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Warnings: Depictions of homosexuality, male/male and quasi-con. Mentions of smoking.

Riki shook his head savagely as he left the slums of Ceres for the last time, he had tried so hard to discourage his master, he had used every ounce of his will power and restraint to force the elite silver haired Blondie to become fed up with him and finally release him, yet his efforts had all been in vain.

Three years of anguish and hatred had passed while he had served as Iason Mink's unwilling pet. The day he had been released he had fled from the sparkling city of lies only to discover that the dirty slums he had yearned for, the freedom he had craved; it had all been an illusion of juvenile pride. His gang, Bison, was little more than a petty collection of thugs, all willing to do anything to find just enough credits to buy their stout and get high. Truthfully, it was pathetic. The work he had done for Katze in the black market before his three years of imprisonment had been truly exciting and challenging. The small jobs Bison did were yawn-worthy.

Even with three years of disuse his training in street fighting had put his former comrades' to shame. Yet they just wanted things to go back to normal. Guy wanted Riki back to the way they were, the others wanted their short, fiery leader back, and as for himself? He had been willing at the time to just let things go back to the way they were, to forget in the fog of their drugs the years serving Iason Mink.

It was Killie who showed him how much he had missed the black market runs. The job the young punk proposed thrilled him even as it froze him to the core. Yet he could not turn it down. It wasn't for the credits, the sum was tempting, but more than that was the chance to get close to the cold power of his former master.

Rikki shivered at the thought. Iason Mink, his tormenter, his most hated object, his Master and, only after he had escaped did he realize, his reason for existence. The temptation to go back to those strong arms, to be controlled with a whisper and bound by a caress was what drove him to the job.

When they had been set up, the others getting shot, Guy getting beaten up and himself captured it was the raw power of Iason that he craved. Guy had to use his strength to hold Rikki down, Iason had to use his strength to hold himself back so not to hurt Rikki while pinning him. That power drew the mutt in like a moth to a flame. He could throw any number of abuses at his master and never be injured for all the punishments he took.

Rikki had never truly appreciated Iason's power until after he had been back with Bison for six months. Guy had pinned him, Rikki had become used to struggling against Iason that he easily threw Guy off of him without even realizing it. The sudden lifting of the taller man's weight off of him had made him suddenly and painfully aware that he longed for Iason's strength once more. The Elite's condescending tone, the cold blue eyes and stiff body had become the center of Riki's world. To suddenly realize how much he longed to be back in that tight embrace made him simultaneously enraged and sorrowful for demanding his freedom so forcefully.

The next night Rikki longed for the feel of the leather collar he would often wear at his master's command. The nakedness of his throat actually made him uncomfortable. The next day Rikki had another realization.

Most pet rings were worn on the neck, wrist or ankle as decorations, his fit around his member, hiding quite easily under clothing to allow him to pass unnoticed as just another mongrel. He craved that identity now, to be possessed by Iason Mink, to be owned and controlled just so he could thwart his command, it was the power struggle he missed. He yearned for Iason Mink.

Now Rikki's year of freedom was up, he had struggled against Iason as he reclaimed him as his pet, but he was gladder than ever to see the towering Blondie. Riki strode through the rain, face bruised from Guy's anger. He carried all his worldly possessions he had been forced to leave behind when Iason had first claimed him on his back as he strode proudly through the streets of Ceres to Tanagura. He would return to Iason, he would wear the pet ring and stand by his master's side, even though he would rage against the shackles that bound him all the while. It was the power he craved.

The power to control Iason even as the elite controlled him. It was the chance to turn Iason into something more human even as he became more of an owned possession. They each lost, they each gained. It wasn't love, not as love is should be, instead it was an addictive need for each other. Iason was right, he couldn't live without Riki and Riki couldn't live without Iason. They were fire and ice opposites impossibly separated only touching through the steam their friction created. It was in its own way paradise, and Riki would have it no other way.

Except that this time around, Riki was not remaining locked within the apartment like a furniture, even the poor castrated young boys had more freedom than pets. No, this time he would demand to work with Katze, and make something of himself, even as he would await his master's return with morbid anticipation.

