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Naruto: Fangs of War
Chapter 3: An Osiris Story in the Leaves

As Naruto was strolling through the marketplace, the villagers were looking on in shock. He actually had companions at his side! On his left was a pair that was obvious couple that made both men and women look in envy of their beauty. They were walking arms interlinked and confident. They both could not be older than thirteen.

The female of the couple was average height for her age. Her midnight hair flowed down to her waist and framed her angular face. Her emerald-like eyes shone with confidence and danger, but most of all hidden power. She wore a kimono top that was darker than her hair, and blacker than holy midnight. The lecherous men were scorning at the magenta cloth that covered her tops opening, blocking them from seeing a bit of her modest bust. Her legs were covered by pants that were a darker shade than her top, and matched her hair. A standard issue shinobi weapons pouch was strapped on her right thigh. It was obvious that, from her figure of near perfection, many people would believe that, if it were possible, a goddess was walking among them.

This young woman was on the arm of a young man tall for his age and looked like a king among men if there ever was one. His face was regal, his dark blonde hair neatly trimmed just above his eyebrows. His amethyst eyes shown with a humble confidence, but was layered with protectiveness and the same hidden power in his companion. His royal purple coat over his black shirt was covering a strong figure, not overly muscled, but not without them. He had a darker shade of purple for his pants as well as a standard issue pouch on his waist. The young man walking before them looked like he would make the daimyo bow before him.

This young couple also sported a pair of matching necklaces. Both of them a dragon's head, but jeweled different. The girl's was gold with a amethyst body and another different kind of purple quartz eyes, while her lover had one that was silver, with a onyx body and emerald eyes.

Why they were walking with the imprisoned Nine-Tails was beyond them. Before they could separate the demon from the regal couple, he took to the rooftops with them following.

When they landed in the training ground they were met by an unusual cast of characters. The clan heads were all their of course, as well as Jiraiya, the Hokage, and the elders: Koharu, Homura, and Danzo. But with them was the unusual. The first man had silver hair that stuck up at a angle. He had his headband covering his left eye, and wore a mask that covered his lower face. The only part of it visible was his right eye, and it had a lazy look in it and was stuffed in a orange book. He wore the standard shinobi uniform otherwise: an olive green flak jacket, a dark blue, long-sleeved shirt and pants of the same shade as the shirt.

"Ah, Spyro, Cynder you've arrived," said the Hokage. He then noticed the orange-clad ninja. "Naruto, you should be taking your registration photo, why are you here?"

"I sent a Shadow Clone in my place, I want to see this," Naruto replied with enthusiasm.

Hiruzen pondered this for a moment. "I suppose, but stay out of the way, understand?"

"You got it, Old Man!" he stated with a wink and solute.

Lord Third then turned to Naruto's companions. "This will be a test on how well you can do in combat, you don't have to win, but you shouldn't lose either. I and the elders will judge you as well as your opponent, Kakashi," he said gesturing to the aforementioned.

Kakashi lazily looked up from his book. "Oh? Are we starting?" he said a bit abruptly.

"Yes, Kakashi, we are," Homura said impatiently.

"Your objective to defeat your opponent as fast as you can. Do not hold back. The same is to you Kakashi, barring lethal force. Understood?" Hiruzen asked the participants as Naruto went to his side. Both sides nodded, after which so did he. "Then, begin!" Hiruzen started the match.

Spyro rushed forward and started to kick and punch at Kakashi, who easily blocked each and every attack. "You sure you're as powerful as Lord Hokage led me to believe? You're fighting like a Genin." He kicked Spyro in the stomach and sent him back right as Cynder dived forward with a leg sweep. Kakashi easily jumped over that and jumped back a few yards.

"How the heck are we going to able to fight in these forms?" Cynder yelled frustrated.

To answer her cry, Jiraiya yelled out from the sidelines, "Release the sealing layers!"

