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Naruto: Fangs of War
Chapter 4

When Naruto came to, he was mildly surprised.


Okay, more than mildly. He, Spyro and Cynder were all on a stone platform that seemed to be floating in outer freakin' space. The two dragons in human form were passed still passed out. To the left were platforms that had spinning scale-like platforms leading to what seemed to be a giant ruin wall with a couple of light red banners. To his left he saw a giant cage that he could see inside to the distance.

"Okay... I really need to lay off the sci-fi/fantasy manga..." Naruto muttered to himself in disbelief. Behind him he heard groaning, which told him he wasn't dreaming.

"Ugh, what happened?" Cynder moaned holding her head, and supporting herself with her other hand. She blinked her eyes to adjust them to become aware of her surroundings.

"Hey. Cynder? You okay?" Naruto asked.

She didn't even attempt to move her aching head. "Naruto? Where are we?"

"I'm actually hoping you could tell me," the blond admitted. He looked around again. He narrowed his eyes at the cage. Something about it seems familiar.

The brunette looked around and saw that this place was familiar, but couldn't place a finger on it. "Not sure, seems familiar though." They looked to the dark blond passed out next to them. Naruto had a powerful urge to draw on his face with a marker, but suppressed it due to the seriousness.

"Hey, Spyro... Wakey-wakey eggs and bacy!" he said, while shaking the unconscious form of the purple teen. He remained out cold.

Cynder then had an idea. She allowed a feral smirk to form on her features, enough for the whiskered prankster to grin. "Let me try something..." She leaned down close to Spyro's ear and whispered something low enough that Naruto's acute hearing couldn't tell what she said.

"WHA?" Spyro bolted straight up, his face red as a blue-haired girl's from his class. His eyes were the size of pins, and his nose was bleeding slightly. Naruto laughed, thinking of his perverted jutsu; while Cynder just giggled and tapped his face lightly.

"Cynder, what did you do that for?" he said, embarrassed by what he heard. He only got a smirk in response.

"Two reasons. One was to wake you up, the other to see your reaction," she said looking at her fingernails, not trying at all to look innocent.

"You have a perverted mind, Cyn." the male pouted. She just grinned again.

"And you love me anyway, Spy-Fi," she stuck her tongue out.

Naruto stifled a laugh and looked at Spyro with a lopsided grin. "Spy-Fi?"

Spyro glared at Naruto with a force to be reckoned with, but Naruto had worse. "Tell. No. One."

Cynder pouted, but it didn't reach her eyes. "Aw, are you ashamed of me, Spyro?"

Spyro looked to her with wide eyes. "N-no. O-of course not, Cynder," he stuttered with a light blush. Naruto and Cynder started laughing soon Spyro was laughing as well. For a moment, they weren't a jinchuriki, or two dragon saviors, just three friends for a moment, forgetting their troubles. Soon, they noticed another, older voice chuckling.

"Ah. To be young and feel love's keen sting..." said the familiar voice. They all recognized it immediately.

"Hey! You're that fire dragon guardian guy, Igneel, right?" Naruto exclaimed.

"Ignitus, young one," corrected the disembodied voice. "And I'm sure you're wondering where you are, Cynder, Naruto. Spyro has been here before."

Spyro looked around for a moment. "We're in the Celestial Caves, beneath the White Isle, the home of the Chronicler," he explained to his companions.

"Well, whatever it is, it looks like someplace someone would go on a LSD trip," Naruto said in a tone that made the witnesses present wonder if he insulting the place or complimenting it.

"In any case, I've brought you three here to bring new powers to the surface," Ignitus explained.

"Are you going re-teach me Dragon Time, Ignitus?" Spyro asked.

"Please, whelp. In that damned village, if you were to unlock the power of time, you'd be forced to have more than one mate. Wouldn't be surprised if those withered flesh bags are thinking about it," deadpanned a voice coming from the cage. The trio looked to the cage and a figure move into the dim light of the caverns. The face was vulpine, covered in orange fur. Large ears on the top of the head with black inner lobes twitched occasionally to the humming originating from everywhere and nowhere. A large, somewhat moist looking, nose on a snout that was twisted into a cross between a smirk and snarl. What truly and utterly frightened the teens were the bloody crimson, silted eyes that radiated superiority, ungodly power, light amusement, and most of all, malice and bloodlust.

"The Nine-Tailed Fox..." Naruto whispered as he looked on at the bane of his existence, behind a golden cage that ascended to the heavens; locked behind those golden bars in two doors with a simple tag that had the kanji for "seal."

"Quiet, vulpine! If it wasn't for Lord Namikaze's seal work being nothing short of divinity binding you to Naruto's vitality, you would never know these most holy grounds," Ignitus snarled with the fury only a being of fire can muster.

