"

He looked to the source of the voice and saw Cynder, tired, but very much alive. She looked as if she was struggling under her own weight.

"CYNDER!" Spyro shouted overjoyed, ran to his love and nearly tackled her to the ground in a hug, with his forelegs and wings, rubbing his cheek against hers affectionately, tears of joy flowing freely from his closed eyes.

Cynder, on the other hand, was a bit flustered. Sure, she was happy to see Spyro and herself alive, but the last thing she expected Spyro to do was this. She likes the feeling, it just wasn't expected. She could feel heat rising to her face. "Uh? Spyro?" she asked barely over the volume of a mumble.

"Yes, Cyn?" he asked still rubbing their cheeks together.

"'Cyn?'" she thought. They hadn't even confessed their feelings and he already had a pet name for her? "You can stop anytime now..." she said nervously.

Spyro snapped his eyes open and realized what he was doing. He and Cynder could feel the heat rise to his face. He moved away, embarrassed and flustered. "Sorry, Cynder..." he mumbled.

"It's okay," she giggled to herself, "Spy-Fi," she said giggled again.

"Spy-Fi?" the Legendary Purple Dragon thought in surprise.

"Well, since you came up with a pet name for me, I came up with one for you," Cynder said giggling again at his face. He realized he said his thoughts aloud.

"Uh, Cynder? Can I ask you a question?" Spyro asked nervously, not looking directly at her.

"You just did, but you can ask one again," she said, and giggled at her own joke.

"Is what you said back there, in the chamber, before I fixed the world...? Is it true?" he asked nervously, his voice laced with the fear, anxiety, and nervousness of being it not being true.

Cynder looked at him, smiled warmly, filled with the kind of confidence that is only gained once in a lifetime. "Yes, Spyro, it is true. I do love you, with all my heart. When you said that you had nothing left to fight for when Malefor took over me again, I knew you weren't fighting for yourself, Ignitus, the Guardians, or even the world, but for me. You have no idea how many beats my heart skipped when you said that. You set me free from him. Even if he was still here, he could never take over me again, because I love you too much to let him do that," she spilled her heart out. He was stunned, stunned beyond all belief. The beautiful dragoness that he been through thick and thin, loved him? He was frozen in his joy. The dragon he loved loves him!

Cynder was tired of waiting for him to say something, so she walked up to him, her talons click-clacking on the stone beneath her. She suddenly got cold feet about what she was going to do. She was nervous that he might reject her. What if he hated her for it? She was snapped out of her thoughts by Spyro locking his lips with hers. Her eyes were wide with shock that the object of her affections was kissing her suddenly. She just melted into the kiss and fell into his embrace.

Spyro pulled himself and Cynder onto their hind legs and wrapped his wings around her in an even more passionate embrace. They broke the kiss for precious oxygen, just stared into each other's eyes for a moment. "I love you, Cynder," was all that he said, and Cynder gave him a peck on the lips.

"I love you, too, Spyro," she said, nuzzling into his neck.

"As much as I hate to interrupt this tender moment, I'm afraid that we don't have much time," said a smooth, ancient voice that they both recongized.

"Chronicler?" asked Spyro, not believing it himself.

The teal dragon stepped out from behind the statue of the Nine-Tailed Fox. "Yes, Spyro, Cynder, it is I. I must congratulate you both on saving the planet. Only you two could have possibly stopped Malefor, as well as undo all the damage he has done, I wish I could not ask you anymore of you two, but..."

"You're kidding me! Right?" Cynder interrupted. "We just saved the world and became a couple, I think we deserve a break," she said, intertwining her tail with Spyro's.

"I wish I was, Cynder. I wish I was. I'm afraid that a new world needs your help," he said and he glanced at the humanoid statue. "One very much different from our own," he said.

"I guess it has to do with these statues?" he said looking around at the stone depictions of streange creatures.

"Observant as always, Spyro," the ancient dragon said with a smile. "Yes, these statues act simular to Convexity, an airlock between worlds. This world was once ravaged by endless war and evil demons whose evil rivaled, and even succeeded, that of Malefor, and even more powerful in some cases," he said seriously.