Remembering, Spyro and Cynder charged up their energy and each became engulfed an aura: purple for Spyro, and black for Cynder. When the auras dispelled, their bodies and their clothes had changed. Spyro's coat curled over his shoulders like a cape and was left wearing a muscle shirt, Cynder the same with her shirt, but was replaced by a magenta tank top. They both grew talons on their hands and feet and small horns on their heads, but Cynder had a couple on her neck.

"Your best seal work yet, Jiraiya." Hiruzen commented. Jiraiya nodded.

Kakashi narrowed his eyes at this; he was told he was fighting dragons, not kids with a few seals. "Getting a few new features isn't going to help you," he said slightly arrogant. This was his mistake. Cynder and Spyro surged forward; Cynder attacked high and Spyro low, and sent him flying into a nearby tree. As soon as he was separated from the ground, different colored gems burst from the points where he stricken. The gems flew into their bodies, ready for another strike. "Huh, didn't expect that. But if I knew I was carrying such beautiful jewels, I would've gone to the pawn shop."

"Trust me, you'll be seeing more than just gems before this over," Cynder said, her voice smooth.

"I'd bet, but I'm not much of a gambler," he said digging himself out of the tree. "But now it's my turn," he said diving forward in a blur. He reappeared in front of the two, "Allow me to teach you the basics about being a shinobi." He then punched them in the gut causing them to spit up and get knocked back. "Shinobi Tactics Lesson One: Taijutsu, the martial arts."

They landed on their feet and engaged themselves in a bout with Kakashi being in the middle. Kakashi blocked or parried every punch, kick, knee, and elbow with some effort. He tried ducking and dodging, but he didn't have any room to dodge as much. And when he was able to and did, they simply redirect they're attack. "Their teamwork is impeccable." He was able to use a quick Replacement Jutsu and was swapped himself with a nearby boulder.

When Spyro landed a punch it, the boulder shattered. Spyro's hand was emblazoned in a forest green glow. They turned their backs to each other and looked for Kakashi. That is when they heard a voice in their heads, Kakashi's voice. "Your taijutsu is impressive, but moving on to Lesson Two: genjutsu, the illusion arts,"the voice said before their world dissolved around them. They turned around to find the other not there.

"Spyro? Where are you?" Cynder shouted to the darkness. In a moment she found herself back in the clearing, but something was off. It was dusk, instead of midday. She was about to move around, but she heard an all too familiar roar. She looked to the sky and saw herself, back when Malefor corrupted her and twisted her into an adult form. She took up a stance, and began to charge her Shadow Element.

"A persistent little fella, aren't ya?" her tainted form taunted as it landed. "Resisting our Master and me for so long... I'm impressed." "You're no longer who I am; the Dark Master was defeated by me and Spyro. You no longer exist," Cynder calmly said back. "You're right, for now. Our Master will be freed, it is only a matter of time, you know," the corrupted Cynder stated. "If he could escape Convexity, he could escape anywhere." "He escaped with your help, without anyone to corrupt at the center of the planet; I'd say he's pretty much helpless and trapped."

At this, the dark dragon charged and Cynder screamed; the sound waves visible and a dark crimson. The world around her turned to waves, and she found herself back in the clearing. It was daylight and Spyro was visibly shaken while Kakashi was clear on the other side of the field holding his ears. Spyro had released the next later and grew his wings and tail, his shirt and coat gone, and his golden chest that contrasted with his purple scales was heaving. His eyes were pinpoints and were leaking tears. The purple was slowly leaking black smoke, but Cynder knew better. He was dangerously close to unleashing the darkness in him.

"Spyro? Are you okay?" Cynder said soothingly, her hand on his scaled shoulder. "I was shown Ignitus's death, voices saying that it was my fault," he said, his voice little more than a whisper.

"Spyro, it's okay, Ignitus sacrificed himself, it was his choice. And you saw last night that he's okay," she whispered back. "I know, it was terrifying though..." he trailed off.