"If it wasn't for this seal, I'd be free. Perhaps I'd even find a way to this pathetic place physically to make sure the Chronicler is downgraded from 'legendary' to merely 'legend,'" the fox stated like fact.

"Silence, if you please then," Ignitus calmed, but anger was still present.

"Whatever, lizard..." the fox muttered as he moved back into the shadows. With the great being falling silent the teens let out a breath they did not know they were holding.

"I am sorry, all of you. The Nine-Tails, being bound by the seal to Naruto's life-force and perhaps soul, it is here as well," Ignitus' voice explained.

"It's fine, man," Naruto put off with a wave. The dragons present were not convinced, especially Cynder. She had more experience with inner demons than anyone; granted Naruto's was literal, but still.

Ignitus, though filled with doubt to the golden blonde's façade, decided to change the subject. "In any case, the powers you've unlocked with the almost fatal wounds you received at the hands of the one Kakashi, you three unlocked powers nonnative to you normally."

"Then what are these powers? How'd we get them?" Cynder asked in her usual tone.

"In soon time, Cynder," Ignitus said with what they could feel was a smile, given they couldn't see his face. "As for the second question, it was due to the intervention of the sage Jiraiya loosening the seal on the Nine-Tails enough to cause a burst of demonic chakra to heal you, with the nine-Tails having enough control over it to grant you these powers."

"Oh, well, I guess we should tell Nine-Tails 'Thank you,' then," said Spyro with a straight face of shock.

"Just don't expect me to save your ass again, whelpling," the voice from the cage grumbled.

They heard Ignitus sigh irritably. "Spyro, Cynder, you are to go past the cage to meet those who will get you started with these powers; Naruto, you will go to the opposite direction to the red pool."

Naruto looked downcast, but didn't complain. Spyro then asked the obvious. "Who will be teaching us?"

"You will see soon, young dragon. Now go," Ignitus said with what Spyro just knew was a fond smile.

"We'll meet again soon, Naruto," Cynder said, giving the blonde a hug. Spyro nodded behind them with a smile. The two turned around as Naruto already started to leap platform to platform to the far off bastion.

"You ready to get up close and personal with a real demon, Cynder?" the purple teen asked as he elevated removed the first seal.

She smirked and looked boldly to the golden cage. "He has nothing on Malefor."

Meanwhile, Leaf Village Council Chambers...

Hiruzen Sarutobi was in a tight spot. Danzo had the gall to say that Spyro and Cynder should be ordered into the Clan Restoration Act for their draconic powers to be used for the village. What's more were that some of the shinobi council members were actually AGREEING with him!

"I must agree with Danzo, Lord Hokage, they have unique powers that would be unrivaled and unheard of anywhere in the Elemental Nations," Sho, head of the Kohaku Clan stated. Though their some of the clan, himself included live in their own compound well outside the village, most live inside the walls, enough for them to summon their Clan Head for a council meeting.

"Power always comes at a price, Sho, what price would you be willing to pay for this?" Unkai of the Kurama Clan stated with conviction, he and his niece knowing full well the price of power.

"Not to mention, we're not even sure if dragons and humans would even be able to mate, let alone at all," Shikaku drolled bored. "As well as the fact that Spyro and Cynder are mates already," the Third added.

"I'm sure they can be persuaded to have multiple mating partners, friend," Danzo said with a devious smirk. "I call for a vote, all those in favor of placing the dragons under Title II, Article H?"

All three of the elders raised their hands, along with Hiashi, Sho, along with the four of the newly appointed civilian council members.

Danzo was not pleased, but didn't show it. "Against?" The Hokage sounded. Tsume, Inoichi, Choza, Shikaku, Mebuki Haruno, Unkai, Shibi, and the remaining two civilian council members, Teuchi Ichiraku (newly appointed) and Buki.

"With Danzo's vote counting twice as elder and Head of the Shimura Clan, and mine counting thrice as Hokage and Head of the Sarutobi Clan, the vote is ten-twelve against the proposal, the dragons will not be placed under the CRA," the Hokage proclaimed. "The council is now dismissed. Meeting adjourned." With that the civilians left through the side door to their various businesses. The shinobi merely used the Body Flicker Jutsu to exit quickly. Koharu and Homura left through the tower door, likely to do some administrative work, leaving only Danzo and the Hokage in the room.

"Why did you block my vote Hiruzen? The dragons have the possibility of manipulating time itself, that power must belong to Leaf," the war hawk asked.

"I realize that, but there are many reasons that we cannot do this, one being that if Ignitus were to find out that the village turned his students in to what essentially amounts to breeding machines, there would be no doubt in my mind that there would be no Leaf Village left, if a Land of Fire at all," Hiruzen said with absolute seriousness.