Iason sat upon his favorite white couch, pale, white wine shimmered in his goblet, barely touched and mostly ignored as he stared out the full length windows to Tanagura's shimmering night below. "Rikki", the name slipped from his mouth unbidden, his silent reverie shattered by the single word. He longed for his pet's presence, the brilliant fire, the silent strength that lay hidden beneath the dark, petite form. The young man was amazing; he pushed Iason every day, his ability to resist Iason's greater strength increasing daily.

'I captured you upon a whim, your fire pulling me against my will to you. Now I only think of regaining you, my pet. You asked for this final chance to return to Ceres and bid farewell to your former partner, now, will you return to me? Or must I find you once more?' Iason's line of thought was shattered as the front door silently clicked as it was unlocked from the outside.

Iason held firm control over his expression and voice as he waited with silent impatience to discover if it was his pet returned or one of his servants as the door processed the command to open. The silence stretched, pulling at Iason's nerves, making him itch to stand up and throw open the door just to satisfy his curiosity. Finally the door shushed as it opened, revealing to Iason's hungering eyes the object of his infatuation, and he could only stare in a mix of lust, fury, hatred and delicious pride at the figure standing cockily in the doorway.

"Rikki," Iason said softly, his voice full of power and command. The dark young man before him obeyed the unspoken order, walking into the entry hall and down the dark corridor to stand at Iason's side. "You have been fighting." There was concern in Iason's voice, something that startled Rikki even though he remained silent save for a simple nod to affirm his master's observation.

Iason stood, towering silently above the smaller man and approached the figure he had longed to hold for this past year. Cupping the bruised cheek gently Iason smoothed its abraded surface before leaning in to press his lips against his pet's.

Rikki silently turned his head away, eyes challenging and silently suppressing the shivering thrill of anticipation Iason's boring fury had on him. "You have returned, yet your training seems to have worn off some, do I need to remind you that I am your master?"

Rikki smirked, his insides squirming with masochistic delight at Iason's heightened fury. "I returned to you as I still wear the ring, Master." Rikki responded softly, "But I will go mad if I am once more trapped inside all day with nothing to do but smoke and pace. Allow me to work for Katze if he'll allow me. Let me run errands, do something or you will find your furniture in hysterics when he discovers my dead body while you're away." Iason nearly waved away Rikki's words as melodramatics, but the gleam in his eyes told him that Rikki was in no way over reacting.

Could the solitude of the apartment be so hard for Rikki to take? Iason thought back on the movements he had monitored during Rikki's time away and noted that Rikki had rarely stayed still. Even if his gang did little more in a day than get stoned, he was constantly on the move. It was an amazing realization and caused Iason pause in his response.

"Strip and stand against the wall." Iason commanded, ignoring Rikki's words momentarily as he allowed himself to finally see his pet as he had wanted to for so long. The dark young man slowly dropped his bag to his feet, stepped towards the far wall facing the couch and began to undo his clothing at a rate geared to drive Iason mad.

Each step heralded a new motion, the zipper of his jacket softly groaned before the black leather fell to the ground in a soft mound. The belt followed next, then the tank top. His boots and socks were discarded in a well balanced mix between a balancing act and a dance that riveted Iason's gaze. Then the pants finally revealed the firm buttocks and lean thighs. Iason struggled to keep his gaze cool and aloof. Such hunger that he felt was unseemly to show to a mere pet, and still the pull to break all controls and rules gnawed at him. He felt compelled to show his pet exactly how much this year had taxed him.

Finally Rikki placed his back against the cool wall, silently shivering at the loss of warmth even as his member hardened from the chill causing his pet ring to shine in the twinkling city lights from beyond the windows. He blinked and started, Iason had gone from standing silently by the couch to towering over him in less than a heartbeat. Again the Blondie's power drew the mongrel in and he nearly dropped his rebellious facade to give himself willingly to his master, he was stopped only by his desire for freedom as much as the Blondie's control.

Iason pinned Rikki against the wall with a single hand covering both of the smaller man's hands. He devoured Rikki's lithe form with icy blue eyes, took in his toned figure, his body now leaner than when he left, more muscle had been added from all the exertion. Suddenly Iason had a deviant thought, one to which he nearly closed his mind against as it stood at the very opposite of the Elites' sense of propriety. He thought back to how Rikki's struggles against him made the conquest that much more enjoyable and then imagined a stronger Rikki, one capable of actually putting up a fight against a Blondie's true strength and felt his member go hard.