"I'm sure it was, but remember: Kakashi said it was an illusion he put on us, let's get him back for it shall we?" she said with a grin. Spyro eyes widened a moment and smirked right back. Cynder became emblazoned in a black aura again, and her cape split in two and started to grow into her wings. Her skin turned black, her horns grew and lengthened. Her face narrowed and angled into a snout. He tank top shrunk and fit itself tightly around her upper chest, exposing her belly which had turned the same shade of magenta as her tank top was.

"Let's," confirmed Spyro as they faced their opponent. "Since you were able to pass Lessons One and Two, I guess it's time for Lesson Three: Ninjutsu, the ninja arts, as well as my specialty," Kakashi said as he lifted up his headband, revealing his left eye. It was scarred directly across. It reminded Spyro and Cynder eerily of Gaul. He opened it and revealed a red iris with three tomoe around the pupil. The tomoe seemed to spin around the center.

Naruto from the sidelines saw it. "Hey, what's with his eye?" he asked to anyone in particular.

"That is the kenkei genkai of the Uchiha Clan: the Sharingan." said the old Hokage. "It allows the wielder to have perfect vision with the use of an extra three pupils and can analyze anything it sees, and memorizes it perfectly. With that eye, Kakashi has copied over one thousand different techniques. It is what gives him the aliases "Copy-Cat Kakashi," "Hero of the Sharingan."

"Whoa... Wait, Uchiha? That jerk Sasuke is going to have that?! Why is he so lucky?!" Naruto exclaimed, steam rolling off of him in anger. Jiraiya looked on with a smile. "Kid, when you know who you have for a dad..."

Kakashi's hands went into a blur and finally stopped with his hands outward. "Water Style: Water Dragon Bullet!" he exclaimed as water rose from the nearby lake and took shape around Kakashi in the form of an oriental dragon with glowing yellow eyes. He waved his arms toward the two opposite to him and the Water Dragon followed his arm and went straight towards them. Spyro dived in front and held out his hands and open his mouth wide, revealing many fangs. Flames burst from his mouth and palms intensely. The moment they made contact with the dragon, it began to steam and evaporate.

The flame's heat was so intense that the very air hissed from the heat. In moments the Water Dragon shrunk in half, but was still able to hit them both and sent them flying backwards. Cynder flipped and started to use her wings to take flight while Spyro encased himself with the same forest green aura earlier and became a massive, mossy boulder with spikes. He landed to the ground with a loud thud as Cynder flew straight towards Kakashi with a blood red orb hovering in front of her mouth. She let the ball burst and came from it were more orbs that left black and sanguine vapor trails and flew around him. The moment they hit him and exploded he felt the tingle of fear going up his spine.

He was paralyzed as he saw a black haired boy in blue clothes being crushed under a boulder; his body bloody and still that warm smile on his face, even in death. "Obito..." he thought. His vision soon shifted and he saw from a third person view as he saw himself impale his own teammate with his original jutsu. "RIN!" he mentally screamed as the vision broke and he was nearly crushed by a speeding rock. He quickly jumped a good twenty-five in the air, and shot in midair to the other side of the clearing. When he landed, Spyro and Cynder turned to face him and their eyes widened.

Kakashi had his legs spread apart, his right wrist being clutched in his left hand and was glaring at the two in pure, unadulterated rage. The killing intent he was leaking was almost inhuman; everyone there was sweating bullets. In moments, the sounds of birds chirping were coming from Kakashi's direction and they snapped out of it. A ring of chakra was visible around the jonin, electricity shooting from an orb in his hand. "This," he said gesturing to his hand, "is the only jutsu I can truly call my own. It has been called many names. The Chidori: One Thousand Chirping Birds, and the Lightning Blade because I used this to split a bolt of lightning in half. And now, it will be your end."

He dashed forward towards Cynder poised to strike. Each and every shinobi on the sidelines tried to move, but Naruto reached Kakashi first as Spyro rushed in front of Cynder. Kakashi's lightning-enhanced thrust went straight through Spyro and into Cynder. Naruto was blown back by the lightning and was sent being impaled by a cluster of Spirit Gems. Kakashi, covered in blood from head to toe, tossed the two dragons off his arms toward Naruto, before he promptly fainted.