"Ignitus is but one dragon, our ninja could defeat him," Danzo said. "He said he was the strongest user of the Fire Element in his species, as well as being the Chronicler, has sway over the passage of time, there is no telling what kind of power he has at his disposal, best case scenario with that would be that we'd be nothing but ash and we would truly never know it," the Hokage said with a drag from his pipe and his eyes closed. "As well as Shikaku's reasoning is also correct. The chances of us being biologically compatible are astronomical."

The crippled elder didn't like it, but his old friend was right, he just needed the chance to see for himself. The possibility is too tempting to let slip through his hands. "Very well, Hiruzen, I had only thought due to Jiraiya's seals the biology could be changed. Seals are very unpredictable."

"I agree the possibility is there, but it is too slim to waste resources, and to risk the ire of not only of a protective teacher turned pseudo-deity, but two lovers," the Third said with another drag of his pipe. Danzo gave a nearly silent snort, but the God of Shinobi could still hear it. "Still think emotions only serve to weaken a ninja? No one can ever stop feeling, old friend, I pray you learn this soon." The Professor walked away to the eternal battle with the bane of his existence, leaving the veteran to his thoughts, hoping he might've reached him this time.

With Spyro and Cynder...

The two of them were leaping from platform to platform directly towards the sealed cage. Cynder was trying to pass the time with some talk. "So what do you think this power is, a new element?"

"I don't know, Cynder, we'll have to find out," Spyro said in reply, his eyes on the spaces between the platforms so that he wouldn't fall.

"If you get there, whelp," the Fox said with malice as the cage began to glow a radiant orange. The glow began to solidify into tendrils and began to launch from the cage small bits at a time to the platforms.

The demonic chakra solidified into clones of the fox except for the fact that they were smaller than normal foxes and had one tail.

Cynder didn't hesitate to use her Suffocating Shadow Fire as well as Spyro using his Dragon's Fire, their strongest elements. The fox duplicates gasped for breath while they were burned to ash.

"What was that, fox?" Cynder called the vulpine demon. "A test. Want to go further? Deal with it," said the fox not showing his face.

Cynder began to growl, but didn't let it get the best of her. "Fine! Bring it on!" Cynder began to charge her element of fear to crush her enemies beneath their own fear and terror.

The Black Dragon exhaled at the newly formed foxes, only for nothing to happen. She tried her wind, nothing. Her Poison Element, nothing. Even Convexity had no effect!

The fox bellowed once more. "Bwahaha! I locked away your elements and weakened them, whelps. You can only use your natural elements now…"

Spyro tried his Electricity, Ice, Earth, Convexity and all had the same effect, nothing.

"Damn it, fox!" Cynder yelled angrily shaking her fist at the cave.

Spyro put his hand on his mate-to-be's shoulder soothingly. "Nothing we haven't faced before, Cynder. We will get them back." Cynder reached her hand back to place it over his. "I know, just wished these things didn't happen to us."

She moved from his grip, then ran and jumped to the next platform. "We won't get them back standing here, come on," she said with a grin.

Spyro merely shook his head and smiled. Cynder was going to be the death of him.

With Naruto…

The orange-clad jinchuriki landed on the final platform on the library, panting from his exertion. "Geez, that was loopy." Naruto fell many times, but ended up falling straight back on the platform where he initially awoken. "Hey, Ignition! I'm here!" Naruto shouted.

"Ignitus, Naruto, my name is Ig-nit-us…" the voice sounded out. "Now that you've arrived, it is time to begin unlocking this new power."

"Alright, what's first?" Naruto asked tempestuously.

"Step onto the platform and concentrate only on voice," Ignitus said. Naruto stepped onto the white platform and closed his eyes. "Look within yourself, deep within. You are not just part of the universe, but the universe is part of yourself. Awaken the universe within." The platform began to faintly glow and the wind began to move around Naruto."

Spyro and Cynder made it to the platform behind the cage; it was covered in a faint, orange, glowing cloud. They were just outside of this mysterious mist.

"Your body is its armor…" Ignitus continued. The platform's brilliance intensified.

Spyro grabbed Cynder's hand and nodded at her she nodded back.

"Your mind is its guide…" The wind intensified.

Spyro and Cynder came to the center of the mist where they found two more humans. "Naruto?" Cynder asked.

"Your soul is its door…" Naruto began to rise off the platform.

"No, I am not Naruto, but very close, she and I both are," the man indicated to himself and the red-haired woman.

"Open them all, and it shall flow free…" Naruto opened his eyes suddenly.

"Then who are you?" Spyro questioned.

"We are his parents," Kushina said with a sad smile.

Naruto screamed and the light blinded the caverns.

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