That made both Spyro and Cynder gulp loudly. Something more evil and powerful than Malefor? Needless to say, if they were anyone else, they would quake in their metaphorical boots.

"This man," he said, lightly flicking his tail on the humanoid statue in the center. "Saved this world, by defeating and sealing away all but one of the demons in the earth, similar to what Ignitus did to Malefor," he said.

"Ignitus is alive?" Spyro asked, expecting an answer, then and there.

"In a way," he said still looking in the ripples in the statue's eyes. "You could say that he is my replacement as Chronicler for the new age."

"He's the Chronicler now? What about you?" Cynder asked, since Spyro is in shock processing this information.

"I'm afraid that it is time for me to join the Ancestors soon. I just have to preform one final task, sending you on your new mission," the Chronicler said solemnly. "As I was saying, this man couldn't seal one demon into the earth like the others, this one had a nearly infinite amount of energy that they use in this world called 'chakra.' It was only as the Ten-Tails," he said. The alter shook as if the mere mention of the Ten-Tails was taboo.

"Ahem, the man, the Sage of the Six Paths, instead defeated it and sealed the 'chakra' of the beast into his own body, and sealed the body into a rock, which he threw into the sky. The rock went into orbit, and became the moon," the Chronicler continued.

"He created the MOON?" Spyro asked in shocked, for the umpteenth time that day. Cynder nodded, reaffirming her love's question.

"Yes, and if you two would kindly stop interrupting, we won't waste precious time!" said the annoyed ancient. "As I was saying, he then went on to spread his religion, which would become the basis for the world's fighting styles, and sought to create peace. When he was near the end of his life he created nine beasts from the chakra of the Ten-Tails, the creatures around you. He trusted them to make sure the Ten-Tails would never be reborn. He considered himself their father, and trusted them with the world. His human sons, were to carry on his legacy and protect the Tailed Beasts; the oldest inherited the Sage's eyes, believed that power was the way to world peace, the younger son, inherited the Sage's body, and almost godly stamina, believed love was the way to world peace. Since he believed that his younger son was just, he named him his heir. Enraged by this fact, the older son declared war on his brother and fought him. The two sons, soon established clans, and their rivalry was passed on to them. The older son's clan became known as the Uchiha Clan, and the younger's became the Senju, and their cousins, the Uzumaki," said the ancient dragon.

"It'll be up to you to save this world from the impending doom that is soon to come, to protect my old friend's legacy. When everything passes over, you'll come back to our world, you'll be helping a supposed Child of Prophecy, similar to you, Spyro," the Chronicler said with a wink.

"So we need to help this guy, and we can go home?" Cynder asked, cutting to the chase as usual.

"Is essentials, yes. This child's name is Naruto Uzumaki, he has bright yellow hair, and deep blue eyes," the teal dragon nodded. A loud, poofing sound drew their attention to the Sage's statue, a portal appeared directly beneath it. "It would appear it is time for you to go now, young dragons," he walked over to the edge of the portal, which looked like a VERY deep puddle. "Naruto has the Nine-Tailed Fox sealed within him, but the seal exceptionally strong, do not fear. Good luck!" he said as they stepped into the puddle-portal. "May the Ancestors watch over you..." the Chronicler whispered before he faded into nothingness.

A few minutes earlier, with Naruto...

Naruto was frustrated; he was trying to take the silver-haired Chuunin down without risking his favorite sensei. Mizuki was blocking almost every one of his attacks. He didn't know if Mizuki was holding back or not, but if he had the Fox in gut or not, he'll be damned if he lets this bastard hurt Iruka-sensei.

"Is that all you got, Nine-Tailed Fox? Your pathetic clones are even weaker than you!" Mizuki screamed in maniacal glee.

Iruka was down for the count, his body unable to move of his own accord, his back impaled with half a dozen shuriken. "Naruto..." Iruka thought, worried about his favorite student.

"Looks like I'll have to that other jutsu," he said before he bit his thumb.