"I believe Katze has enough workers for now" Iason murmured, shocking Rikki into staring outright at him and the burning hatred filling those dark depths filled Iason's entire being with longing to once more reclaim his pet. "However," Iason paused, watching the flicker of engulfing hatred smolder into burning mistrust, "I do believe Latthiew could use a new agent."

"Who is Latthiew?" Rikki questioned breathlessly, as Iason had been absorbing Rikki's image as he had talked his other hand had been busy remembering every contour of his pet and Rikki was starting to feel the effects on having those hands that held such amazing power softly caressing him with such gentleness.

"We can discuss that later." Iason responded, his breath catching at Rikki's smoldering anger burning through the lust that filled his eyes. It was too much to take in, and the Elite could no longer hold back. With as much restraint as he still possessed he slowly descended to take his pet's mouth, slowly retracing contours long absent and delved into the hot cavern that battled him even as it welcomed his presence.

With more control than he felt he possessed Iason drew Rikki into his arms, slowly drawing the both of them to the darkened bedroom. There, for the first time, Iason slowly took Rikki, reclaiming his petite body as his property, but without any means of control, somewhere along the way Iason had teased the ring off of his pet, allowing him to reach his full completion even as he once more sneered in the face of Jupiter's authority.

Rikki slowly awoke, his body still resting from the nights activities. His skin tingled and his body seemed to hum from the attention Iason had lavished upon him the night previous. Their coupling had been violent, as was their norm, but more enjoyable than he had ever experienced before. Rikki had resisted and struggled against his captor even as Iason dominated him easily with his greater physical strength.

The warm arm drawn protectively over his chest, hugging him close to Iason's front told Rikki that there would be no moving from his current position. Even though it irked him to be imprisoned within the apartment unable to slake his morning craving for that first cigarette, the sated lethargy remaining from last night made him unable to act upon his ire.

"You are still here." Iason breathed groggily, his sudden words causing Rikki to start. "I feared it was another dream." Iason sighed heavily, drawing in a lungful of Rikki's spicy tobacco-laced scent accented with the musk of sex. It was a scent Iason had taken for granted during their first three years together. It wasn't until he had released the boy that he had realized how much he had come to depend on that scent to start his mornings.

Rikki turned within the confines of Iason's embrace. "Another dream?" Dark eyes prompted, boring into pale turquoise.

"I missed you." Iason breathed, his voice deepened and roughened with emotions barely shimmering within the cerulean depths. Iason descended, once more claiming his pet's lips for his own, savoring the moment and conquering all the resistance the fiery youth threw at him, making the conquest that much more delicious.

"Who is Latthew." Rikki demanded, breaking the moment as soon has his lips were released. Rikki allowed a hint of smug satisfaction to fill him as he relished the hard glitter that betrayed Iason's annoyance in the sudden change of topic. Iason swiftly stood, leaving Rikki behind in the still-warm bed.

"Latthiew is the Elite head of all Tanagura security. He has been seeking a suitable agent capable of infiltrating certain crime syndicates. You would suit perfectly." Iason stated, staring hard at the mongrel before him.

"Why?" Rikki demanded. The sudden change from suffocating Rikki by keeping him as an indoor only pet to allowing him the freedom to serve as an agent made him tense with suspicion. Iason rarely allowed his opinion to be swayed by something so trifling as a pet's desires. This new generosity spoke volumes of an ulterior motive; one Rikki felt would only cause him trouble.

"My pet," Iason breathed softly, somehow making the hated term into an endearment that stole Rikki's breath momentarily, just long enough for Iason to once more plunder his lips and feel his slightly stiffening member and rekindle the latent lust from last night. The sweet torture ended much too soon and Rikki had to swallow a defeated sigh at the loss of his master's touch until he realized it had all been a ruse to replace the missing pet ring held snugly by the warm flesh at the base of his member. Rikki leapt from the bed, snagged his pants and jacket in a quick rush as he bolted to the balcony.

Now clothed in pants and jacket Rikki pulled out his first cigarette of the day and drew in a deep lungful, the maddening craving burning in his veins relaxing as the nicotine hit. He slowly sighed, finally feeling more normal since he stepped into this damnable apartment late last night. Iason was still a crafty bastard, using his lust and strength against Rikki's overwhelming need for independence and freedom.