Jiraiya and Hiruzen rushed over to Cynder, Naruto, and Spyro. They leaned over each and felt for a pulse. They felt none. Jiraiya looked panicked and without seals summoned a small, green toad. From his mouth, of all places. "Jiraiya? What's the big deal?" Gerotora asked indignantly.

"No time. Just give me the key or I'll make sure you won't be able to guard any secrets!" Jiraiya barked at the tiny amphibian. Gerotora wisely went to his full length and unrolled his abdomen, revealing a scroll with an intricate seal design. "Jiraiya... Is that what I think it is?" Hiruzen asked concerned.

"Yes, sensei, and it's our best chance at saving all of them," Jiraiya retorted as he slammed his hand into the small box near the top of the scroll and rolling up his sleeve. The scroll glowed for a moment, and then Gerotora slammed himself back down Jiraiya's throat. Jiraiya then rolled up Naruto's shirt revealing the Nine-Tail's seal. He slammed his arm, tattooed with the seal design previously on the scroll, and started twisting. Naruto's seal darkened then stopped. "EVERYONE GET BACK!" Jiraiya screamed as Naruto became emblazoned in a faint orange aura before exploding in a burst of chakra. The chakra covered him in a cloak that took the shape of a fox. He instantly grew three tails and a pair of fox ears.

Spyro and Cynder were at point blank range and were exposed to the demonic chakra. They were afloat in the chakra, their wounds healing and regenerating before their very eyes. The crystal that Naruto was on broke at the base and started integrating itself with Naruto. At that moment, they all heard a voice that would haunt them.

"Impressive move, grease monkey. The only reason I'm healing this brat is because your damned student had to link my existence with his life-force. You're gutsy, I'll give you that, though, human. I'm also doing the brat a favor. In return, I want to make sure that the eye-infection of a bloodline stops with Sparky over there," said a voice booming as mountains, and ominous as anything. The crystal in Naruto's chest dissolved and his chest repaired itself, as well as the holes in Spyro's and Cynder's.

"The Nine-Tails is right, Jiraiya, you truly are gutsy," the Third Hokage just said exasperated. Jiraiya had a cheeky grin as he relocked the seal. "I actually just guessed, if I was wrong then were we all screwed." he said sheepishly rubbing his head. Everyone in the clearing face-vaulted hard enough to leave craters. "We should take them to the hospital just in case, though." Everyone agreed and Jiraiya reactivated Spyro's and Cynder's transformation seals and carried them, while Lord Third carried his surrogate grandson.

Meanwhile, in a training field clear across the village, a young boy was inspired by a perverted clone defeating a perverted Special Jounin before it dispelled. "I SWEAR, BOSS! WE WILL ONE DAY FIGHT FOR THE TIRLE OF HOKAGE! THE VILLAGE WILL FINALLY KNOW THE NAME, KONOHAMARU SARUTOBI!" shouted the young boy.

When the trio of out cold teenagers arrived in the hospital, the ones who brought them there were in for a shock courtesy of the head doctor. "Lord Hokage, their perfectly healed and healthy, they just aren't responding to anything we do to wake them up," said the young man. "ANBU! Fetch me a bowl of Ichiraku Ramen STAT!" ordered the Hokage to the shadows.

A black blur went out the window and came back in an instant with a steaming bowl in hand. "One 'Uzumaki Special,' Lord Hokage," the masked ninja stated before returning to his place hidden. Hiruzen promptly picked up the bowl and fanned the aroma towards the unconscious blond. There was still no response. "We have a problem," Hiruzen said, his voice filled with dread.

Oh, I'm evil. Killing our heroes only to have them saved by a fluke from everyone's favorite perv. How will Naruto, Cynder, and Spyro get out of this coma? What will happen to Kakashi? WILL JIRAIYA CAUSE A FACE-FAULT MASSIVE ENOUGH TO LEVEL THE LEAF?! All this and more in the next installment of Fangs of War!


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