"Oh, look the brat thinks he can summon! Bring it on Nine-Tails!" Mizuki laughed.

"Summoning Jutsu!" Naruto shouted as he slammed his hand on the ground created an array of kanji from his palm. A large poof of smoke obscured the area around Naruto. The two Chunin curious as to what Naruto could have possibly summoned.

When the smoked cleared, before his were two creatures with horns, wings, scales, tails, and claws. One, that was taller and wider, obviously built for strength, was purple and gold, a really regal looking creature. The other was sleeker, slimmer, looked faster than the other, was majestic looking, black and kind of dark pink.

"DRAGONS?!" shouted Mizuki, obviously only hearing of the legendary animals in just that, legends. "THE DEMON BRAT SUMMONED DRAGONS?!" A Dragon Contract was only heard of legends. Naruto did have a scroll tucked under his bag that was similar to the Forbidden Scroll.

Iruka, on the other hand, was shell-shocked. Naruto truly was the most unpredictable person in the world. To be able to summon a legendary creature like Dragons is a feat in itself. He smiled, knowing Naruto was truly going to strong, Dragons or not.

Naruto was just grinning like a loon; he was able to call dragons! Mizuki didn't stand a chance now!

"Where are we, Cynder?" asked the purple dragon, its deep violet eyes darting around.

"I don't know, Spyro, but shouldn't we focus on finding that kid? What was his name? Maruko or something?" the black dragon, now identified as Cynder replied.

"HEY! IT'S NARUTO! NA-RU-TO!" shouted the orange clad boy behind them.

"Well, that was easy," said Spyro, smiling at the boy who was about a head taller than him.

"Aren't you guys supposed to help me fight or something?" asked Naruto, his eyes narrowed at the summoned lizards.

"Hey, we just got here, I think we should be able to look arou-" Cynder started.

"CYNDER, LOOK OUT!" Spyro shouted as he grabbed Cynder by her forelegs, and took to the air, her tail blade clinking barely clinking against a massive Shuriken. Quite a narrow dodge. Naruto managed to duck in time, but not without casualty.

"Hey, this was my favorite outfit, you bastard!" he yelled and shook his fist angrily at Mizuki, ripping away the remains of his jumpsuit from his chest. "Now, I'm going to send that back a thousand fold!"

"BRING IT ON, NINE-TAILED FOX!" Mizuki shouted.

"Spyro, shouldn't we do something?" asked Cynder, her and her love well above the battlefield, wings beating strong.

"I'm not sure, Cynder," Spyro said, as he watched the bare-chested blond form his fingers into a cross-like sign. "We might not be any match for these guys."

"MULTI-SHADOW CLONE JUTSU!" Naruto shouted, as scores of his image appeared in the clearing. They were in the trees, the grass, and even on the higher ground above. Each blond was smirking proudly.

Everyone there was astonished. Iruka was amazed that Naruto was unable to use the Academy standard Clone Jutsu; he was able to pull off a far more advanced version that created solid, flesh-and-blood clones, instead of illusions. There were at least a thousand clones.

Spyro and Cynder were in awe of the power of this new world. If they could create multiple copies of themselves, who knows what else they could do? Would they be able to call upon Convexity?

Mizuki was pissed that the Nine-Tails Brat was able to keep to his word, and now he was scared that he wouldn't be able to walk away from this.

"What's wrong? Weren't you going to kill me with one shot?" all the Naruto's spoke as one. "Well, I'll start then," the original said.

Mizuki's screams couldn't be heard outside the clearing.

Thirty minutes later...

Mizuki was barely recognizable, his cheeks and eyes were swollen, both his eyes were black and closed, his nose was broken and bloddy.

"Sorry, Iruka-sensei. I guess I overdid it a little," Naruto said, looking sheepish, and grinning his foxy grin.

"Ya think? That was just plain brutal," voiced Cynder, looking over Mizuki with Spyro.

"Trust me, coming from her, it's bad," said Spyro with a deadpanned look on his face, looking dead at Naruto. Cynder just smacked his lightly with the blunt side with her tail blade and playfully glared at him. Naruto himself just glared with his eyes narrowed at the black dragon.