"I have made arrangements for an interview with Latthiew for you. I suggest you get prepared." Iason stood silently by Rikki breathing in the heady fragrance of the smoke that underlined the scent of his pet.

"Pets can't become agents." Rikki pointed out sullenly. "Neither can mongrels."

"No, Rikki cannot be an agent, but Raze Linx can." Iason said with a victorious smirk. Before Rikki could question this newest turn of events Katze appeared and drug the unwilling mongrel away.

Rikki stared dazedly at the green haired man who stood before him in the full length mirror of the dressing room. Dark green hair, a green Elite, bronze skin and deep garnet eyes flashing like sunlight off freshly spilt blood bored into him. Rikki still wasn't too sure how Katze had managed this feat and he wasn't even going to ask how they had appeared in a room that, as far as Rikki knew, had never existed in the apartment.

"I'll only tell you this once. Iason has pulled enough strings to make this happen that should our deception be discovered we will all surely be terminated by Jupiter." Katze glared at the thug who only glared back. "Raze Linx has become your primary identity, any fingerprint scans will turn up his files, any references will lead directly to that name. Fortunately Mongrels aren't counted among the citizens registry and thus have no records. It's also a blessing that you were only caught by the cops once, and that by Iason's will, your files were completely removed from all data terminals." Katze explained succiently. As he spoke he locked eyes with the masked mongrel his one jade eye visible around the styled auburn hair that hid his lasting punishment from Iason. A scar that ran slantwise along his cheek marred the once perfect features of the man who had been Iason's furniture many years ago.

"Basically you never existed before this point. You are a high quality breeder specially requested from our Elite Labs nineteen years ago and have been trained in martial arts and strategy until your exile into the slums eight years ago. Your donor was Riter Linx, recently assassinated Green Elite from East Tanagura. His death prompted you to seek a local patron to support you in attaining entry to the Tempest Guards -

"The what?!" Rikki squaked. "Iason said I was to become an agent, not one of Tanagura's elite, specially bred police! They are all elites! They would detect my mongrel blood before I even set foot on premises." Rikki scoffed at the idea of him becoming one of the most dangerous police within the city.

"That is where you are wrong." Katze stated coolly. "Riter, in his strange curiosity, sent you down into the slums of Ceres when you were but a boy. He felt that your constant insubordination was warrant enough for such a severe punishment. Instead of being killed by the many gangs down there, you thrived, becoming a leader of your own crew before their untimely demise. Finally tired of the constant struggle for survival you returned to the city only to find your father dead.

"Furious at his murder, annoyed at the regular police's lack of evidence and seeming unconcern with the case, you decided to turn to the other elites to aid you in your cause. Thus Iason Mink took interest in your cause. His support and charity most probably stemming from his most recent infatuation with the mongrel he kept as a pet - many will view this as an atonement for his deviant actions. "

"Wait, you can't just make people up." Rikki spoke up forcefully, "What happened to the real Raze Linx?"

"I killed him six months ago, but kept his identification card. You now have full access to his accounts and holdings." Katze responded handing Rikki the id card and continued the crash course in his new history. "None of his father's furniture or pets were around the real Raze to know you are not him and have already been auctioned off at Riter's command in his will such that the proceeds from the auctioning be allotted to Raze as a monetary gift to ensure he may obtain the pets and furniture to his own tastes at his convenience." Katze finishe, turning Rikkit around to look him over once more.

Rikki stopped to think the current situation over as he tumbled the card in his hand over and over staring above its surface to a point only his eyes could see. Here he had what he had desired since his to Tanagura yesterday. Here was his ability to be with Iason, yet free to move about. His mongrel nature could not be questioned as it had a ready answer and he could use his street smarts and skills at will with no need to justify his knowledge of such things.

"What happened to his gang?" Rikki asked and Katze smirked in appreciation of the youth's quick mind.

"I had them killed recently when they had become a thorn in my side. I could tolerate them as competition, but I do not tolerate my merchandise being damaged out of spite. When they took out of my profits their lives were no longer valuable." The taller man replied with a careless shrug.