"Hey, Naruto," Iruka called, ignoring the dragons, with a smile on his face and pride in his eyes. "Come here, I want to give you something."

Spyro and Cynder watched as the injured man untied the cloth that was around his head, and tied it around Naruto's. It had a metal plate on it; the plate had a symbol on that appeared to be a spiral. Naruto opened in his eyes in shock, his hand flying to his forehead, misbelief and joy etched on to his face.

Iruka was just smiling warmly, "Congratulations, Naruto. You are now a ninja of the Village Hidden in the Leaves." Naruto tackled his teacher in a tight hug, laughing into the man chest.

In the Hokage's Office...

Third Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi was watching the boy he saw as his grandson become a ninja and smiled warmly at the heartwarming moment he seen through his chakra-powered crystal ball. "You deserve the chance to become all you can be, Naruto..." the old man thought warmly. When he turned his focus to the Dragons overlooking the traitor's body, his eyes became hard and analytical. That Summoning Contract was unable to be signed by anyone who tried. Each and every Hokage has tried to sign it to find out what sort of creature would be called from it, only his late successor, Minato Namikaze came the closest, since his signature glowed green before disappearing, unlike his and Tobirama's that turned to vapor as they signed. "Summoned by Naruto or not, these Dragons are a risk that I must investigate," he thought. "Yugao! Tenzo! Appear now!" he shouted in to the seemingly empty room.

"SIR!" said the two members of the ANBU Black Ops appeared before their leader. One ANBU had long, straight, violet hair, and two swords strapped to her back. She had a porcelain cat mask hiding her face. The other, a male, had short, spiky, brown hair, and no visible weapons. They both wore the same black and gray uniform.

"I need you to go retrieve Naruto and the creatures there unharmed and conscious. Do not engage under any circumstances. Also, have Iruka bring Mizuki to Torture and Interrogation, I want to find out who he was working for," the Hokage standing up before his bowed shinobi.

"Understood, sir," they said before they disappeared using the Body Flicker Jutsu.

The Hokage sighed and took a long drag from his tobacco pipe. "This will cause so much paperwork..."

Back with Spyro and Cynder...

"These guys all look like furless apes," said Cynder.

"Yeah, let's hope their friendlier than them," Spyro agreed watching the former master and student pair.

"What do you think a 'Genin' is?" asked Cynder. Spyro shrugged as he lay down in the grass beside Cynder, intertwining their tails.

"Maybe it's some sort of profession?" inquired Spyro.

"Naruto Uzumaki, Iruka Umino, we have orders from the Hokage," sounded a female voice on the far end of the clearing. The two shinobi stood at attention to two members their village's special forces.

"Umino, you are to bring Mizuki to T&I for interrogation and await further orders," sounded the female ANBU. Iruka nodded and proceeded to scoop up Mizuki's body.

"I'll see you later, Naruto," Iruka said before he disappeared with the traitor in tow.

"Uzumaki," sounded the male ANBU. Naruto tried his best to appear professional, but all he did was look like he needed to take a dump. "You and the Dragons are to come with me to see the Hokage," said the bear-masked shinobi with no room for argument. Naruto went over to the ANBU without question, but annoyed look on his face. Spyro and Cynder, on the other hand were wary of the man.

"How do we know we can trust you?" asked Cynder, preparing to charge up some of her Wind Element.

"You have no choice, Dragon," said Tenzo, glaring from behind his mask.

"Don't worry," voiced Naruto smiling truly, "The Old Man is one of the nicest guys in the world! He won't do anything to hurt you."

Spyro and Cynder looked at each other and nodded a silent agreement: see what this "Old Man Hokage" had to say, and voice to him why there were here. Don't fight unless in defense. They slowly trotted over to the taller human.

"Take my hand," he said to everyone present. Naruto took his left hand; Spyro took his right and tightened his grip with Cynder's tail. They vanished without a trace, leaving the moonlit clearing empty.

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