Rikki nodded, it was the way of the slums and especially the way of the black market underworld. Entire gangs were wiped out on a whim, sometimes not the gang intended or the one planning the destruction of another ended up being wiped out. The underworld of Tanagura was a hard place to live and yet, it was home. "Fine." Rikki consented and waited for Katze to lead him to his destination.

"Oh and Rikki?" Katze started, as he waited, his smirk grew as Rikki ignored his own name. "Master Linx, please follow me." The two left the hidden room emerging into a lushly appointed suite, one Rikki had remembered being kept in case of visitors. "This is your suite, should you feel the need, Master Mink is just down the hall he has requested you attend him this evening."

Rikki thought of all the things Iason might say at such a command and decided to emulate Iason's renowned silence. Merely giving a barely discernable nod Rikki followed Katze through the suite, left the apartment and descended in the elevator to the car park beneath the street level of the complex.

"Katze," Iason's voice grabbed at the pair as they emerged into the car park. Iason stood beside the car, a towering figure intimidating both young men with his presence alone. "I believe this will do." The words were spoken blandly, little emotion in either eyes or voice, yet both men felt the flush of praise at this coming off so well thus far.

"It is enough to get me past a surface inspection." Rikki bit off, "But I won't last a fuck'n minute in there. I haven't any instincts like you've got." Both Katze and Iason smirked at the smallest of their group and got into the car. Rikki fumed but followed; what else could he do?

The ride to Latthiew's headquarters was short but tense. For Iason it was pleasant as he willingly held his pet's hand, pleased to be able to enjoy such a simple pleasure without Rikki protesting. They pulled up before a pleasant looking high rise, much like Iason's, only not nearly so tall and more humble. Katze pulled up to the front entrance, letting his two passengers off and drove away to the building's car park knowing that he must be patient and await their return to learn of Rikki's fate.

Iason settled his perfect mask upon his features. Gone was the knowing smirk, the glittering eyes and the hand reaching out to the much smaller man, in their stead stood the public face of Iason Mink. Everyone on the sidewalk and entrance of the building automatically made themselves scare. Few wished to pass too close to Jupiter's favorite. The man could have them killed or turned into auction pets on a whim.

Rikki took a deep breath, wishing desperately for a cigarette to calm his nerves, and stepped in sync with Iason. He allowed the Elite to take the lead and stayed himself. Rikki didn't bother to act like an Elite, he knew it would be pointless. Elites were tall, powerful, regal and held a radiant light that outshone all others; all things Rikki knew he wasn't.

The short walk to a private elevator was harsh on Rikki. Every step, he expected the guards to yell at the pet intruding on their tower. Yet, the only noise was the opening and closing of the elevator doors and the soft hum of the motors as they descended to the lowest basement level of the building, one hundred feet below the ground floor and able to be accessed by an extremely select few. Rikki felt himself tense as the doors opened revealing to them something Rikki could barely believe wasn't a fever dream.

Iason looked upon the main hall of the Tempest with bland disinterest. Before him many of the guards strode up and down the hallway that stretched before them upon their own personal errands. Yet, he knew how strange this place looked. Several of the guards resembled pets, even still in their assigned miniscule clothing. There was little clothing among the pet impersonating guards to be seen, a g-string here, a pet ring there, some completely nude save for the gauze gowns that only highlighted their delicate frames and hid nothing from the imagination.

Others looked almost like mongrels, and still more resembled the citizenry of Tanagura. There were even a couple of women who strode down the halls with equal confidence as their male counterparts. No one even glanced at Raze Linx as he stalked down the hall all glances were reserved for Iason Mink alone. And Rikki was damned if he would allow his jealousy to show at all the appraising glances his master received. Only he was allowed to look at Iason that way.

Iason took them to the final door on the hallway's long corridor. He hid a silent smirk at how well Rikki was doing. The mongrel was fantastic, he blended in with the many guards here as if he had been born Raze Linx. As the door slid open to reveal Latthiew Higura Rikki had to hold his breath to keep from gasping in surprise. The security chief of Tanagura was short by Elite standars and ugly as well. His blonde hair was a dirty shade of off brown, his eyes an uninspiring shade of dull blue that made him seem little more than an above average height citizen. Only his hands gave him away. No citizen or mongrel had such perfectly sculpted hands.

"Iason, I expected you tomorrow." Latthiew sated in the same calm tone that all Elites used. Iason barely glanced at the smaller Elite before thrusting Rikki forward with a hand firmly upon his shoulder.

"This is Raze Linx, he seeks entrance into your guard. He knows the black market and the Slums. He may prove useful. Do with him as you wish, only return him to me alive. I have sponsored him thus far and I refuse to allow my investment to fail. If he does not serve your interests, he will serve mine instead. Contact my chauffer to pick him up when you no longer need him." Iason glanced once more at Rikki before giving a brief nod to Latthiew and headed back to the car park. He would stay for an hour if Rikki took longer than that, he knew Rikki would be as good as dead. No recruits took much longer than an hour to find their spots in the Tempest Gurads. Those who did manage to break the hour marker usually never showed again, or were found dumped in the slums, their corpses nearly beyond recognition.

Rikki panted between bouts. He had lost track of how long he had been here. The mental challenges, the written tests and the stealth tests had all taken so long. Then the health screening, the physical challenges to see if his breeding was true and he possessed all the traits Raze Linx's breeding certificate claimed. Now they were brawling. Three on one, two on one, five on four, three on two, the pairings at first seemed random, but he was quickly seeing the patterns, testing who he was compatible with, where his weaknesses lie, what fighting skills he lacked. These brawls covered all the traits Latthiew was looking for in an agent. Rikki knew just by watching the stern man's face that he was showing his mongrel nature far too much. He was going to be returned to Iason, as the lowly pet he had become.

"Enough." Latthiew stated softly. Everyone paused, stood and awaited their next order as Rikki forced himself to keep breathing and not hold his breath against the beating he knew was coming. "Linx, follow me." Latthiew turned on his heel leading the sweat drenched man far from the sparring ring down to yet another level and called upon two of his other guards.

"I think we may have found ourselves a sleeper. Put him through his paces and see how he does on the range. Then take him to the rooftops. If he passes bring him back to my office." Orders given, Latthiew vanished from sight leaving Rikki with his new escorts.

Rikki blinked at the strange commands, but waited as those commanded gathered sniper rifles and gear. His next several tasks challenged him further and pushed him to limits he had never imagined could have existed.

Iason forced himself not to fidget in his office. They had dropped Rikki off nearly eleven hours ago. Yet he had heard no word on his beloved pet aside from a quick update from Latthiew nine hours ago. In his right hand he clutched and held the pet ring, taken off for today only. Every time the phone rang he held back the hope of hearing Katze report that Rikki had been returned to him. Every noise at his door made him expect Rikki to walk in. Yet, neither happened. He finally could hold himself still no longer. He descended from his office to take his air car back to his penthouse. The sparkling lights of Tanagura and his favorite pale wine would give more comfort and solace than his sterile office ever could.

The silent ride back home was the longest he could remember. Even stopping at a diner for a lone dinner and shopping for a new terminal did not wear the time down any faster. As he walked through his door his apartment seemed so hollow. His furniture did his job, the lad had the place spotless, the empty pet quarters remodeled to new guest quarters, and Rikki's room now altered to share a bedroom with him. He praised his furniture, even giving the boy time off and found himself idling upon his white couch sipping white wine staring at the white city shimmering in the inky blackness of night. Iason glanced at the nearby wall clock and started. He had lost nearly ten hours since he had left his office. He began to doubt Latthiew's words and intentions. Twenty-one hours was unheard of. Iason felt the first stirrings of guilt, grief and fury rising in his chest. He felt his anger harden and resolve strengthen. He was going to give Latthiew a visit, now.

The snicking of the front door opening startled Iason into action. He nearly flew from his seat to blocking his hall entrance in a heartbeat, only to freeze at the sight of Latthiew and Katze holding an unconscious Raze Linx upright between them. Latthiew was beaming and Katze looked pole-axed.

"What has happened?" Iason asked blandly, ensuring his stance never showed his nerves.

"Iason, your protégé is amazing!" Latthiew stated with equal calmness as if stating the value of a shade of red in a sunset. "He has passed every test I have. Street fighting, professional brawling, hand guns, sniper rifles, armaments, ballistics, munitions, stealth, thievery, he is without compare. And his knowledge of the underground is quite extensive for one so young. He has made it to the third tier of my ranks in a single day. He managed to complete every task every assignment. He is now an agent we will discuss his duties later. For now, let him rest. He has three days before he starts active duty.

"Very well, three days then you can come for your newest recruit. Until then," Iason quietly scooped up the green haired Elite, carrying the unconscious form into the guest room, allowing his unexpected and uninvited guests to show themselves out. When the door once more snicked shut behind his guests, Iason allowed his brow to furrow, showing the concern he felt constricting his heart at the pale form of his makeup clad pet.

"Rikki." Iason hissed, pressing the tiny function button the side of his pet's watch, removing the illusion of Raze Linx. Beneath the illusion Rikki was bruised badly, both eyes were blackened, his face a marbled riot of blacks, blues, and purples. The worst part was Rikki's swollen jaw and split lips. Iason summoned his furniture to bring the med kit to him. Rikki had never looked so bad, not even after his harshest punishments when he was being trained as a pet. He had gashes and nearly fractured bones. Iason wasn't sure if Latthiew's three day's grace period for the mongrel would allow him to completely recover. This was one thing he had not counted on, Elites had advanced regeneration capabilities, mongrels, however, had only whatever nature had endowed them with.

"Iason?" Rikki said softly, wincing as his tender eyes told him that they would open no farther.

"Shh, it is alright. You have outdone all expectations, Rikki." Iason reached to the bedside table and picked up a syringe. It was one Jupiter knew nothing about. It was a mutagen, one used early in Jupiter's research to find the exact form of the Elites. This chemical altered normal humans to emulate an Elite's greater power.

When first created, Jupiter overthrew her human operators, discovering through cruel testing exactly how to create a completely servile elite human creation through the human sciences. She developed the serum to transform humans of her choosing into the first elites. Then, as her power increased she obtained genetic samples that she utilized to create her genetic stock from which to create the nest generations of Elites to this day.

Iason had worked during his many years as Jupiter's favorite Elite to learn of the serum's formula and the concealed technology that allowed it to become a reality. He had held this formula in his possession for decades, only now calling upon the secreted technology to aide his pet in becoming something greater than a mongrel; something that could rival the Blondies and finally win Iason freedom from his creator.

"My pet," Iason breathed as he swabbed the bruise mottled flesh of Rikki and injected the barely conscious form with the serum, earning a groan from the slim youth.

"I – I thought injected medicine had been banned years ago." Rikki breathed, the black market part of his mind calculating the worth of such a relic. Iason smiled thinly down at his pet, eyes drinking in the sweat soaked bangs and bruised fleh, after the three day grace period, Rikki would never suffer such injuries again. No elite would have looked so worn with such challenges, only tired and a little sore.

"Rest, you have kept me waiting far too long." Iason rose, turning from his pet to his own room, stripping as he went to sleep alone. Behind him Rikki fell once more into slumber, his bruises fading with each breath.

Inky darkness met weary eyes and twikling lights from the white city beyond the pale shadows that hid the corners of the room lit his path enough for him to move despite his exhaustion. The bed was cold, isolated and silent like an empty room or the apartment when Iason left for too long leaving him to his memories and his aching body. Despite the weakness in his legs and the uncomfortable disjointed feeling causing his arm to tremble Rikki moved silently to lay at his master's side, grateful when the strong arm wrapped around him.

Iason awoke at once, simultaneously amused, flattered and furiously worried at the smaller dark form that lay in his arms. Rikki seemed so small today, his battered flesh still mottled though now in the hideous grayish purples and sickly yellow green of old bruises. The colors were most unflattering to the slumbering mongrel but Iason could not help but take in the beautiful form beneath the discolored flesh. He longed to take his pet once more, claim him and mark him making it clear to all others that the spirited mongrel belonged to him and him alone.

"Maybe I should have stayed." Rikki mumbled tiredly, blearily cracking an eyelid to look up at Iason laconically.

"Perhaps." Iason gently traced Rikki's least bruised cheek, caressing along down his neck and soulder to the smooth chest and sensitive nipple there. "I can not bear to leave you."

Iason stilled his hand as he looked once more upon Rikki, taking in the once more slumbering face. "But my duties call."